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The Ex

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Sim cards and vodka.

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I managed to salvage my sim and memory card from the smashed phone which was some consolation I guessed. Seeing Ron made me homesick, so when I was in the bathroom I pulled out my old phone complete with old sim card. Bri would kill be if she knew I had been on it, but Dad’s work number was on it. As I turned it on and flicked through the phonebook, the message icon flashed up. I know I shouldn’t read it, but curiosity killed the cat as they say. As I guessed, it was a voicemail alert. Five new voicemails. Ian’s voiced drifted through the speaker, making me shiver.

“I’m so sorry baby. I’m going crazy here without you. I miss you so much. Whatever the problem is, we can get through it. Please call me?” I clicked off before I could hear the others.

I leaned against the bath, my neck resting on its edge as I stared at the ceiling. Why do I still love him? He’s scum. Blinking back tears I turned my phone off and took out the old sim. Dad’s number can wait. Pocketing the old sim, I put my new one back in and turned it on, slightly happier that I had no messages on that.

My mood soured and trying to shower and not get my hand wet did nothing to help it. And I ran out of contacts. The perfect end to a perfect day. Bri’s geek joke grated my last nerve, so I decided to skip diner and just sleep today off. But Frank had other plans. He dragged me about four blocks before he finally let go of my hand.

“Were here.” He beamed walking down a small alley. I followed warily until I saw a neon sign with Piscary’s Pizza written on it. Piscary’s was not your usual pizzeria. It was fairly large with a circular bar in the middle, sofa’s and low tables scattered randomly about the dimly lit space. Spotlights dotted the ceiling and the place was a buzz of conversation. Least I didn’t feel underdressed. “Drink?” Frank called from the bar. I made my way to him, eyeing all the drinks. Fuck it, not like I’m the one with sound check in the morning. “Vodka lemonade.”

Frank grabbed a menu and led me through the haphazard layout to a sofa in the corner, right next to the kitchen. I took the offered menu and read though the selection. Mildly impressed I chose the chorizo. A waiter appeared by our side and we placed our orders. Both of us sat in an uncomfortable silence save for the dull thumping of music. Downing half my drink, I slammed the glass down slightly harden then necessary.

“I’m sorry. For just leaving you on the floor like that.” Frank picked at the label of his beer, eyes downcast like a child scorned.

“It’s fine, really.” I reassured.

“Clearly it’s not. You seem so down.” Frank put his hand on top of mine, until I jerk it away.

“Get over yourself Iero. I have a life back in the UK that doesn’t revolve around you.” I crossed my ankles and shrugged back into the corner of the sofa.

“Sorry, i..” Frank trailed off, clearly not wanting to piss me off anymore. God I’m a bitch. Sighing I turned to face Frank.

“Sorry, that was way harsh and you didn’t deserve that. I’m just kind of home sick. Plus I had to have stitches in my hand and am stuck wearing dorky glasses until I can find an opticians.”

“For the record, I think the glasses make you look sexier and sophisticated. And I guarantee by the time you finished your pizza you will have forgotten all about England and your stitches.”


The pizza was amazing and as the drinks flowed so did we across the dance floor. We moved closely to the pulsing music, hot and sweaty until things got too r rated and we left for Frank’s hotel room. Both of us had lost track of the drinks, so it was a frustratingly slow stumble along the four blocks to the hotel. As we got to the car park, Frank pulled me over to the rear of the bus.

“Just need to grab ‘something’ from my bunk.” He said with a devilish wink.

Grabbing is crotch I leant in to whisper in his ear. “Don’t keep me waiting.”

Letting out a soft moan as I released him, he sprinted/ stumbled to the door. As the pneumatics signalled Frank boarding the darkened bus, I leant smugly against the back of the tin can on wheels. Shivering slightly in the cool night air I turned around to the sound of footsteps, expecting to find Frank. My face dropped as I came face to face with those piercing green eyes.

“Ian?” I stood up straight, trying to clear the alcohol induced fog in my head.

“Baby. I’m so glad I finally found you.” Ian stepped closer, the light from the hotel highlighting him fully. He still towered over me, his usually styled dark hair stuck up at all angles. Stubble and dark circles under his eyes made him look tormenting. Checked shirt sleeves were rolled up to three quarters, baggy jeans completing his rumpled look.

“How? What...? How much have I drunk?” I stared in confusion. His eyes never left mine, boring into me with a new intensity.

“Too much if you thought I’d let you get away. You think I wouldn’t spot the beast in the background of every music magazine?” Ian smiled creepily as he took another step forward. Where the hell is Frank!?

“But. What are you doing here?” I tried to keep my voice even. He stepped closer, brushing my damp hair out of the way as the other took a firm grip of my neck. As his thumb pressed into my wind pipe I remained still trying to control my rapid breathing as I began to panic at the lack of air. Movement behind Ian caught my eye and Ian froze, hunching over.

“Step away from Os before I permanently stunt your family tree.” Ian winced as he let go of me and backed up. Gasping for breather I fell into the bus’ side, glancing up to see Franks hand crushing Ian’s balls. “Now I want you to get out of our faces and never come near Osla again.” Frank let go of Ian causing him to groan in pain. As Ian dropped to his knees, Frank brought a fist down onto his temple, sending him sprawling across the tarmac. Ian swore and collected himself before stumbling away, swearing under his breath. I leapt at Frank, crying in relief than Ian was gone. Frank hugged me until I calmed down and lead me in silence back up to his hotel room.

I sat on the bed in just my undies, half empty glass of vodka from the mini bar in hand. Frank appeared from the bathroom in his boxers and lay down next to me. He rolled onto his side and grabbed vodka, draining the glass before putting it down. Pulling me down till I was next to him, Frank enveloped me in another hug.

“I’m sorry I ruined tonight.” I said as I traced his tattoos with my finger. All of them told a storey about Frank’s life, amazing me with their detail.

“Shh, I’m just glad you’re ok. Get some sleep.” Frank kissed me one last time before turning the lights off and pulling the silk sheets over us.
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