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I 'unno bout the title. See, this is what happens when Immys not here xD

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Gerald’s POV [Whoops...]
Holy Shit. Holy SHIT!
Keep cool, princess, just keep cool.
Yeah I know but HOLY SHIT!
Gerard. Frankenfurter. Whatever you’re called. Calm. The. Fuck. Down.
Sorry. But wow. That’s Frank? That’s Frank?
Okay, I’m sorry! The kid looks hot alright? He looks fucking hot. But keep cool. You’re the boss here, he’s just a weedy freshman. A weedy freshman with a really big cock by the looks of it. I was talking to some of the guests about my magnificent costume when he just walked in with Mikey. He looked (and looks) amazing. I was so glad it was him who was playing Columbia, I didn’t care how un-cool he was at school, he was staying here tonight.
I saw him leave Mikey and go into the kitchen, coming out with a drink. That’s when our eyes first locked. Those gorgeous, chocolate pools. You could melt in them. I was practically lost in that one-second gaze until the little prick tease looked away. No matter, I always get what I want. I saw him leaning up a wall, I’m not sure if this was to magnify his dick or not, but it did a great job. Finding it hard not to stare, I decided to break off from my crowd and go see him, ‘introduce myself,’ per say.
As I neared him, I felt a strong urge of butterflies force their way harshly up my stomach. What?! This was Frank. The nerd. The freak. The lowest of the low. Yet, here I was, on my way to eat his face off and already nervous?
Way to contradict yourself there.
Fuck you.
You already have.
You wish. You’re disgusting.
I saw the kid wasn’t looking at me, he seemed occupied looking at Bob who was painted gold and nearly naked. I don’t think so, Bryar, this boy is mine tonight.
“Hey, Frank, right?” I smiled warmly, leaning next to him against the wall.
“Uhh, yeah, how did you--” I cut him off sharply by whispering
“I’m Gerard.” A small gasp escaped his crimson lips and he smiled, turning to face me. Once again, I looked deep into those dark brown eyes. They truely were beautiful. It was weird. I always saw Frank in school, whether he noticed me or not was uncertain, but I never imagined he could look like this. He normally always wore his blazer buttoned up and shirt neatly tucked into his pants, along with his tie. Yes. His tie was once, not tucked to his pants, safety pinned to them. We found this out when Ray last year tried to pants him in full-school attendance and caused him to fly down the side steps with his tie wrenched forward and his pants down by his knees. Mikey came home that day and told me all about it, I nearly pissed my pants laughing. That was last year though, and over the summer Mikey had been seeing him lots and told me he’d changed. I just never thought this much. I know we told him to wear the costume, but there was just something else. Something that screamed ‘I’m new, I’m gorgeous, bite me.’ Oh baby, I’d grant that wish.
Realising how long we’d been looking at each other, I motioned a hand to sit down.
“Sounds great. Uh... Where, exactly?” He giggled. Whoa. That giggle has to be one of the cutest things I have ever heard. I smiled, seeing an empty couch two people had just got up from.
“Right there.” I walked over to it and sprawled out, Frank perching nervously on the end. “Relax man, it’s a party. Here, let me get you a drink.” I got up again and within minutes I had returned with two glasses of something Mikey had fixed up. He and Alicia were making drinks in the kitchen that were stronger than science chemicals (and trust me that’s strong, I’ve drank many experiments we’ve done in class, and none have come close to inspiration for the ‘perfect cocktail.’) That’s when they weren’t making out. I swear they were actually glued to each other’s faces for most of the evening. Whilst I was in the kitchen, I downed two glasses of whatever was in the punch to ‘loosen up’ and returned to my Columbia who was talking to some guy. Wait. What the hell?!

Frankie babies POV

The guy who was talking to me didn’t seem to be aware that I wasn’t listening. I was too busy trying to get over my shell shock, I mean holy shit! That was Gerard? Mikeys big brother Gerard? The ‘he can’t come unless he wears hot pants’ Gerard? He was Frankenfurter? He was the hot guy I was molesting with my eyes? I couldn’t believe it. He was Gerard. I swear my mind was about to explode from the shock. I thought Gerard was… I dunno… a cock? I thought he didn’t like me. Why was he talking to me? I thought he’d be… I dunno… not drop dead stunningly amazingly unfairly gorgeous, that’s for sure.
The guy who was talking to me suddenly put a hand on my knee and jolted me out of my thoughts, he seemed to have finally noticed that I wasn’t giving him an ounce of attention and had therefore decided to step up his game. I looked at him in surprise and then back down at my knee which he was now squeezing a little. I gave him a confused look and he smiled at me. Was that look supposed to be seductive?
“You look really good you know. Where did you get the costume?” He asked huskily and I raised my eyebrows at him. Oh hell no, I was so not interested. I had already found my fantasy for the evening and it was so not this joker.
“I made it. And your in my seat, so if you wouldn’t mind fucking off.” I looked up with the guy to see Gerard giving him a death glare, holding two cups of what looked like some dangerous concoction. The look he was giving sent little prickles of fear up my spine and I knew the guy was not going to argue. He began stuttering as he got to his feet, apologising and backing off. Gerard scoffed to himself and flopped down onto the sofa beside me, glaring at the guy until he had disappeared into the crowd.
“Sorry about that Frank. Some people round here are such perves.” He said with a sigh, I gave him a weird look as I took the drink he offered me. I guessed he didn’t class himself as one then. As I stared at him and was reminded of how amazing he looked and I was once again put into a state of shock. How could this be Gerard? I was simply amazed. How come Mikey didn’t tell me he had such a good looking brother? That’s like… like… It’s like sacrilege!
“So, what do you think of your costume? It took me ages to make.” Gerard said, peering at me from over the rim of his cup as he took a sip of his drink. I shrugged nervously and took a sip of my own drink, trying to look casual and failing as whatever it was nearly killed me. Strong alcoholic fumes rose in my throat and I began trying to force back my coughing fit. It didn’t go too well and I ended up choking a little, tears in my eyes. I swallowed deeply and tried my best to disguise the coughing as a sneeze but I don’t think I was fooling anybody. When I finally felt ready to open my mouth without choking I answered.
“Its nice…” Its nice that’s the best I can come up!? Oh great, I just get more and more nerdy the longer the night goes on. I mentally bitch slapped my self as Gerard gave me a weird smile. I bet he was laughing at me in his head, and I felt my cheeks burning a little. I wanted to impress him so bad, he was so amazing looking and he had to have good taste if he liked the Rocky horror picture show.
“You know Frankie, Mikey never told me you would make such a good looking Columbia.” He said smoothly and I felt my stomach squirming, my mouth going dry. Oh man he was so cool… he had such a ‘way cooler than thou’ thing going on, and he was way out of my league. But he was talking to me, and part of me wondered whether it was all a cruel joke. Or did he really like me too? Oh god I hoped so. I wondered if he looked just as good under that corset…
No! Bad Frankie, stop perving! Dammit but he looks so good…. Still. It probably won’t help my case if I start drooling all over the place.
He gave me a questioning look and I blushed as I realised I had been too busy thinking to answer him. Wow Frank, wait a go and help your self.
“Oh well… erm… thanks…” I mumbled. So it was lame, I just didn’t know what else to say. I had never felt so tongue tied in my life. Gerard’s beautiful caramel eyes sparkled as he smirked at me and I swear my jaw dropped just a little bit.
“Uhm… You’re welcome…” He drawled and I bit my lip before subconsciously passing my tongue over it as I looked at him. I raised a hand to my neck and scratched the skin a little to try and distract myself from him. I saw his eyes following my hands and tongue, looking back at me with a sexy smile. He leaned forward and I caught the smell of expensive manfume (perfume for guys, seriously – it should be called that. Right there with guyliner) as he flicked my top hat. He leaned back again and my breath came out in a shudder.
“The hat suits you. You pull off the whole look amazingly Frankie, if you don’t mind me saying.” He said sweetly and I shook my head in a daze.
“N – No, I don’t mind. You look awesome too.” I replied, blushing after I said it and hoping my red cheeks would just look like blusher or something. I wanted so badly to be as casual and cool as he was, but I was failing miserably. If I had known Mikeys brother looked like an orgasm in fishnets then I would have prepared myself. But of course, Mikey failed to mention this little detail to me.
“Hey Gee!” Someone with brown curls bounded over to Gerard, slipping a little as he slurred out his name. Gerard who had been observing me with those amazing eyes sighed and turned to look at the guy. My stomach lurched as I recognised him as the little bastard who had pantsed me once. Gerard got to his feet and approached him before he could reach us and put a hand on his shoulder, helping him remain upright.
“What is it Ray?” He asked, the boy, Ray patted Gerard’s head – or tried to at least, and slopped some of the drink that had nearly killed me onto the floor.
“Thish partee ish bangin’.” He slurred. “And you are lucking especi – ally shexy!” He smirked, I felt a twang of jealousy and hoped Gerard didn’t like this guy Ray. Drunk or not I wasn’t happy that another guy was hitting on my drool fest.
“Thanks Ray, hey why don’t you go find Bob and we can all hang out?” Gerard offered with a smile and my heart sank. I had hoped it could just be me and him for the night, but of course he’d want to be around his other friends too. I was stupid for getting my hopes up, I was just making a bumbling idiot out of myself anyway.
“Okay!” Ray slurred brightly and stumbled off to find Bob, who I believed was the guy in the body paint. Gerard rolled his eyes and came back over to the sofa, but he didn’t sit back down, instead he held out his hand to me.
“Come on, this place is getting pretty crowded. It’ll be easier to talk in my room.” He said and I felt my stomach flip. Did this mean we wouldn’t be sitting with Ray and Bob? I took his hand without a word, too afraid that I’d end up stuttering out something stupid along the lines of “Okay, I’d love to see the bed I’ll be fantasizing about later” or “Who wants to talk? Just kiss me already”. Nope, definitely better just to keep my mouth shut.
He pulled me through the crowds of people and instead of leading me upstairs like I expected he took me over to a door I presumed led down to the basement. My assumptions were proven right as the door opened up to reveal a set of stairs leading downwards.
“You go right on down.” Gerard said as he flicked on the light. “I’m just gonna lock the door so we don’t get disturbed.” He said casually and I nearly fell down the stairs. I guessed that meant we were definitely not being joined by Bob and Ray, and I gripped the hand rail tight as I walked precariously down the stairs in my tall heels. I heard the door lock and I swear I could feel his eyes on my ass, I was sure I was imagining it but just in case I made sure I gave a sexy little sway of my hips as I walked, coming to the bottom of the stairs and finding myself in the most awesome room I have ever seen. And there was a very good bed too, big, room for lots of movement.
Your perving again Frankie.

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