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Chapter 25

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Kat's P.O.V

“Guys food's up.”
I lay motionless in my bunk. Ellie's voice ringing in my ears.
“You coming out?” Ellie's face poked around the curtain, I didn't answer and turned onto my side, facing the wall. I felt Ellie's hand on back and she turned me to face her. “He doesn't matter any more, He's far far away, your far far away. You don't need him any more, you have us, your family.”
“My baby needs him. I need him.” I began to sob hysterically.
“YOU DO NOT NEED HIM!” she reassured me, doing her best to sit me up and take me in her arms. “You have us, you're strong enough to do this Kat. You were strong enough to let Bob bring you here and you were strong enough to stand up for Gerard in front of Bob.”
“A kid El. One whole life that's up to me to bring up. The kid's gonna be a mess. I can't be a mum, I can't go one day without loosing my mobile, what about a kid? Am I just gonna keep loosing it?” I looked down at my hands, so many questions running through my head. Ellie sat beside me and giggled softly, “Kat, you wont loose a kid, it'll be stuck to you,” I groaned and she pulled me to my feet. “He was an arse. You don't need him and neither does our baby. Note the fact I said our as this baby as put me through just as much as it has you, imagine your best friend sleeping on your sofa eating your ice cream and crying all the time even when she's on the best journey of her life ever.” I smiled and we walked through to the guys who were all staring at the stove, waiting for it to open. Ellie asked me to grab the plates and I handed one to each guy warning them how hot they were. “SHIT! That's hot.” Frank moaned rubbing his singed fingers in his black hair. We sat down and ate our pasta noisily, all conversing with a different person around the table. I had found myself opposite Gerard at the table and I felt his fingers twist through mine beneath the table, “You okay?” he mouthed, I nodded in answer and giggled silently as he tickled the skin at the end of my wrist. I saw Bob watching us and he smiled weakly. I returned it. I felt a sudden stomping in my stomach and wrapped my arms around it. Beneath my fingertips my baby kicked away happily. Kick. Kick. Kick. I smiled and took Gerard's hand from under the table and placed it there too. He smiled brilliantly as he felt the movements and took Ray's hand to my stomach. All the guys and Ell started to press their hands against me but Gerard stood back and watched as did Bob. There was a lot of cooing and smiling. “Bob,” I looked up at him and everybody stopped. Hands were taken from my stomach and now everybody stood aside and watched as Bob came towards me slightly but stopped several feet away. “Bob, do you want to feel your niece or nephew kicking Bob?”
everybody was silent, Bobs face sullen. Suddenly he was on his knees his large palms covering my stomach. His smile was more radiant than any other and I felt tears at my eyes. I looked down through them to see that Bob was also crying. Crying like a baby. I brushed his shaggy blond hair and he laughed. “That's my niece in there,” he smiled at the others, “Or nephew” I corrected and he continued to smile.

A while later, I lay on the sofa, my head on Bob's lap while Frank and Mikey played Guitar hero. Gerard lay on the floor doodling in a sketchbook. “Just told mum Kat, said she wished she'd been there to see our faces, apparently she was waiting for us to realize it was real and this it.”
“Is everyone okay back there?” I looked a there and she knew who I meant. Her smile became a frown and she answered a distinct “No.” She sat down beside Frank and ate some of the popcorn he held in a bowl. We sat like that for hours, just talking and playing and drawing and we all enjoyed it, it was like we really were one big happy family. My eyes began to drop around 11 and I heard Bob murmur something, “Kat?” Bob shook me gently and now I was wide awake, “Yeah, what's wrong?”
“Can you walk through to the bunks?”
“Yeah,” I got up and my body shook. I landed softly on the sofa and Bob started fussing me, “I'm just tired” I reassured him again. “Come on, I'll carry you through,” Gerard pulled me to my feet, took my arm around his neck and kicked my legs from beneath me. I felt as if I was falling but then I was floating and Gee was carrying me through the air. I rested against his chest and he went to place me in my bunk, “No, your bunk tonight please?” He smiled his crooked smile and placed me gently down on the pillows. He went to walk away but I grabbed his wrist, “Stay with me?” He sighed and smiled before laying down beside me and I rested my head on his arm. We looked up at the ceiling of his bunk and stared, “There's one thing I miss about home,”
“What's that?” I turned to wait for his answer.
“At home I have fairy lights in the ceiling so it looks like I'm under the stars.” I laughed slightly and sighed. The baby kicked again and I took Gee's hand. I placed it over my baby and watched as he smiled. “Gee?”
“Would you mind looking after the baby with me, when it comes I mean. I don't know how much I can manage on my own.”
“Of course, We're all going to help out, that kid of yours is going to have the best five uncles in the world.”
“I didn't mean as an uncle, I was wondering, Well I was wondering if maybe you might be like, I don't know, it's dad. It's really stupid actually. It doesn't matter. Ignore me. What I said was never said.” I looked away from the ceiling and turned to face the wall. We lay frozen, Gerard continued to stare at the ceiling and I continued to stare at the spot on the wall.

I felt Gerard's arm wrap under my arm and his hand feel for my stomach. “I'd love to be your baby's daddy.” He kissed the back of my head and I burst into tears. “Are you sure? you don't have too.”
“I want too. You know I told you I was falling for you?” I nodded and turned to face him, I kissed his lips gently and he returned it, a smile on his lips. “Well now I think I'm in love with you.” I pulled away and was shocked. I smiled and kissed him again, this time with more passion. I rolled gently on top of him and he rolled me over so my back faced the closed curtain,I kissed his neck and I felt his lips on my bare chest, kisses danced across my breast and my head fell back in shock. He was amazing. And he loved me. Me. He wanted to be my baby's father. I felt the curtain move behind me and saw the top of Bob's head peak through. “I saw you weren't in your bunk and guessed you'd be here. Sorry.” He sighed looking at me and Gerard and the way we were tucked into each other. “I thought it was about time I gave you my blessing, You'll be good for each other. I think. But if you hurt her Gerard, I will kill you. Now,can I remove my sister from my best friend to kiss her and my niece goodnight please?” I turned over in the tiny bunk and got out to kiss Bob, he kissed my tummy lightly and said, “Goodnight baby, I love you.” We hugged and He jumped up into his bed. He got in quickly and I began to tuck him in, he laughed, “I'm not five Y'know?”
“I thought I'd get some practice in.” I lent up and kissed him on the forehead.
“Love you Bro,”
“Love you too sis.”
I returned to my place in Gee's bunk and he took me in his arms beneath the sheets and kissed me, “Goodnight love, Sleep.”

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