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I'm Going Home...

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Oh Shit... Bad things afoot...

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Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s POV [Ha ha :D]

‘So, you didn’t fuck him?’
‘No, Mikey. For the thousandth time, I did not fuck him.’
‘Or Frankie?’
‘Dude I thought we were talking about Frankie! Who did you mean?’
‘Well I saw Ray-’ I nearly dropped my boiling hot coffee all over my feet.
‘Ew NO! Why does everyone want me to fuck Ray! No, there was no fucking whatsoever going on last night.’ We were both sat in the kitchen on the counter like we did every morning, Mikey still in his ragamuffin costume. I woke up about eight with a shocking headache so quickly raided my pill cupboard until I felt better again. After that, I crept out of bed, careful not to wake my gorgeous Frankie. I found him asleep with his head on my chest, gently pouting on my skin as if he had been kissing it before he dropped off. I smiled, just holding him and watching the angel sleep. He truly was beautiful; I have no idea why I never noticed it before.
I had to climb over Ray before I reached my door; he was sprawled on the floor in his maid’s outfit, his hair making him look like the lion off Narnia. And Mikey thought I’d fucked him? Mikey thought I’d stoop so low as to fuck the beast? Hell no. Hell fucking NO. Anyway, so when I eventually dragged myself up here, Mikey was already up and polishing off the kitchen. I swear that kid never sleeps (and no not for that reason, as I’ve said, have you seen him?! Although he did look fractionally better with post party-night hair and no glasses. Still.) It seemed like everyone had gone, all except Alicia who was curled up on the sofa (and still is,) sleeping under our grey throw. Bob was there too, sleeping with his face pressed up the cactus. I can’t wait until he wakes up, boy that’s gonna be a sight.
I walked past Mikey in the kitchen and upstairs to take a hot shower. Checking myself in the mirror, as usual, I smiled. I looked positively repulsive, my hair was sticking up at all ends, there was several large smears of lipstick all over my neck and rim of my corset from dear Frankie’s... Antics. My eye makeup had also smudged, I don’t know about Frankenfurter, I looked more like the proper Frankenstein, and Mikey was still downstairs in his clobber. I didn’t care though, bad as I looked, I loved it. All the memories of that wonderful night were there, right on me, and I was about to wash them all away. I saddened at that thought; I didn’t want to forget last night ever. It was amazing. Except for the part with Ray... That grossed me out. Undoing my corset and taking off my hot pants and fishnets, I stepped in the shower, turning on the head and waiting for the water to come blasting out. Peach today, I think. I grabbed the orange bottle off my shelf of the cabinet, pulling it out of the rainbow of shampoo bottles and squeezing a little into my hand. I rubbed it into my skin, letting the relaxing scent wash Frankie back into my mind. I smiled and closed my eyes, feeling far better. It was like my incredible hangover was almost gone. I grabbed some honey and lemon shampoo off the shelf and washed some into my hair. Seriously, that stuff was like an orgasm in a bottle, it was magic. Once completely lathered up, I let the hot water wash the soap off my body and rinsed the shampoo out of my hair. I stepped out, turning off the shower and towel drying my hair, wrapping it in a turban and tying another towel around my waist. Stepping out the shower, I shivered at the sudden temperature drop, nipping into Mikey’s room to borrow some of his ‘man perfume’ or whatever stuff he used to smell good. I then walked downstairs to see the living room and kitchen spotless and my brother sat on the counter, smiling at me with his coffee. Here we are now, and I’m still shocked at how he did it. He’s such a clean-o-holic, he even tried once to invade my room with his duster. Yes, he ended up outside, on his ass. But anyway, the real thing I was shocked about was Ray. How the hell could he even think that?!
‘Okay dude I’m sorry! So who did you lay then? Come on, you must have banged at least someone.’ Nice, I’m glad to see how high my dear old brother thinks of me.
‘I’ve said Mikey, there was no fucking.’ Mikey’s jaw nearly hit the floor. Great.
‘What?! Gerard Way, surviving a party without taking anyone?!’
‘Listen. I may not be a complete sexual retard like you, but that doesn’t mean I bang people 24/7.’ I said smoothly, I mean, jeez, I’m not some kind of whore.
Shut up.
‘One, I am not a sexual retard, I actually have a rather wide knowledge of the female ‘areas.’’ He said ‘smoothly’ whilst smirking, actually looking like rather a prick. I raised my eyebrows sceptically, drinking the rest of my coffee. ‘And two, yes you do, I’m surprised you weren’t packing Ray whilst Frankie wasn’t looking, that’s the only reason he came down there anyway.’ I cringed at last night; he was completely off his tits.
‘He was fucking wasted.’
‘Hmm, I’m not so sure...’ Mikey said teasingly.
‘Bullshit, didn’t you see him?!’ I got down off the sink and fixed some water, Mikey could never make good coffee.
‘Yeah, but drunks do exaggerate their real feelings they have at that time-’ I chucked the water over Mikey, screaming ‘WHAT THE HELL?!’ at the top of my voice. It was quite amazing. Alicia only stirred, and as for Bob and the other two, they were almost dead. They didn’t react at all, and Bob was only about three feet away.
‘Dude don’t even GO THERE!’
‘That’s what you said about F-’
‘No! Just no man.’ There was a pause, Mikey not seeming too bothered that I had just doused him in water. I guess he was pretty used to it, this happened quite a lot.
‘I think he does really like you though...’
‘What?! Don’t talk ass Mikey, I’m filling up another cup.’
‘Oh shit. Seriously though, you should’ve heard him. He was talking about you yesterday at the party with me...’ What? I was intrigued now.
‘What was he saying?’
‘Just how...’ Mikey looked slightly uneasy. ‘Just how he hoped something would happen last night... Like with you and him... He said that was the main reason he was coming. And I felt so bad telling him about Frankie.’ My mouth dropped slightly. Ray?! Liked me?! Holy shit.

Feeness POV.

I fuck… I can’t breathe.
I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I honestly felt my entire rib cage drop through my ass just then. My tongue had gone dry and I seemed to have forgotten how to inhale.
“Oh shit…” That was the last thing I heard Mikey say before I was running out of the house as fast as my tiny legs would take me. I had never felt so… so … I don’t know, but I had definitely never felt like it before. It was a sickening cocktail of countless emotions churning inside my stomach. I began running down the street, not caring I had no shoes on, not caring I was wearing hot pants and a gold sequined jacket, not caring that I lived on the other side of town, I just had to get away. I had to leave and never show my face again. And as I ran with each pounding step I took I could hear those words replaying in my head.
“Yeah but drunks do exaggerate their real feeling they have at the time-“
“WHAT THE HELL! Dude don’t even GO THERE”
“That’s what you said about F-”
“No! Just no man.”
“I think he really does like you though...”
“What!? Don’t talk ass Mikey, I’m filling another cup.”

I felt like such an idiot. I couldn’t believe I had ever thought he actually liked me, of course he didn’t like me, he had just been looking for a one night stand just like every other dick in the place and he had just happened to pick me. I was so angry, at him and myself. I should’ve known he was too good to be true, I should have realised I didn’t deserve him. Dammit why did he have to be such a whore! I hated him, I really fucking hated him.
And yet I couldn’t help but feel like curling up on the pavement and crying until my eyes shrivelled up and popped out of my head. It’s not like I’ve never been used before, oh hell, I’ve been used countless of times, and I’ve used guys too – but this was the first time it hurt so bad. This was the only time I actually wished it had been different. I thought he liked me… but clearly he didn’t. He just wanted to get me drunk so he could screw me, well thank fuck for Mikey and his coma inducing cocktail.

It took me an hour and half to make it all the way home, and by the time I had stomped up to my room I was in an even worse mood than before. Part of me wished I had stayed over at Mikeys, maybe I had misunderstood. But what was there for me to have got wrong? Staying there would only have been uncomfortable and awkward, I felt foolish enough as it was. I just wanted to shower and go to sleep.
“Frankie poo’s is that you?” My mom started knocking on my door and I groaned, flopping back onto my bed.
“What is it mom?” I snapped.
“I’m coming in” She warned and my door flew open to reveal my mom and her partner Steve stood in my doorway, their grins turning to looks of horror as my mom quickly shielded her eyes.
“Oh my god – what are you wearing!?” She cried and I blushed, pulling my duvet up to cover my body.
“I was at a fancy dress party last night.” I said quickly and Steve diverted his eyes.
“You didn’t change before coming home?” He asked, a hint of disbelief in his voice. I scowled and sighed moodily, I couldn’t be bothered with this.
“No I didn’t. I like the feeling of tight leather on my ass, now did you want something, I’m wanking.” I snapped. If you ever want to get your parents out of your room, that’s the way you do it. My mom looked like she had just been hit by a wrecking ball, and Steve looked like he was going to vomit, which did nothing to improve my temper. But they quickly forced bright smiles and came into my room anyway, which freaked me out a little.
“Okay, Frankie, you know we’ll accept you no matter what your erm…” Mom looked at me and coughed.
“Sexual preferences are.” Steve finished for her and she nodded.
“Exactly.” She agreed and I rolled my eyes. Mom noticed this and hurried on. “But anyway, we just came in to tell you we’re moving!” She said this excitedly, as if it was the best thing since pop tarts. Steve beamed at me and I felt my rib cage fall for a second time that day.
“M – Moving?” I choked. “What d’you mean, moving?” I cried. Mom hushed me and brushed my hair out of my eyes.
“Steve’s got a wonderful job a couple of towns away, we’ve got a house all set up and we’re leaving tomorrow.” Mom said brightly and I felt my lungs tighten as if an iron fist had clamped around them.
“Tomorrow?” I could barely got the word out. My head was spinning, they had to be kidding.
“Yeah. We wanted to keep it a surprise for you.” Mom seemed to think she had just given me the best news of my life, but I hadn’t felt so sick since I had found out about her and dad splitting up.
“But we cant leave… what about my school? What about my friends!?” I cried, sitting up properly and giving her a look of horror. What about Gerard?
Ugh, forget about him Frankie. He’s an arsey bum face anyway.
“You’re starting a new school Frankie, and your friends can come visit you. We’ll only be a couple hours drive away.” Mom said kindly, only now seeming to realise that she had given me the worst news of my life.
“But I don’t wanna go.” I whimpered, tears in my eyes. This was too much to handle in one day. Moms face softened and I saw sadness in her eyes, I realised I had upset her, clearly she had thought this would be a great family adventure, she didn’t seem to have thought about the bad way it could turn out.
“Don’t be silly Frank, you’ll have a great time.” Steve said loudly, clapping a hand on my shoulder.
“Make sure you get your stuff packed up tonight, we’re leaving first thing in the morning.” He said excitedly and I looked at my mom with watering eyes.
“And get changed too.” Steve added before he took my moms hand and they left the room. I watched them go in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I felt so betrayed. I was too wounded to even fight about it. I lay down on my bed, grabbed my pillow and began to sob before I could stop myself. How could this happen? Last night was so perfect, lying with Gerard and tasting his soft lips, and in the space of three hours and I had lost my not so Greek God of perfection and lost my home too. Well… as good as lost it. I couldn’t believe I could be so unlucky.
God must really hate me.
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