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Whatever Happened To Saturday Night?

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The boys get a little tipsaay ;)

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Geenius’s POV

This was magical. Mikey was officially the best brother ever. I couldn’t wait to tell him about Frankie and I. Wait, there was a Frankie and I... Right? I fucking hoped so, I knew tonight I’d find someone, and I think he might be it. My hands were resting on his waist and I was kissing him slowly, yet hungrily on the lips. As my lips gently pouted and pressed against my beautiful angel’s, I heard ‘Fall for you’ playing quietly. Shit. Second hand fucking Serenade?! Oh God, I didn’t even know I had this on here, he probably thinks I’m a real ass with shitty music taste now. I blushed into the kiss and felt his soft hands rest gently on my cheeks.
“I love this song” he whispered, resting his forehead against mine and breathing his warm breath slowly into my open mouth. It was like warm honey melting on my lips, it was wonderful. I smiled, pressing my lips once more to his own, manoeuvring myself to sit on the sides of my knees, still in between his knees. He emitted a deep, gravelly moan into my mouth, the heat of his lips warming my body completely. I took off one of my bracelets with one hand and chucked it at my heater knob (no not that type) to turn it off again or I may have actually died, it was so hot in here. His hands caressed my cheeks gently, one moving to the back of my head to run through my hair. It felt fucking amazing. Although I’d had this treatment from many guys (and some girls) before, from Frankie it felt so different. So... Special. Real. As if he meant everything he did, unlike the rest of the guys upstairs, I knew 99% of them were just looking for a quick fuck. Well, I’m glad I found that 1%. I’m more than glad; I’m fucking over the moon.
I broke after a moment, looking him in the eyes and smiling. “Want another drink?” He nodded, pecking my lips gently before releasing the grip of my cheeks. “I’ll be right back.” I get up, leaving, shoeless to upstairs. The party has moved into the ‘slow mode’ where everyone has grabbed obviously a random guy or girl (or plant in Bob’s case) and started slow dancing to ‘Take A-fucking-Bow’ by Rhianna. I giggled to myself; seriously, Bob was practically humping the cactus. He must be fucking wasted, I mean, dude, it’s a CACTUS. He didn’t seem to notice, so I thought I’d leave him with his love.
I made my way to the kitchen, stepping over the various people on the floor ‘passionately’ making out. As if that was passionate. Those people weren’t passionate, they were just sleazy. Sleazy and drunk. Okay, so I was a little jealous that two perfect strangers were already doing body fondling to the max on the couch on top of two other people who I swear were virgins before, well, about ten minutes ago by the looks of things. But fuck it. Our romantic evening meant so much more. At least we’d remember ours anyway.
Slipping into the kitchen, I grabbed an empty glass jug from our dresser and filled it with the mysterious punch Mikey and Alicia made. So it tasted like paint stripper. It would liven up our evening that’s for sure. Almost ready to head downstairs, I took two cups off the side and went over to the sink to wash them clean. I saw half the weird druggie kids had turned up here and didn’t want to chance what could have been in any of those cups. Suddenly, I felt two hands grip my waist. So Frankie followed me. I didn’t bother turning round, only smiling when I felt a soft kiss pressed to the back of my neck.
“Hey gorgeous” I said, leaning back on the shoulder of my baby only to be greeted with a large mess of brown curls. Shit. Who the fuck was this?! I turned round, my lips immediately meeting Ray’s and being forced into a harsh, uncomfortable kiss. He pinned me up the counter and moaned loudly into my mouth, his stench-filled breath nearly knocking me senseless. I put my hands on Ray’s chest and pushed him away hard, not caring that he was now in the floor. “EW Ray! What the hell man!” I wiped my mouth in disgust, taking a hearty gulp of the punch from the jug. Ray’s maid’s outfit which he was wearing had ridden up and I noticed a particularly large bulge under his skirt, nearly making me want to vomit. Imagine this. A ‘chick.’ In a French-maid’s outfit. With a massive boner. Yeah. Ew. He staggered up, slurring something like ‘but princess’ only to be shoved back on the floor again. I took the jug full of acidic punch and cups, walking smoothly out of the kitchen and down to the basement. I locked the first door and nearly fell down the rest of the steps, shit that drink was fucking strong.
Giggling, I opened the door and threw the cups on my bed, seeing Frankie laying on his front facing me. I walked over and put the jug on the side table, laying next to my gorgeous beauty.
“Has someone been drinking the punch already?” Frankie said, laughing as he pecked my lips again.
“A little... You want some?”
“Sure. Here let me pour it.” He climbed seductively over me and took the cups, pouring us both a glass. I looked away momentarily, feeling a gentle nip to my earlobe seconds later. “Here you go sugar.” He handed me a glass, taking it off me again when I nearly dropped it. Whoa, how full is this?! And he has like... None.
“Gee, Frankie, you’ve hardly got any.”
“Yeah, I just drank some,” he said, wiping his lipsticked mouth. Oh. I smiled, letting him put the glass to my lips and pour some of the liquid into my mouth. After a few seconds, he takes the now empty glass away, refilling it. Whoa, SHIT! That is some.... Strong... Stuff....

Frankie doodles POV.
Okay, so I was getting him just a teensy little bit drunk… I couldn’t help it, he was so adorable when he was giving me a lopsided grin, and it wasn’t like I was taking advantage of him, I mean, I was drinking too. Catching quick gulps of whatever the hell it was between filling and refilling his cup. I was only going to refill it once but seriously that stuff has got to be pure alcohol, cos’ by the time he had finished the first cup we were both fairly wasted and refilling his cup again and again seemed like a great idea.
“This stuff is strong.” He slurred, swaying a little as he held up his cup. I nodded my agreement and fell back onto the mattress, giggling madly at nothing in particular. Gerard laughed along with me, tossing his empty cup onto the floor and crawling seductively up my body, resting over me and pressing his lips a little messily to mine. I kissed him back hungrily, all self control out the window. My idea to take it slow before had been completely forgotten now, I was drunk and I knew it, he was drunk and he knew it, and we would probably go too far but dammit neither of us cared.
Everything that was happening was going by in a blur, his hands in my hair, my hands squeezing his wonderfully sexy ass, the way we kissed and nipped at each others lips, hungrily searching the other person’s body with our finger tips. I wasn’t really aware of it when we started grinding our hips together, but no amount of alcohol could cause me to be unaware of it when the infuriatingly tight hot pants caused my cock to ache as the blood rushed down south.
I whined into Gerard’s mouth, hoping he’d get the point, but I don’t know if he did or not because before we could go any further the sound of something heavy hitting the floor caused us both to look sideways with blurry eyes. The guy Ray was lying on the floor, groaning a little to himself. Gerard sat up, swaying a little.
“Ray? What the hell man?” Ray struggled to his feet and pointed an accusing finger at us.
“Is she why you don’t want me? What could she-“He stopped to hiccup before continuing. “Give you that I can’t?” He demanded, Gerard rolled his eyes and I giggled, too drunk to wonder what Ray was talking about. Or the fact the he was mistaking me for a girl.
“You’re a bitch!” He slurred, grabbing what was left of the weird punch and throwing it over us. Gerard squealed and I cried out before taking a deep breath and falling into a fit of laughter.
“I would of given you anything.” He whimpered, taking a step back and knocking over a stack of comic books. I was practically dieing of laughter and Gerard was looking as confused as a two year old who had just been told pie was not food, but a weird ass number.
Ray hit the opposite wall and stuck his tongue out at Gerard (like that’s insulting) before turning and jumping up, trying to reach the small window set high in the wall which is how he had probably got into the room in the first place. He tried and failed three times before sinking to the floor and curling into a ball. Falling asleep almost instantly and snoring loudly. In my drunken state I felt like I had never seen anything funnier and my giggle fit intensified. Gerard tutted and shook his head at Ray, sinking down beside me and wrapping his arms around me.
“Fucking drunk.” He slurred and I poked his nose, giggling a little more. He kissed me softly on the cheek before resting his head beside mine. I watched as his eyes slowly closed and his lips parted, breathing softly as he slipped into sleep. I giggled to myself and kissed him on the forehead before rolling onto my back and yawning. The alcohol was pretty much knocking me out and the last thing that went through my mind was that I was too hot, so I pulled off my suit jacket, exposing my chest before my body slumped and I went into the same deep sleep as Gerard and Ray.

I woke up to a thumping head ache and no recollection as to how I had got it. I groaned and rubbed my eyes, willing the sleep away before pulling my hands back and looking around groggily. There was a small ray of sunlight coming through the tiny window and for a second my heart jolted. Where the hell was I? I sat up, regretting it as my head ache intensified. I glanced about and saw a passed out guy on the floor wearing a maids outfit. He had a mass of brown curls and was drooling a little. Oh god please don’t tell me I slept with that guy. I could just about remember I had come to a party of Mikeys, and then… what happened then? What was that guys name anyway? Rob? Richard? Richie? As I pondered this I looked to the side of me and saw my glittering gold jacket that Gerard had made me… Gerard! Everything came rushing back to me and I almost sighed with relief, that guy was Ray and I hadn’t slept with him. I had in fact spent the night in the arms of Mikeys delicious brother. Talking of which… was no where to be seen.
I slowly crawled out of the bed and stumbled across the floor, I saw a second door that I hadn’t noticed the night before and wondered if it was a bathroom. I tried it and sighed with relief as the automatic light flicked on to reveal a toilet, sink and shower. I was dieing for a pee and I rushed into the room, shutting the door and locking it just in case the Ray guy woke up.
As I was washing my hands I glanced into the mirror above the sink and nearly had a heart attack. My wig had nearly fallen off and my natural hair was sticking up in random angles, my eyes were blood shut and my skin was pale. But perhaps most shocking (or not) of all, my red lipstick was smeared all around my mouth no doubt from the drunken kissing that had gone on the night before, and my neck was covered in love bites and smudges of red lipstick that had once been on Gerard’s extremely kissable lips. I smirked a little to myself despite the fact I looked like shit and decided it would probably best if I washed off my make-up (and Gerard’s) before going upstairs. I didn’t have a change of clothes so I’d have to make do with my hot pants and sequined jacket, but I would take the wig off and try to look as normal as possible before going to find Gerard.
Ah Gerard… that sexy beast… and now its perfectly okay to perve on him because we were… hold on… what were we? Were we like… together now? I hoped so, I knew I hadn’t known him that long but I definitely wanted to be with him now. I guessed I’d have to ask him when I found him.
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