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The Hospital

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Security and waiting rooms.

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After the little confessional, Os seemed more relaxed and talkative. It wasn’t until we were out in the crowds that she truly relaxed, taking comfort in Ian not trying anything with so many people around, if he’s dumb enough to come back that is. We managed to get right at the front for MCR’s set; it’s just not the same when you’re not surrounded by hundreds of sweaty drunks and stoners. They guys gave us both a nod as they spotted us crammed into the heaving mass of fans. After a few songs from Bullets and an incredible Welcome to the Black Parade, the guys began to play a cover of Song 2. Everyone went nuts, Os was practically on the barrier and I was just trying to stay upright as the crowd surged forward.

As Frank dropped to his knees and Gerard began jumping, an elbow smacked me right in the back, knocking me into the barrier. Taking me by surprise I was winded and couldn’t catch a breath. My throat was burning and I couldn’t get enough air. Searching my pockets I realised I left the inhaler on the bus. Shit. Starting to panic, it felt like someone was standing on my chest.

Clawing for Os’ sleeve to get her attention the crowed continued to drive forward, pinning me to the metal grates. Os turned round smiling until she saw my panic. She tried to say something but the noise was deafening. My vision was starting to fade out whilst Os began to climb the barriers, trying to drag me over in the process.

As security hauled a struggling Os away I was pushed the remaining distance over the barrier, landing hard enough to turn the world black and silent.


MCR were banging out songs and the crowd was the maddest I’ve been in. As Song 2 began things got even crazier. Bri kept catching my arm and when I turned around, she was gasping for air.

“Shit. Where’s your inhaler?” I tried to shout above the noise. She was in full panic mode, I grabber her shoulders to try and get her to focus.

“INHLER?” I yelled louder. Dam it I told her to take this seriously, but nooo super Bri doesn’t need an inhaler. It’s all a conspiracy.

Shit. Shit. Shit. I’ve got to get her out of here. Eyes daring around all I could see was the barrier. Oh crap, this is going to hurt.

I straddled the barrier and began to pull Bri over. As I struggled and Bri tried to help herself get up, some one grabbed me from behind. Panicking it was Ian I began to scream and lash out.

“Get the fuck off me! She needs a medic!” I yelled. As I struggled to break free a fist flew past my face and whoever had hold of me fell, taking me with them. Landing in a painful heap I wriggle my trapped hand free. As I got to my feet, Frank was carrying an unconscious Bri to the side of the stage.


I sat on the hard plastic chair, staring up at the fluorescing lights. Shutting my eyes, the strip light burned into my eyelids. The faint sounds of staff talking and humming from the drinks vending machine were the only sounds to be heard. Glancing at the clock, I’d been sat here for an hour with no news. And then there’s the half an hour spent in x-ray. Cradling my newly bandaged wrist in my stitched up hand, I shifted uncomfortably in the blue school chairs.

“Excuse me, Miss Jones?” Sitting upright, a young nurse no older than me stood to my side holding a clipboard. Looking tired and irritated, the nurse tapped her pen against the clipboard. Great, more forms. “Miss Hook is asking for you.” She forced a tight smile and motioned toward the long corridor in the far corner of the waiting room. Standing up, I followed her brisk pace to stop outside the fifth door down the corridor.

“Her breathing is stabilized, but she has a mild concussion from the knock she received to the head. You have ten minutes.”

Spinning on her heel she marched back to the waiting room with a sigh. I wonder how long into her shift she is. Opening the door quietly, I entered the dimly lit room.

Bri was laying on her back under a sheet, spent nebulizer resting on the edge of the bed. A monitor beeped in the background as my shoes squeaked over the linoleum.

“Alright Yardley?” I cajoled, taking a seat on the chair next to the monitor. Opening her eyes, Bri huffed. A bruise above her eyebrow the only physical sign of our trip over the barrier.

“Fuck you.” Brier muttered, smiling lucidly. Shutting her eyes again, her head lolled to face me, resting on the crisp white hospital pillow.

“I swear, you scare me like that again, I’m dumping you for Gordon Ramsey.” It was an empty threat. Despite how much Bri pisses me off, she’s irreplaceable. Unless they fine tune cloning. Glancing around, I tried to figure out what all the bits on the monitor meant, but it made no sense. Briers eyes remained shut and her still wheezy breathing evened out indication I had bored her to sleep. Charming.

As the door opened and bright lights from the corridor spilled in, I was surprised to not see the disgruntled nurse. Bob shuffled in and quietly shut the door.

“How is she? That bitch of a nurse wouldn’t tell me anything.” Bob leant down by the bed and picked up Bri’s lifeless hand, holding it in his.

“All she told me was a mild concussion and her breathing is relatively normal again. Do you want a minute alone before the nurse returns?” The atmosphere in the room had shifted as Bob sat adoringly over Bri and I felt like I was witnessing something private despite Bri being out of it.

“The nurse is letting me stay the night; a few autographs go a long way. Don’t leave on my account, but Frank is waiting to know how you are.”

Taking the subtle hint, I nodded and quietly exited the room. As the corridor opened out into the waiting area, four pair of eyes landed on me. Trainers squeaked as Frank shot up to envelope me in a hug. Reveling in the comfort of Franks arm, I felt some of the tension ease from me. Frank led me back to the uncomfortable blue chairs where the others sat waiting in anticipation.

“Bri is ok. Just a concussion. She’s asleep at the mo.”

Ray and Gerard relaxed back in their chair a bit, but Mikey and Frank’s attention remained on me.

“What about you?” Mikey asked. Frank hasn’t said a word to me yet.

Holding up my bandaged wrist I frowned. “Sprain from that prick of a security guard. Fat bastard dam near snapped my hand off.”

Mikey and Ray let out a chuckle as Gerard spoke up. “So, what exactly happened? One minute you were moshing, the next Brier was unconscious and you were bitch slapping a 300 pound roadie.”

Keeping an eye on the still silent Frank who was now more interested in the TV in the corner than me, I sighed. “I have no idea. Bri kept nudging me and when I turned around she was having an asthma attack. Dumb bint forgot her inhaler again.”

“We would have been here sooner but the press was having a field day with Iero the hero over there.” Ray joked, nudging Frank who was sat between me and him. Frank hmmed and carried on watching TV, a faint blush creeping up his neck in recognition of the attention. Not liking Frank’s attitude, I stood up and made my way over the nurse’s station. “Just go see if I can find out any more bout’ Bri.”

The same exhausted nurse who took me to Bri’s room sat behind the desk, cup of coffee steaming by the computer mouse.

“Excuse me, could you tell me how long Brier Hook is expected to be in here?”

“As long as she’s fully responsive, the concussion will not be an issue any more. Tomorrow morning at the earliest. I suggest you and the rest of the band retire for the night. Mr Bryar will be staying the night which is already against hospital policy, all six of you is pushing it. And there is a crowd of press outside and they are blocking emergency entrances.”

“Sorry, thanks.” I smiled apologetically but the nurse was already marching off again with her clipboard.

Heading back to the guys, all four were now watching the TV. Glancing up at the screen and taking note of what was actually on, I froze. Ok, were fucked.

“I can explain…”

All four sets eyes were again on me as I stood uncomfortable in the middle of the waiting room. Frank sat motionless, just staring blankly up at me. Mikey and Ray kept glancing from the screen to me, almost smiling which confused me. Gerard’s brow was creased in thought, but he seemed calm. I don’t know who’s reaction I feared most, Gerard or Frank.

“Can, we go somewhere more, private?” I asked feeling conscious of the four other people scattered throughout the room and possibility of there being journo’s about.

Standing up sharply, Frank brushed past me without a word, head downcast.

“I’d better go after him.” Mikey stood up and patted my shoulder as he passed, following Franks path toward the hospital entrance.

Ray was the next to stand, to my surprise giving me a hug. “Whatever your reasons, I‘m sure they are justified. Frank will come round I’m sure.” With a reassuring smile he followed his band mates.

And then there was one. Gerard watched me intently, which was starting to freak me out.

“Fancy a coffee? I wanna hear this.”
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