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I Can Still Hear You

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Willow tries to help Gerard.

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Mikey’s head fell back and he closed his eyes. “Please just help me.” He whispered.
“Do they really?” Ray asked looking directly at her. She was still freaked when she met his gaze because of his silence. “Do ghosts talk to him?”
Willow shook her head “Yeah I think so and it scares the shit out of him because he doesn’t understand. They aren’t trying to harm him. They just can sense that he sees them so they gravitate towards him”
“Then why don’t they just tell him that?” Ray asked
She loudly exhaled knowing she needed to make them all understand. “Look when I say they talk to him what I mean is that they make themselves known. The dead just don’t start up a conversation with you. They can’t.” She turned to Gerard “When your grandma appeared in my car tonight she didn’t just say, “Hey could you please go and help my grandson?” What happens is that in my mind I get an idea of what they want. Sort of like a picture. There are no words. When she appeared I suddenly knew that someone needed help and I sensed where to go.”
She walked back over to the chair and sat back down. “Most of the time the dead are just there. They just want someone to know, they want to be recognized. But tonight your grandma was frantic. The images I was getting from her made me realize I had to hurry. I think Mikey saw your grandma before I touched him. He turned towards me slightly and then lost his balance and stared to fall. I think it happened because he saw her and it startled him. If that is what truly happened then that’s a good thing. It would explain so much of what he has been going through.”
“This is just fucking insane. My brother has a medical problem that is being helped with drugs. He doesn’t see dead people or sense dead people. And as for you I don’t know how you read my mind but I want this to stop. Thank you for bringing Mikey back but please go” Gerard was filled with anger caused by fear for his brother.
Willow put both hands to her head and tried to block out the noise. What had just come out of his mouth was loud but his thoughts were so loud her head was throbbing.
“Shit, Gerard please stop” she thought her head would explode.
He looked down at her and could see she was really in pain. “I’m sorry I shouted,” he said in a lower tone.
Ray had figured out what was happening “Gerard it’s not your voice that is hurting her it’s your thoughts. You are angry and your thoughts are screaming at her”
Willow opened her eyes and gave Ray a thankful smile. He understood.
“Gee why don’t you just sit down and let’s talk to her more. I don’t know if I understand everything she is saying but I know she did bring Mikey back to us.” Ray said looking at his friend.
“Yeah, Gee I really think we should listen to her. You know Mikey isn’t really getting any better. What if she can help him?” Frank put in.
Willow was still clutching her head. She looked up and they were all looking at her.
“Can you talk to us now?” Ray asked. Looking at this vampire quiet man was soothing.
“Maybe if I can calm Gerard’s thoughts a little” she turned to him “If you let me I can help you calm down a bit. Then my head won’t explode.”
Gerard stared at her. He had to admit she really was a striking woman. Her shoulder length hair was such an unusual color, it reminded him of a shiny penny.
“Thank you. But most people call it copper” Willow replied without thinking. Then it hit her she’d done it again.
Gerard stared at her not knowing what to say. The woman kept hearing his thoughts and it was beyond unnerving. “How can you quiet my thoughts?” he asked softly.
Willow slowly stood and moved to his chair. Kneeling down in front of him she put her hands out to him. “Take my hands” her tone was smooth.
He looked at the others and they seemed to think this was a good idea. He reached out for her hands. She positioned them so that their palms were touching.
“Okay now just look into my eyes and listen to my voice.” Suddenly she pulled her hands away from him.
He looked at her strangely. “What’s wrong?”
“Fuck, I know why you became an addict. I have never heard a mind with so much noise. You have about eight tracts.”
“Tracts” he repeated. “What the fuck are you talking about?”
“You mind is always “on”. Most people have one or two tracts and they can shut one down to relax. You have a lot of noise. It’s not unusual for someone who is an artist to have maybe three sometimes four but shit you have a lot more than that.”
He continued to look at her, “Does that mean you can’t help me?”
She looked at him sadly “The drugs and alcohol helped quiet some of the thoughts didn’t it?”
He didn’t like the pity he was seeing in her eyes “I drank cause I liked it and that’s all. No tragic story for me. Same with the drugs. They helped me become the person I thought I had to be to go on stage night after night.” He was lying but no one not even his therapist had guessed the truth that this woman in front of him knew.
Willow decided not to tell him she knew he was lying. For now she just let it go. “Do you want me to help you or not? Cause somebody better find me some Tylenol right now.”
Frank headed to the bathroom in search of the pain medication. The rest of the band members had sat down and were intently watching the interaction between Willow and Gerard.
“Here” Frank had returned and handed her two pills and a glass of water. She swallowed them and said thanks. Once again she put her hands out and waited. Slowly he put his palms out to touch hers.
She took a deep breath and said in a smooth, silky tone “Gerard look at me, don’t let anything else take your attention. Now you are going to visualize a scene in the woods. You see many paths, they are all over but you are going to choose only one. The others are not important; the only important one is the one you have chosen. Now see yourself start down the path.” Her voice was like a warm blanket surrounding him. “Gerard close your eyes now and stay on the path. Take a deep breath, know you have chosen well.”
On the bus you could hear a pin drop. All eyes were on Willow. After a few minutes she said softly, “Open your eyes and tell me how you feel”
Slowly he opened his eyes. He took a deep breath and looked around at all his friends.
“How do you feel Gee?’ Frank asked
“Man, I feel relaxed, like how you feel when you first wake up sort of slow and soggy.” He answered in awe.
Willow smiled “Bonus for me – you aren’t shouting in my head anymore.” She looked at him but suddenly frowned and shook her head while crossing her arms in front of her covering her thin tank top. “Your concern is touching but no, I’m not cold.”
Gerard looked away quickly. It wasn’t his fault her nipples that were straining against the thin fabric had caught his attention.
“Shit Gee you were thinking naughty thoughts about her? Frank laughed.
Willow spoke to Gerard in an icy tone. “I said you weren’t shouting in my head, I didn’t say I couldn’t still hear you.”

AUTHORS NOTE - Thanks for the reviews. I am having a problem trying to respond but I want you all to know they mean a lot to me. Hope you continue to like the story. - Elena XOXO
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