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Chapter 18

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Kat's P.O.V

I pulled myself up, holding the bus to steady myself. Sick covered my clothes. I pulled the handle down on the door and peaked inside. Guitar filled the bus and I heard the drums being played. The guys were in the back of the bus, practising. Thank God nobody would see me like this. I pulled the curtain back and grabbed some clothes from my draw. I yanked the toothpaste from my beauty case and pulled the toothbrush from the case pocket. I pulled my way up the stairs slowly, each step swaying beneath my feet. As I reached the top of the stairs I pressed down on the door handle just as someone opened it from behind.

Gerard looked disgusted by me. His face changed and sympathy filled his eyes as he threw questions at me, “What happened? Are you Okay, Where did you go? We were worried. I was Worried.”
“I'm fine,” I answered covering my mouth with my hand, the other clung tight to the clean clothes. “You don't look fine.”
“I'm fine.”
“What happened?”
“Nothing happened.” I looked away from him, his eyes trying to read mine.
“Do you need anything? Do you want me to go get Bob?”
“NO! I don't want anything I'll be fine, just let me tidy myself up.” I pushed past him into the bathroom. I locked the door and ran the shower. I pulled the clothes from my back and put them in the sink, letting cold water flow over them. I gentle got into the shower, the floor swaying beneath my feet. I held on tightly to the side of the bath and let the boiling water burn my skin. I washed the sick from my hands and my neck before reaching for a towel to dry myself with. I pulled my jeans and shirt on quickly and grabbed the clothes from the sink. I unlocked the door and stumbled down the stairs, my feet gave way beneath me and I landed with a thud at the bottom.

My hand instinctively reached out to hold my stomach, the pain searing me veins.

I looked above me to my bunk where Gerard sat, his eyes never moving from my swollen bump beneath my shirt.

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