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Chapter 6

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Frank's POV

i felt gerard leaning on my chest and breathing deeply, he must be sleeping. it was dark but enough light was coming through the blinds where i could see his face. he was so cute when he was sleeping. i looked over at the clock, 2:34. damn! did mom notice? probably not. did dad come by? oh god i hope he didn't. i have to go check on mom. i looked down at gerard, mom could wait a little while.

"mmmm, frankie..." gerard mumbled.

"i'm here baby," i said holding him close and breathing in the scent of his hair. kiwi? some exotic fruit.

"mm... i love you," he said going back into a deep sleep. i smiled.

"i love you too gee. i've loved you since i first saw you and nothing is going to change that."

Gerard's POV

i felt arms around me and at first i didn't know who, then i remembered frankie had come over. well i guess he never left. he was so warm. i glanced over at the clock. shit 7:30. i- we over slept.

"frankie, wake up," i said lifting my head and shaking his arm.

"mmm... no... more sleep."

"frankie, we have to get up. it's seven thirty baby. we have to go to school."

"ugh! fine. mmm..." he groaned standing up. he looked so cute with messed up hair. he looked down at his clothes. "do you have anything i could borrow to wear for school?" he asked. i looked at his small frame, "mmm hang on. my clothes might be to big, let me go get something of mikey's," i said walking out of the room.

Frank's POV

two seconds after gerard left i was staring around the room, band posters and it was a mess but it reminded me of my room, except gerard's felt more homey, and then mikey came in in his boxers. i looked down and pointed at them raising my eyebrow.

"don't look at me like that! i haven't gotten dressed yet!" he said.

"i'm not looking, i'm just wondering," i said laughing.

"yeah, laugh all you want. but i came in here to ask you something while gerard wasn't here," he said looking down.

"well ask away mikey," i said.

"are you and gerard like 'a thing?' like dating?" he asked. i looked at him a minute and thought about it. i never thought that was how it was. i thought me and gee were friends, but i did want to be more than that. maybe we were. i hope we were. me and gee dating, it made me smile.

"umm frank you don't have to answer if you don't want to," he said interrupting my 'gerard fantisies.'

"oh ummm... well mikey i don't know," i said.

"okay. well i'm gonna go get dressed. see ya later frank," he said walking out as gee walked in.

"hey mikey. here ya go frankie, i hope they fit" he said throwing me a pair of skinny blue jeans and a anthrax shirt.

"thanks," i said walking into the bathroom to change.

Gerard's POV

i sat there on my bed going over some rough sketches when frankie came out of the bathroom. even in mikey's clothes they hung limply off his small body. it was amazingly cute, but it was very attractive.

"do i like okay?" he asked.

"perfect," i said kissing his forehead.

"hey gee..." frankie started but then my mom came in.

"hey boys, let's go. you're already late. i'll drive you guys to school," she said smiling.

"okay mom, we'll be there in a minute," i said. "now what were you gonna say frankie?" i asked.

"ummm... i'll ask you later, we better go," he said grabbing my hand and walking out the door.

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