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Chapter 28

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Kat's P.O.V

I slammed the car door and pressed the lock down. Why did they have to treat me like a child? I was old enough to look after myself. I'd only fallen to the ground it wasn't like I was about to give birth there and then was it? My god I hated them! I stared at the back of the drivers seat as everyone took their seats in their car, I was sat in Mikey's side so he sat on Gerard's while Gerard sat in the middle. I pulled myself as much as I could away from him and rested against the van door. Ray and Frank had begun to discuss the two bands and Mikey and Ellie gave short bursts of opinion into the conversation. “I think the Cyrus kid could be good but they all need to pull in a little, they look as if they're about to burn out.” Mikey agreed with Ray's comment and Frank asked, “Do you think Mason might let me borrow his red skinnies, cus I'm thinking about trying a new look and I think they could be the perfect start.” Ellie giggled beside him, “Yes Frank, course Frank,” Ellie's giggles turned into small fits of laughter but as silence engulfed the rest of the vehicle the laughter became more like hiccups and she eventually stopped.

As soon as Bob had took his foot of the ignition I unlocked the door and made a run for it. I ran straight up the hotel steps and straight up into the elevator. I pressed the button quickly and the doors began to close just as Gerard came around the corner.
He stood frozen, upset and angry, as the lift doors shut, without him in it.

As the doors opened I attempted to slowly pull myself out of the lift, my bump began to kick and this time it really was painful. I took my first step out of the elevator and hit a brick wall.
Gerard stood in-front of me, his face like stone. I rested my hands on my stomach, it felt as if it was ripping in two. I tried to keep my face straight but Gerard noticed something was wrong, his hand rested under my elbow, “Is everything Okay, what's wrong?” I shook his hand away and slowly continued on down the corridor. He kept pace beside me but didn't speak until we reached my door. “What's wrong, are you in pain?” I pulled my card key out of my pocket and ignored his question, “Kat I'm really, really sorry. All we want to do is make sure you and the baby are okay. I'm sorry if it seems like were treating you like a baby but we want to protect you.”
The sound of sadness in his voice had brought tears to my eyes and I wiped them away before turning to him. “You worry a little too much that's all. I don't need to be bubble-wrapped, I'm pregnant not dying.” I took his jacket lapels in my hands and pulled his mouth down to mine, “I'm sorry I got so angry.” He pulled away from me and he cupped my face in his hands, “I love you Kat don't ever forget that. Everything I do I do for you and the baby.” I pulled him too me again, passion surging through my veins, I felt my back press against the hard wall as we fell against it. My hands reached under Gees t-shirt and pulled at the buckle of his jeans, I felt the button pop and the denim fall a little. His hands were over my stomach, pushing back my cardigan. He pulled at my bottom lip with his teeth and I sighed. He pushed me further up the wall and I heard the lift make a ping sound announcing someone's arrival. I pulled Gerard along to my room door and pressed down the handle before I heard any footsteps on the hallway flooring.

Inside the room it was pitch black and Gerard pushed me gently against the bed as he pulled my cardigan off and my t-shirt over my head.

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