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Chapter 5

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sorry it's taken so long guys, well at least it feels that way to me... well anyway i would have posted yeaterday but my mom got mad and took the computer because "it affects my baby sitting" so yeah. well here it is enjoy.

we barely got into the movie before my mom called us down to dinner. hmm, dinner.. what can i say? embrassing. and all infront of frankie! first my mom put chicken in frankie's salad, after he told her he was a vegetarian! so i'm sitting there like 'what the fuck mom?! he doesn't eat meat!' but frank being polite as he was dismissed it and spent the whole dinner picking the meat out and the last five minutes eating. if that wasn't bad enough mikey started to have an asthama attack, spazzed, and spilt soda all over frankie. i was ready to strangle him. he's my brother and my best friend and all but jesus fucking christ! oh but the wrost, the wrost had to be my dad. now mom's are supposed to be the ones thar break out the baby pictures but no. not in my family. so dad brought out the old photo album. fuck! he pulled frankie over to the couch with mom and mikey following and showed frankie the most EMBRASSING pictures.

"oh here he is after we read him the stry about johnny apple seed," dad said pointing to the picture of me with a pot on my head and applsauce all over my face.

"dad! please don't do this to me!" i cried. i finally get a friend and my family is ruining it!

"oh gerard, stop being over dramatic!" mother said laughing.

"yeah gerwawd!" mikey said pinching my cheek.

"fuck off," i mumbled.

"what is that one?!" frank screamed laughing. he was pointing to the picture of me laying stomach down on a rug, completely naked.

"no! no more!" i screamed grabbing the book and putting it back on the shelf. "i'll be in my room," i mumbled. frankie followed me back.

"are you okay? i didn't mean to laugh," he said.

"nah, it's okay. just annoying that they would do that," i said jerking my arm towards the door.

"all families do that. it's okay. hehe," he giggling.

"what's funny?" i asked.

"does your ass look like that now?" he asked.

"no, it's much tighter now. you wanna feel?" i asked then mentally slapped myself. stupid he's not gay!

"mmm, i sure do," he said slapping my butt.

i started to start the dvd over in shock. did this mean he was gay? i kinda hoped so.

we played the movie but neither of us paid much attention. frankie started to play with my hair and running his hand down my shoulder and my back. it gave me goosebumps but i loved the feel of his fingers on my body. he leaned over and kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear "i hope that's okay."

"hell yeah it is," i whispered back grabbing his face and pulling him into a long kiss. we fell asleep in each others arms. i totally forgot about frank having to go home.

okay short chapter. i'm sorry. but i hpoe you guys are enjoying the story so far. rate and review!

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