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Chapter 27

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Trace's P.O.V

“Are you all right mate?” William whispered beside me. The 9 of us were crammed into a small booth and large chocolate Sunday's had been ordered. “Are you all right?” he repeated as I hadn't answered him. I nodded weakly and continued to stare at the two girls who had just walked through the restaurant door. The one was slightly taller and had a blond crop styled into her messy hair. She was very pretty but the other had caught my eye.
She was only slightly shorter and wore her hair long, her dark curls cascading down her back. Her eyes shone and her full red lips formed a sexy pout smile. She looked at her friend and both giggled. They didn't look much older than any of our fan-base, and I felt myself shy away as they glided towards our booth.
Five large men surrounded them and I knew at once that they were the guys we were waiting for. I noticed Bob led the group while the bands front-man, Gerard, stood close to the girls. They stopped before us and silence enveloped our tiny gathering. The girls were the first to speak, and as the blond girl's voice spoke, it faltered that of the brunette. As she spoke I felt William tense up beside me. His arm began to shake as he pulled it from beneath the table to shake the Blonde's. “Hi,” his voice was broken and his cheeks burned scarlet. A high pitched squeak escaped the blond's mouth as she reached forward to shake his hand.
I looked again to the pretty girl but she was stood back towards Gerard, he stood protectively over her. The long cardigan she was wearing was hung slightly open. It was too big and really unflattering. Beneath I guessed she had a fairly good figure, really curvy. In fact her chest looked really curvy and the t-shirt she had on was stretched a little too much. I felt a lump in my throat and in my jeans. I held my hands over it conscientiously. I looked at her face for a brief moment and caught her eye. I tried to smile and she returned it.
Now I noticed that William was saying too much. I nudged him with my elbow and he nudged me back.
Bob had grabbed a stool from a nearby table and was sat talking to Anthony about the wrist technique he had been using while we'd been on tour with the Veronicas. Bob had seen some footage and was interested in trying it out. Mikey and Frank had sat around a nearby table and were sharing a coke float while the blond girl had perched beside Bob and was listening to the Brunette and Gerard talking. The others were talking around me and I felt as if the world was closing in on me. I watched as the girl held her head as if in pain and noticed that Gerard took her shoulder to steady her while pulling her out a seat. She sat down and Bob rushed to her side, “Are you all right? Is something wrong? Your pulse feels okay, is it the...” She pulled his hand up from her lap and spoke, “I'm okay, I just felt a bit dizzy, guess it's just nerves You know. I'll be fine, Gee's got me.” The blond girl came to sit beside her now and she began to talk to her, making sure her friend was really okay. Worm and Bob called for me, William and Mason and we huddled with them around a neighboring booth over maps and timetables. I watched but every now and again I looked up but the brunette had her eyes firmly trained on Gerard.

The afternoon had passed quickly and it was pitch black outside when we left. The brunette walked slightly ahead of me and everybody else was lent up against the restaurant smoking and chatting. Ellie was talking to William and he could hardly get a word in yet he continued to stare in awe of her.
I finally caught up with her and she looked at me and smile, “Hey.”
“Hey, sorry I didn't say hi earlier. I guess I really am a little bit shy.” She giggled and again smiled, now she stopped and lent up against the side of the van they had arrived in earlier. “S'kay, I didn't say hi either. My name's Kat by the way. I'm Bob's sister, and that over there, the one with the big mouth is Ellie.” I stood in front of her and watched as she rested her hands behind her back, her hair hung slightly over her face and it was cast under shadows that reflected no fear but only beauty. “Is going to be good having you guys on the tour, I really love your music and Ellie is actually in love with William, I think she may have began to plan their wedding as soon as she saw his face today.” I was shocked,
“You really like my music, I mean our music?”
“Yeah love it, why? Are you shocked?” She laughed and her smile made he shiver. I felt the lump in my jeans again and covered it nervously with my hand. “I guess I am, a pretty girl like you liking our music. I thought you might be more into the Plain White tees and stuff.” She laughed at me and turned to face the others as Ellie shouted her name. “Were going Kat, you ready?”
“Yeh, come on!” She turned to open the van door as Bob unlocked it from the other side of the parking lot. “Well, good night Trace, sleep well.” she turned again to me and placed a goodnight kiss on my cheek. Shocked I pulled away a little too quickly and I fell to the floor. She fell down to her knees beside me, “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” She asked feeling the side of my wrist to check my pulse. The others had seen what had happened and were all stood around us. Gerard lifted Kat gently up and pulled her away from the rest of the group. Bob went to stand beside him and made sure she was okay.”IM FINE! Stop badgering me!” She pulled away from them angrily and pulled roughly at the van door handle. She pulled herself quickly into the seat and locked the door. I watched as a solemn tear ran down her face. The others pulled Ellie away from William to get her in the Van before they drove quickly away. Mason took my arm, “Come on mate, lets go.”

Hey Guys, another longish chapter, hope your enjoying it! Loves Katty x p.s thanks for the reviews!
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