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Over At The Frankie-stein Place

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Gerard goes round Frank's, but what's gonna happen? Oooh ¬.¬

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Juh-Juh-Juh-Gerard’s POV

24, Baker Street. This was it... 24... Baker Street... Fuck, his house was nice. I stood back a little to look at it. It was white on the outside, with red curtains in the windows, all except one. This was on the top floor, presumably Frankie’s room as these curtains were black, a large orange patch with ‘Hallo-Fucking-Ween’ scribbled on it and sewed to the outside. I smiled and crossed the street, not bothering to look both ways. Fuck traffic, it can stop for me, and if it doesn’t, well... Well that’s just plain rude.


Don’t you start, I know it was a stupid thing to say.


Abuhbuhbuh shut up. Anyway, I was now standing on Frank’s side of the street, opposite his house. I walked up the steps to the front door and took a quick breath before knocking.

Wait. Wait. Wait... No one came.

Well then knock again, idiot.

I was about to! So, I knocked again, a little shyly so not to seem annoying.

You are annoying.

So are you.

I am you, dumbass.

Fuck you.


You sicken me. I sat on the top step, waiting for anyone to answer my knock. As I waited, my phone started to vibrate in my pocket, signing a text. I pulled it out (no not like that) and opened it, reading the message.

’DUDE. Get your ass home, NOW. I just got a call from mom; they’re ‘swinging by’ to see us before dad sets off on work again and want a ‘word.’ My guess is that they found out about the cactus but I-‘ Before I could finish the end of his text, my phone started buzzing again with his number flashing, he was fucking ringing me?

‘Hello Mikey’ I said in the most annoyed tone I could manage. I was pretty pissed off, I had come all this way to the other side of fucking town, walked forty minutes of driving, only to find he wasn’t in! I know this wasn’t his fault, but still, it was pretty damn annoying.

‘Hey bro, did you get my txt?’

‘Mikey. You sent it like a second ago, I had barely chance to read it before you-’

‘Okay, that doesn’t matter. You have to get home though, right now, where are you?’

‘Outside Frankie’s... I don’t think he’s in..’ I took one last look at the house, seeing the lights were off through the curtains, it looked pretty empty actually. I walked down the steps and started to head back the way I came, seeing it was getting pretty dark by now.

‘Outside Frankie’s? Well get home, Gee! You’re meant to be here looking after me, and if they see me in the kitchen alone, after that toaster episode last month they’ll never let us home alone again!’ God, my brother was a drama queen. Though that toaster incident was pretty scary. I had only just got to leaving him at home alone, as the month before, I would sit, day by day in his room talking to him and asking why he did it. He said it was for a science project, to experiment. Yeah, some experiment.

He stuck a knife in the toaster. Twelve times.

Call that an experiment? More like a fucking ritual. I still don’t know why he did it, but I know shutting him up in his room was no good for him. It’s why he’s so damn anal now. When I went in there, all he’d do was clean stuff, or put away things, or clean more stuff. He was turning into a fucking freak of hygiene. So we took him to a therapist to talk about his ‘inner angst,’ and he was prescribed with Bi-Polar disorder. So, he’s been on these anti depressants for a while. The hygiene thing was never really sorted, turns out he’s just an ass. Still, I always kept an eye on him when he was in the kitchen, in case he tried anything, until recently when I’ve felt he can be trusted, well, until I got bored of his constant whining that he was fine. Now, he’s going apeshit ‘cos I’m not there.

No, Gee, he’s going apeshit because if you don’t get your ass home, he, and YOU are both going to get fucking killed.

Oh shit, that too. Shut up, that was my second guess. I hung up the phone, not bothering to reply and broke into a run, shoving my phone in my pocket after my wasted journey. I guess... Would it look too stalkerish if I called tomorrow?

Well, considering he doesn’t know you’ve called today, uh, no.

That was a rhetorical question, ie, not for you. Yeah, I think I will call in tomorrow, he has to be there then. He probably went out for the night with his family. That’s so cute, I can imagine it, his two loving parents stood next to him, a perfect family, maybe they have a dog. Though, I’m not too fond of whiney four leggers that stink of pee... Anyway, if Frankie loves it, it’s cute. Or maybe he’s a cat man... Or a parrot! That would rule if he had a parrot-

GEE. Stop telling me to shut up and listen. Now. You’re on the other side of town. It’s getting dark. You’re phone’s nearly dead and your parents are on their way. Stop dreaming about Iero’s imaginary zoo of animals and GET. THE. FUCK. HOME.


Go. Run now.

Fur – ran – keys POV

“We’re leaving early in the morning Frankie. So get a good nights sleep.” Mom told me as we returned home, I nodded and mumbled good night before sulking my way up the stairs.
I felt as empty as my room as I sat down on my bed, the only thing that was being left behind. Apparently, I was having a new bed, and I didn’t miss the way my mom and Steve looked at each other as they said that. I suppose it’ll be a double bed, with plenty of room for me and my new girlfriend…
It wasn’t normal how badly that word made me shudder. I didn’t want to have a girlfriend. I wanted to have Gerard. No girl could be as outstanding as him, no looks could compare to his, no personality could match…
Personality? The guy used me. He doesn’t like me… Fuck Frankie just forget about him.
I whined and flopped back onto my bed, feeling strangely cold and uneasy in my empty room. There were wires poking out of the walls where I had angrily stripped my stereo and TV out of their sockets. And there was light patches of wall space where my posters had been, and freaky shadows everywhere but there was nothing in my room to cause them. I wasn’t afraid of the dark, but right now I wished I had someone with me… because I was feeling a little freaked…
Scolding myself for being so childish I kicked off my clothes and curled up under my blanket, holding my pillow against my chest and curling into a tight ball and closing my eyes, determined to fall asleep even though I wasn’t tired.
If I keep my eyes closed until the morning then this will all be a bad dream and I’ll wake up at Gerard’s house and everything will be perfect again… If I just keep my eyes shut…
I repeated this thought over and over again until I started to believe it. Just keep my eyes shut… it’ll all be a bad dream…
I fell asleep pretending I could feel Gerard’s strong arms around my waist, his warm chest pressed to my back as he hummed me a lullaby.

I woke up feeling disorientated and dizzy. The feeling of Gerard was gone and although I hadn’t opened my eyes all night I was still in my own bed. I know it was silly, but a feeling of disappointment washed over me and I groaned.
“Come on Frankie, we’re leaving soon. Get up.” Mom repeated, I opened my eyes again, realising I hadn’t woken up on my own, and that my room was still dark. It wasn’t morning, and I had opened my eyes. That’s why I wasn’t at Gerard’s, it was all my moms fault.
“But the suns not up.” I slurred, burying myself deeper into my blanket, mom tutted and tugged at my blanket, trying to pull it off me.
“I said we were leaving early. Its half five, we want to get there in time to have the whole day to unpack. Come on Frank.” She snapped, pulling harder at the blanket. I squeaked in horror and tugged back with all my might.
“Mum! I sleep naked!” I cried and she instantly let go, I breathed a sigh of relief.
“Well, just hurry up okay. Or I’m sending Steve up.” She warned, leaving my room. I rolled my eyes and resisted the urge to say ‘I’m so scared’. But that would be childish…

The sun was just rising as we climbed into the car. The last of our stuff had been packed and put into the removal van and we were leaving, whether I wanted to or not. Sadness and guilt settled into my stomach, I still hadn’t told Mikey about the move… He was my only friend and I was abandoning him without even letting him know. I just didn’t have the guts to tell him until I was already gone, he would only have to ask me to stay once and I would. But I couldn’t hurt my mom like that, I just had to keep reminding myself that this was the right thing.
Mom saw the look on my face as we started to follow the moving van down the road, Steve whistling cheerfully to himself.
“Don’t look so glum Frank, you’ll make lots of new friends. And we’ll just be a drive away, your friends can still come and visit you.” She said kindly and I nodded, forcing a smile.
What would Mikey say when he finds out that I’ve gone? What will Gerard do…
Ugh. I need to stop thinking about him, it was one night, get over him already Frank!
I rested my head against the window and wondered if any of the guys I had used had felt this way about me after… If they had, I hoped they had gotten over me.
No one deserved to feel like this.
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