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I Can Make You A Ma- ah- ah- ah- aaayn

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Cactus's... Revengeful Rays... Steve... This chapter is juicy! xD

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A/N: Hey guyss! Just a little note from Immy here, an apology actually... *looks ashamed*
It’s just we’ve had our half term too, and aimed to get a chapter up before we left on our holidays, but it... kinda... didn’t work... *blushes*
But good news is, IT’S HERE NOW!
So enjoy my little munchkins XD
XOXO Immy [Urrriiinee]

Gee-lybaby’s POV [Taking Jelly babies to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.]

“Frankie?” That’s what I thought it was anyway. The figure moved so fast out the door I wasn’t really sure. The only clue I got was that this particular figure was still wearing the gold tails and sparkly hot pants from the night before. It was him. But... Why was he running away? I took my hair out of its towel and looked to Mikey who simply shrugged. Great. Helpful brother. I walked with a certain uncertainty to the hall, poking my head round the door to see my tiny glittery angel scuttling up the road. “Frankie!” I called again, watching as he carried on running, hanging a sharp right before disappearing completely. He couldn’t have heard me. That must be it. Yep. He just didn’t hear me-

“OWW SHIT! Who the fuck put this motherfuckin’ plant ON MY FACE?!” I turned round and walked to the yell to see Bob, still stuck to the now partially gold cactus. No offence, but that guy really is an idiot. I mean, take the situation. You’re stuck to a cactus, topless and very hung over. The last thing you’d do is use your hands to try and prize yourself off it. Well, not unless you’re Bob. He fucking grabbed the cactus, and then screamed in total agony, wondering why that happened. Hmm. Smart babe.

“Try not using your hands next time. Here.” Mikey walked over with a magazine in hand and whacked the plant repeatedly until Bob was free. I wasn’t too keen to stick around, cactus’s have always freaked me out. I mean, they’re covered in fucking spikes. It’s like a green threatening shape of needles. Not nice. Alicia shifted, stirring a little on the couch before waking up completely to be greeted with a kiss from Mikey. Then, returning to Bob, the two of them took the challenge of pulling each spike out of his left cheek, most of his chest and now hands. I quickly escaped down to my room, where Ray was still passed out on the floor.

“Toro. Up and out.” I kicked the maid on the floor, hearing a loud groan of ‘Noooooooo’ before the familiar snoring was resumed. “TORO!”

“Shit!” Okay, so maybe bending down and screaming in his ear was a little harsh... But screw it, I really couldn’t be fucked with him right now. Though it was quite funny seeing him practically have a fit, ending up looking like a bug stuck on its back. “What is it?”

“I said get up, home time now.” I leaned over him and pointed to my stairs, seeing him scramble up and pat his afro to fix the mess. He rubbed his head and winced slightly, obviously hung over too. I sighed, putting my hands on my hips. Ray smirked a little, leaning in to speak in my face. His putrid stenched breath nearly killed me, seriously what did that guy eat?!

“But gorgeous-”

“Bye bye.” I waved at him childishly and smirked back. So I got daggers. Whatever. He stomped past, purposely knocking my shoulder. Half way up the stairs, he turned round.

“Oh, you’re going to regret saying that, Way, I will make you mine!” Yeah...

“Good one Ray, go home and sober up now.” Slam. I sighed with relief at the thought he’d gone, finally. I pulled back the covers of my bed and crawled in again, yes I was only in a towel but who gives. Sitting up, I started to think more about Frankie. Why would he have gone? Seriously, I just couldn’t work it out. Unless... He was in a hurry for something? Did he regret last night? I don’t know. I had his number...

Ring. Ring. One ring.
Ring. Ring. Two rings.
Ring. R- Click.

This was the twelfth time I’d tried his number now, and each time I’d hang up. What if he did regret last night? I have to say, last night was one of the best nights I’d had in a long time. And we’re talking a good few years here. But what if Frankie felt different? What if, it all came flooding back to him and he thought, ‘shit, what the fuck did I do with Mikey’s creepy brother?’ No, please don’t let him think that. Don’t let him regret it.
You know, you’re never going to know if he does regret it if you don’t CALL HIM.

Shut up. I will call him. I’m just-

Nervous? Nervous that wickle Fwankie will reject you?

Just shut up! You’re just jealous that you don’t have him.

I’m not really; he’s probably at home right now... Fucking his girlfriend-

JUST CAN IT! Okay, I’ll call him! I picked up my shiny black phone and stared at the number, my finger hovering over the ‘Call’ button. I bit my lip, wondering if to press it.

Go on.... Press it. Presssss itttttt.

Quiet you. I...

Ring. Ring. One ring.
Ring. Ring- Click. I can’t do it. No. I threw my phone on my jacket on the other side of the room and climbed out of bed, walking over to my wardrobe. I am such a coward.

Yes you are.

Do you ever quit?! I made sure my room door was locked (hey, Ray may not have left yet,) and took off my towel, digging out some boxers and putting them on. Just ignore it. He’s not regretting it. He’s not; he’s not, he’s not, he’s not. Deciding on some faded black skinnies and my Black Flag tee-shirt; I went to my draws, pulling on some socks and converse before starting my eyeliner. I applied the thick black KOHL to my upper and lower lids, smudging the tops slightly. As I was rubbing my hair dry with my towel ready for straightening, and idea came to mind. Ringing him is cowardly.

Yeah, and you can’t even do that.

Just hear me out, okay? I wasn’t going to ring him. I would go round to his house and ask him. Face to face. Much better.

Yeah yeah, very clever Einstein. Just one thing. YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE HE LIVES.

Yeah, but Mikey does, dumbass. Hah, Gerard-1, Annoying Asshole Voice-0. I would go round and ask why he left. Perfect. I finished straightening and styling my hair until it looked nigh on amazing, then grabbed my jacket and cell. Unlocking my door, I darted up the stairs to see just Mikey watching TV.

“Hey Mikes, what’s Frankie’s address? I’m going round his house.”

“Have you two made up then?” He asked, turning down the volume slightly. Made up?


“Well I just figured you’d made up if you’re going round there...”

“Mikey, what do you mean?” I sat cross legged on the couch next to him, confused. We hadn’t had an argument... Had we? I was blind drunk last night, we might have done...

“Well,” he started again. God I hate it when he says ‘well;’ it makes everything sound way more serious than it is. Okay this is kinda serious if Frankie and I have had this mystery argument that I know nothing about... But nehh. Shut up. “He rang me like five minutes ago, saying for you not to call him, and not to bother ever seeing him again if all last night was a stupid joke.” He used the little quotey finger signs to quote Frank, I could have slapped him right there and then. What the hell?! What happened last night?!

Fee’s POV

I swear if Gerard tried to ring me one more time I would end up having a seizure. He had called me countless of times and each time he would hang up after the second or third ring. I didn’t understand it, why would he be ringing me if he didn’t like me? And why would he be hanging up before I could even grab my phone? Was he just teasing me? Stringing me along because he knew how much I liked him? I bet he was having a good laugh at me, this stupid little kid who thought he could get with the hottest guy in not just school, but probably the entire existence of the world.
I groaned and stuffed my phone into my sock drawer. That way if it did ring again, I wouldn’t hear it. I was busy anyway, busy packing all my things. It was breaking my heart to do this, to pack up all my things into cardboard boxes and strip out my room that I had grown to love. Each poster was delicately and lovingly placed in a box, joined by my CD’s – equally as precious, and all the random song lyrics I had written. I had cried so much that day that I literally had no tears left. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to leave all my friends behind… okay, friend behind. I didn’t even have the guts to tell him I was leaving. I had called Mikey only an hour ago, I had meant to tell him I was moving, and that I was really sorry and I wanted to see him again before I left but the words got stuck in my throat and I couldn’t choke them out. In the end I simply asked him to tell Gerard to stop ringing me, and then I had hung up. I had cried so bad after that, but no tears would come and it was simply dry sobbing which made my throat feel raw.
“Hey Frankie…” I looked up to see my mom in the door way, she looked around at my room that was almost completely empty of my things and smiled. “Just come to tell you we’re going to go out to lunch in a minute, so finish packing that box and then come downstairs.” She said brightly before turning to leave. I felt the urge to call her back and tell her I refused to go, but something stopped me. I just couldn’t say it. She was so happy about this move, and I didn’t have the heart to ruin it for her, no matter how much it was tearing me apart.

Going out to dinner turned out to be a good idea. Just as we were leaving the driveway I turned to see what looked like Gerard strolling down my street. He had his eyes fixed on a small piece of paper in his hands and was smoking a cigarette. My heart lurched and my mouth wet dry, he had looked amazing. I had never seen him in normal clothes before and he looked so good. He wore black skinnies and a Black Flag T- shirt and I had the overwhelming urge to jump out of the car and run to him, to knock him down onto the pavement and ravish him there and then. But the car was already going down the street, away from my gorgeous angel and besides… he doesn’t like me anyway.
“Cheer up Frankie, you look as if you’ve just found out your about to die.” My mom joked and I sighed, pressed my cheek against the cold window.
“Yeah…” I mumbled, closing my eyes and remembering the way Gerard’s lips had felt against my own. I wished I was better, older, hotter, hell – I’d be a girl if it meant I could have Gerard. But I couldn’t, and we were moving anyway. I would never see him again and even though I knew that was probably for the best, it still hurt.

“So Frank.” Steve laid down his knife and fork and wiped his mouth with his napkin. My mom had also finished eating but I was just playing with my food, pushing it around my plate with a glum expression, unable to turn off all the thoughts that were going round my head. I didn’t give Steve the attention he clearly wanted so after a moment of silence he gave in and continued anyway.
“I just want to say how happy I am about this move. I know you’re a bit upset about it but I’m sure you’ll love our new home. Its right by the high school you’ll be attending, and we’re next door to a lovely family who I’m sure you’ll get along with.” I could tell by the tone in his voice he was trying to suggest something, I just didn’t know what. Intrigued I looked up and saw him smile.
“You know Frank, most boys your age would have had a lot of girlfriends by now. In fact, I can’t think of many sixteen year olds who aren’t you know… well… having sex.” My eyes grew wide and I looked over at my mom who was blushing a little but giving me a kind smile. I felt my chest tighten and looked back at Steve. What the hell were they trying to say?
“And I cant help but notice that you haven’t had a girlfriend yet.” Steve continued and I felt certain I was going to be sick. I knew they would accept me if I told them I was gay but this was not the time or place to come out of the closet. And by the sounds of it they wanted to know if I’d had sex yet, I don’t think I could handle an AIDS talk right now.
“So, your mother and I are just trying to say, when we move tomorrow its going to be a fresh start. A new slate. And there’s a lovely girl next door to us called Jamia, I think you’ll get along wonderfully. And I’m sure there’ll be other nice girls at your school, and none of them will know you so this is your chance to stand out and impress those women.” I think Steve meant for it to sound funny, along with a little wink, but it just seemed pathetic and I couldn’t believe they were saying this to me.
“You… want me to get a girlfriend?” I clarified slowly, my voice a monotone. Steve nodded vigorously and my mom grinned.
“Well dear, there’s no need for you to be shy anymore. You’re a lovely young man and I’m sure they’ll love you.” She said brightly and I stared at them in shock.
“Mom, being shy isn’t my problem!” I said in a loud whisper, aware of the other diners around us. Steve clapped a hand onto my shoulder and shook me lightly.
“That’s the spirit. Confidence – that’s the key!” He said loudly and I blushed a little, giving my mom a pleading look.
“Please Frankie…” She whispered. “I think having a girlfriend will be good for you.” I sighed and looked down at the table. Now I saw. They were suspicious over my sexuality and they wanted themselves to be wrong. They thought if I got a girlfriend, then I’d be the perfect little straight son. Was this the whole reason for the move?
“Okay mom.” I sighed and she smiled. I guess it wouldn’t hurt. I’d never had a girlfriend… or a boyfriend for that matter. I only used guys, and after what happened with Gerard I just didn’t want to anymore.
Maybe a girlfriend would be good for me…
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