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Chapter 22

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Kat's P.O.V

I grabbed the brush from my draw and raked it through my knotted hair. A Grey hoodie lay on top of a pile of my clothes, I put it on quickly and slid into Bob's slippers which lay by his bunk. I pulled back the curtain and nearly lost my balance as Ellie jumped on top of me, her arms constricted any power I had left. “Hi Ell,” I choked. “I missed you, I missed you, I missed you!” she chanted as we jumped round and round in circles. I laughed, our giggles of excitement mixed, “I missed you too, now can we please stop because your going to make me sick?” We stop and she held me at arm's length, measuring me up, “How long gone are you now anyway? Four Months? Five? You've hardly grown since you left me, I was expecting you to be bursting by now.” I looked at her grimly before looking at the guys expressions around me, they sat smiling all happy to see me happy again I guessed.

“I'm five months gone El, you know that.” I smiled weakly.
“You look about three,Kat. We need to get you fed up. Come on Ray help me cook the girls breakfast. Cheese omelette's okay with you guys?”
“Yes,” Ellie yelped and tugged on my arm, “I just spoke to Frank Iero. The Frank Iero. And now he's making me breakfast. And Ray Toro's helping him. Could this get any better?” She pulled me along to the couch where she sat down beside me. “Of course, it could be better, but I just found one of my best friends in bed wanking the love of my life so I guess that's not happening any time soon.” She rambled away to herself never looking at the guys but always speaking just a bit too loudly.

“Frank, don't do that! You cant use a spoon to turn an omelet! STOP IT FRANK!” Ray winged on and on in the kitchen as we sat talking on the couch, Gee and Bob played cards at the table and every now and again Gee would look around Bob and I would look around Ellie and we'd catch each other's eye, but I'd have to turn away before I giggled. Ellie picked up on this and was now smiling knowingly beside me. Mikey was helping the others make breakfast and he switched the radio on near to full blast.
“I cant live, if living is without you, I cant live,” the radio station was of course playing old ballads and Ray and Frank had started to waltz around the small kitchen. Mikey had taken the frying pan from the stove and danced over to the toaster rather gracefully. Bob and Gee sat at the table, Bob took his Ipod Touch and used one of the applications to form a lighter to sway, while Gee used his mobile light as a lighter both swaying in time to the music. Ellie and I sat on the couch and we gradually built it up, singing along slowly. Mikey took a fork from the cutlery draw and reached down to take the toast from the toaster, “MIKEY DON'T!!!!!” we all shouted n unison and he dropped the fork, it made a clattering noise as it hit the floor. He raised his hands in defiance and made a guilty face. He turned to face us all and we all cried with laughter, his face was screwed up like a child caught in the act. Ray took the toast from the toaster and lay it on two plates. Mikey slid an omelet onto the toast. Frank grabbed a tea towel and threw it over his arm. Ray hand him the plates and Frank danced his way over to us rather waiter like. We both giggled as we were handed a plate and knives and forks. “Ouila, two cheese omelette's with a side of toast. Enjoy.” We both laughed at him and started to eat. “DO you guys want drinks?” Gerard was up from the table as him and Bob had finished their game, Bob winning 13 points up. “Juice wouldn't go a miss.” I said smiling brilliantly at him, Ellie giggled, “Yeah, wouldn't mind.” He walked over to us and handed us each a glass of orange juice, mine slightly fuller than Ellie's, “Hey, that's not fair! She got more than me!” She wined a frown on her face,
“She needs the vitamin's more than you do,” He replied sitting down behind me, I turned slightly so I was between them both, He touched my leg quickly and kissed me on the cheek, I checked to see if anyone was watching and quickly pressed my mouth to his, my hand on his cheek. “I'm falling for you too,” I whispered. He smiled and laughed but stopped as he realized Bob was watching,
“Something funny?” he asked, his face sincere.
“No just Ellie's face,” I laughed at looked at her, her jaw had dropped and she moaned on,
“What is this? Pick on the new girl day?” We laughed at her and she smirked at Gee and I. “I saw that.” she mimed.
“Thanks for breakfast Guy's” I took my plate to the counter and hugged them all, “Maybe this feeding up things not so bad after all.” Frank held on tightly to me,
“I like this living with a pregnant person, I could get used to it.” I laughed at him.
“I'm gonna go change now,” I went through to the bunks and bent down to the floor. My back was killing me, and I needed to go to the bathroom badly. I took several pieces of underwear from the draw and grabbed a pair of jeans and a vest before dragging myself up the stairs. I ran the taps into the small bath tub and grabbed some bubble bath. Why did everyone moan about this whole bus thing anyway? It seemed perfectly all right to me. The beds were okay and the bath was big enough. I stripped off and got into the tiny tub before I heard a knock on the door. “What do you want?” I asked through the door. “It's me Gerard.” I heard him purr softly.
“I'm in the tub.” I swished the water around me the bubbles leaving patterns on my skin. “You can come in if you want. The doors unlocked.” I wrapped the bubbles around myself and slipped down deeper into the tub. He turned the door knob silently and entered. He looked at me. Right at me. “You look beautiful.” He smiled a brilliant smile and I felt embarrassment flood my face.
“Are you going to get in here with me or not?” I laughed and he smiled, his face now turning crimson. He laughed and pulled his shirt over his head....
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