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The Hotel

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Glasses and police chases.

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Bob and I sat cuddled up in the back of the shuttled, comfortable in the silence between us. Ok, we were eavesdropping on Frank, Mikey and Ray. They have a theory Gerard is in love with Bob. At which Bob got very uncomfortable and his ears went Ferrari red. At first I thought they were joking, but Mikey sounded dead serious.

When we got back to the bus, everyone threw together an overnight bag. The band had booked into a nearby hotel, a break from the bus and each other on one of the few nights not spent en route to the next city. I rang ahead yesterday and managed to bag a cancelation. It was a double suite but it’s better than a bunk or the Beast.

Once at the hotel, the band had most of the tenth floor booked out for themselves and the road crew. Our room was down on the second floor, just above the kitchen judging by the racket coming from the opened window. As with most things in the U.S. the room was massive. A king sized bed was nearest the door, to the right a large sofa facing an even larger plasma TV. The bathroom was all granite and chrome, a big walk in shower and a bath in opposite corners.

“I’ll kip on the sofa.” Os set her beg on the floor by the sofa and searched for the TV remote. Finding it, she flicked it on. “Yes, cable! Oo police chase.” Os perched on the sofa arm, fascinated at the pickup driving down the wrong side of the ‘highway’ and dodging Lorries.

“Seriously? Just sleep in the dam bed. It’s big enough for the entire band.” I flopped down on the bed. It felt so good to be flat out on such a soft mattress after being cooped up in one form of tin can or another for weeks.

“I’d rather not.” Os muttered, engrossed in the chase.

“I don’t have the lergy.” I grumbled. We shared that bloody rusty old tin can for years, yet a king size bed is a no-no.

“I know.” After a few minutes of listening to the wails of police sirens and screeching tyres, I sat up to find Os fiddling with a small card.

“What’s that?” I nodded at the card as I scooted to the edge of the bed.

“Ron’s business card.” My partner in crime smiled briefly at the name, returning her intense gaze to the printed text.

“Ron?” I raised an eyebrow. First Frank, know Ron. Geeze.

“He helped me up and walked with me to the medical centre. He was just glad to escape his kids for a while really. I swear he’s Dad’s long lost brother. I took his card to put in the book at Griffin. He complemented our menu there.” Os folded the card and put it in her back pocket, standing up and walking to the bathroom. “Better go clean up. Dinners in an hour.” Os disappeared into the luxurious bathroom as I flopped back down on the bed. Guess I was wrong about Os.


I slunk into the bathroom after Os and took a long awaited bath. I say bath, I could swim in that tub! Emerging fresh and cheerful, Os was watching a re-run of Friends. The one in London.

“Oi, geek.” Os turned around, light bouncing of the chrome frame of her glasses. “Know your name then!” I laughed at her death glare.

“Fuck off, I ran out of contacts” Os cast an eye over my skinny jeans, red heels and half unbuttoned shirt. “My my, your dressed to impress.”

“And I see you made no effort at all.” Os’s blond hair was spiked to hell, blue gel adding a splash of colour. Apart from that she wore her usual shorts and t-shirt combination, accept added a wrist band to hide the rough edge of her bandage.

Grabbing our swipe cards, we made our way down to dinner through the plush wide corridors. The short lift ride was quiet as I shamelessly checked my appearance one last time before meeting the guys and Os stared blankly into space.

Walking into the foyer, the band stood in a huddle behind some fake plants. All wore some form of black clothing except Frank you was in blue jeans and a tight red t-shirt that showed off his defined torso.

“Evening Ladies.” Bob spoke as the other guys watched us approach.

Os muttered something inaudible, clearly embarrassed to be exposed as a specky four eyes. Frank’s jaw was still on the floor, whilst the rest of the guys mumbled something between them.

“So Toro, Gee and Mike are off for sushi, Frank wants’ pizza and I’m going to get pasta. What’ll it be?” Hmm. How convenient. Bob gave a wink as I pretended to think over what I wanted, his back to the others so only I saw. Sly bugger.

“I could go for some pasta, Os?” I turned to the scruff and was surprised to find her pulling her key card out of her pocket.

“I’m not that hungry to be honest. Might just crash”

“Aw, come on! I’m not going to dinner alone. How lame would I be? You’re having pizza.” Frank dragged her toward the glass doors as the rest of us followed. The hotel was in the middle of the city, a small park set out before us, restaurants and clubs surrounding us.

“Remember we gotta be out at 9 a.m. so no funny business.” Ray smirked as Bob and I both turned matching shades of red. “That goes for you too Frank!” He yelled at the disappearing couple. Frank flipped him off and continued to drag a slightly more wiling Os behind him.

Mikey and Gerard had begun to walk in the wake of them, deep in conversation. “Have fun guys, you deserve it.” With a flash of a smile Ray patted Bob’s shoulder and jogged after his band mates.

“Sorry ‘bout that.” Bob laced our fingers together and we headed off to get food.
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