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We'll Call It... Dressing Up

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Gerard's holding another legendary houseparty, only this time with a theme. ROCKY HORROR! Yep, that's it, white hot frerard coming your way!

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Gerardino’s POV [Hell. Yes.]
"Dude, we can’t!"
"Oh come on, it’ll be fun! Plus, mom and dad will never find out." Jesus my brother can be an ass. How many goddamn times do I have to say 'Don’t worry' or 'It’ll be okay' or 'Just live a little' for him to actually do it! I tell you. It’s taken me all fucking day to get him even this far and he still questions me. "Mikey, it’s a party. We’re hardly holding World War fucking three in our house are we?"
"We are when it comes to your parties..." I smile, taking this as a compliment. My parties are known to be... Unforgettable. Pouring white hot coffee into our two mugs, I hand him one and sit opposite him on the counter. I honestly don’t understand how he’s my brother. He’s questioning a party for god’s sake. I’ve told him time and time again that I’ll have everything under control and he doesn’t need to worry, but will he listen? What do you think?
"Mikey come on, it’ll only be a small thing, you can invite some of your little friends if you want." He still looks stubborn. Fuck. "Plus... I just so happen to know a certain Miss Simmons is home this weekend..." I see him look up from his coffee. Ha-ha, got him. I’ve always taken great advantage in knowing Mikey’s massive crush on Alicia, though he somehow has never got how I’ve found it out. Note to brother. Never leave your rough workbook lying around when scribbled all over it is ‘Mr and Mrs Mikey Way. Alicia Way. Mikey Simmons-Way. Mikey 4 Alicia.’ I think you’ve got the picture.
"Y-yeah?" He’s blushing and I smirk, sipping my coffee.
"Yep, I mean, you can invite her if you want, I did tell her there would be something happening tomorrow... But if you’re against this party thing, then I could just ring her to say it’s off-"
"No!" He whips the phone out my hand and chucks it across the kitchen. "I mean, er, well, I suppose she could, er, come over, if this party thing’s gonna happen. Is it? I think it should..."
"Oh do you?" He nods. "Even when you find out the dress code? I’ve let Ali in on it; she thinks it’s really cool." Mikey frowns.
"Ali eh? You two seem pretty close if you’re already using nicknames..." He glares at me, as if to say 'back the fuck off.' Oh my god! He thinks I... I nearly spit my coffee over the counter, quickly swallowing it and bursting out laughing.
"Oh... Get REAL Mikey! You know I’m as camp as a fucking row of tents! Dude, I’m into guys not your lady." He blushes again and adjusts his glasses. That’s one other thing that annoys me about Mikey. Apart from him constantly pestering me to get up at unearthly hours, do all my calculus homework as ‘you never know when it’ll come in handy,’ he has started wearing his glasses again. I’ve told him. Chicks aren’t in for the specs. Well, not his Harry Potter wannabes anyway. Yet he still continues to wear them.
"Fine, sorry bro. What’s the dress code?"
"You are going to love it. It’s..." I drum my fingers on the counter dramatically, "Rocky Horror!" This time, Mikey actually does spit his coffee, all over the counter.
"What the HELL?! No WAY! They’re all, trannies!"
"Which is why you, sir, are Riff Raff. There, a compromise." I do my most angelic smile at him, fluttering my eyelashes. "Go on Mikey, please," I whine, "Alicia will be dressed in something really sexy... I’ve told her... Ple-"
"Fine fine fine! Just stop with that smile okay? It’s creeping me out." I laugh.
"Gee, thanks! Okay, so assuming it’s not just gonna be us three, I’ve already let a few people know..."
"Nice to know you were gonna consult me on this, brother."
"Whatever. I’m thinking, Ray as Magenta, Bob as Rocky, we still need a Columbia but I’m sure someone else will come as that-"
"Frank?" Huh?
"Who? That weird little midget in your year? No, he is not coming. Last time I saw him, he had slicked back hair and thought he was the coolest thing since Freddie Mercury. That kid isn’t coming." I put my foot down there. Yeah, he may be nice, and a good friend of Mikey, but if I want to keep my awesome party rep up, he’s not coming within a mile here.
"I’ll have you know he’s changed. He’s punk now, and cooler than you’ll ever be, or Freddie Mercury."
"Don’t you dare talk back about Freddie!" Bitching on one of my heroes is where I draw the line. Mikey knows that. "And Iero as a punk? Jesus Christ, this I do have to see."
"So, he can come?" Mikey looks hopeful. I did mean for him to show me a photo or something... Oh fuck it. I’m grateful he’s cool about this party; I suppose it wouldn’t hurt... And I guess he won’t be noticed much by the others, word round school is he’s pretty quiet.
"Okay, yes he can come. But only if he’s up for wearing hot-pants, and the most awesome Columbia outfit you will ever see, tailored by myself." With that, I give a little bow, causing a sigh from Mikey.
"I’m sure he’ll be fine, I’ll go ring him." He gets up. "Oh, and by the way. He’s bi, so you may be in for s-"
"EW! Dude, don’t fucking go there! Just ring him before I throw up." Great. He’s already up in his room dialling the number; I would have so changed my mind if I knew that. I’m not homophobic (no shit) but the last thing I need is some weedy first year hitting on a junior dressed as Doctor Frankenfurter.

Frankles POV
“Mikey dude, are you kidding me?” I asked, gingerly stretching the pleather hot pants in my hands and seeing how much give they had in them, if any. Mikey snorted with laughter and quickly tried to disguise it as a cough, giving me a sheepish grin as he rubbed the back of his head.
”Sorry Frank, but Gee said if you wanna come to this party then you have to dress like Columbia.” He muttered and I raised my eyebrows at him, dangling the hot pants off one finger.
”Mikey, seriously – these are not going to fit me!” I cried, waving the gold coloured item in his face. Mikey laughed and took them from me, using all his might to stretch them a little.
”Course they will! And I bet you’ll look great in them, look –” Mikey reached into his bag and pulled out a gold tight fitted suit jacket covered in sequins and glitter.
”It comes with matching jacket!” He cried excitedly, tossing the jacket to me. I glared at him even as I slung it over my arm.
“Ya’ know what; I don’t think I even want to come to this party anymore.” I said seriously and Mikey gave me a look of horror, instantly lunging at me and wrapping his arms tight around my neck.
”But Frankie! You have to go! You’ve never been to one of our parties before and it’s gonna be awesome. Don’t be embarrassed, everyone else is going to be dressed like this too. And I want you to meet Gee; he’s really excited about meeting you!” Mikey cried, giving me his best puppy dog eyes. Damn this kid is cute.
I raised my eyebrows at him and gave him a sceptical look.
”Really? Why would he be excited about meeting me?” I asked. Mikey bit his lip and shrugged.
”Erm… Because I talk about you all the time.” He offered, batting his eyelashes at me. I rolled my eyes and pushed him away, holding the skimpy outfit out at arms length and looking at it again. I couldn’t believe he wanted me to wear this; I had never cross dressed before… okay so everyone else was going to and it was only for a party… and okay I had considered it before… but that’s not the point!
”Well… I dunno, does it come with a wig or anything?” I asked. Mikey nodded and reached into his bag of ‘goodies’ once more, pulling out a crimson wig sealed neatly in a bag and – A TOP HAT! It was covered in the same sparkling gold material as the jacket and had a black ribbon round the middle. I loved top hats, and as Mikey waved it temptingly in my face – just like that. I was sold.
”Oh my God Mikey why didn’t you say so!” I cried, snatching the hat from his hands and racing into my adjoining bathroom. I didn’t care if my ass was gonna be chaffed all night by hideously tight pants, I didn’t care that I was going to be a drag queen for the evening (and a hot one at that) – The amazing top hat made it all completely worth it.

“Tadaaaa!” I yelled, stepping out of the bathroom and holding my arms out wide. I didn’t have a clue what I looked like since the only mirror in the bathroom only showed my face but judging by Mikeys face it was pretty funny. He smirked, then grinned, then started to laugh as I gave a little twirl.
”Very nice Frankie.” He giggled as walked over to him, pulling at the back of the hot pants, trying to make them a little less clingy on my ass. They were so tight I didn’t know how I had managed to get them on, and I was pretty certain they probably looked painted on. The tightness left very little to the imagination, and also very little freedom. My cock had never felt so cramped when on slack before.
”Seriously, do is it look okay?” I asked, looking down at myself. The jacket gave me a killer hourglass figure, but the pants… I wasn’t sure I liked them.
”You look sexy as hell Frankie.” Mikey chuckled, winking at me. I rolled my eyes and grinned going over to my mirror and taking a look. Actually… it didn’t look all too bad. Other than my very obvious man bulge, I was certain I would be able to pass off for a woman once I had the wig and make – up done. I would be the best looking Columbia there ever was.
Mikey watched as I carefully did my make – up, something I had done before when experimenting a few years back. I was pretty good at it and soon the eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick were looking perfect and girly. I didn’t want to go for the drag queen look; I wanted to be glamorous and girly… but a man. I brushed out the wig, guessing it must have been pretty expensive since it was silky and delicate. I placed it on my head and messed around for a bit with different hairstyles, much to Mikeys amusement.
By the time I had finally placed on the top hat and was ready to go we were already ten minutes late for the party and Mikey had changed into his Riff raff costume and transformed himself into an impressively ugly old man. I laughed so much when I looked at him that it hurt, and he had whined and said I looked sexy and he just looked stupid. I had ‘aawed’ him an ‘air kiss’ so as not to smudge my make-up before pulling on my amazing insanely tall rocky horror heels (which looked so good with the fish net stockings) and walked to the door, swaying my hips as I went.
”Come on Riff Raff, lets go get this party started.”
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