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Let's Get Out Of Here

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amanda finds a dress, then time for a night on the town

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Jake showed up in my doorway while I was laying in bed, studying Gerard's sketch of me. Well, Amanda.


I looked over to him, arm resting on the doorframe. "Yeah?" I asked.

"What was Steve doing here?"

"Who?" I asked him, covering the paper.

"Um, Steve."

Obviously Steve was the boy that I had been talking to ten minutes before. "I'm not sure."

"You better not be seeing him again," he said in a stern tone.

I shook my head, "I'm not."

"You better not. I will tell dad and let him deal with things this time. "

I started, "Uh---"

Jake cut me off, "You call me at four am because of that dick--- I should have just told mom and dad. We should have told them." He paused, rubbing his forehead. "He better stay the fuck away, is all I'm going to say... That kid is dangerous."

He stood there for another minute, until there was nothing left to say, then walked away. I sighed, wondering what had gone on before between Amanda and this Steve guy. I really wanted to know. As my mind was forming scenarios, I searched around Amanda's room, looking for clues as to what she was like before I came along. I found a small pink journal filled with loopy cursive and flipped through it, trying to decide whether or not I should invade her privacy.

To justify it, I decided that it had to be done so I seemed like a more believable Amanda. I began a few pages in; it was about how she skipped finals to go have sex with Pete. Nice.

After reading halfway through, I decided I'd had enough for now, and began rifling through her closet. I came across the most amazing short dark purple dress ever. Deciding to play dress up, I pulled it off the hanger, and while eagerly unzipping it, noticed the tag was still attatched; $349.99.

The dress slipped on easily, and I managed to zip it up myself. I went to the mirror, and smiled. This was it. This was the spring fling dress. It was strapless, criss-crossing on the top and poofing out a little at the bottom. I began the search for accessories.

Amanda had everything. There were shelves upon shelves of shoes, multiple drawers of jewelry. Even though I wasn't at all very girly, her closet sparked a little jealousy within me. I found some black nylons and pulled them up my legs, then turned back to the mirror. I looked to... clean. Girly. So I ripped a few holes in the tights, and smiled.

"Amanda?" a girl's voice said from outside the room. It was Tracey.

"I'm in here," I shouted, so that she'd hear me. Moments later she appeared next to me.

"Woah, ripped tights?" she sounded stunned.

I grinned, "What?"

She smiled and gave me a look. "Since when do you wear clothes like that?"

I sighed, "Oh, well. We all need change."

"True that. What are you wearing for shoes?"

Shrugging, I told her, "I don't know... I will break my ankles if I wear any of the heels in this closet. I'll wear my converse or something."

She giggled, "Yeah right, you are the queen of stilettos."

Again, I shrugged, and uttered out a semi-disgusted, "Eh."

"Well I'm sure whatever you decide, your man will find you super sexy," she raised her eyebrows, giving a playful grin.

"What's up with that?" I asked, amused.

She scoffed, disbelief in her face, "Oh come on, you know what happens on the night of a romantic dance." She raised her eyebrows higher.

I bit my cheek, realizing where this was going, "Well, Gerard and I will have been going out for, like, not even a week... isn't that a little early for sex?"

"Whatever you say, I'm just sayin'..." We looked in the mirror for a moment, until she said, "Get out of that dress, let's go do something."

"Like what?"

"Who cares, let's just get out of here."

I yawned, "Okay. Unzip me."

"Yeesh, demanding," She complained in a joking way. "So, may I have an update about where you were after you went to go look for Gerard last night?"

"I was with him," I told her, and pulled on a tee-shirt.


"Well, he was drunk-ish. We walked down to the baseball field---"

"---At night?" Her voice sounded shocked.

"Uh, yeah. So we went to the baseball field and just, like, layed in the outfield, looking at the sky and talking. I got him to sing to me, and he sang Friday I'm In Love by The Cure."

I paused, and Tracey said, "Aww."

I continued, "And then, of course, we kissed, and cuddled. And drank."

"Then?" she asked me. I was now fully dressed and leaving the closet, shutting of its light. Tracey followed at my heels.

"We both ended up falling asleep and woke up at, like, four in the morning, and walked back to my house. We both slept in my bed." Tracey's mouth opened wide, smiling. I told her, "Nothing happened." We walked out of my room.

She snickered, then yelled, "Jake, I'm stealing Amanda for a while."

"She's all yours, Tracey," he yelled from his bedroom. I pulled on a green hoodie as we made our way downstairs.

When I got in her car, someone was in the backseat. It was someone that was deffinetly farmiliar to me... I had seen him a few places before, or something.

"This is Matt," Tracey introduced us.

Hm. Why couldn't I place him? As I tried to figure it out, I got the thought that I was now going to become a third wheel.

"Look, I know you're thinking, 'great, now i'm the third wheel', but we can go pick up Gerard, if you want," Tracey said, putting her key in the ignition.

I nodded. "Sure."

We drove for a couple blocks, listening to some really strange rap music, then pulled up in front of Gerard's house. I walked to the front steps and knocked on the door. Gerard opened it.

"Oh, hi," he said, smiling.

My heart fluttered, erasing all feelings for that Steve boy and all doubts I had had about Gerard before. I said, "Me, Tracey, and Matt were going to go do something tonight. You want to come with?"

"Cool, sure, hold on." He ran over to a table and said loudly, "Mom, I'm going to hang out with Amanda and some friends... um, the mall... I don't know, eleven at the latest? Okay ten. Bye."

From a chair, he took a black zip-up sweatshirt and put his arms through the holes, zipping it up. I totally could not wait for this night on the town with Gerard, Tracey and Matt.

When we got back in Tracey's jeep, Gerard said, "Hi," in the cutest shy voice.

"Hey man, I'm Matt."

"I'm Gerard."

And that's when I realized--- it was Matt, the old drummer for My Chemical Romance. I had just introduced Gerard to Matt Pellisier.
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