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Chapter 7

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haha i'm backk... creepy? i was going for the poltergiest affect there... yeah i know lame. sorry. i won't do it again. sooo i haven't posted in awhile, truely sorry about that. i have had major writers block and i'm hoping by just sitting down and trying to write will help. so if this absolutely just sucks i'm sorry for that too. just try to bear with me :)

Gerard's POV

"hey! that is my favorite shirt! gerard did you steal that? mom! gerard sole my anthrax shirt and gave it to frank!" mikey whined in my right ear.

"mikey, please calm down. frank needed clothes and yours were the only ones that would fit him.
you will get it back tomorrow," mom said trying to calm mikey down from the front seat.

"but mom! it's my favorite shirt!" he said his voice going higher.

"i'm sorry, i didn't know it was your favorite shirt mikey," frank said trying to clear things up.

"don't apologize frank, you needed clothes, mikey's just being a drama queen." i said irrated that mikey was doing this. could he just fucking calm down. i wanted to have frankie over more often but he won't want to with mikey being bipolar and freaking out over a shirt.

"gerard now don't be insensitive. that is mikey's favorite shirt and you should have known better than to take it. and mikey, it is to late now okay? here we are boys. have a good day," she said smiling as we piled out of the car.

"bye mom," i said.

"yeah, love ya mom," mikey said walking off to stand next to alicia. when was that boy gonna get the nerve to ask her out? well i can't talk.

"hey, frankie, what did you want to ask me?" i asked walking with frank to homeroom. not worrying about josh today.

"oh, umm. gee i don't feel like being in school today, do you want to ditch?" he asked grabbing my hand and looking up at me.

"umm, yeah, sure, that'd be great. is that what you were going to ask me earlier?" i asked.

he smiled. he looked so damn cute! "no. i wanted to ask you something else. but not here. so lets go."

we walked off campus narrowly dodging teachers and walked to the park and sat down under the oak tree. again. what is with this old tree.

"gee, i've been thinking, and i have felt this way since i first saw you yesterday, and i really mean this," he said looking me in the eyes. "gerard i love you. do you want to go out with me?" he asked.

it was like fireworks went off inside me. i wanted to scream and jump around and proclaim my love for frankie to the world and i wanted to cry because i was so happy he felt the same way about me that i felt about him. it was amazing. i loved him so much but i couldn't put it into words, and i wanted to express it so bad for him but no matter what i would do i would always come up short because i love him so much.

"frankie..." i started slowly. i took a deep breath and let it all come out. "frankie i love you more than i can ever show you. i saw you yesterday and you were an angel. you are beautiful and i love you more than words can describe. i don't know what it is but i feel like no matter how many time i will ever say it, and try to show it to you it will never be enough because you mean everything to me. frank iero, i love you."

he stared at me and i began to think that i had scared him and that he wouldn't love me anymore.

"f-f-frankie.. i-i-im sorry. i didn't-"

he jumped on top of me and kissed me full on.

"gee! that is exactly how i feel about you! i love you with all of my heart!" he said his eyes glowing still sitting on top of me.

i couldn't say anything so i kissed him again. slower but with as much passion as before. after awhile we laid there, frankie in my arms. then he turned to me and asked, "so this means your my boyfriend right?"

i smiled. "yes. frankie. i am all yours."

short chapter, i know. please don't kill me! but feel free to express your anger in the reviews. it has been to long writing this. rate and review please :)

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