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Chapter 8

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Hey guys, I thought I owed you guys another chapter to this since I hadn't written in awhile, so yeah, enjoy.

Gerard's POV

I stood with my back against that tree watching my Frankie walk away. He had to leave to check on his mom. He wouldn't tell me why, but he seemed really nervous. I crossed my arms and stood there long after his small body had long disappeared walking down the hill.

I felt my phone vibrate from my pocket, it was a text from Mikey.
Dinner soon, mom said you better be here on time. Idk if she knows you ditched yet.
Shit. Okay, hopefully Mikes won't tell her I completely bailed on school today.


"Gerard, hey hon, how was school today?" mom called from the kitchen after I walked through the front door.

"It was good. Nothing really happened." Yeah. Right.

"That's good dear, dinner's soon, make sure you wash up."

"Okay mom," I walked to my room, Mikey tagging behind me.

"What happened today?" He asked sitting down on my bed.

"Mmm, nothing." I threw my bag into the corner of the room and layed down on my bed. I looked over at Mikey and he cocked on eyebrow.


"Nope," I said smiling. He stood up and walked to the door.

"Just make sure dad never sees you making out with Frank or something. I think he'd flip shit."

"Will do Mikes, seeya at dinner."

"Sure bro."

Frank's POV

"Frank, sweetheart, come here," my mom whispered as she pulled me closer. "If your father comes back, run. Forget everything that's here and run. To someone's house, if you have any money take a cab and go to grandma's. Just leave."

"B-b-but mom, I ca-"

"Frank," she cut me off. "if he comes back, run. Do you hear me?" I nodded my head, tears threatening to spill over.

"Okay, Frankie, remember I love you," she said pulling me into a hug.

"I love you too mommy," I whispered.

The kitchen door slammed open and my mom jerked her head up and had a look of terror in here eyes. She pushed me away "Go, run now, leave before he gets back here."

"Mom, I can't!"


I ran out of the room but I didn't know where to go. I looked over at the closet and I could here my dad coming. I dove in and shut the door.

"Get out!" I could here my mom screaming at him and I could hear the thuds of his fist anywhere he could land them on her body. I started shaking and then a huge thump, and I knew she was out. I crawled out of the closet and looked in the room. She was laying on the floor blood was everywhere, I couldn't tell if she was still breathing or not.

I ran over and started shaking her "Mom. Mom, please. Mommy please."

"Frank, leave your mother alone boy, go get me a beer." He said from behind me.

I started trembling. I couldn't turn around, but I couldn't keep staring at my mom's body.

"Did you hear me boy?"

I stood up and turned around "I heard you, I heard you damn well." I said. Shaking in my shoes, my fists balled up at my sides.

"Ohh, is my boy gonna try and take on his old man?" He said stepping foward and hitting my across the face. I fell backwards, and I struggled to get back up and he pushed me down and held me there. I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"What are you gonna do boy?" He asked kicking my ribs, I fell over and he stomped on my stomach.

He kicked and punched for what seemed like an hour. He finally got tired and left. I could barely breathe and I looked over at my mom. She was crying.

"Frankie," she whispered, barely audible, "Go get help."

I nodded gathering everything I had in me to get up. I had to, I couldn't just let my mom stay hurt.

I went out the back door hold my side, the only place I could think of to go was Gee's. So I set off, limping down the road.


Gerard's POV

My phone was buzzing under my pillow, waking me up. I looked over at the clock, 2:03.
Who the fuck is calling me? I answered not being able to see who it was.


"Gee?" Frankie whispered on the other side of the line.

"Frankie? What's wrong? Why are you calling so late?"

"Gee, I'm outside. Please come out, I need help." I could tell he was crying.

"Okay, I'm coming, give me two seconds."
I didn't bother to put shoes on, I threw the covers off my bed and ran down the hall and out the door.

Frankie was standing there, bleeding, bruised and holding his side.

"Gee..." I grabbed him and hugged him.

"What happened?"

"We have to help my mom."

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