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Chapter 26

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Gerard's P.O.V

Kat's curls tickled my arm and I woke to silence apart from the vibrations from above caused by Bob's snores. My finger ran gently down the line of Kat's jaw and she sighed, her eye lids shifting slightly. “Morning,” she whispered, her eyes still closed. “Sorry, didn't mean to wake you, good sleep?” she mumbled and turned into my chest, her arms wrapped tightly around my waist. “What are we doing today then?” She asked, her voice rough from sleep.
“I think the plan's to go meet our support acts why?”
“cus I wanted to spend the day with you that's all, and maybe spend some time Ellie, off the bus.” her eyes were now wide awake and she smiled too brightly for this hour. “Well we have to meet the bands at some restaurant somewhere and I think Bob said something about staying at a hotel somewhere. It should give you sometime to go out I guess.”
“Cool, where are we going to be anyway?”
“Somewhere in Atlanta,I think.
“Atlanta, that's kinda cool I guess.” her fingers began to play with the loose hair hung around my face. “So, who's the support acts? Anybody good?” she smiled and kissed the side of my mouth teasingly. “Well, a couple of months back some kid asked me if I knew this guy and I didn't so everybody was kinda shocked and this guys band rung our band cus they thought it would be hilarious if they supported us so they're on the bill and some other band as well something about being train fans or something.”
“Okay then well I guess Ellie will be excited she likes new bands and things, and it means more people for her too pay attention too so she can leave me and you alone for a bit.”

“I heard my name, good or bad, good I hope?” Ellie's voice called from nearby and I guessed she was beside my curtain. “Morning El, only good.” Kat pulled the curtain back and we saw that Ellie and Frank were sat on the floor in the small corridor, a box of dominoes in his hand, Frank smiled and waved. “What the hell are you two doing?”
“We thought we'd play some games, we got bored of being asleep and then we got bored of playing with Ray so we got out some dominoes.” Ellie put out her hand and Frank handed her a few of the small, dotted, black plastic pieces. “Wait,” I stopped, “What do you mean “got bored of playing with Ray”?” at this precise moment Ray come to see what we were talking about, but as he stood over the bunk I couldn't help but laugh. His face was plastered in thick layers of blush and eye-liner. Kat began to laugh and soon Bob was awake and laughing too. Ray seemed a little confused by all this and looked very worried as now Mikey joined our chorus of laughing, “What's..What's wrong with you lot?” he said his voice cracking under nerves. I pointed at his face and laughed again as he turned o look at me. Now he lent down to Kat's bunk to peer into the small mirror attached to the wall. His face dropped even further. He turned and ran up the stairs. We all laughed as he trailed a line of toilet paper after him, Frank and Ellie having tied it to the hem of his p-j bottoms.

An hour later we all gathered around the TV in the living area to watch the news. Nothing in particular caught our attention and we all conversed in separate groups. Kat was turned with her back to me to talk to my brother who sat on her other side but my hand was wrapped gently around her stomach but she covered it with her own to cover it from my brother, Ray and Frank, Ellie and Bob already knowing of our affair we still hadn't told the others. I wanted to tell Mikey. Of course I did. But I was scared he would turn me from Kat and remind me of my responsibilities with LynZ. Ray was the last to grab his shoes from the back as the bus pulled into the hotel car park. Ray refused to talk to any of us and had come down from the bathroom make up less as he threw the toilet roll over Franks head. I grabbed my over night bag from my bunk and went to take Kat's but she gave it over to Bob instead. “So the others don't think its strange.” She had kissed me full on and we both knew this would be the only chance we would have to be alone for a while, or at least until the others weren't around. “Lets go guys!” Bob called from the front of the bus and we heard the bus door open slowly. Kat smiled as she pulled away from me. “I love you.” She walked away from me and I felt flames explode in my stomach. I followed Kat of quickly and took the room key Bob handed me. Ray, Frank and Mikey would be sharing a suite while Bob and I shared a double room, as did Kat and Ellie. We entered the hotel and all got into the first elevator we saw. Bob pressed the button numbered 3 and the elevator doors closed, trapping us inside.

Kat's P.O.V

When the elevator doors finally opened we practically fell out of the elevator, we said our goodbyes to Frank, Ray and Mikey as they turned to go into their suite before carrying on down the hall to our neighboring rooms. Bob told us that the supporting acts were staying in the suites opposite ours and Ellie and I carried on gossiping away about the new arrivals. We stopped outside our rooms and Ellie laughed, “I just realized, this is the longest we've spent being still in like a while. And you know what? I prefer moving. Its more fun.” I shook my head and took my card key before opening the door to our room. “Love you guys, see you soon.” I carried on into the suite,
“Actually Kat, were leaving to meet the bands in about 15 minutes and I thought you might want come too?” Bob stood in the doorway of our suite and waited for me to answer but Ellie beat me to it. “Course, we'll come knock for you.” She slammed the door in his face and turned to me. “Bagsy the side by the window.” She slammed her case down on that side of the large bed and grabbed a pair of straighteners from the top. She plugged them in and inserted her Ipod into the nearby speakers. The sound of Linkin Park blasted from the tiny speakers and she quickly turned it down so that now it was only background music. “SO, do you think these band guys are going to be hot or what, cus I feel lonely everybody having somebody but me and a really hot guy wouldn't go a miss.”
“What about Julian?” I asked putting my own bag to the side of the bed and collapsing beside Ellie's on the bed. “He's history, he was kinda annoying. And really ugly without the hat/hood thing.” I sighed and threw a cushion at her head, it missed and she laughed.

I watched the hands of the tiny clock slide by and as it reached 20 past 1 I got up from the bed, brushed down my hair and applied some lip gloss, I wasn't in the mood for much else and watched as Ellie exited the en-suite, her eyes heavily shielded in green eye-liner and her lips smoothed over with orange lip balm. She was wearing a black hoodie over her red skinnies and looked as pretty as ever. My black t-shirt was too tight my chest looked huge and it only accentuated the fact that my stomach had now swelled so much I looked as if I'd swallowed a number of tennis balls. I grabbed a cardigan from the top of my bag and swung it over my back. It shielded most of my stomach so I left it slightly open.

We left the room and Ellie ran on down towards Bob and Gee's door. She knocked excitedly and both the guys tumbled out. Gerard tucked his hand into the back pocket of my jeans and tickled my ear with his mouth. Bob walked ahead of us, Ellie in tow and the others were lent leisurely against the elevator and Ray still looked stroppy.

When we left the hotel, Worm was stood by a small SUV into which we all filled. Bob drove the van, worm perched in the front, comparing the Sat Nav directions to his map. Ellie, Frank and Ray were squeezed into the back seats, while I sat between Gee and Mikey just behind Bob's seat. Nobody spoke, Bob and Worm argued in the front seats, but nobody spoke. I knew Gee was upset. He felt really guilty over not telling the others, but we both knew it could get him in trouble. He was worried about LynZ as well and nobody could help noticing the Paparazzi bulbs flashing in Gee's face as we left the hotel, or their eager calls, everyone asking questions.

Bob finally pulled into a restaurant that looked as if the waitresses should be skating around on roller blades and me and Ellie exchanged sarcastic glances. Only this lot could pick a restaurant with roller blading waitresses. We all got out the van and walked across the small car park to the building. A large 60's themed sign stood high above our heads as we steppe down onto the interiors, white and black tiled flooring. Ellie and I laughed, her arm linked through mine, as a curly, blond haired waitress scooted past us on a pair of pink trimmed, white roller blades, a tray of drinks in her hand, “How can I help you guys?” she asked in a thick Tennessee accent. I giggled, I'd never of guessed. “We're here to meet some friends, should be..” Bob turned at the sound of his name being called from a table in the corner. “It's okay, there they are.” Bob motioned to us to follow him to a corner booth where 9 young guys were sat. Ellie started to bounce beside me at the smell of fresh blood. We surrounded the table and Ellie froze beside me. She tapped my arm with her hand and motioned a the guys sat in front of us. I looked at the 9 faces and somehow found them familiar. Now that I thought about it, two were most familiar.

In front of me, Trace Cyrus and William Beckett sat, both, wide smiles covering their faces. “Hi.” Ellie and I choked.

Sorry its a really long chapter guys... hope you enjoy (specially you smelly elly) loves katty x
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