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Chapter 17

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Kat's P.O.V

Gerard and Bob stood before us. Both injured. I wanted to help Gerard but as I walked towards him and gestured to his nose he looked away, toward his brother. “Mikey, can you help me out please?” Mikey has sat frozen as his blood stained brother stood beside him, he nodded and took the hand from Gerard's nose but more blood spurted out and they went behind the curtain, up to the bathroom. I walked over to Bob shaking my head.

What had he done that for? Was he really that angry about me and Gerard sleeping in the same bunk? “Come on,” I took his other arm and led him through to my bunk.

He sat down on the made bed and sighed. “You didn't sleep here last night did you?” I shook my head as I took the bandage roll from my case. “You slept with Gerard didn't you?” I looked at him, his mouth was quivering, with anger or with sadness I wasn't sure, but his eyes told me he was guilty. “I slept in Gerard's bunk, not with him.” I took his wrist from where it lay on the bunk and twisted it gently in my palm. He squirmed beneath my grip, “Does it still hurt?” He nodded and I began to gently wind the bandage around it, careful not to cause him any more pain. “He kissed you,” Bob stated, anger rose in his voice and I knew this was going to turn into an argument.
“I kissed him back. Which one of us are you most angry at? Me for leading him on? Or him for touching me?” I could not look at him, I couldn't bear to see the disappointment in his eyes. I continued to wrap his wrist and grabbed a safety pin from my draw to fasten it. “Him, he's an adult, he shouldn't have touched you in any way. He's married for God's sake!”
“He left Lyn-Z.” “I'm basically an adult anyway, I can get married in the UK with a parents permission, I can have sex in the UK, I can drive a car in the USA, so why cant I let a guy touch me, even if he is older than me?” Bob squirmed, his arm still in my grasp, with every word I'd been pressing down harder, pressuring it even more. “Your still my little sister. Your sixteen, a child.” I looked at him and tears burnt my eyes.
“That doesn't mean anything, remember. Just because I'm sixteen doesn't stop people taking advantage of me.” The tears were flowing now and I heard sobs escape my throat. I pushed myself up from the ground and went to find some painkillers for his arm, I grabbed some paracetamol from his bag and gave him them before he took a bottle of water from my bunk. I sat again on the floor and rested my head against his knee. “I couldn't sleep okay, I kept dreaming about it. I got out to get a drink and Gerard was up. We talked a little and went back to bed but I still couldn't sleep. I got into his bunk and we kissed.” He rubbed my hair gently with his injured wrist and comforted me as I wept. “It's okay, just stay away from him, I don't want him to hurt you.” I nodded and felt his arms around my shoulders.

We hugged for a little longer until I heard footsteps on the stairs and Gerard and Mikey came down, Gerard's shirt covered in blood. “I'll see you in a minute,” I got up and left the guys by the bunks.

“Are they okay?” Ray and Frank sat at the small table, their faces distraught with worry. “They'll both be fine.” I walked over to the door and grabbed my trainers from the ground by the sofa. I opened the door and stumbled down the steps. This morning's fog still hung heavy and the cold summer wind bit at my face. I felt the common sick feeling within my stomach and ran for the back of the bus. Just in time. Vomit splattered everywhere, covering myself and the ground around me. I fell to the floor and sobbed.
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