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Cameras and bandages

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I sat on the wall watching everyone board the pirate ship. Bob was stood awkwardly by the wall across from me, camera poised. The sun was warm on my face, the navy of my shirt absorbing the heat. Watching as the people milling about gradually grew; a shadow appeared next to me. Turning, Bob had sat uneasily by my side, camera disguarded between us.

“The bastards ditched us.”

Devious little… I thought it was weird Os wanted to go on there. She hates everything that’s not on water or the tea cups. “So, um, what do we do?”

Bob shrugged and scuffed in the dirt left from yesterday’s rain. Ok this is going to be fun. “How about we go for a walk in the botanical garden here?”

“Whatever.” He muttered, head still down.

With a sigh I stood up grabbing the camera and followed the sign for the gardens. Bobs shuffling feet let me know he was following.

As we walked through a stone (effect) archway the park opened up to rolling sea of rich green lawn and a fountain and lake stretched out before us. Gravel paths surrounded the edge and a winding track lead down to the sunken garden. Turning on the camera I took a shot of the lake, a light breeze shifting the spray from the fountain. Bob stood quietly and obediently followed as I headed down toward the lawns.

As we reached the lower level a canopy of trees beside the path sheltered us from the intensifying sun. I took another photo of light streaming through the leaves, catching Bob smile for a brief second as he looked up to see what I was shooting. Boarders of brightly coloured flowers framed the lush grass as we walked comfortably in each other’s presence, the tranquillity of our surroundings easing the tension.

Eventually the silence between us grew too much and I cracked.

“I’m sorry about last night.”

“Forget about it.” Bob mumbled and walked a step ahead of me. I picked up pace and stuffed the camera in my pocket.

“I can’t.” I said a little louder than I intended, glad the gardens were quite and we had relative privacy.

“Well try.” Again he sped up, stopping as I grabbed his arm, my grip slipping to his hand. He turned to face me, eyes reusing to meet mine.

“No Bob. Look, what I said. I was making excuses.” I took a step closer so we were inches apart.

“So you…?” I rubbed my thumb cross his hand trying to reassure him, finally getting him to look up and smile faintly.

“Yeah.” I beamed. Bob lifted my hand and kissed the back of it, crystal blue eyes never leaving mine. The location made it all the more sweet as we stood in the middle of a beautiful garden with nothing but the faint bird song permeating the peacefulness. The surrounding trees and the park at high level blocked out the rumble of machinery and drone of conversation. Grinning dopily up at Bob, a sharp buzz cut through the air and the drummer jerk away from me.

Blushing he rooted around his pocket, pulling out his mobile. “Sorry.” Eyes scanning the screen, his brow creased. “Frank is surrounded by fans and Os has gone missing. Can we save him?”

“Let’s make him stew.” I grinned.

“I would but you seriously have no idea how crazy some fans can be.” Ha. If only you knew. A twinge of guilt hit me but quickly left. He doesn’t need to know.

As Bob called Frank, I fished out my phone and tried to call Os, but all I got was her voicemail. Odd, she never has her phone off. Bob stood with one hand in his pocket, talking quietly into his phone so I couldn’t hear what was being said. I shifted uncomfortably, wondering where Os was and waiting for Bob to finish his call.

Hanging up, he grabbed my hand with a warm smile and led me back to the fake stone archway. “My call gave him an excuse to leave, I text the others to meet us by the gate in fifteen. They know Frank’s here so you can guarantee they will be hunting for the rest of us.”

“What bout Os?”

“We’ll find her.” Bob squeezed my hand and we continued toward the gates, leaving the serenity of the gardens for the insanity of the theme park.


I sat on the wall by the gift shop, idly picking at the bandage on my tingling hand. They had to numb it to fish a bit of glass out. I’d been sat here an hour, absorbing the sun as I waited for a familiar face. Scanning the throng of tourists, I spotted two shady characters walking hand in hand. The taller had large sunglasses, the shorter a phone in hand, both a stupid grin. Bob looked over his sunglasses, pointing me out. I raised a hand in recognition as Brier sprinted over. Getting up, I was greeted with a slap to my arm.

“What the fuck happened?!”

“Some dumb fan girls knocked me arse over.” I glared at her, rubbing my arm for emphasis, even though it didn’t hurt. I smiled and raised an eyebrow at Bob as he appeared close to Bri causing his cheeks to redden. Awww!

“Assholes. Why is your phone off? And why did you leave poor Frank. And what the hell is that?” She babbled, pointing to the white dressing with a splash of rusty brown.

“Ok, firstly - chill. I left Frank as I got a piece of glass in my hand. And my phone is in several pieces so I doubt it’s turned…”

Arms wrapped around me and nearly knocked me over as I was enveloped in a bear hug. Whoever was hugging me kissed my cheek before tightening their grip even more.

Blushing, I wriggled free and stepped back to find a worried looking Frank and two giggling hyenas. “I am so sorry. Oh my god, what happened to your hand?”

Suddenly very self conscious I put my hand behind my back. “It’s nothing.”

“It doesn’t look like nothing.” He eyed me suspiciously. I spotted the others approaching, glad of the interruption.

“Really, I’m fine.” I went to tuck my hair behind my ear, still not used to its shortness. A Britney moment in an attempt to dodge the press. Obviously failed miserably judging my Ron.

“Hey guys, survive the madness?” Mikey looked tired but cheerful, unlike Gerard who looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp. Ray stood chatting with Bob, eyes glancing down every now and then to Bob and Bri’s hands.

“Some of us better than others.” Frank muttered.

“Um, you alright Os?” Gerard scratched the back of his neck, clearly uncomfortable. As if the world had stopped, everyone went quiet and stared bewildered at Gerard. My bandaged hand was still behind my back, so he can’t have seen or know about it.

“Ur, yeah, thanks.” I stammered. Gerard doesn’t talk to me. Why is he talking to me?

“Cool, a shuttle should be waiting out front.” He walked off, leaving the rest of us in shock. Mikey shrugged and followed his brother, the rest of us in tow. Today can’t get any weirder.


In the ‘shuttle’ (minibus), Bob and Bri took the back seat, and everyone left them to it. The day has again got weirder as Gerard jumped in the seat next to me, leaving Frank sat behind me with Ray and Mikey. Frank was describing the horror of his ordeal, the poor little famous lamb, and after a few minutes of silence, Gerard spoke.

“You, um, like comics I hear?”

Surprised the usually grouchy singer was actually attempting to converse, I stared in silence until I realised I looked like a total idiot.

“Yeah. They’re great. Love Umbrella Academy. And I’m not just saying that cos I’m sat next to you.” I laughed nervously. This was new.

“Appreciated, and you don’t seem to be the type of person to lie for the sake of politeness.” Was that a smile? I think I actually just saw him smile at me.

“Heh, guess I’m not am I?” I chucked, turning round in my seat to face Gerard more. For a second, Gerard seems to pause, mind ticking over before shifting uncomfortably and rubbed the back of his neck. I wonder if it’s a nervous habit like I do.

“Look, I’m sorry for being less than friendly, but I’m very protective of Bob.” Eh? Oh. My. God. Gerard is gay for Bob! Realising what he said, Gerard cleared his throat and corrected himself. “I mean the whole band. But after your introduction, I thought you were just another fan out to get into Bob’s bunk. But it appears I was wrong. So, yeah, I’m sorry.”

“Um, ok?”

Gerard gave me a forced smile and sat back in his seat. Guess that conversation is over then. Gerard can’t be gay or he’d be giving Bri grief too. Maybe?
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