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Dani goes home, Gerard has dinner with the fam

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CHAPTER 2!(eh I was feeling extra creative, so I was like, oh what the hell, why not!)

"Oh, my dear little whore. You're late."

"Dad," she breathed, nodding curtly, hoping for the best.

"Inside. Now." She followed his demand and he closed the door behind her.

Dani was suddenly slammed against the wall with his hands at her throat. She choked, trying desperately to breathe, and he only tightened his hold on her.

"You listen, and you listen good. I come home after only a few days, and not only do I have to sit here alone by myself until fucking 5:30, but the house is turned into a complete shit hole!" he screamed, spit landing on Dani's face. "Daniella Celine Santos, I swear to God, you've fucking done it this time!" He said that every single day.

She winced, even though she was seeing spots and about to pass out from the lack of oxygen. It could only get worse from there. He slackened his hands on her neck and stood back for a moment. A moment that was far, far too short. He slammed his fist into her stomach, and all she did was whimper softly, even though the sudden pain was blinding. He punched her directly in the face, where she was sure there would at least be a bruise. He was usually careful not to hurt her anywhere that people would see. It would raise suspicion, they both knew that. He studied her for a minute before he yanked her forcefully by the hair and pulled her closer to him.

"Got anything to say to me, whore?" he yelled.

She shook her head, willing herself not to cry.

"Oh, really?" he said angrily. "You sure?"

He threw her against the wall and she shuddered at the impact. All the wind was knocked out of her, which made it hard to concentrate.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she muttered.

"Not good enough," he sneered.

She braced herself for more pain. He delivered it. Three sharp kicks, one right after another, all directed to her ribs. She groaned quietly.

Instead of continuing that form of abuse, he commanded, "Stand up."

She did as he asked, not really ready for what she knew was sure to happen next.

"Time for you to be my whore," he growled.

He dragged her by her hood into his bedroom. She didn't bother to try and stop him. All she had to do was start numbing her brain and her body. She wasn't sure how long she’d have to stay there that night. At that point, she didn't care.

He shoved her down on his bed. Dani stared blankly at him. This had become a routine for her over the years. A torturous, painful routine. He immediately started to pull off his suit that he was still wearing from the trip. Only when he was completely undressed did he stumble over to her and pull off her jacket. She flinched when he reached for her jeans. He shoved down her underwear and then continued to violate her in every way possible, just as he had countless times before then.

Then, and only then, did she let the tears flow.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Gerard sighed as he walked into his house. His mother, Donna, was in the kitchen cooking dinner.

"Hey," she greeted him.

"Hi, Ma," he said sadly.

"Oh my God, Gee, what happened to your face?" she asked, concerned.

"Nothing. Just a stupid fight."

Donna wouldn't take that as an answer. She stood there with a spatula, hands on her hips, her eyebrows raised in suspicion.

Gerard exhaled and only became more bummed when he recalled everything that had gone wrong with his afternoon. "I just tried to be a nice person and help this girl who was picking a fight with this huge jerk football player and then he...I don't know, wanted to fight something so he pounced on me and then when a teacher walked out made it look like it was his fault. And I became Public Enemy Number One."

"Well...did you get into any trouble?" Donna said.

He looked uncomfortable now. "Uh...yeah, about that...I kinda got suspended for tomorrow. I'm sorry."

"Be more careful, Gerard. And...don't get into more trouble, please! I think you did the right thing, though," she said, unsure of which direction to go. She paused. "Well, anyway, your brother's been looking for you. And tell him dinner's almost ready."

"'Kay, Ma."

Gerard walked up to Mikey's room tiredly. He saw his little brother laying on his small twin bed, reading a comic, he couldn't see which one.

"Heard you were looking for me," he said from the open doorway.

"Yeah," Mikey mumbled, not taking his eyes off the book. "What were you thinking, man? Trying to beat up Jake Ulley? Not to mention that you were doing it for Dani Santos? C'mon, what were you on?"

Gerard froze in the doorway. "Well, I love that you think so highly of me," he joked, trying to divert Mikey's attention.

Mikey looked up from what he was reading and stared Gerard down. "Whatever. Just wondering how crazy you really must be."

Gerard shrugged and walked away from Mikey's room. "Oh, and Ma said dinner's almost ready!" he called over his shoulder.

He took the stairs to his basement bedroom two at a time. He set down his messenger bag and then went back upstairs for dinner.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"I understand you were in a fight at school," Donald Way said to his oldest son.

"Uh-huh," Gerard said, his mouth still full of homemade lasagna.

"Son, chew and swallow before you talk!" his father ordered, exasperated.

Gerard did as he asked and looked back up at his father. He gulped nervously. Both his parents were pretty easy-going and understanding, but he still expected at least a lecture from Don.

"I heard from Michael that it might have been over a girl," Don stated.

Gerard stiffened his fingers around his fork. "Well...not really. Michael," Gerard said, glaring at his brother and wanting to laugh at Mikey's actual name, "Must have been misinformed."

"Oh, you like her and you know it!" Mikey blurted before he could stop himself. "I've seen all those drawings of her in your room!"

God love pesky little brothers, Gerard thought to himself. "Well...That doesn't mean I like her!" he countered, even though it was a horribly lame comeback. "Besides, why were you snooping in my room?!?"

Mikey looked down at the table sheepishly. "I was gonna 'borrow' your X-Men comics. And then keep them, he thought guiltily.

Gerard sighed and rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Ok. I don't like her," he lied.

Such a lie, Donna told herself. I can see it in his eyes.

Wow, the beggining of this chapter was hard for me to write. I wish somebody would read this. Ah, well, I'm just not patient. I'm a LOT like Dani...unfortunatly. So I'm left here wondering why it takes people days to post an update. I guess they take more time on actually perfecting it or something. IDK! So, I love author's notes that ramble on and that's what I plan on doing. It's Spring Break here in Ocala, FL and it's supposed to be 89 fucking degress tommorow. Boo! I prefer hoodie weather. Anyways. REVIEW AND I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER EVEN THOUGH I DON"T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!
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