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Chapter 20!

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Kat's P.O.V

I grabbed my new mobile off my bed and scrambled to find Ellie's number, I dialed it and waited for an answer. I threw back on my hoodie and climbed into a pair of trainers before running upstairs to the bathroom.
I locked the door and sat on the toilet seat, “Hello, Hello?” Ellie's voice echoed down the line, I swallowed heavily, “Kat? Kat is that you?” I swallowed again and nodded, realizing she couldn't see me I yelped a yes. “Are you okay? Is everything okay? How's Bob? How's the Band?”
“It's fine Ellie, Gerard knows.”
“How does, why does he..?”
“He saw. Its okay he wont say anything, I think.”
“He saw? How did he see?”
“Will you stop with the interrogation, I'm not a criminal.”
“okay but can I be bad cop? Cus' good cop's just no fun.” I laughed at her, just like the old days.
“I was thinking you could come over soon, Bob said it would be okay. Maybe in a couple of months.”
“OMG! Yes!!” She exclaimed. Ripping pains across my stomach made me fold over. “Kat are you okay?”
“Trust me, I'm not okayayayayay,” She sung down the line to me trying to make me laugh.
“Kat, are you okay in there?” Gerard knocked on the bathroom door,
“I'm, I'M FINEEEE” more pain rushed through my body and I collapsed onto the floor. Gerard started knocking the door louder and started shouting my name. “Kat are you okay? What's happening? okay, just remember, in one elephant out two elephants, in one elephants out two..”
“KAT OPEN THE DOOR!” Gerard was throwing his weight against the door, but the pain was getting worse and I couldn't move, I led on the floor my head cushioned by a towel. “I, I cant,” I called my voice broken. The mobile slipped from my hand and I could hear Ellie screaming at me, down the phone. Outside the Rain lashed down pelting the sides of the bus like stones. Gerard threw his weight once more to the door and this time I heard the lock buckle, it broke and he flew into the room. He lent down beside me and felt my stomach. “Where's the pain?” I placed my hand above his upon my bump and he shouted for Bob. Ellie screamed once more like a banshee and Gerard noticed me looking at the phone, he picked it up and answered her scream. “Hello? Who's that? You don't have to scream, I don't understand zombie, Please speak English” I heard Ellie start asking him questions and he placed his hand on different parts of my body, I heard Bob and Rays footsteps and saw their feet move through the door, Bob came down and brushed the hair back from my face, “Your going to be fine, We'll sort this out, Don't worry.” I began to cry,
“It hurts Bob, Help Me...” I begged, my last breathes coming short. I heard Ellie on the phone talking to Gerard, “I'm on my way,” was the last thing I heard her say before everything went silent. The cold enveloping me in its darkness.

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