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Chapter 21

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Kat's P.O.V

Warm hands pulled me through the darkness, their clasp on mine tightening with every minute that passed. My head lay on a warm pillow and my body was blanketed in heat. I opened my eyes and saw I was not alone on my tiny bunk. I lay next to the wall, facing Gee, his hand wrapped tightly on mine. He was watching me, or more my stomach. He didn't know I was awake and was talking in whispers. “Your mummy's amazing, Y'know? She's going to love you so much. When she needs help I'll be there, and the others will, but I'll really be there. When she gets really tired, I'll be there to help with you and to make sure she's okay. You are going to have the best family in thee world.” I smiled at him and rested my hand on top of his own. “You really are going to be surrounded by the most loving people in the world,your so lucky.” I said taking Gerard's other hand and kissing it.
“Your awake.” Gerard kissed my mouth and I pulled away. I let his fingers slip through my own.

Now I took my hands and twisted them in his hair pulling myself onto him before kissing him with everything left in my body. He kissed me back but was more reluctant, “What's wrong?”
“I don't want to hurt it, or you” He looked at me rather guiltily.
“Your not going to hurt me, will you please just kiss me already, I thought you were glad I was awake?” I kissed him again and I rubbed my hand under his T-Shirt, now he didn't kissed me so I stopped rejection crushing my heart. “How long have I been asleep?”
“A couple of days,” He answered his voice edgy.
“How many days,” I looked him straight in the eyes and he held up 7 fingers. “7 Days? A Whole Week of the break?” I rolled off him and grabbed at the blanket. Gerard was silent beside me and had turned so his back was facing me. “Gerard?” I nudged him but he ignored me, his back was like a brick wall, keeping me away from his emotions. “Oh,” I said, realization flooding me. “I, I'm sorry Gerard, that day. I'm sorry I rejected you, I was scared.” Still he did not look to me but his shoulders were not as tense as before. “Nobody's touched me like that since, well, since I ended up like this. It took me back to somewhere I didn't want to be.” Now he turned to me and took my hand again, he kissed it and kissed my lips. “Sorry, I didn't understand” he mumbled but now I was on top of him again and was ripping at his shirt, he pulled at my P.J bottoms and I realized I was in my bed clothes. “Who the hell changed me?”
“You have a visitor.” he mumbled, but after I'd asked him the question I'd looked into his eyes again and had slipped away, not wanting anything more than for him to touch me, so I'd pulled at his belt and was kissing him, my tongue in his mouth before I bit down on is lip and he yelped. Now his hands were under my shirt pulling on my nipples, I groaned and felt his length harden beneath my hand, I pulled it and he exploded over my hand.

Suddenly the curtain of my bunk was pulled back and light flooded it, shadowing me and Gee our bodies entwined. “I told you she was awake,” Ellie stood, her hand grasping the curtain just enough for her to see inside , she looked at me and raised her eyebrows, a tendency I despised as I could not do so and she giggled her high pitch giggle before dropping the curtain, shocked at what she'd seen. Whoever she was with was pulled away from the bunk and I heard her telling the others I was having a moment. And I certainly was just not how they thought. I laughed and rolled off Gee. I rubbed my hand on the blanket and gave him back his shirt. He laughed and dressed himself. Before leaving my bunk he smiled at me and tilted my chin to see my face. I smiled at him. “I think I'm falling for you Kat, what do they say? Then the lion fell in love with the lamb?” He laughed huskily and left me, my mind bursting into fireworks.
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