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Word Vomit. (Couldn't Think Of A Better Title =P)

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Then, Frank just said it. Like...word vomit. "Will you go out with me?"

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Soo… this chapter might be a little boring, or make you sadddd, depends. Or make you happy, I..dunno. But I’m thinking it’ll make you mad… and Frank’s esstremely confused xD R&R? P.S. Consider this… a backward’s birthday present. Considering I’m updating on my birthday xDDD

Frank sat on his front porch swing, staring up at the night sky, doing homework. Not that he could concentrate. He licked his lips, sure that he could feel the essence of Gerard’s kiss on them. He couldn’t stop that kiss from replaying in his head, even if he wanted to. Not that he really did.
He had the sudden urge to talk to Gerard; he kind of just left unexpectedly. Plus, it’s already been two days. Gerard seemed kind of detached at school earlier, and tried to avoid Frank as much as possible. Then he remembered, dug through his school bag and found the slip of paper with Gerard’s number on it. He breathed in deep, took his cell phone out of his pocket and flipped it open. He unfolded the paper and studied the number, getting ready to punch in the numbers…
“Hey…” a perky female voice chirped. Frank looked up and hastily folded the number again and stuffed it in his pocket as Jamia sat down next to him on the porch swing. “What was that?” she asked suspiciously. “A number?”
“No…” Frank said all too quickly. Jamia folded her arms over her chest. “Gerard’s?”
Frank cleared his throat and put his phone back in his pocket. “Um… Jamia, what are you doing?”
Jamia studied him for a moment before answering, her eyes darting over him like a flashlight darting over a dark space. She looked like she suspected something. “Just wanted to come and say hi, that’s all…” she replied slowly. “Hi.”
“Hi,” Frank replied. Jamia looked around, wiping her hands on her pants. She got up off the swing, getting ready to trudge back home. “Well, this is slightly awkward,” she mumbled. “I’m gonna go then, so…”
“Jamia….” Frank interrupted. He figured he wanted her company; Jamia was a good friend. “Stay, please?”
She turned around slowly, smiling. “Fine then,” she said, walking back and sitting back down next to Frank. Frank smiled at her. “Thanks,” he told her. “I guess I needed some company.”
“Frank… is something the matter? You don’t look too good…”
“No, Jamia, I’m fine. Trust me.” Jamia didn’t seem very convinced.
“Frank… I know something’s wrong.” She said matter-of-factly. “I can see it in your eyes. What is it?”
Frank sighed and looked down at his fidgety hands. “Gerard… kinda… kissed me.”
“Oh… really?” Jamia mumbled, her voice tiny. “And… how was it?”
“Nice…” Frank admitted. “Really nice. I didn’t really realize it then, but… I liked it, a lot.”
“Yeah,” Jamia whispered lowly.
“And… and, anyways, then I come home to my judgmental Catholic parents, and I can’t even talk to them about this because…. Because… well… I’m scared to. I’m… scared of what they’ll think… scared of what they’ll do…to me, to Gerard, even…”
Jamia sighed. “Well… okay, this is gonna sound, corny, or whatever, but… what is your heart telling you to do, right now?”
Frank shook his head. “I don’t know what to listen to.” He confessed. “I mean, my… my heart says one thing, my head says another… I just… don’t know what to do.”
“Well…” Jamia replied, getting up off the swing for a second time. “You’ll figure it out. In the meantime… I’ve gotta go, so…”
Then Frank just said it. Like… word vomit.

“Jamia… will you go out with me?”

Jamia turned around for a second time, staring him down intently.
“Why should I? You just admitted to me that you think you like another guy, then just ask me out like that, out of the blue?”
“I just wanna see where it goes…” Frank whispered quietly. “And because… I like you too.”
Jamia looked puzzled. “You… you do?” Frank looked up at her and nodded. “Yeah, Jamia, I do. I like you. A… a lot, actually.”
Jamia furrowed her eyebrows. “You are one confused motherfucker…” she told him. “And I probably know who you’re going to pick. But… why not?”
Frank smiled. “Friday at eight?” Jamia smiled halfheartedly. “Yeah…” she said plainly. “Sure. Bye, Frank.”
And with that, Jamia gave him a small wave, and walked across the street, and into her house. She didn’t look back once.

Garrghhh! Gosh, I’m tired of my friends reading this chapter and being like, ‘Why is Jamia being so weird like that?’ And, ‘why did she even say yes?’ GOSH, people, I know where I’m going with this! She has a reason. Y’all just gotta be patient!
Wow… I sounded veerrryy country right then… =P
BTW meng, sorry this chapter was so short.
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