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Chapter 23

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Gerard's P.O.V

I unbuckled my belt and popped the button of my jeans. Kat kept her eyes trained on my face as I slid out of them and stepped inside the bath behind her. “SHIT!” I yelped, “Do you have no feeling in your body? How hot is this water?” It scolded my skin and my toes felt numb with pain. I slid down into the water and wrapped my legs around her. She lay against me, her hair tickling my chest. “Hey handsome,” She whispered, leaning back to plant a kiss on my jaw.

We lay in the water a while, silence surrounding us. “Shut your eyes Gerard.” Kat's hands felt cold beneath my fingertips as she took them. “Please?” She looked back at me, a pleading floated beneath her eyes. I obliged and sat in the cooling water, unaware of what she was doing. I felt her head leave my chest and I felt the cool air blow over it. “Kat what are..?”
“Shh..” She held my hands and moved them to her back, she placed them gently on her shoulders and I took it I was to rub it for her, I gently placed my palm down and began to rub in the area in small circles. I stopped. My fingers grazed scars, old wounds. They were the same wound's I'd felt that second day. My fingers gently traced the remainder of her back, with each scar my eyes opened slightly more. She twisted her head around so to face me, her hair slug over one shoulder, the ends curled after they draped in the water. Her eyes shone in the light from the little window beside us.
“This is me,”
“You don't have to explain,” She smiled slightly,
“I want to.” Kat looked down into the water between us and giggled softly. “My best friend, he hurt me, he said he loved me and I fell for it, so he hurt me.” I brushed the tear gently from her cheek and pulled her back to hold her.

I wrapped my hands securely over hers and placed them on her swelling stomach. “This is you.” I pressed a kiss gently against her head.

The water was cool and I reached out of the bath to get a towel, Kat took one from me and covered herself with it, I gently rubbed her dry and she stood out of the bath, she dressed quickly while I dried myself and she brushed her teeth while I dressed. “You ready to go down?” I asked, she swilled her mouth and stood before me, her swelled stomach now played a large part in her appearance. It poked gently out of the bottom of her hoodie and rested on the rise of her jeans. “I look terrible don't I?” She looked into the mirror hung on the wall and sighed. I took her hands as I stood behind her and rested my head on her shoulder.”You couldn't look more beautiful to me.” I kissed her cheek and her reflection smiled, her eyes shining in compassion. She wrapped my arms around her bump and turned so they now held her back. “I'm ready now,” she laughed and kissed me, her icy mint tongue slid gently darted into my mouth and played against mine. There was a quick rasp on the door, “Kat, I'm not joking you, if you and Gerard stay in there any longer, Bob'll know there's something up.” Ellie's voice whispered through the closed door, “Don't make me come in there.” She threatened and Kat escaped my grasp to slide over to the door and open it. She stood in the doorway hand on her hip. Bob stood frozen behind her on the staircase....

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