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A Little Green Looks Good On You.

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It was just a casual trip to Dairy Queen... Right?

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Kay… I dunno why I update so fast =/ it’s bothering me… lmao. I needa stop writing for a while. Meh, sike. But I think I need to stop typing this shit as it goes, and write it in my journal again =P well, I’ma shutttup now and let you read xD

Frank spotted Mikey getting books out of his locker at school the following Wednesday. He walked up to him and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. Mikey spun around and smiled at Frank warmly. “Hey, Frankie.” He greeted him, slamming his locker shut. “Hey,” Frank replied warily. “Hey, Mikey? Um… uh, has Gerard… you know… talked about me, lately?”
Mikey sighed. “Dude, I thought you made it very clear, that, you’re not into him like that.”
Well, I lied. “Oh, psh, I know that. I just… haven’t talked to him in a while, so…”
Mikey smirked, looking unconvinced. “Haha, riiiight. You’re not into my brother? And… no, surprisingly. I think his crush on you has somewhat faltered.”
Frank’s heart sank when he heard those words leave Mikey’s lips. “Wh..what do you mean?”
Mikey just shrugged. “Eh, I dunno. He’s just been real lovey-dovey with Bert lately. Ever since the night of the party.”
“He… he has?”
Mikey nodded sympathetically. Then, as if on cue, Gerard and Bert turned a corner and walked down the hallway towards the two freshmen. When they got really close, Gerard flung his arm around Bert’s waist.
“Hey, guys!” Bert greeted them, all smiley and whatnot. It made Frank sick to his stomach. “Hi Bert…” he said, cringing. “Gerard…”
“W’Sup Frank?” Gerard asked, giving him a small wave.

“Nothin’ much, Gerard.” Frank replied timidly.

Then an awkward silence overcame the four of them.

A reeallllyy awkward silence.

Bert cleared his throat loudly. “So… Gerard and I, we were wondering if you guys would wanna get some ice cream after school today?”
“Ice cream?” Mikey asked. “What are we, five?” Bert stuck his tongue out at Mikey and punched his arm lightly. Mikey continued. “And no, I can’t.” He suddenly raised his eyebrows, smiling. “But Frank can still go.”
“What?!” Frank exclaimed. Bert’s smile widened. So did Gerard’s, a little bit. “Great!” Bert said happily. “We’ll come and get you from your last class, then we’ll walk together, okay?” Frank smiled and nodded, as the two juniors walked back down the hall. As soon as the two were out of sight, Frank pinned Mikey against the lockers. “What the fuck Mikey?!” He practically screeched. He quickly looked around the hallway, hoping no one had heard. When no one showed signs of hearing, he continued. “I don’t want to go with them. It’ll be awkward. Please come too?”
Mikey smirked and pressed his glasses against his nose, pushing his way out of Frank’s grasp. “Nooo-o-o-o, Frank. You’ve gotta go on your own.” Mikey leaned in and whispered now. “It’s the perfect opportunity to make amends with my brother, whom you’re not pressed over.”
Frank raised his eyebrow. “Mikey…”
Mikey plastered his hands on Frank’s cheeks, and moved his head up and down. “You will goooo.”
Frank yanked his head out of Mikey’s hands. “Okay, okay, Ooohh…kayyy, Mikey, I’ll go. I don’t want to, but…”
“You know you do…” Mikey said cheekily. Frank rolled his eyes. “Go to class, Mikes. I’ll see you tomorrow.” With that, Frank and Mikey parted ways. And all Frank could think about during class was the ice cream with Bert and Gerard after school.

“So…. Here we are!” Bert said as the three came up in front of a Dairy Queen. “Haha, original…” Gerard said jokingly.
Bert rolled his eyes and opened the front door.

After the three boys had gotten their ice cream, they found a table and sat down.
Gerard and Bert didn’t really pay much attention to their ice cream. And they didn’t seem to give a shit who was watching. Gerard wouldn’t stop nibbling Bert’s ear and giving him little butterfly kisses on his neck. The anger and anxiety were bubbling up inside Frank like a volcano about to erupt.

“So…” Frank said, trying to strike up a conversation. Gerard took some time to stop and listen, but kept his hand firmly on Bert’s cheek. He stared at Frank intently. “So, do you guys, like… date now, or something?”

Gerard and Bert looked at each other, then turned back to Frank, laughing. “Me and Bert, don’t date…” Gerard exclaimed. “But we go out… in a friendly sense…”
“You don’t even know what you’re saying…” Bert replied, all fruity. “You don’t make sense.”
“Well, but we’re not the dating kind,” Gerard said, turning to face Bert. “So, like, how could we go out?”
Bert shrugged. “I dunno…” he said. “But we can always do this…” Gerard let out a cute giggle as Bert leaned in again, and the two started sucking faces. Again.

This had got to have been the worst half hour of Frank’s life.

Gerard opened his eyes suddenly, staring Frank down mid-kiss.

This time it was Frank’s turn to clear his throat. Gerard and Bert broke the kiss. After a millennium of years…
“Um… sorry to be such a killjoy, but… I have to get home.” Frank told the couple, getting up from his seat.
“Oh, umm… okay…” Gerard said, getting up too. “I’ll walk you home.”
“Oh, nooo, it’s okay…” Frank declined. “It’s fine, really.”
Gerard put his hands on his hips. “Really? Like you honestly know your way around the neighborhood?”
Frank hesitated for a moment. “Okay, then… I guess…”
Gerard turned back to Bert. “Sorry, Bert. I’ll see you later, kay?”
Bert raised his eyebrows suspiciously. “Allllllllrighty then. Bye Gerard. Bye Frank…”

For some reason, Bert said ‘Frank’ really weird.

Frank waved and followed Gerard out the door. The two got half a mile down the sidewalk when Frank just had to ask, the curiosity was killing him.

“Okay… what the fuck was that all about?”

Gerard stopped walking. “What was…. What, all about?”
“Oh, you know…” Frank answered. “You getting all… very close with Bert back there? People were staring, you know. And I was starting to feel really awkward.”
“Well… sorry,” Gerard answered, shrugging. “You know, you could’ve just told me that you felt weird. We would’ve stopped.”
“Yeah, I’m sure you would’ve.” Frank replied sarcastically. “And you know, the way you looked at me when you kissed Bert; it was not normal. It almost seemed like you were trying to make me jea………” Frank stopped himself, smiling devilishly. He turned back to Gerard. “You made me jealous…”
Gerard shrugged, obviously not trying to deny anything. “Okay, so… maybe I did.” Gerard gently pushed Frank against the brick building behind them. “But it’s only because I get cocky… when there’s something I want.
…Someone..” Gerard added. “And I always get what I want…”
Frank’s breathing and heart rate became unsteady at the barely-one-inch space between his and Gerard’s faces. “Um… I have a date… with... with Jamia, on Friday…” Frank breathed. “And, I’m…. pretty straight.”
“Well then…” Gerard retaliated. “Why did you admit you got jealous?”
Frank furrowed his eyebrows. “What? I didn’t say I was...?”
“You…” Gerard said, pointing to his own chest with his index finger. “Made Me…” He moved his finger to Frank’s chest. “Jealous.”
Frank breathed in, getting ready to retort, but Gerard cut him off by pressing his lips to Frank’s. Frank let out a small moan at the quick contact, and felt Gerard smile. Frank sighed into the kiss, letting go of the breath he realized he was holding. Gerard ran his fingertips over Frank’s short-sleeved arms, resting his hand on Frank’s cheek, stroking it in small circles. Gerard broke the kiss after a while and smirked. “Think about that when you’re on your date with Jamia…” He said, winking, grabbing Frank’s arm and leading him the rest of the way to Frank’s house.

Bert walked away from his eavesdropping post from behind the building and crossed his arms over his chest. “Gerard… and Frank…” he repeated, trying to process the fact. Instead, an idea bubbled up into his head, and he smiled. “Not for long…” he mumbled to himself, walking down the sidewalk to his own home.

WHAT IS BERT GONNA DOOOOO?!!?!?! Do you even care? Bwahaha, R&R, meng.
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