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The Petulant Child

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Toast and bears.

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“Here are your two new inhalers. Use this one daily, this one if you have an attack.” The nurses handed me a blue and brown inhaler which I shoved into my bag. “All the forms are signed so you’re free to go.”

“Cheers.” Bob grabbed my hand and led me through the hospital to a back door, where a crew car was waiting for us.

“Sorry ‘bout this, It appears your secret is out. Paparazzi have been camped outside waiting for you.” Bob smiled apologetically, holding the car door open for me as I climbed in. Oh shit. Seeing my worried expression he patted my knee as we buckled up.

“Don’t worry, the guys will understand.” Bob smiled and leant back in his seat, the bags under his eyes betraying his cheerful demeanor. He must have been up all night just sat with me, though when I came to my senses at dawn he was slumped asleep in the chair with his head at an uncomfortable angle by my pillows. He hadn’t even changed out of the cloths from last night’s show, which was kinda gross but they smelt of Bob, which is an intoxicating smell.

We drove in silence, Bob slowly nodding off against the glass as the urban sprawl turned into suburbs then fields. I was kinda bummed Os wasn’t here this morning. I’m sure she was there last night. And I remember her attempting to haul me out. Guess she’s busy telling the band my sordid past. Pulling into the arena, I woke up Bob who had started to snore and headed for the bus.

Walking on board, Ray, Mikey and Gerard were sat around the table eating toast and drinking coffee. Upon spotting us, Mikey leapt up and gave me a bone crunching hug, until Bob cleared his throat and he let go blushing. “Sorry. Just glad your back. You alright?”

“Thanks Mikey, and yes I’m fine now.” I sat down at the table next to a still embarrassed bass player.

“Everyone is glad your ok. It’s never nice to see someone injured in the crush; it’s ten times worse when it’s a friend.” Gerard said as Ray grabbed a pot of steaming coffee and poured two mugs.

“Non for me thanks, I’m going to catch up on some sleep.” Bob gave me a quick kiss as he walked into the bunk room. He deserves a week in bed for staying up all night.

“So, where are Frank and Os?” I asked. The nervous glances the three men shared didn’t escape me. Picking up a freshly poured coffee, I took a long drink, enjoying the taste. I think the hospital must water down their coffee granules. It looked like bloody chicken stock.

“Franks locked himself in the back room and Os is sleeping in the Beast.” Ray finally answered as the others studied their remaining rounds of toast.

“Guess you all know then?” I muttered looking around the table.

“Only about Ian. Frank hasn’t spoken to anyone since the hospital so he still thinks Os is…. Well who knows?” Gerard replied. He offered me piece of toast which I declined. Taking another sip of my coffee, I decided to bite the bullet and get it over with.

“Right then. Guess its time I came clean.” I sighed “My brother Zeb, he got it with some dodgy guys and worked his way through from weed to class A drugs, getting himself into dept which my rents were unwittingly picking up. After a while he got into major dept and his dealer reminded him what happens to people who don’t cough up. Being an idiot I believed him when he promised to get clean and paid off his depts. A few weeks later he’d racked up another few grand’s worth of dept and again I bailed him out so Mum and Dad didn’t know. The long and short of it is he’s now locked up and the British tabloids are having a field day. And I got the money from my restaurants, TV cookery series and book deal I have with Os.”

Out of everyone, I was most concerned with Gerard’s reaction, knowing his past. He simply sat watching me, not saying a word. Mikey seemed confused as did Ray.

“What kind of name is Zeb?” Frank walked out in a black t-shirt and joggers, hair askew.

“That’s all you have to say?” I asked shocked. Frank just shrugged as Ray nodded and Mikey smiled.

Gerard got up from behind the table and bent down to hug me. Standing up, he put a hand on my shoulder. “We all have our pasts. And our bad press. You could have told us, but I guess it’s not the best ice breaker. Your safe and that’s the most important thing.”

“Thanks guys. I should probably go find Os now though. Try not to wake Bob; I don’t think he got much sleep last night. And Zeb is a perfectly legitimate name.” Getting up I left the guys to go about their day, happier that they were all so cool with everything and that Frank knows the score.

Walking down the bus’ steps, the bright morning sun made me squint. Meandering through the long grass to where the Beast was parked a few meters away, I found the door shut and the roof down. Knocking on the door, I got no answer. Trying the door it was still locked. What the fuck? Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I dialed Os’ number.

As the call connected, Gay Bar by Electric Six cut through the peaceful morning air. It wasn’t coming from inside the Beast. Walking around Beast I tried to find where Os’ mobile was. Glancing at the shadows under the bus, a shoe caught my eye. Oh great.

Kicking the shoe, a groan emitted from under the van. Another kick got me a muffled ‘fuck off’. Bending down to look, Os was curled up in the grass.

“OLSA!” I yelled. Os sat bolt upright. Well until her head hit the underside of Beast that is. Falling straight back into the crushed grass, Os rubbed the point of impact on her forehead.

“Oww. What was that for?” She muttered, crawling out of the confined space. With a helping hand, Os emerged from the shadows into the cool but sunny morning. Bits of grass and leafs stuck in her untamed hair and greenish brown scuffs covered her from head to toe. Fixing her skewed glasses, she dusted as much of the dirt off her as possible. Os shivered in the shade of the Beast. It was barley mild this morning; it must have been cold sleeping out here.

“Not being there when I left the hospital.”

“I’m glad you’re out.” After what has to be the shortest hug in the history of human kind, Os shifted uncomfortable as she leant against the van. “Sorry, no-one came to get me and I slept through.”

“Um, any reason you’re asleep under the van and not in it?” I raised an eyebrow as she started playing with the bandage on her wrist, Os’ tell of anxiety. Hang on, why are both hands bandaged? “And what’s with the bandage?”

“That lard arse of a security guy landed on me. And I forgot my key. And I couldn’t go back to the bus cos Frank is ignoring me. And Gerard knows about me. Not you though. I didn’t tell.” Os’ eyes darted erratically, unable to meet my gaze, worried I was going to flip out on her.

“It’s fine. I told the guys about Zeb and I guess Gerard must have told them about Ian cos they all seemed to know, even Frank”

“Really?” Grumpy’s head shot up. I can’t believe how fast and hard she’s fallen for Frank. It’s weird quite frankly. Though I spose me and Bob can hardly talk.

“Yes. Now are you going to come back and have breakfast with me or hide out here and freeze to death until everyone’s gone? Cos I am absolutely starved.” I started back to the bus, knowing the greedy little midget would soon follow. On cue trainers on grass moved behind me, scuffing the dirt along the way like the petulant child she really is.


I’d been stood behind the bunk room curtain covertly eavesdropping, still in my pj’s. I had to lock myself away before I said or did something I would regret last night. Suffice to say I never got to sleep. Gee came and knocked a few times, talking to me through the door about Os in hope I was awake and listening. I was, and now I just feel like a jerk. I’ve seen firsthand what he’s like, and the fear Os has of him. As Brier finished her explanation and silence filled the bus, I decided to step out from my hiding place. No-one noticed me at first, all stuck for words at the heavy subject. In a bid to break the atmosphere I said the first thing that came to mind.

“What kind of name is Zeb?” Everyone turned in surprise to me. Briers brow furrowed as she stared slack jawed at me whilst the others just smirked.

“That’s all you have to say?” She asked. I simply shrugged and remained rooted to my spot, watching everyone’s reactions.

Gerard got up from behind the table and bent down to hug Brier, who was sat at the table. Straightening he put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “We all have our pasts. And our bad press. You could have told us, but I guess it’s not the best ice breaker.”

Brier chuckled and stood up. “Thanks guys. I should probably go find Os now though. Try not to wake Bob; I don’t think he got much sleep last night. And Zeb is a perfectly legitimate name.” With a smile and more relaxed composition she left the bus, leaving me surrounded.

Ray was the first to attack. Ray was always the first to put me in my place, partly cuz he knows he’s the most intimidating. Bob could easily beat the crap out of me, but he is one of those guys who silently judges and waits for you to make the right decision rather that confront the issue head on. Mike and Gee are just no competition. A sixth grader could beat up the Way brothers. “So you finished being a jackass yet?” Ray asked raising an eyebrow.

“Or are you still hiding away like a chicken shit?” Gerard added, notably staying where he was, with Ray between us.

“I’m not a chicken shit. Unlike some brothers I know. I was angry and I can’t be around people when I’m angry. I’d just end up saying or doing somethin’ stupid.” I ran a hand through my crazy hair, deciding I really needed to have a shower.

“That’s true. Your are stupid.” Mikey mused.

“Cheers. I know I over reacted. And I should have listened to reason. I’m gunna fix this.”

“Well sound check is in an hour, there was too much reverb last night and I want to change our set list a bit. Bob’s sleeping, and as punishment for being a jerk wad, you’re the one who’s got to wake him up. I expect you both to be at the stage by 10. We’re going to grab supplies. Later” Gerard sauntered to the door, Mikey nodding to me as he followed.

“And take a shower, you really reek.” Ray added with a slap to my shoulder as he grabbed his wallet and made off with the others.

Great. Waking Bob up is like waking a hibernating bear.
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