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Mr. Tough Guy Theatrics

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Dani is the outspoken girl with more than meets the eye behind her rude exterior. Gerard is the artist who keeps to himself. Both of them have secrets. Wonder what happens when they meet...?

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This is named after a poem I really like by Emily Dickonson, "I'm Nobody"

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us -don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

"Watch where you're going, asshole!" Dani yelled to the large footbal player who'd bumped into her in the large hallway of Belleville Highschool.

The last bell had just rung, and since everyone was free to go, they didn't slow down and make sure they didn't run into anyone, least of all her. She huffed and kept walking, only to have an arm turn her completely around.

"What'd you just say to me?" he said angrily.

She writhed in his grip, trying to get away from him. "Called you an asshole, and belive me, I sure as hell don't feel like dealing with your Mr. Tough Guy theatrics today."

"Do you know who you're talking to?" he snorted arrogantly, not letting her go.

She rolled her eyes. Of course she knew who he was. Jake Ulley, a.k.a. the player who'd dated three cheerleaders ar once the year before. Jake, who manged to seem like a perfect star of the school, who was the favorite of the coach. The same coach who hadn't let her on the team.

"Answer me, bitch!" he yelled, tightening his hand on her shoulder.

After unsucessfully trying again to escape, she smiled sweetly and then without warning, bit down hard on his muscled arm.

He squealed in pain, more pathetic than any girl, but it didn't stop him from grabbing onto Dani and slamming her against the lockers next to them. "I'm not afraid of you," she said, more calm than she actually felt.

Jake caged her against the lockers and sneered. "Too bad your ugly face'll get even more messed up than it already is. Shouldn't have started a fight with me, little whore."

Dani saw red. She hated that name. He could call her ugly, call her weak, call her a bitch, but not that. She slapped him hard across the face, but he didn't release her. He proceeded to punch her in the side. She refused to let herself cry out in pain, she was used to the pain, but it was hard to breathe.

Suddenly, someone spoke up from behind Jake. "Leave her the fuck alone."

Jake wheeled around, laughing. "This doesn't concern you, Geetard."

Gerard looked over at Dani, still pinned against the lockers behind the huge quarterback in front of him, and then back at Jake. "I said to leave her alone."

"Better back off, fag. I would hate to mess up your eyeliner," Jake growled, smirking. Gerard grabbed Jake and pushed him off of Dani. "Oh hell no," Jake mumbled. He pushed Gerard to the ground and then lept on top of him, punching him in the face and then the ribs. He got back up and smiled.

"I guess your little boyfriend took the punches for ya. You better make it up to him later," Jake said with a sickening wink.

Just then, a teacher stepped into the hallway. Jake, acting quickly, fell on the floor next to Gerard and pulled the other boy on top of him, all before Mr. Simpson saw anything. He pulled Gerard's fist to his face just as quickly. "Stop it, Gerard!" he whined, playing his part as the victim perfectly.

"Gerard Way and Jake Ulley!" the teacher yelled. "And Dani Santos! What are you doing?" He started to run over to the scene.

Gerard shoved the bigger boy off of him with suprising strength and stood up. "We," he began, pointing to himself and Dani. "Were just leaving."

"Well, unforunatly, Mr. Way, I'm going to have to report this."

"Report what? That this jerk was harrassin' her and I tried to help? Oh, but I forgot. You gotta be on the football team to stay outta trouble," he argued, his Jersey accent showing more than it usually did. Dani hated to agree with any of them, she really just wanted to get out of there.

"I didn't need your help," she ground out, obviously fuming, not sure who she wanted to hit more. "And I am leaving. But not with any of you. You-" She gestured to Jake, still on the floor. "Can go to hell." She looked over at Gerard. "And you should mind your own fucking business." Then, ignoring the stunned teacher, she walked out.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dani walked from school in a mood. She had been in a mood to begin with, and then Jake/Gerard had to go and make it even worse. She had wanted to handle the former on her own. She wanted to stay independant. No man needed to help her.

Maybe it's just PMS or something, she thought. But deep down inside, she knew it wasn't. It was that he was coming back home today. And the house wasn't clean, so she'd probably earn a few hits for that. And then...after. She shivered, not even wanting to think about what would happen after.

Dani kept walking until she stopped at the park just outside the elemntary school. She shrugged and decided to go ahead and stall. He might hit her harder for being late, but it wasn't ever good to hurry home knowing you had that waiting for you. She set down her messenger bag and lowered herself onto the small plastic swing, tracing a small path in the dirt with her pale blue Converse. She swung back and forth sadly, wishing things could be different. Wishing that she wouldn't have had to be angry at Gerard for merely trying to help. He was a nice guy. She'd have to apologize someday. But not anytime soon.

She clutched the bulky chain of the swing, her pale knuckles turning whiter as she thought about what was to come.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Gerard watched Dani swinging from the shadows of the trees about twenty feet away from the deserted playground. She didn't look like herself, she looked vulnerable, maybe even afraid of something, he wasn't sure what.

Her medium length brown hair blew against her face with the wind, and he was suddenly struck by the urge to capture that image, in that lighting, that exact pose was perfect.

He dug through his bag hastily, searching for his sketchpad and pencil. He focused and started to run his pencil over the thick, slightly textured paper. He had to squint; it wasn't easy to draw her from this far away, not to mention that he was behind the trees. But he managed. Gerard began the sketch with her face, just her face, slightly distorted by some unknown anguish, and then her hair, then the rest of her body and her shoes and he paused before moving on to the swingset.

Seeing just Dani on the paper tore at his heart.

She had not only rejected his help earlier, she'd been completely and utterly pissed at him. He was pretty sure why. From what he'd seen of Dani, she chose to be blunt, chose to be self-sufficient, and didn't take anyone's shit, that much was obvious. But he wished she would just slow down long enough to just notice him.

His hand hovered over the pad of paper, knowing that what he was doing was creepy, obsessive, and also that it was something she surely wouldn't like. But he didn't care. This was for him. Only for him.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dani sighed and knew that if she stayed much longer, it'd be too much for her to handle when she got home.

She was still slightly sore from where Jake had punched her, and knew it would only be worse later. She stood up, grabbed her bag, and started to walk, tugging nervouly at her sweatshirt. The anticipation on the walk home was always the hardest. It was easy to go numb at home, easy to pretend you were somewhere else, but walking home, it always felt like everything was crashing down on her at once. Stressful was the nice word for it.

She shuffled her feet all the way to her house and then walked up the sidewalk. She hesitated at the door, knowing that he would be back from his business trip, cringing at the thought. Her hand froze at the doorknob, refusing to turn it. She didn't have to. The door swung open in front of her.

"Oh, my dear little whore. You're late."

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