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That Face Is Tearing Holes In Me

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Will Pete forgive Aryn? Will his heart be broken forever? Will she print the story?

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So I haven't updated this story in a million years! I have good reasons, I promise! I decided to write the final chapter of the story tonight. I plan on finishing some of my other works, but probably not tonight. This one might take some time, so enjoy!

I was frantic. No wait, that word does not even begin to describe how I feel. I grabbed my things from my desk and rushed out of the office with Amy chasing after me, trying to figure out what was happening. Pete wasn't answering his phone either, making me freak out more.

So I don't know him very well and we've only been a thing for like, well almost two weeks, but I don't think I've ever felt this way about someone. I mean, I felt emotions that no man has ever made me feel last night when we made love. I could not just sit back and let Gabe tell Pete everything without him hearing my side of it. The side where I fell for him and quit my job to protect his secret.

I really wish I had drove to work instead of walking, because there wasn't a cab in sight, so I ran in heels towards his place. Ah! The bus! I hopped on the bus and took it as far as I could and still had another mile at least til I got to Pete's place. What wwould I say? Would he even be there? Was Gabe already filling him in on what he saw? And why the fuck was Gabe there? That question could wait till later though.

I turned onto Pete's street and my heel snapped, fucking perfect! I now looked like a retard hobbling down the street. I didn't even bother to pick up the broken off peice of my heel, I just kept going till I was at his door banging.

The door swung open violently and there stood Pete with the most disgusted look on his face. "What the fuck do you want?" Oh yea, he was angry.

"Pete, listen, let me explain everything. I didn't tell anyone anything, I actually got..." Pete cut me off with a slam of the door. "Pete please! Listen! I couldn't go through with any of it because I fell for you! All my feelings are real, even my name is real! Please let me in so we can talk." I waited, but only silence came from the other side of the door. I waited for another two minutes before realizing my defeat. Pete Wentz hated me as much as he hated Ashlee right now. I was just another lying whore to him.

I stumbled away with my one broken heel and sat on the corner of his street waiting for the cab I finally called. Well today was shaping up to being awesome. I lost my job, lost the guy I was falling for desperately and lost my integrity. Well, my integrity was lost long ago I guess when I took this horrific job. What is wrong with me?

Amy came over to my place after work to comfort me. I was miserable and crying my eyes out. I know I looked horrible. I did this to myself too, and there wasn't anything I could do about it.

"Give him some time, maybe he'll let you explain." Amy was really trying hard to make me feel better.

"Yea right, I wouldn't talk to me ever again." I said and sipped on my coffee. I needed something to calm my nerves, and coffee always did that for some strange reason.

"I know it seems helpless now, but don't give up. If you don't give up and his story doesn't get out, then he'll know you're serious."

"Whatever, I don't want to think about it anymore." I took a giant gulp of coffee. I didn't care that it burned my throat. I deserved that right now. I deserved much worse, but I'll take what I can get.


It's been three weeks of hell. Pete has changed his number, I never got a chance to explain to him and I am jobless like Helen had promised. Fucking bitch should rot in hell. I guess I brought it on myself. Wow, this all really is my fault. I suck!

Today I had a plan though. I have been writing an article exposing myself for what I was, but leaving out my previous employer of course. People can guess if they want. I have a meeting with US Weekly to see if they'll just print my story.

I got dressed slowly in my business attire, trying to make myself look presentable for the first time in weeks. I needed them to print this, I wanted to get it all off my chest. No names were revealed, but the digusting lengths I went to were, and I warned celebs on how to spot people doing just what I did.

I arrived at the Us Weekly offices right on time and was escorted into the editor's office almost immediately. I'd emailed a copy to the editor last night so they would have a chance to read it before our meeting.

"Is this all true?" That was the first thing the female editor asked me and I just nodded.

"I'm digusting, I know. That's why I got fired thought. I was digusted and refused to print my last assignment. And no, I will not tell you what it was."

"I don't expect you to." She said with a smile. She adjusted her reading glasses and glanced over the printed copy of what I guessed was my story. "This is absolutely amazing. We've got scandal, money, greed and love all in one. I want to this to go to print this week. But I also wanted to discuss something else with you."

"And what might that be?" I was confused. She just said she wasn't going to pry for info.

"I need a new editor for our fashion section and I think you would fit the part perfectly. I see some your resume that I aquired that you used to do fashion work with Cosmopolitan and Vogue. I may not be able to offer you quite the same salary, but it'll be standard for the job."

I was shocked. I thought I'd never work in journalism again? "I'll take it. Thank you so much. The money doesn't make much difference to me. I just want a job I can actually be happy with."

After I left the office I felt like my life was turning around. Pete may still hate me, but at least I wasn't jobless anymore. And I felt this way for the next week. My article was featured on the cover and my name was left off it, which was good and gave us better sales. Left a little mystery to the whole thing.

Today was Friday and I planned to spend it in my apartment eating ice cream and watching crappy reality TV. I didn't want to go out with Amy, like she had asked because I would just be depressed. Everytime I looked at a guy I felt guilty and depressed.

About ten there was a knock on my door and I knew it was Amy trying to convince me to go out. "I'm not here!" I yelled and continued to watch TV. She had a key, she could let herself in. Then another knock. "GO AWAY!" I yelled and took another bite of ice cream. Then she decided to pound on my fucking door nonstop. I slammed my ice cream down on the coffee table and stormed to the front door.

"Damnit Amy! I said I don't want to go out and I mean it!" I sung the door open and met those hazel eyes. The same ones that made me felt that first day. "Pete?"

"Is that how you greet everyone who comes over?" He said playfully. I honestly was shocked he was here. How did he find out where I lived?

"Wha... what are you doing here?" I said. He let out a small laugh and walked past me and into my place. I shut the door behind him and glanced at myself in the mirror. Fuck I looked hiddeous.

"I came here to see you."

"Why? I suck."

Pete laughed. "Well, you have done some shitty things, but that's all in the past." He was forgiving me. What?

"Doesn't change the fact that I did them."

"Can't you just shut up and accept the fact that I forgive you? Jesus Aryn." Pete said with a little irritation.

"Oh... well thanks. I am truely sorry by the way."

"I know, Amy told me everything." That bitch.

"Of course she'd rat me out," I said under my breath and walked to my couch and sat back down. Pete followed me and sat down. I didn't want to look at him because I thought I might start crying. I was just starting to think I could get over him and here he is, torturing me. I grabbed the ice cream and lifted the spoon to take a bite and Pete grabbed my hand, stopping me.

"What?" I said in confusion. Pete set the ice cream and the spoon down gently before tilting my chin towards him and kissing me. I was shocked, just like the first time we kissed and it took a few moments to regain my composure. God how I missed kissing him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him press me onto my back.


I woke up the the sensation of his fingers gently drawing shapes on my bare back and it made me smile. I turned my head towards him and smiled. He returned my smile. Never in a million years did I expect him to forgive me for what I had done. Apparently taking Amy with me that one night was perfect because it was her and Patrick that got through to Pete. And now here I am, in bed with Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III and I have a job that I love now. No more lying, no more pretending, just being. It felt... well, right.
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