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Might Be Feeling

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Cool. I got y'all another update quicker than expected.

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Ahahahahahaha! I am an evil little midget! Who had a Red Bull before she wrote this! And I have big expectations for this story now. More ideas, more drama, more EXCITEMENT! But it might not exactly work out that way in this chapter...IDK yet.

"So are you hanging with the skank after school?" Dani asked Gerard loudly.

"Huh?" Gerard looked at a point over her shoulder.

"Don't play doesn't suit you." Dani smiled knowingly.

"I think it does."

"Because everything Gerard thinks is right," Dani said, rolling her eyes.

"Exactly," he replied. "Now you see it my way!"

"But, really. Are you gonna ditch Mikey to go off with her to some bar or something?"


"Psh, I know a liar when I see one." Too true, too true.

"I'm not-oh, hey, Jenna," Gerard mumbled.

Jenna had walked right in the middle, separating the two of them. "Hey to you, too! Up for chilling after school? I mean, I know we aren't like, besties or anything, but-"

"Um..." Gerard glanced at Dani, who was scowling and about to move away. "I…sure, just gimme a sec to let Mikey know."

Dani gave him a look. The one look that everyone with a bad temper has. He winced slightly but ignored her, smirking like the asshole he was playing at the moment. "You know what? I'll go find Mikey and leave you two to your fun."

"Really? Thanks so much!" Jenna said, sounding genuine.

"Uh, you don't have to-" Gerard wasn't able to finish his sentence because Dani was already walking down the hallway, shoving people if necessary.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"He really did go with her, didn't he?" Mikey asked again.

Dani nodded, her fierce dislike shining through. "Yep!"

"He doesn't even know her!"


"How can he like someone...someone like her, and still like someone like..." Mikey stopped himself before he could say anything else. Oh, crap...

"Like who?" Dani raised an eyebrow. She'd never really talked to Gerard's brother, but it was kind of impossible not to like the kid.

"Like somebody! wouldn't know her," Mikey lied.

Dani adjusted her backpack and kept walking. "Okay then."

"Ow," Mikey mumbled when she accidentally bumped into him.

"Sorry...?" Geez, I barely touched the dude!

"No, no, I just had P.E. today. Tried to lift too heavy on the chest press. And now my arms are sore," he explained.

Dani laughed. "Trying to play tough like your big bro?"

"No..." Mikey trailed off. "But're Frankie's cousin, right? D'you live close by?" I doubt she'll even hint, but hey, it's worth a shot. Maybe I'll bribe Gee with info about her...get him away from that stupid cheerleader...

"Yeah, I am his 'cuz.' It's...uh, farther into town. Rough neighborhood. Wouldn't want you to get hurt." Smooth, she thought sarcastically.

Mikey snorted. "Yeah, right! The entire state of New Jersey is a rough neighborhood!"

"Touché," she sighed. "Still, I gotta get home."

Mikey sighed right back. "Fine. I'm gonna go home, too. Wait to see how things went with the random girly girl."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Gerard followed Jenna into the large living room of an even larger house somewhere in suburbia.

"Don't be shy," she said, looking at him over her shoulder.

"Is anybody else here?" He jammed his hands into the small pockets of his jeans, looking around the room.

"No, unless you count Will," Jenna giggled as she gestured to a small Yorkie terrier huddled under the armchair in the corner.

"Hmm..." Gee muttered.

"Why? That an issue?" Jenna tilted her head to the side, combing her fingers through her long hair.

"What? Oh, no, I was just askin,'" Gerard said, broken out of his trance.

"Um...want anything to drink? I thought maybe we'd watch some T.V."

"Sure, whatever."

"Want anything particular?" she asked.


"'Kay!" Jenna skipped out of the room, ready to get some Cokes out of the fridge.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The two mismatched acquaintances sat together on the couch and watched some bubbly teen movie that Gerard had the decency not to do anything more than roll his eyes.

Jenna scooted closer to him, he noticed in his peripheral vision. His attention strayed to the girl next to him.

"Gerard?" she sang. "I like your jacket."

He looked it over. A black leather jacket(A/N: JACKET SLUT lol) suddenly appealed to Barbie? I definitely ain't no Ken...

Jenna's face was getting way too close for comfort.

She was about to close the pesky inch or two between them when he spoke up. "Okay, look. I don't have any fucking clues as to why I'm here, or why I even bothered talking to you in the first place, but, no offence, you're not my type and I'm not yours either."

She sat there, completely and utterly shocked, her jaw wide open. "Like...seriously? Whatever!"

Little Miss Pouty is pissed because somebody who openly loves junk like Star Wars rejected her... Gerard thought, amused, as he left the house, shaking his head.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Gee walked the distance to his house alone, taking in everything around him.

He came up to the street corner where Dani had run away from him weeks ago. Curiosity made him follow the road she had turned onto, spying the house that he knew was hers. The black Camry was noticeably absent from the driveway.

He walked closer to the house and saw through one of the windows, that Dani was sitting in what looked like her living room, reading a book. He blinked twice and reached for his sketchpad. Gerard set down his bag and started to lightly brush his pencil against the plain white paper...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dani sighed heavily and put down Crooked by the McNeals. It was a good book, but it wasn't holding her attention when she had bigger things to worry about.

Like how you're so fucking jealous of her. It's not healthy. And, I mean, c'mon, this is Gerard we're talking about here.

Dani groaned and put her head in her hands. It was impossible to come to terms with anything that she was feeling.

Mightbe feeling, she mentally corrected. Might be feeling...

AH! Last sentance made me freak the flip out! And yay! Gerard stopped being such a d-bag! BTW-IeroMyHeroMCR, wherefore art thou? I think the next chapter might be one of those BIG ones. Not sure yet. But lemme know if there's anything specific that you wish for. Sorry, no Frank pie. But Way Bros pie is pretty yummy, too. Ok, I NEED your REVIEWS. REVIEWS ARE MY FOOD SOURCE! Haha, not really, but they do taste pretty good.
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