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Its so dreamy, oh fantasy free me

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Frankie gets a phone call and he realises he's made a mistake...

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Geraawwrd’s POV

‘Gerard! Quick, get inside! Mom and Dad aren’t here yet!’ They’re not? Fuck YES. I carried on sprinting down my street in the now lashing rain and practically dived into the house, staggering in and tripping over the mat. Mikey tried to suppress a laugh.... Tried? Tried my fucking ass, the kid was in fucking hysterics as I skidded headfirst into the coat cupboard. I stood up, whacking my head on the tiny low ceiling and ruffling my hair a little before walking coolly out to my brother who was now on the floor laughing. Again with the tried.

‘Shut the hell up. It was your fault anyway.’ He laughed and stood up, shutting the door so we could see the rain dancing on the pavement outside. I loved watching the rain, especially from inside, and no it wasn’t just so I could laugh at the wet motherfuckers out in the cold (though that is hilarious.) It, it just feels so peaceful when you’re inside, watching the rain spilling onto the pavement. It’s almost poetic, like tears falling from the sky. God’s tears perhaps. All the angels up in heaven’s tears, crying at their losses. I don’t know, but I do love it. One thing I don’t love is being fucking cold and wet, inside. I squelched upstairs in my wet converses and went straight into the bathroom, peeling off my clothes and dumping them on the floor until I was just in my boxers. I shivered at the contrast of my cold body to the warmth of the room and ran the taps, putting in the plug and digging around in the cabinet for my ‘Coconut Body Scrub.’ Shut up. Once the bath was full, I stripped off fully and got in, shivering again at the temperature change, a vast amount of goose bumps attacking my body. I soon warmed, squeezing the soap on my hand and rubbing it into my skin. As I lay back in the hot bath, I looked out the window and saw the rain was even heavier, a large crash of thunder making me jump. I had never been a fan, and was especially paranoid as I was sat in a fucking bath of WATER. Ugh. I tugged on the blind, the black fabric rolling down and hitting the windowsill.

As I continued to lay in the bath, I started thinking more about Frankie. Where could he be? He wasn’t with his girlfriend... No, he wouldn’t do that to me... No. Though, he did rush off pretty quick after the party... Oh shit, what if he does have one? I wouldn’t be surprised, he’s fucking gorgeous. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes, visualising Frankie again.

There he was, his angelic complexion, his ivory white skin beautifully contrasting with his chocolate brown locks. He was perfect. The way his eyes sparkled in the soft red light, giving them a scarlet-brown glow, looking deep into my own hazel orbs and losing me totally. I sat down next to him on the bed and cupped his face gently in my hands, my thumbs stroking circles on his cheeks as he melted into my touch. We just gazed into each others’ eyes lovingly, his hands eventually meeting my own and removing them from his cheeks, resting them on his waist as he did mine. As soon as my hands touched the soft fabric of his black t-shirt, he leaned in close and pressed a small, gentle kiss to my lips. I kissed back, my lips working tenderly against his own and my hands moving to rest on the pit of his back as my arms wrapped round him. One hand moved up to rest on his shoulder blade, the other coming to move further round his lower back. I felt his grip tighten also, securing me to his body as our lips generated a sweet, slow rhythm. My tongue rolled slowly over his silky lips, caressing them with my muscle before I was granted access, Frankie’s lips parting to let me come in to lock with his own tongue. I moved my left leg so it lay over both of Frankie’s, emitting a small moan as I felt his hand run up and down my thigh gently.

‘Frankie...’ I mumbled softly, my lips parting gently, one hand hanging limply over the bath as I continued to dream. My wet fingertips dripped a small puddle of water on the floor, my arm sliding up a little as I shifted in the bath.

Frankie got the hint and lay gently back on my bed, pulling me down next to him and entwining our legs, closing any gaps between us. My hand that was once on his shoulder moved up to cup the back of his neck, almost subconsciously running through his hair as I worked my lips with his own, our tongues dancing from one mouth to the other. I pushed Franks tongue back in his mouth, exploring it with my own, running it smoothly over his teeth before pulling back and taking his bottom lip in my mouth. It was as soft as velvet and gorgeous to the touch. I sucked gently on it, looping my tongue over and around his silver lip ring and pulling a louder moan from him. Smiling, I continued to suck, then returning to both his lips to massage his now swollen bottom lip with my gentle pace of kissing. I felt his hands thread under my shirt and rest on my bare skin, squeezing a little when I sunk my teeth down on his bottom lip again. I moaned deep into his mouth, my groans harmonising with his own and making me hook my leg behind his thigh again to pull him closer. Frank’s hands then left my back to unbutton my shirt, taking it smoothly off me and throwing the black collared garment on the floor. He broke the kiss to pull his own over his head, exposing his pale white chest and creamy flesh.

I pouted, biting my bottom lip a little in my sleep and letting my them part. I moaned in my sleep and sunk down slightly in the bath, completely unaware of my semi. A small amount of pre cum dribbled into the water as my dream progressed in more than one meaning, my moans getting louder yet lazier as I deepened my sleep. I arched my back in my dream, Frankie nibbling at my inside thigh before moving his kisses up to my dick. I tilted my head back and moaned Frankie’s name again as he took me fully in his mouth, sucking hungrily and grazing his teeth over my cock. As I felt him sucking, I started to pant, groaning louder and bucking my hips unintentionally, finally releasing hard into the bath. Almost as soon as I did this, I jolted awake with a splash to the sound of a yelp from nearby. There in the doorway, was Mikey, looking disgusted at me and the cloudy bath.

‘GERARD ARTHUR WAY!’ He yelled in the doorway, I barely having time to cover my package. Fuck it, we’re brothers, I’ve seen all his lumps and bumps (yeah I know he was about two last time I did, but it still counts.) I looked at him questionably. ‘What the actual fuck?! I came up here to see if you were okay; it sounded like you were getting fucking raped!’ I blushed, boy, that was a good dream. It felt so fucking... Real. ‘When you jerk off, can it, one, be in your own fucking room, and two, not be so fucking loud the whole street can hear you?!’ I blushed again and pulled out the plug, draining the now cold water.

‘I’m sorry okay? You didn’t have to listen you know, I know you were wanking to my sexual noises too little bro.’ I winked, laughing a little and grabbing a towel to wrap round my waist.

‘You’re sick.’

‘You wanna bet? Explain that then.’ I pointed to his obvious hard on, sending him blushing and covering it immediately with his hand. ‘Cos Mikey only needs one hand to cover his dick.

‘Shut up.’

‘Whatever. Where are mom and dad?’ Shit, if they heard my moans from the bathroom I would be in for the shit. Mikey smiled. Crap.

‘Oh, they’re downstairs deciding how to go about talking to you about ‘sexual relief in public.’’ He did that little quotey finger thing. I will kill him- wait, WHAT?!


‘Kidding, asshole, they got stuck in the storm and are staying over at a hotel. They’re not bothering coming home as dad’s got work the next day –’ I slapped him hard across the face, sending him staggering into the door frame. I laughed, and then walked down stairs to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. It was evening, and stormy as hell. Mikey soon came down, whacking me across the head and sitting on the counter. He glared at me. ‘That’s not all I wanted to tell you.’

‘Oh, do go on then, don’t let me finish your pants wettingly interesting novel of a speech dear brother.’

‘Shut up. If you’d let me finish... I wanted to show you something.’ He took his phone out his pocket, sliding it over on an open txt. I looked, gasping at what I saw.

MIKES. News man, I’m MOVING!- That’s all I needed to read to let the phone slip from my hand and drop on the table. What.

Va va Frankie’s POV

I had text Mikey as soon as I had finished unpacking. Getting up early had turned out to be a good idea since everything was now unpacked and set up. Turns out Steve’s quite the hyper bloke, and he went round the house like a tornado, not stopping once as he unpacked things and did some D.I.Y. Mom of course went around cleaning, and I was left to arrange my room.
I finished by late afternoon and I collapsed onto my double bed…yep, I was right… and text Mikey a quick message letting him know where I was and why I had moved. I hoped he wouldn’t get mad at me for not telling him before I left but it was too late to change that now.
After I text him I was left wondering what to do next. I was bored already, and I turned my head to see the sun was still pretty bright outside.
Mom would want me to go out and make friends… I wondered if they had any gay bars round here… Not that I’d go back to that, I wouldn’t use people again but… just… in case…
“Mom I’m going out!” I called, grabbing my jacket and pulling it on as I went over to the door. Mom poked her head out of the kitchen, a duster in her hand.
”Oh okay. Maybe you should go see where your new school is and stuff.” She suggested and I forced a smile, nodding as I left the house and closed the door behind me.
I breathed a deep sigh of relief as I felt a cool breeze wash over me. I felt so claustrophobic in that house… I took a step for ward, looking to the side of me and nearly walking straight into the girl infront of me.
“Woah! Oh god, I’m so sorry!” I cried as she nearly fell over. She managed to keep her balance and giggled, brushing her long black hair out of her face.
“That’s okay.” She smiled, her icy blue eyes meeting mine. “I just came to see who the new neighbours were.” She laughed and I smiled a little. She was a little taller than me, with long slender legs and long silky hair. Her eyes were framed with thick black eyelashes and she wore a pair of black jeans and a black corset.
“Erm…” She giggled and held out her hand for me to shake. “My names Jamia… I live next door… obviously.” I chuckled and shook her hand lightly.
“I’m Frank.” I introduced myself, releasing her hand running my fingers through my hair. Jamia stood smiling at me with an expectant look on her face and I faltered. Wondering what to say.
“Erm… do you… know where the High school is?” I asked and her face lit up as she nodded.
“Of course, I go there.” She announced, taking my hand and bounding off down the drive. “I can show you if you like. It’s not far.” She said brightly and I followed her a little tensely, feeling awkward with my hand in hers. This must be the girl my parents wanted me to make friends with… she was pretty… really pretty. And nice as far as I could tell. I could definitely be friends with her, but the idea of having a girlfriend was still a little sickening to me. At least for now I wouldn’t have to worry, we had only just met each other, so I had a few weeks at the least.

“That’s it.” Jamia pointed at a large brick building across the street. It really wasn’t far. Barely five minutes.
“Will you be attending it? You can walk with me to school if you want, so that you wont get lost.” She offered, and I smiled a little. I doubted very much that I would get lost, but of course saying that wouldn’t help my whole ‘get a girlfriend’ situation.
”Erm… that’d be great. Thanks.” I forced a large smile and Jamia grinned back.
“Awesome. Well… hey, there’s a park just over there if you want to like… hang out for a while.” She offered, pointing to a park further down the road. It wasn’t a big park. Two swings and a large patch of grass was all it offered but I didn’t want to go back home yet, and I didn’t mind the idea of sitting on the swings for a while.
“Sure.” Once again Jamia took my hand and pulled me along next to her. I had no idea how she could have so much confidence, but decided not to question it. That would just encourage her to talk and she was already telling me her life story.
I tried my best to be interested, but my thoughts kept wandering to Gerard, and that kept making me look upset, which then made Jamia give me a worried look and I would have to force a bright smile. If the process kept repeating itself she’d end up thinking I was insane or something.
“So… tell me about yourself Frankie. I’ve been doing all the talking.” Jamia said after about an hour. I looked at her in surprise and felt my chest ache at the nickname. I bit back the urge to tell her not to call me that. I didn’t want her to call me Frankie, she didn’t know me that well yet… and it just made me think of Gerard.
“Oh well… erm… me…” I gave a nervous chuckle and looked away from her enquiring eyes.
“I’m… not really that interesting.” I mumbled. This conversation couldn’t go well. I couldn’t be honest… Well. When I was a kid my parents split up and I had anger problems for a while, then I went to high school and realised that I liked gym class a little too much… especially the showers afterwards. So as soon as I learnt to use make-up to make me look older I went to gay bars and stood in the alleys looking for someone to bum… literally. Then I met this amazing guy at a party who just messed with me and now I can’t stop thinking about him because he was so amazing he was like an orgasm in a solid form. So ya’ know… just the usual.
Yeah… I don’t think so.
“Aw, don’t be silly. I bet you’re really interesting.” Jamia cooed, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and making me look at her in surprise.
“Erm…” I felt increasingly awkward as I struggled to think of something to say. But then my phone ringing in my pocket saved me.
“Oh, that might be my mom. I better take this.” I seized my phone and pressed it to my ear without checking the caller I.D, caring only about not answering Jamia.
“Hello M –”
“FRANK! YOU LITTLE BITCH WHAT THE HELL MAN!?” I grimaced at the volume of the voice and saw Jamia raise her eyebrows, clearly she had heard it too. I turned my back on her in an attempt to direct Mikeys voice away from her.
“Uh… hey Mikey…”
“I know I… did you just call me a foetus?” I raised an eyebrow and heard Jamia giggle a little behind me. Mikey tutted down my ear and I could practically hear his frown.
“It’s the first thing that came into my head. Shut up.” He snapped.
“Look Mikey, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. My parents only told me yesterday, they wanted it to be a surprise… I’m really sorry I didn’t text you straight away I just… I was scared you’d try to make me stay…” I admitted sadly and there was a small pause.
“Wouldn’t you want to stay though? Why didn’t you just tell them you didn’t want to go? I mean… I thought you’d want to stay with me… with Gee…” I heard the sadness in Mikeys voice and I sighed, feeling my own sadness increase.
“I did want to stay with you Mikey I just… I thought it would be good for me to get away from Gee for a while.” I grimaced as I used his nickname and I mentally scolded myself for it.
“What? Why would you say that Frank? Do you know how devastated he is?” Mikey cried and I frowned.
“Devastated? Why would he be devastated? He doesn’t like me. He only used me.” I snapped, angry at the memory and there was small pause.
“Huh? Frank, are you drunk? Have you been drinking? How about drugs? Are you high?” Mikeys voice took on a scolding tone and I pouted to myself.
“No! Of course I’m not fucking high. I heard you two talking in the kitchen the morning after the party. I heard you saying that I must really like him and then he said he wasn’t interested. I heard it all Mikey, so don’t try to defend him.” I snarled and there was another long pause, I could hear Mikey clicking his tongue, something he did when he was thinking. Then suddenly, he gasped.
“Oh my God! Frankie no! We weren’t talking about you, we were talking about Ray!” Mikey cried and I frowned, considering this for a moment. When I didn’t answer Mikey continued.
“Frank, did you actually hear us say your name?” He asked quietly and I bit my lip.
“W –Well no but –”
“Exactly! Ray likes Gerard, and I was telling him that when you must have heard us talking. Frank, Gerard adores you man. He is WAY interested in you. Is that why you left so quick that morning? Gee was really confused. He’s been round your house and everything man!” My jaw dropped a little and my whole body tensed, it felt like I had just been doused in icy water.
“R – Really…?” I asked quietly.
“Uh huh. Fuck Frank, I can’t believe you actually thought we were talking about you. You’re a total idiot.” Mikey said brightly and I felt my grip on my phone loosening.
“Fuck… Shit… Oh fuck fuck fuck!” I didn’t know what else to do except swear repeatedly. I couldn’t believe I had been so stupid, how I had let such a simple misunderstanding upset me so much. Made me agree to move… fuck, I was even considering getting a girlfriend.
“Mikey – I have to go. I’m coming home!” I announced, ending the call before he could answer and jumping to my feet, turning to face Jamia who was watching me with intrigued eyes.
“Thanks for showing me the school Jamia, but I have to go now.” I said quickly, stumbling over my words as I rushed to spit them out. I turned and began to run across the grass, my head spinning.
He likes me. He’s always liked me. Oh fuck… Gee – I’m coming, I’ll be there soon.
“What!?” Jamia appeared at my side and she grabbed my shoulder as she ran alongside me.
“Frank, wait! Why do you have to leave?” She cried and I looked at her with a large grin on my face.
“Gee does like me! I have to see him!” I laughed, beyond happy. Jamia frowned.
“Who’s Gee?” She asked.
“My boyfriend!” I cried proudly and she gasped, releasing my shoulder and falling behind. I laughed to myself, too happy to care. All I had to do was go back home – my real home – and then I could be with Gerard again. This whole thing could be sorted out… all I had to do was –
“Mom I’m borrowing the car okay!” I cried as I dashed into the kitchen, seizing the keys on the side. My mom and Steve were sat at the table and they looked at me in shock, Steve acting quickly and jumping to his feet, seizing me by the wrist.
“Hey – what do you mean your borrowing the car?” He demanded and I grinned at them both.
“I have to go back, I need to see Gerard!” I cried and they both raised their eyebrows.
“Who?” They asked and I frowned. This would never work, I needed to change my tactic.
“Erm… Mikey, my friend Mikey, it’s his older brother he err… got hit by a car just now and Mikeys really distraught. I’m his only friend – he needs me.” I put on my best ‘I’m really upset and something really dramatic just happened’ face and hoped it worked.
“Well… I’m sure Mikey will be okay with just his parents.” My mom said doubtfully and I gave a false whimper.
“But Mom! If something like this happened to me I’d want Mikey there, if I’m a real friend I’ll be there for him.” I made my lips trembled and gave my best puppy dog eyes… the ones I knew my mom couldn’t deny.
“W – well… You cant drive when your so upset. Steve will take you.”
Hell yes! Check. Mate.
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