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Can't Ever Heal

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Dani and Gerard both stay home.

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Dani shivered pitifully, laying in a ball on her bedroom floor. She pulled on the bed skirt to lift herself up, still crying even after she had left her dad's bedroom. She wiped her face, knowing that the eyeliner from the day before had already made her look like a raccoon. She trudged into the bathroom and washed her face. She took her time, splashing water on her face until she felt clean. She got into the shower and then tried her hardest to rid herself of all the shame. She scrubbed her skin until it was a raw pink.

Dani turned off the steady flow of hot water and dried herself off with a towel. She looked at herself in the steamy mirror. The results of the night before were a black eye, a large handprint bruise on her cheek, and an ache in her ribs and on her back. She winced at her body, littered in bruises and cuts all in different stages of healing.

The bruises can always heal, she thought. But my heart never can.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Gerard woke up on the morning of his suspension, still feeling more than tired. He yawned and stretched out on the bed. He had no idea what the time was, because the only bit of sunlight was from the small crack that people called a window.

1 fucking 30 in the afternoon, he thought bitterly when he looked over at the cheap alarm clock.

Gerard got himself out of bed and tripped as he walked up the stairs to the kitchen. Stupid ground, he mused. Always in my way!

He saw his mom pulling weeds outside while he searched the cabinets for something edible. He braced himself for some chores when Donna came inside to the kitchen.

"I see you're awake," she sighed cheerfully.

Gerard couldn't take cheerful at that hour of the...afternoon. He grunted and continued making a very complicated bowl of Frankenberry.

She stood there with a hand on her hip. "So...this Dani girl? Can I meet her?"

He wheeled around, livid all of a sudden. "NO! I don't like her! I don't know her! She hates me anyway! Even after I tried to help her..." he said, his anger turning into frustration.

Donna shrunk away from his unexpected fury. "Okay...geez, I just thought I'd ask!" She threw her hands up in surrender and walked back outside.

Gerard gave a sigh of relief and turned back to his breakfast.I need some F-berry. Pronto.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dani decided to give herself the day off from school. Dad's already gone, she thought. I'll just stay home, just for today, no biggie.

It was her safest bet to stay at home all day and not go anywhere in town, so she did just that. She stayed in her room all day, listening to music and reading. Later in the day, around six o'clock, she logged onto her email account and was surprised to see two different emails-one from the screen name blind_anthrax_geek, and one from JerseyKid666. She opened them cautiously, not sure if she even knew anyone who would email her. The first email read:

From: blind_anthrax_geek
To: xdaniellaxaintxmyxnamex

someone told me this was ur screen name. i really sure hope it is. anyway, i uh, know i sound really stalkerish, but do i put this...why do u have to shut people out? U seem like a genuinely nice person, but if u don't let anyone get to no u, how do u expect to have friends? i no this seems stand-offish, and I no u don't wanna hear any of it, but i'd like to be ur friend. and, btw, so would my bro. Just sayin...XD lol.

Dani scoffed at the email. Who is this crazy asshole? She wasted no time in replying.

From: xdaniellaxaintxmyxnamex
To: blind_anthrax_geek

Who the fuck do u think u r?!?!? u don't know me! leave me alone! i don't need to be ur friend, and i don't want you to be mine! wat'd i ever do 2 u? srsly, u do seem like a stalker. who r u anyway?

The second email she regretted not opening before she'd replied to the first one. She double clicked on it, laughing without humor at the three digits on the end of the email address.

From: JerseyKid666
To: xdaniellaxaintxmyxnamex

I'm SO sorry about my brother. He's blind_anthrax_geek. And a geek he is, trust me. I'm Gerard, from school, and the RETARD who emailed you before was Mikey, who's a freshman, so don't mind him too much. Um...sorry for helping you in the hallway yesterday? I knew that you could handle him, but I wanted to kick his ass as much as you did. I...I really would like to get to know you better. If you totally despise me, I understand, but..I do agree with my little brother on most things. Like how you probably are a nice person once you open up. So, again, I'm terribly sorry that my little brother stalked you(:P) and I guess I'll see you at school when I come back(which'll be tomorrow, I only got suspended for a day). Or not...if you never want to see my face again. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have even emailed you.

Dani felt guilty reading the note. She wasn't even sure why. Gerard meant nothing to her, right? So why, even if she barely knew him, did she appreciate the obvious effort he had put into a simple email? Why did she feel bad that she had accidentally basically caused him to get in trouble like he did? No, he did that to himself, Dani, she told herself. All those lingering questions made it difficult for her to type a reply.

From: xdaniellaxaintxmyxnamex
To: JerseyKid666

S'okay that ur lil bro emailed me. But...ah, not to be mean or anything, but I don't...I just don't want to be friends. Or...anything else. I'm sure u've realized by now that I like to be independent, and that's the way it's gonna stay. I didn't need your help in the hallway, and I don't need your pity or your friendship. I'm sorry things can't be different. Oh, and I hope u weren't trying to make me feel guilty by telling me u were suspended. Cuz it won't work. Please don't email me back. I don't need ur crap right now.

Without bothering to read it over, she closed her eyes and pressed send. She knew her harsh words would probably be like a slap in the face to him. She understood that she was pushing away any chance she had with being his friend. But that was her goal. She had to make him understand that he couldn't be there.

He can't be a part of your life, Dani thought. He just can't.

Well, I am officially obsessed with writing this story. And it's only been one fucking day. Anyways! Special thanks to madzMCRMY for being my only reviewer. *sniff* Please, I am asking you, from the bottom of my little heart, FOLLOW HER LEAD! Ah well. It's only been a day. I have to keep reminding myself that.
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