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The Coffee Shop

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Back doors and tinted glass.

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Gerard led me out to the hospitals glass fronted foyer, a sea of photographers clearly visible lining the curb outside. Flashes went off, not that the tinted glass would give them a decent shot. Security guards protected the doors preventing anyone with a camera getting in.

“Um, I think they may be for me…” I muttered, causing Gerard to raise an eyebrow. “Wanna make a run for it?” Gerard harrumphed and shoved his hands in his pockets.

“No. I’ll ask at the desk if we can slip out a staff entrance or something.” Gerard walked over to the reception desk, talking quietly to the young woman behind it. She scribbled something on a piece of paper and Gerard smiled politely, signing an autograph before returning to my side.

“There’s a staff entrance in the east wing, and a Starbucks two blocks down.” Striding off down the corridor I took a last look at the bank of photographers and followed. We wound through the wide magnolia corridors, passing the occasional sickie who recognized us but had the decency not to stop us. Gerard’s pace never slowed and he never checked to make sure I hadn’t run off, showing I still had a small amount of his newly acquired trust left. Approaching a glass door, Gerard punched a code into the security lock and led us out into the crisp night air. I let out a sigh of relief as there was no-one waiting to blind us with camera flashes.

Gerard’s relentless pace continued through the quiet streets until we reached Starbucks. A large neon sigh advertised its 24hour status, the customers being mostly hospital staff showing why. Deep green walls and mahogany tables made it feel warm and welcoming.

“There’s a seat in the corner, what do you want?” Gerard pointed to small rectangular table in front of a brown leather couch near the staff area.

“Black coffee please.” Responding with a nod he went to get our order whilst I retreated to the sofa. After a few minutes of staring into space, the sound of ceramic on wood caught my attention. Gerard had placed my coffee on the table, sitting down with his in hand next to me.

Grabbing my cup I took a sip of the warm and bitter liquid, relaxing as the heat seeped in to me. Why are hospitals so cold anyway? All the patients are half naked for crying out loud.

“I thought we were here for an explanation?” Gerard set his half empty cup down on the table, scrutinizing my every slight movement.

“Yeah. Sorry, just been a long day.” Gerard’s expression remained stoic so I cut to the chase. “Ok, so, Bri and I, we’re both professional chefs, not at catering college. We own the sushi restaurant in London that Mikey loves.”

Gerard’s eyebrows rose at that, making him look almost confused. “You do the best sushi in Europe. So why are you here?” Gerard grabbed his mug and took a long gulp, watching me over the rim, never breaking eye contact, before returning it to the fake mahogany surface.

“Um, well, I kinda had an abusive boyfriend I had to get away from. I thought if no-one knew who I was it would keep me safe. Until he showed up here…”

“So that’s how you got those bruises?” My hand instinctively went up to cover my neck, causing a jolt of pain in my wrist that reminded me of Bri still at the hospital. “I saw how cagey you were and spotted them the other morning. I was wondering how you got them; I know Frank would never lay a hand on woman. Are you alright?” Gerard sounded genuinely concerned, rather than making small talk.

“Yeah, thanks to Frank. If he hadn’t had shown up then… Well, I don’t wanna think about it.” I trailed off, embarrassed at the emotion wavering in my voice. The sofa shifted and I nearly recoiled at the shock of Gerard putting a comforting arm around me.

“Despite what you might think, I’m glad Frank was there. No-one deserves that. Not even chef’s.” He smiled for what I think must be the first time at me. I let out a quite chuckle and eased out of the unfamiliar grip of Gerard. After a brief pause, I thought it was now or never to find out what was going on with him.

“Since I’m being honest, can you tell me something?”

“Depends.” He eyed me suspiciously, scooting back to his side of the sofa.

“The first week or so, why did you act like I was the devil yet accept Bri?” A faint blush creped up Gerard’s neck and he cleared his throat.

“Ok, I guess I can tell you, but this is private and not to be repeated. Only the guys and my parents know.” I nodded, prompting him to continue. “Ok, well I was jealous of you and Bob. I’m bi, and Bob’s always been my little crush. Though that’s not why he’s in the band. The way you acted, I thought you were out to fuck Bob and dump him. But then I saw how happy you made Frank, and how close Bob and Brier are. I’m sorry for making your stay on the bus uncomfortable. I misjudged you, and if I’d have known the truth outright, I wouldn’t have been a jerk.”

“I don’t want pity. It was my own fault, I let him do it.” I mumbled, uncomfortable that he’d have treated me differently just because of that.

“Never think that, it’s never your fault if someone is abusive. Don’t get caught up in the emotional blackmail.” Gerard spoke with authority, almost demandingly. A side I hadn’t seen to him before, but it suited him.

Avoiding the subject by grabbing my cup, we both finished our coffees in silence. After a minute or so Gerard, spoke up again. “I understand your reasons for coming here, and the secrecy. But why is Brier here?”

“It’s not my place to say. Just, don’t judge her too harshly? She’s been through allot and the press haven’t exactly helped the situation.” Nodding in acceptance, yet somewhat unsure, the conversation turned to small talk before we returned to the bus to grovel.


Walking onto the bus, Mikey and Ray were sat playing football on the Xbox, and Frank was no-where in site. Both had changed out of their stage cloths and I suddenly felt very conscious of how bad I must stink. Pausing the game, Mikey put down his controller and stood up to greet Os with a hug and smile.

Os immediately asked where Frank had gotten too. Knowing Frank he was probably skulking about the arena chain smoking.

Flicking on the coffee machine, Ray pointed to the bunk room. “Locked in the back room. He said he doesn’t want to be disturbed.” Walking toward the bunks, Mikey grabbed her arm and pulled Os back.

“Just give him a while to calm down. Talk to him in the morning.” Mikey pleaded, glancing at me to back him up.

“Get some rest. Frank can wait till tomorrow once the Bryar’s are back.” Ray stifled a laugh at ‘the Bryar’s’ as he poured some coffee into three cups as the machine clicked off.

“But…” Os shifted from foot to foot, unable to control her frustration at leaving Frank alone.

“No buts. Go get some rest.” Giving her an ‘encouraging’ shove, Os stormed back past me to the door and muttered something about sleeping in the Beast along with a string of profanities.

Slumping down on the couch I groaned as my whole body ached. It has been a long day. Mikey slumped next to me holding two coffees. Grabbing one, I took a long and satisfying gulp. It’s no Starbucks but coffee is coffee.

“Cheers. So how is Frank?” Ray sat down opposite and yawned before replying as Mikey downed his coffee.

“Pissed. You know what his temper’s like. Stormed back here and hasn’t spoken a word since.” Great. This is worse than skulking and chain smoking. Leaning back into the supple leather, I let out a sigh.

“Um, we’ve been on the internet while you were out. And, well, is it true?” Mikey asked quietly. Ray leant forward, eager to know whether it is true, whatever it may be.

“Is what true?” I asked, sitting up and noticing the worry now etched on Mikey’s face.

“Brier was a dealer and got found out.” Ray spoke. Wow. No way. No.

“I have no idea what Briers reasons for being here are and you should have learnt after what they write about us not to listen to the shit they put on the internet. Brier will tell us when she is good and ready. And I don’t know what you heard about Os, but she came hear to escape an abusive relationship.”

“Shit.” Ray muttered. Mikey sat quietly processing everything, empty cup cradled in his hands.

“Exactly. She lied for her own safety, not to screw us over. And we need to be on lookout; her ex showed up at the hotel and tried to attack her.”

“Oh my god. No wonder Os has been so quite since then.” Mikey scratched his head, and then stared at me. “How come you know all this? You two hate each other.”

“We had a talk. Cleared the air. She knows I’m bi and won’t tell anyone. I trust her.” Both nodded in acceptance, though still quite shocked at Os’ past.

“So, are you over Bob?” Mikey suddenly blurted.

“I was never under him.” I sighed. I’m happy Bob’s happy, it’s not like I was gunna act on my little crush anyway. God I really need to meet someone.

Mikey and Ray bust out laughing and I felt my face flame once I realized what I said. “Fuck you, you know what I meant.”

“No thanks Gee, that’s kinda incestuous!” Mikey sprinted off to the bunks before I could grab him and beat his scrawny ass.

“Sorry Gee, you not my type.” Ray patted me on the back and followed Mikey, leaving me embarrassed and alone in the lounge with three empty cups littering the floor. Shutting off all the lights I put the dirty cups in the sink and headed to my bunk. Frank better be out of the back room by morning, I really need a shower.
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