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The Confession

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Phones and Rolling Stone.

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After I hung up from Dad, I deleted all the messages from Ian. I’d heard it all before. A knock came from the door and Frank was leaning against it, hands in pockets.

“Bus is rolling out in ten. Thought I’d come get you.”

“Thanks. I won’t be a minute.” As I deleted the last text, the phone began to ring and a familiar number flashed on screen. I rejected the call and threw the phone down and went to get out the van.

“Hey, you could have taken it. We have a few minutes.” Frank glanced at his watch in the dimming light.

“I never want to speak to him again.” I spat with venom.

“Ex?” I nodded as I gathered my stuff.

The phones screen lit up, but before I could reject it Frank had grabbed it and answered.

“Hello?... I’m afraid were a bit busy at the minute. Can she call you back?” Frank ended the call and turned my battered old Nokia off. “He hung up. Can you believe it?”

“That was your friend from last night. My psycho ex.” Frank snarled at the thought of talking to him. We haven’t spoken about last night which I was grateful for. When we woke up he was really sweet and concerned, but didn’t ask any questions. I’m not sure what he was more bother by actually, Ian or my hangover. My head was still buzzing slightly even now. Frank offered me a hand and helped me out of the Beast. After locking up we walked onto the bus in silence. I went to the bunk room, Frank following. As I climbed up the tattooed guitarist leant against my bunk.

“You alright?” Frank asked genuinely concerned.

“Just Ian. Last night freaked me out more than I care to admit.” I sighed. I never thought he would turn up here. I thought I was safe.

“Wanna talk about it?” Franks voice cut into my thoughts.

I scooted over in my bunk, and taking the hint, Frank climbed up. As he shut the curtain I laid down.

“So who is this Ian jerk then? Apart from an impotent prick.” That famous smirk made me chuckle and I shuffled closer to rest my head on his shoulder

“We met at a pub I used to work in. He was a pot washer; I helped out in the kitchen. After allot of flirting we went out for a while. But he would get really jealous of my friends. He hated any guy I spoke to and saw my female friends as potential threats even though I’m straight. He started to get possessive and had to know where I was all the time. Then after a while the little arguments turned into full on row’s. I give as good as I get. So if he did get rough I made sure he got what for. But things got out of hand and I couldn’t retaliate anymore. After a while Bri figured it out. She forced me to get out while I had the chance, so I packed everything I needed and walked out whilst he was at work. I rented a flat and changed phone numbers. He’s been around to Mum and Dad’s ranting about where I am. He got hold of my number again from an old ‘friend’ and keeps in touch regularly. It’s a cycle now. He alternates between threats and declarations of love. He found out I was over hear and tracked me down to the bus. If you hadn’t have stopped him, I don’t know what he would have done. I don’t think I could go through all that again.”

Without realising it, I had begun to bawl. I hate that Ian still has this hold over me. Frank pulled me into a hug and we just lay like that for a while until I calmed down.

“You don’t have to worry about that asshole while I’m around. None of us will let anything happen to you.” Frank mumbled against ear. As I lay within Frank’s warm hold I dozed off to sleep, still unable to get rid of the anxiety lingering at the back of my thoughts.


I can’t believe Bob knew! Waking up in his bunk, knowing I didn’t have to lie anymore (well at least to him) was indescribable. I have no idea where we are, but the guys headed off early for the usual round of interviews, podcasts and sound checks leaving me alone with Os.

She was sat staring at an open magazine, laid on her back on one of the leather sofas. Grabbing a mug of coffee, I sat down on the opposite sofa with the latest Rolling Stone. After a few minutes of deathly silence I got bored.

“So, what happened with you and Frank the other night? You didn’t sleep in our room.” I questioned, resting my now empty cup on the floor. Os was still flat out on her back in a pink t-shirt and beige boarder shorts burning holes into the pages of her magazine through the glasses perched on her nose.

“Neither did you.” She muttered, still focusing on the same spot of her magazine.

“How’d you know?” I was so careful to make sure I wasn’t seen! Glancing up at me briefly, I got the first, if not faint, smile in days.

“You’re very vocal.” I cringed and put my head in my hands. I wonder who else herd us. Sighing I swung my legs up and laid flat on my back, mirroring Os. Returning to my magazine, I idly scanned the pages.

“A good night I assume?” Os said after a while. It sounded forced, but I guess its good she’s talking.

“Very. Bob took me to this amazing little restaurant that overlooked the city. And he ordered for me, my favourite and my favourite white wine. I have no idea how he knew. Then we went back to his room and well, you heard the rest.” I couldn’t help but smile as I remember the night. I’ve never had anyone I’ve gone out with treat me so well. He even pulled my chair out for me. “I know Bob knows, by the way.” I rolled to my side, hand dangling to the floor.

“I didn’t tell him anything.” The gloomy blond sounded defensive, looking up from the same pages she’s been staring at for the past twenty minutes.

“I know you wouldn’t tell anyone. He knows everything and is fine with it.” As Os carried on studying her page, I noticed how tired she looked despite spending about two days in bed. Her glasses did nothing to hide the bags under her eyes. Os’ usually pale skin looked like white and the shake from her bandaged hand was un-missable. As I was about to give up on a real conversation, I spotted something on Os’ neck.

“What’s that?” I sat up and leaned forward, staring at the yellowy brown marks littering her skin.

“Rolling Stone” Came the uninterested reply.

“No, your neck.” Hand shooting up to cover her neck, Os’ eyes went wide. So that’s why she had the collar up on her polo shirt!

“Shit.” Pulling her glasses up to rest on her head, Os pressed her palms into her forehead and screwed her eyes shut groaning. “Fuuuuuck.”

Clearing my throat I raised an eyebrow, awaiting what better be a dam good explanation.

“It’s got nothing to do with Frank before you go off on one.” Os let out a long sigh before continuing. “Well it sorta’ does. The other night. When me and Frank went out for pizza, it turned out to be a club that did pizza. So we had a few. Well allot. And we decided to take things back to the hotel room, but Frank needed to get some…thing, from the bus. I waited outside the bus for him and, Ian showed up.”

“What!? Did you not think it might be a good idea to tell me that bastard had found you?!” Os flinched as I yelled, still keeping her eyes screwed shut. “What did he do to give you that?”

“I was too drunk to think quickly enough. He had me by the throat against the bus, talking shit. Frank showed up and dealt with him. Then he ran off.” Os turned over and finally looked me in the eye for the first time in days. “I’m sorry; I just didn’t want to worry you. With Bob and everything I’ve not seen you this happy in a while.”

“Stop being a twat. Just, don’t keep important stuff like that from me in future.” I stood up and grabbed my dirty mug on my way to the sink. Turning on the tap I swilled out the dregs of coffee.

“Hopefully Ian won’t do anything I need to keep from you again. Frank pretty much castrated him.” Os chuckled briefly. Sitting up she ran hand through her un-styled hair and stretched.

“Seriously though, you sure you’re alright?” Putting the wet cup back in the cupboard, I leant against the countertop watching Os.

“Dandy.” Os leant forward, looking at the page of that dam magazine from where it had been thrown on the floor.

“And now the truth please.” I crossed my arms in annoyance, all too used to the mask Os wore. Never can except being seen as weak, hence why it to so long for her to admit to Ian’s antic’s in the first place.

“Freaked out. I rang Dad. I daren’t tell him. Apparently the press haven’t found us yet, even if Ian has though, so could be worse. Take a look at this” Os got up off the sofa and placed the page she’s been studying on the table before me, pointing to a familiar green pile of rust. “That’s how Ian found me.”

It was my turn to stare at the page in stunned silence.
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