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A/N: Heyyyyy guyss, just a little notlet to agree with Rayray, thank you so much for all your amazing reviews and rates mio fellow amigos! I’m currently copying this up to my PC as I had to write all this from hand (was staying at my awesome granny’s house last night and laughing at Ukraine on Eurovision :D) Anyway. On with the chapter, enjoy kiddies!
Gee-Gee’s POVeee [Hey, a rhyme!]
Wow. That has to be one of the sexiest and flirtatious walks I have ever seen. The way he sways his hips. The way those hot pants hug his tight little ass. Everything about him is just downright perfect. I walked seductively in behind my little beauty and shut my bedroom door, making sure I dimmed the lights and flicked on my scarlet heart lamp (bet you’re jealous.)
“Sit down? Sorry, it’s a little cool in here...” He sat down on my bed, smiling graciously at me. His golden hat shimmered in the glowing red light, matching the gorgeous sparkle in his soft eyes. He shivered a little and put his arms round his delicate frame. He was right. Fuck, it was cold in here. Though that could have been from the extreme lack of clothing we were both wearing. “You okay?” I asked, smiling warmly and sitting next to the beautiful creature on the bed. He bit his lip again and smiled up at me, blushing a little and letting me gain some confidence.
“Yeah, it is a little cold though, I guess that’s ‘cos I’m wearing like nothing...” We shared a laugh, me blushing at my own stupid, childish giggle.
“You do look really good though...” He looked up and smiled, saying ‘thanks’ softly.
“Y-you do too... That’s a... That costume is... It’s really cool.” Awwwh! He is so CUTE when he’s flustered! I ran my finger along the brim of his top-hat again and smiled.
“Thank you,” I said as cutely as possible, failing miserably as, well, it’s ME. I suck at trying to be cute. Sure, I’m an excellent kisser, and a pretty good fuck at that (and no, I haven’t tried whatever you freaks are thinking, I’ve been told okay?! Perverts. How is that even possible?! Hmm...) It’s just, when it comes to being sweet, I’m shit. I got up and walked over to my iPod speakers. “Music?” He nodded and I bent down to pick up my iPod from the floor, smiling to myself when I heard a tiny gasp emitted. I knew he was looking, I mean, I’m not bragging but how could he not in this little number? I made sure to bend over a little more before getting up and putting the little black device in the speakers. It was on shuffle and I was panicking slightly as I sat back down as to what song would start playing. Believe me. I have some real shit on there. A smile played on my lips however as the familiar sound of ‘Wires’ by Athlete wafted gently though the room. Everything was perfect. Frankie (I think he should go by that name now. It’s way sexier) was relaxing to the music and smiling almost adoringly at me. I looked at him and smiled back, completely losing myself in his eyes. I let myself fall back on the bed slowly and lean slightly on my side, half sitting up and propped on one elbow. Frankie followed my gaze and kicked off his heels, turning and slouching back on the bed a little. It didn’t occur to me how long I had been looking, I didn’t know if this was the drink going to my head or what, but I seemed to slip into some trance-like state with him. It’s like his eyes were hypnotising me and I couldn’t look away, I didn’t even blink. They truly were magical, they shined just right in the light, the deep red glow blending in with his dark brown and making his pupils grow even more. He was looking right back, obviously also completely mesmerised by my hazel and now red orbs. I momentarily let my eyes wander to his lips which were formed in a perfectly seductive yet subtle pout, the scarlet being softly accented even more by the light. The music drifted into Aiden’s ‘Moment,’ and he smiled at the change, showing some of those gorgeous pearly whites. I smiled back, then resuming my sleek and subtly flirty pout. I was learning from the master opposite me. Wandering back up to his eyes, I noticed his makeup, soft blue eye shadow and black flick-tails of eyeliner. He looked absolutely gorgeous, to die for. And it was clear he was in the same state. Completely lost for words, almost frozen in time, trying to capture as much of the moment as possible.
“I... I’m r-really glad you came... to.. night...” I said softly, nearly not finishing my sentence as I could barely speak.
“Thanks...” He said, slouching a little more as I kicked off my own shoes. He was sitting just above me, leaning back but sat nearly up on his left hand. “I’m really glad I c-came... too...” He finished in an equally hypnotic tone yet still retaining his beautiful angelic half-whisper. I let my left gloved hand cross over my body and creep to rest on the one keeping him up, his fingers slowly curling round mine and making me roll fully on my side. Soon, he was holding my hand completely, closing his eyes a little as my silky gloved fingers subconsciously stroked the back of his own white glove. As the song switched to ‘Your Fractured Life’ by Air Traffic (Thank you GOD for making me listen to my ‘Depressives’ playlist before I turned off my iPod,) I slowly moved my hand to his arm and wrist, my fingers dipping underneath his jacket’s golden sleeve and running them lightly back to rest over the back of his hand, once again stroking the gloved skin. I used my foot to kick on my crappy heater, careful not to break this powerful moment.
“That... That should start to er... work in a... few minutes... You still cold?”
“A little...” He said quietly, his heavenly tone sailing through the air like waves in an ocean. I pulled his hand slowly so it rested under my back, Frankie happily melting in my arms and laying down on his side next to me on the bed. I felt his left hand cup the very pit of my back and his right travel to rest on my left shoulder blade. I wrapped my arms around him, my left hand resting half way up his back. I was careful not to seem too possessive; though he was sexy as hell, he seemed so fragile, like a porcelain doll. He tensed a little at the touch but relaxed almost immediately, letting me rest my right arm and hand under his neck, my fingers playing with his wigged hair and my forehead resting to touch his hat brim. It was the perfect moment, I really didn’t think tonight could get any better than this.

Fee’s POV.

I was perving again. I couldn’t help it. He looked so damn good, that perfect corset and ass gripping hot pants, and oh man did he have a good ass. He bent down to get his I – pod and I nearly died, I may have gasped just a little but I was trying my best not to show I liked him. I’m usually very good at being cool and seductive, but that’s when I’m trying to pass off as a twenty year old in the back alleys behind clubs, getting with cute guys I don’t know just because it’s the only action I can find, cos’ at school – if your not straight then you’re dead. Gerard how ever, didn’t seem to have that problem. Pretty much everyone at the school knew he was gay, but he was popular because of his house parties and so no one gave a damn that he liked guys, in fact, the girls seemed to like it. Anyways, where was I going with this… oh yeah, he looked hot.
I was lying in his arms and slightly confused as to how we had got into this position. I didn’t mind what so ever but I had been so busy perving on him I hadn’t really noticed we were moving until I found myself wrapping my arms around him and looking at him from my side. He looked so damn hot and our faces were almost touching, I couldn’t help but pout a little, wondering how good it would feel to have his lips on mine. Hm… kissing with lipstick, now there’s something I haven’t tried, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a go. Especially if it was with Mr. Sex-on-legs here.
The music coming from his I – pod was perfect for the mood, and I had to say – I was impressed by the stuff he listened to. I loved every song that came on, and would have been commenting on it if I wasn’t too caught up in staring at him.
His room was pretty cold but I guess that’s just because it’s the basement, and he had turned on the heater, but now I wasn’t sure we needed it because lying in his arms was getting me pretty hot. I couldn’t help it – I was trying hard not to just pounce on him, and I was getting pretty flustered as I molested him with my eyes, and I’m pretty certain he was doing the same thing to me. His lips were a little pouted too, just like mine, and I wondered whether he’d mind if I kissed him.
“Don’t mind the music do you?” He asked quietly, his face was so close to mine I could feel his hot breath on my face and it only made me want him more.
“N – No, it’s great.” I whispered, I was feeling a little calmer now that I was getting used to being around him.
“Ya’ know Frankie, I really like being down here with you.” He said smoothly and I swallowed deeply, ugh just kiss me please.
“Y- Yeah? I like being here too.” I answered and he smiled, a teasing, seductive smile and I subconsciously licked my lips.
“I’m glad, and I know I keep saying it but you really do look amazing.” He said, reaching up and gently pulling my hat off my head, causing the soft scarlet hair of the wig to cascade down over my shoulders and I saw him take a small breath in, his eyes sparkling. That subtle little sign of him adoring me gave me the confidence boost I was in serious need of. I was getting sick of being so stuttery and nervous around him; I wanted to be a sex god dammit!
“Thanks, and you look great too. Really, really great.” I drawled. Oh yeah! Frankles the master of sexual energy is back bitchees. I saw him smirk and lean forward a little, twisting a lock of the scarlet hair around his finger. I could see him staring at my lips and I leaned forward stopping just before I reached him and waiting to see if he would close the gap, if he wanted to kiss me he would and if he didn’t then I wouldn’t have made a fool of myself. I was leaving the ball in his court… err, so to speak. His eyes searched mine for a moment and I lost myself in the golden orbs once more, my lips parting just in time as he closed the gap and pressed his soft lips to mine. It took me a little by surprise; I mean I liked him… And I had guessed that he liked me but dude – I was kissing him! I didn’t think I had any luck at all, but oh my god he could get any person he wanted from this party and he had me. Me. If my mouth wasn’t so occupied I would’ve squealed like a girl… good thing my mouth is occupied then. Talking of which…
His lips were full and soft and sweet and I was instantly all his. He was kissing me slowly and gently, and I couldn’t help but reach up and press a hand to the back of his head, pulling him closer and opening my mouth to give his tongue access, eager to taste some more. His tongue twisted around mine and I surrendered to him, allowing him to explore my mouth and suck my bottom lip between his teeth and bite down gently. His legs slowly tangled into mine as he twisted one hand into my wig hair and pressed the other to the base of my back, pulling me closer to him so there were no gaps between us. My senses felt heightened, I could feel his chest on mine, his legs round mine, and yes – his crotch on mine, and dammit his tongue plundered my mouth slowly and teasingly and I couldn’t help but wrap my arms tight around him, pressing our mouths closer, pushing his tongue back to do some of my own exploring. He tasted like cherry lip gloss, cigarettes and alcohol and it was a delightfully bitter sweet taste. He was massaging his fingers through my hair, down to my neck and lowering his other hand to softly cup my ass. I pushed my hips closer to his, feeling him gasp a little in my mouth as I moved my tongue over his. I was a good kisser and took pride in it, but this was the first person who could match me in the skill and it was exciting. I wondered what else he was good at…
Perving again.
Yeah? Well I’m allowed to perve now. So yeah – I wondered if he was just as good at other bed room activities. I bet he was…
I tangled my fingers into his hair, raising my body a little to attempt to push our mouths even closer, our lips working eagerly in sync as we shared the best first kiss I’ve ever had with a guy… or girl, for that matter. He moved both arms down to my waist and wrapped them tight around me, slowly rolling us over so that I was on my back and he was lieing atop me. I instinctively moved my legs apart so that he could fit easily against me and he pulled back from the kiss, pressing his lips to my jaw and tracing a line down to my neck.
“Frankie… your too hot for your own good… you know that?” He asked between kisses, reaching my neck and sucking on the flesh, biting and licking playfully as I closed my eyes and tilted my head back to give him better access.
“Uh huh…” I responded breathlessly, the scarlet wig fanned out over the pillow. He moved his lips to a second spot on my neck and began giving it the same treatment as the first. He was going to leave a mark, I knew that, but I didn’t care. It felt too good. I moved my hands to grip his sides as he attacked my neck in numerous places, driving me crazy. I bucked my hips up on instinct and ground our crotches together, sending sparks of pleasure through my veins and causing him to bite down a littler harder on my flesh. I whined in delight and felt his hands moving down to my hips, sliding down my thighs and squeezing the flesh as he caught my lips into his once more. Our hips rocked together again and I felt myself becoming more and more aroused, which wasn’t a great thing in already very restricting hot pants but things were already going a bit too fast, we were well and truly caught in the heat of the moment and I didn’t want this too happen like that, although it was so tempting.
“G – Gerard, wait.” I breathed, gently pushing him from me and causing our lips to stick a second before coming apart. He raised his body to look down at me and I could see his eyes were shining with lust, no doubt just like mine. He gave me a questioning look and I raised my self on my elbows, causing him to fall back and kneel on the mattress between my knees. I sat up and draped my arms over his shoulders giving him a small smile.
“I’m sorry it’s just, I don’t want to go too far. I mean, if we carry on the way we’re going there’s no telling how far it’ll go.” I said softly and he bit his lip, nodding.
“You’re right, I’m sorry.” He said, I shook my hand and brushed a hand through his hair.
“Don’t be. Its not that I don’t like you it’s just… I’m not ready for… that yet.” I said quietly. Okay, so I sound like a virgin, but what ever.
“It’s okay.” He said gently, smiling at me and wrapping his arms loosely around me. “Its fine to want to take it slow.” He said kindly and I knew he was thinking I was a virgin.
“I just don’t want to go that far when we’ve only known each other for a few hours.” I said and he nodded, agreeing with me and kissing my cheek softly. Okay, so I’m being a hypocrite since sometimes I’ll know a guy half an hour and then we’re up against a wall behind some bar going at it like rabbits. But that’s just for fun, that’s just so I can get my kicks – and I always make sure I take protection with me, there’s constantly a condom in my back pocket, but of course with this outfit there was no back pocket, and though I’m sure Gerard had plenty of supplies I didn’t want him to be like a bar guy, just a guy for a night who I’ll never a see again. I don’t know why, but I want Gerard to be different. I don’t want a one night stand if its Gerard, I want more than that. Maybe I’m just being stupid… or sensible for once, either way, it’s weird.
I was so caught up in my thinking I didn’t notice watching me fondly and I blushed as I caught him staring at me. I gave a small smile and he grinned at me.
“Frank seriously, don’t worry, we can just kiss. You can say no to me ya’ know.” He said, and I smiled, it was sweet of him, really.
“Kissing sounds good.” I smirked and he grinned at me, pulling me into him and pressing his lips to mine once more.
Hm… I wondered if Mikey will be grossed out if I share all this with him tomorrow…
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