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Sweet Transvestite

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Our two favourite homies finally meet, but what will Gerard make of Frankie's outfit? Will Frank's effort all be worth it? Hmmm!

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Geeraard’s POV [No, I don’t think I ever will be calling him by his real name =D]
As Mikey had gone out to meet Frank and give him his costume, I took this chance to sort out mine. It was only eleven, the party didn’t start until seven but I was determined not to end it the single guy I am and that means preparation. And no, starting to get ready eight hours before the bash is NOT too early so fuck you. I took a once over in the mirror as always and was shocked. I looked like something out of Night of the Living Dead. And not the crappy black and white version. I needed a shower, bad. Quick as a... A... Quick fuck, I had hopped in and was lathered up with the deep raspberry shower gel I had picked for today. Mikey always mocked me on my wide variety of bathroom utensils, but I still think it’s down to jealousy, I mean; I don’t want to be harsh but... Look at him. He’s practically a replica to the D&D characters. Not. Cool.
Anyway. After I was sufficiently clean and my hair smelt sweetly of strawberries, I dried off and left my hair in a black towel turban. So I have a towel turban, sue me. I wandered down-stairs, it now being quarter to twelve. (And don’t start, just because you don’t know how to wash yourself properly.) I hurriedly retreated to the coffee machine, mine and Mikey’s personal heaven and made myself a cup. I was still only wearing a towel and by the time I’d finished my fourth cup (yes), I was getting pretty cold.
It takes Mikey roughly about forty minutes for him to get to Frank’s house as it’s on the other side of town, so I knew they’d be a little late getting here. I just hoped Frank would live up the costume. I spent all last night slaving at mom’s sewing machine making those hot pants, and the jacket, don’t even remind me. Ray had to help me stitch on each little sequin as every time I saw the needle pushed through, I would freak out and nearly fly into a panic attack. And all for Frank, one of the weirdest people in school. I was questioning myself all last night if letting him come was the right thing to do. Mikey did say he’d changed... I don’t know, but this night is big for me, and my reputation is on the line, so if this kid fucks it up, his face’ll be next.
Finally done with my coffee (and out of clean cups), I walked down to my room with my bag from the hall and dumped it on my bed, letting the contents pour out. I took off my hair towel and quickly dried the rest of it until it was just damp, the black strands sticking up a little like sex hair. I dabbed my chest to dry completely and threw on a old Misfits tee-shirt before going to my wardrobe and digging around for some skinnies and boxers. After finding these, I ruffled my hair once more to give it that ‘I’ll see you later ;)’ look, and headed upstairs, jacket in hand. Mom said I needed to head down to the mall to pick up a few things. It was about one before I was finally ready though, after finding the list of what she wanted, and having another coffee. One last hair check and I was out, walking down the road to the mall. We live right in the centre of town see, so my place is always the hotspot for house parties.
Entering the mall, I strolled round the shops to pick up what mom needed (and let me tell you, buying a Feeling Frisky wonder bra and Peppermint Foot Cream is not a fun experience.) I couldn’t help but check my watch what must have seemed like every two seconds; I guess I was just excited. I mean, I’m used to house parties, but this one seemed... Different. I have that vibe you know? This won’t be a party where I just fuck some dude and stagger out at about one in the morning (despite if it’s my house or not.) I just have that vibe where tonight, if I meet someone, they’ll be a keeper.
Buying what I needed for myself and the party, I headed home and laid out the food and stuff on the counter. I poured the food into large bowls we had and left them in the kitchen, then going to our lounge and spreading decorations round everywhere. Pretty soon, it was half five and the whole house was decorated with black and red themed lights and glittery tinsel. So yeah, I am a huge girl when it comes to decoration, everyone who comes to my parties knows that. Each room had twinkling fairy lights in, except my parents room which was locked. I took one last look at my work and, once happy, rushed downstairs.
My room was definitely the best decorated by far. The black walls were lined with crimson red fairy lights, fading in and out of darkness. There was black and red tinsel wrapped around my bed headboard and entwined in the bars, the bed itself layered with red confetti. I grabbed my bag which was now on the side table and emptied it on to the floor. Inside, was a pair of black platform heels, some fishnets with purpose holes in, black patent hot pants and suspenders, and my prize. My masterpiece. The corset. I had to make this myself so it fitted, but with my slightly girly figure and curvy waist it wasn’t too hard. This was again, patent. I slipped on the tights and hot pants with ease, soon doing up the corset and adding accessories before moving to the mirror to fix my makeup. I applied blue eye shadow to the EXTREME, blood red lipstick and back-combed my hair so it was spiky at ends. By now, it was already quarter past seven and I heard a bang on the door. The first guests were here.

Fee’s POV.
I stood tapping my foot impatiently as Mikey looked in the window of his car, making sure his hair laid flat and checking his teeth to see if they were clean.
“Mikey come on. Your wearing an old man wig for crying out loud, no one cares if it’s neat or not.” I moaned. Mikey tutted and flipped me off, continuing to preen himself as if he were as splendid looking as a peacock. I folded my arms and examined my fake nails as I waited for him, hoping the wind didn’t pick up and blow my hair about, unlike Mikey dearest – my hair actually had to look good.
A loud wolf whistle caught my attention and Mikey and I looked up as a group of jocks walked past, winking at me and giving obscene hand gestures which I think were supposed to imply that they wanted me to do some naughty things with them. Namely with my mouth and hands.
“Dudes! He’s a dude!” Mikey shouted, pointing at me. I glared at him as the Jocks gave cries of disgust and walked off. They didn’t have to know I was a guy, and one of them was kinda cute… for a Jock. I mean, how was I supposed to get any action if Mikey started ruining it for me? Though I have to say, I was very proud that I could pass off for a real girl.
“So Mikey, now you ruined my chances of getting any tonight, can we please go inside?” I demanded, my skimpy outfit doubled with the evening temperatures were making me feel like I was stood inside a fridge and I was desperate to get into the house and the stuffy warmth of body heat passed between people… and not in that way. Get your minds out the gutter, there’s only enough room for mine.
“Oh quit whining Frank. I haven’t ruined your chances, you’re gonna get with Gee.” He said as if this was the most obvious thing in the world. I opened my mouth to argue but he was already pulling me towards the house. I had never even met Gerard before, but I was used to Mikey implying that we were going to end up going out and living a long and kinky life together.
He’s a sick kid, really.
Mikey pushed the door open to the house with flourish and released my wrist as soon as he was over the threshold. He saw some girl I think was Alicia and ran over to her, leaving me alone in a strange house, surrounded by strangers, dressed as a woman. I mentally cursed him and tried not to look like some loser who had just stumbled into a random party on the way to gay bar. Who knows, maybe I’d know someone in here. I sure as hell I hoped I would, cos’ I knew there was no chance of me seeing Mikey again. He’s like a love sick puppy; it’s both cute and annoying at the same time.
I bit my lip and walked slowly through the crowds of people until I found my way to the living room. I figured I’d just grab a drink and sit on the sofa looking casual or something. Mikey always insisted I was the coolest person he knew, but I was only cool when I was with Mikey. At a house party, with all the older guys – I was just so not cool. And I felt far from comfortable while in hot pants and a glittery jacket, even my amazing top hat seemed stupid now, despite the fact everyone else was also wearing rocky horror costumes.
I made my way over to the table holding the drinks and got myself a beer, cracking it open as I turned to go to the sofa. I bit my lip as I saw it was already stuffed full of people, most of them making out. I turned to see all other available seats had been taken and wondered what I was going to do now. I couldn’t just stand around the drinks table like a spare part, even though that’s what I felt like. As my eyes roamed around the room they landed on a person talking to a group of people with such confidence it was clear he was the most popular person here. And my God… who was this gorgeous creature? I felt my lips parting a little as I stared at him, unable to look away. He was talking animatedly with his hands and he wore the most amazing hot pants and corset I have ever seen, matched with suspenders, fish nets and killer heels. The necklace he wore and over the top make – up told me he was dressed as Dr. Frankenfurter and boy did he look amazing. He pulled off the transvestite look so well (is that a weird thing to say?) and I was hooked.
As I stared at him the room seemed to become hotter and hotter and I had to force myself to look away. He was so beautiful, so gorgeous, so downright sexy and so so so out of my league. He was clearly at least three years older than me, if not more, and the girls (and guys) surrounding him were all giving him suggestive looks and ‘come hither’ eyes. How could I compare?
I took a miserable sip of my beer and took a step fore ward, gazing around the room once more for a place I could sit or stand where I wouldn’t look too out of place. I wondered where Mikey was, I wondered where his brother was… surely the host should be going around talking to everyone. And I was just a little curious as to know what he was like.
As I thought this I got the unnerving feeling that I was being stared at, so as I walked across the room I looked casually over my shoulder, pretending to scratch the back of my neck and my stomach gave an almighty flip as I saw him staring at me. He had eyes like melting caramel and they were staring right at me. Giving me a look of amusement and intrigue and I wondered whether he was liking what he saw. Not wanting to stare and make my attraction to him too obvious, I looked away and continued walking across the living room, dodging past people and deliberately swaying my hips a little more than necessary. I could feel him watching me the whole time and my confidence soared. Hell yes! He was so checking me out and I was looking just fine and dandy in my awesome outfit. I stopped by the wall and turned around, looking casually about the room whilst deliberately making sure I didn’t look at him. I put on a poker face and kept telling myself over and over again ‘I am sleek and seductive. I am a hot guy/girl and he wants me. I rule this place. I am a master of sexual energy. No one can resist me.’ I was trying my best to portray what I was telling myself but then I almost died as I spared a small glance at him to see he had dislocated himself from the crowd and was making his way over to me, fingers casually rubbing at his hips as he gave me a small seductive smirk.
Oh dear God I think I’m going to faint.
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