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The one you found is back again

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Well, I for one am happy xD

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Gerry’s POV...erry... xD

He’s moved. My Frankie. Moved. I sat in my room, the lights all switched off and curled up in my bed, cuddling my pillow. He’s fucking MOVED!! As the thoughts passed my mind, I felt hot, thick tears roll down my cheeks and seep into the pillow. I shook slightly from crying, I mean, I had met him properly once. One time. At a party. And we were drunk half the time, and-

Oh stop PRETENDING Gerard! You fucking love the boy, just tell yourself that a little more often.

I.. I do love him. Why else would I care? With anyone else, I would just shrug it off, after all, it was a party. But with Frankie, I actually wanted to make things work... I actually wanted to go somewhere with him. He’s been on my mind ever since I clapped eyes on him, I’ve never been able to forget those gorgeous eyes, that Hollywood smile... That soft voice.. Oh shut up Gerard, he’s GONE! I sobbed again into my pillow, gripping the fabric. He meant so much to me, so much more than anyone else, and I had only met him once!

I suppose you just get that... Vibe off people. And I definitely got that off Frankie. He was so different. So pure. So... Frankie. I closed my eyes and breathed heavily into the pillow, trying to stop my tears. It wouldn’t work. I couldn’t stop crying. I mean, he just ran. He ran away from me. He didn’t even say goodbye. Oh fuck. I’d give fucking anything to see those eyes again. To see him again. I fucking love him.

And what are you gonna do. Sit here and mope whilst your love gets acquainted with his new town and probably picks up some chick? Or actually move on with your life and DO SOMETHING?


Yeah. Cos that’s the way forward.

Shut up it’s helping me okay?! I cried harder into my pillow, thinking about what Annoying Asshole Voice was saying. What if he was right? What if, right now, Frankie was currently lip locking with some whore?! No. NO! Not my Frankie... He wouldn’t do that, no...

I didn’t know what time it was, I’m guessing about evening, there was no light shining through my curtains anyway. I had been lying in bed for about a day now, and I wasn’t planning on moving until I had moved on from Frankie. Which wouldn’t be a long time seeing as it was starting to hit that I probably wouldn’t be seeing him ever again. I pulled the black duvet over my head so I was in complete darkness and started to sob again.

‘I... I’m never g-gonna s-see him...’I whimpered softly into my pillow, before looking out from under the sheet and around for something. I could still partly see in the natural light and fumbled around my bed for it, finally finding it and holding it close to my chest. I found it when I got home, my old blanket from when I was a kid. I used to hold it when I was upset and it made me feel better. It was kinda helping actually. It’s weird, when I pressed it to my sodden cheek, it felt kinda different. More silky than fleecy. Huh, weird. I still rubbed it, whatever it was it was comforting. I closed my eyes, resting my head on the pillow and pouting softly into it, drifting into sleep with the soft fabric thing pressed to my cheek.

I don’t honestly know how long I was asleep for, it can’t have been long as pretty soon I felt a gentle squeeze to my shoulder. I opened my eyes slowly, and there was Mikey, a phone pressed to his ear and looking sadly down at me. He pressed it to his chest and beckoned me to sit up. I shook my head.

‘No Mikey, I’m not fucking over him.’
‘Come on, Gerard please... You can’t stay down here forever.’
‘Bullshit. I can stay down here as long as it takes.’
‘Gee, please, just come up, you haven’t eaten all day. Please.’
‘Please Gee!’
‘Oh for fucks sake Mikey! I’m not coming upstairs! Not until I’m fucking over him, which I’m fucking NOT okay?! So let me just fucking deal with it myself!’I lay back down on the pillow and closed my eyes. There was a pause, I thought he’d gone. How wrong could I be. Within a few seconds, I found myself being flipped, out of bed and on to the floor, still partly wrapped in my duvet until that was snatched away from me and dumped on the bed again. I squealed, standing up. ‘What the hell was that for?!’

‘Dude, just hear me out. You can’t fucking sit here the whole time moping.’ Moping, that’s familiar.


No, that was not your cue. ‘That’s just not the way forward. Besides, you’ve got us, Bob, Ray and I, we’re still here.’ He grinned. Oh great. Lucky me. ‘Why don’t you come upstairs? The guys are already up there, they can cheer you up, take your mind off him for a bit?’

‘Joy. Being perved on again by Ray and freaked out by needle face.’ Mikey frowned, I felt a pang of guilt run through me, he seemed like he’d really tried to cheer me up. Even though the gesture was pretty crappy... Ugh, come on Gee, have a heart, he’s right. I was only in an old hoodie and sweatpants, those were far too easy for Ray to perv into. ‘Give me five minutes, kay bro?’ He smiled, hugging me awkwardly and ran upstairs.

‘Don’t be long okay Gee?’ I called an ‘okay’ in response and went to my wardrobe, picking out a black collar shirt and skinny jeans, smudging my eyes with some liner before ruffling my hair. I kept a hold of the blanket thing, then, did a quick once over and went upstairs in my socks. I walked in the front room, only to find... No one there...

‘Mikey? Guys?’ I called, looking round. I even checked the cactus, just in case Bob was playing hide and seek. No sign. Suddenly, I jumped, hearing a call from the hallway.

‘Gee! Gee come here!’ It was Mikey. He ran into the living room and physically dragged me out into the hall, pointing through the open door. I gasped. There, getting soaked in the pouring rain, the orange streetlamp making him glow like the beautiful angel he was, was Frankie. My gorgeous, darling Frankie. He... I’m dreaming. I’m fucking dreaming! He was here?! My mouth gaped open, nearly hitting the floor and I saw him smile from across the road. ‘And you were gonna stay moping in your room’ Mikey chuckled. My gaze never left Franks, but I still managed to shove Mikey dead on into the cactus, saying ‘shut up’ in an almost zombie like tone. I was mesmerized. How... He was here! Oh my god.

‘GEE! Get your ass out here and stop holding that stupid glove, if I’m getting drenched then there’s no way you get to stay dry!’ I laughed, stepping out into the night air. Suddenly, I realised what he just said. Glove? Just then, I looked down at what I was holding. There in my hand, was no comfort blanket, but Frankie’s silky white costume glove he wore on that night, when the magic first happened.

Feebles POV

“Hey Mikes, is Gerard home?”
”Of course… he’s moping…” I couldn’t help but smile a little at those words, sinking into the passenger seat of the car with a small sigh before frowning a little.
“Err… is he… Okay?” I asked and Mikey clicked his tongue.
“Well… he’s really upset that you moved…” Mikey said quietly and I felt my heart ache. I had never wanted to hurt him… if I’d have known he still liked me…
“You do believe he likes you right Frank? You hung up pretty quick earlier –” I opened my mouth to say it was because I was coming back – that I was practically there when Mikey gasped.
“Hey! I know – I’ll prove it to you, wait there!” He cried and I raised an eyebrow, hearing him run through, I presume, his house. I heard people talking, I recognised their voices but couldn’t place them. They must have been at the party that night…
The party…
“Listen…” Mikey whispered and I started paying more attention, waiting…
‘No Mikey, I’m not fucking over him.’
‘Come on, Gerard please... You can’t stay down here forever.’
‘Bullshit. I can stay down here as long as it takes.’
‘Gee, please, just come up, you haven’t eaten all day. Please.’
‘Please Gee!’
‘Oh for fucks sake Mikey! I’m not coming upstairs! Not until I’m fucking over him, which I’m fucking NOT okay?! So let me just fucking deal with it myself!’ My heart stuttered a little at the words, Gerard sounded truly hurt and I felt a strange smile tug at my lips. I was upset, because he was upset, but at the same time I was happy because he really did like me… like… really really like me….
Fuck… I fucking love him…
The grip on my phone loosened, slipping from my ear even as I heard Mikey talking to Gerard still. I hung up before I could tell him I was on my way, but it didn’t matter, I was nearly there anyway.
“It’s this street right?” Steve asked, turning into Gerard’s street. I nodded silently, looking out the window which was dotted with rain, the drops of water running down the glass like tears.
I wonder what it’d be like to kiss in the rain…
I have no idea where the thought came from. But I smiled goofily to myself, it was too perfect. I knew the truth… Gee did like me, and I loved him, I know I don’t know him that well but I just know I love him, and this whole moment – it could be good enough for a blockbuster. Grab a camera and it could be a classic movie moment. I could picture it all in my head… the way he would run from his house and scoop me into his arms… how our lips would collide and how we would cling to each other as if we had nothing else… the way our bodies would stick from the rain… the silky feel of his lips…
“You okay Frankie?” Steve gave me a concerned look as I realised I was staring at the window with my jaw dropped, getting a little caught up in my fantasies. I coughed nervously and forced a smile.
“Y – Yeah, I’m fine.” Or I will be… once I’ve got my Ger bear back…
“Don’t worry about your friend Frank, I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Steve said kindly, squeezing my shoulder and I nodded absently. Oh god… just drive faster before I jump out the window and run the rest of the way.
I audibly sighed with relief when Gee’s house finally came into view, and I was out of the car before Steve could even open his mouth to talk to me. I heard him tut just before I slammed the door behind me and grinned as I saw Mikey look out the window and gasp, running away from the glass and out of view, and even from across the street I could see he was shouting – hopefully telling Gerard to get his ass outside.
I stood, shivering in the rain. And I admit… I didn’t feel too sensual, just really cold and a little bit stupid. But I was sure once Gee was with me that would all change.
I glanced out of the corner of my eye to see Steve was still sitting in the car, untangling his i-Pod head phones… shit… it didn’t occur to me he would wait for me… Why didn’t I think of that?
I mentally scolded myself for being so stupid and considered going into the house where he wouldn’t see us and I could carry on my story of Gee having been hit by a car, but then I saw him standing in the doorway with his gob practically on the floor and I decided I didn’t give a fuck whether he saw me… maybe it would stop him and mom from trying to make me get a girlfriend.
I opened my mouth to call Gee, stopping as my heart missed a beat… he was… he was holding a glove. My glove!
A goofy smile tugged at my lips as I practically melted inside. I knew that if I’d have had something of his, I probably would have used it to comfort me too.
‘GEE! Get your ass out here and stop holding that stupid glove, if I’m getting drenched then there’s no way you get to stay dry!’
Yes…good… just stay casual… you are sexy and irresistible remember? Was it bad that I still had to tell myself this? Even though I knew he liked me, I still had to convince myself in my head that I was amazing – just to stop myself from acting like a rabid fan girl.
Oh God… Oh God oh God oh God…
He stepped out of his house and I nearly collapsed from the tension as I waited for him to reach me, he was running down his driveway yet everything seemed to be in slow motion, as if he was running through water… knee high water, not rain… and I wanted to run to him too, to close the gap between us but my legs wouldn’t co – operate… they were probably too busy drooling over him too…
Oh man… he does look sexy though…
As he got closer I saw properly for the first time how gorgeous he looked in ‘normal’ clothes. There was something about his natural sexiness, that was some how even sexier than when he was dressed in a corset and hot pants. And the heavy rain was making his shirt stick to his skin, defining his chest – and I almost moaned just from the very sight of him.
How can I even compare? Oh fuck it – it doesn’t even matter, are we running any time soon or not?
I shook my head frantically, making my wet hair stick to my face before finally snapping out of my trance like state and my legs, as wobbly as they were, decided it was time to start moving and I began racing across the street before I could even consciously make the decision to do so.
“Frankie!” My name was torn from his lips by the wind, but I heard it and I laughed a little just from the whole cliché absurdity of the situation. But still… that didn’t stop me from calling his back.
“Gee!” I splashed through a puddle and then bam, his arms were tight around me, my hands on his hips, I was crushed to his chest and his lips were on mine and suddenly the whole world just seemed to start spinning faster, the two of us motionless inside its madness.
I heard cheering coming from the house, but it barely registered in my head as my hands came up to tangle in Gee’s wet hair, kissing him with a wild intensity as if my heart would stop if I didn’t feel his lips enough, and he returned my efforts by pulling me even closer, one hand slipping into my back pocket to cup my ass as he kept me pinned to his body, his lips sliding effortlessly over mine, the rain dripping into our mouths with every tiny gap that appeared.
My heart rate soared and I was held so tight against his chest that I could almost feel his heart pounding back against mine, my breathing came in short, sharp gaps whenever our lips moved apart – which wasn’t often, and I kept my eyes tight shut, afraid to look at him in case it was all a good dream and he disappeared from my sight.
His tongue slipped into my mouth and clashed against mine, he tasted of coffee and cigarettes, and something else that was entirely him. Our lips were wet with rain and we kept our mouths open, pushing and shoving with our tongues, one of my hands slipped out of his hair to cup the back of his neck, and he moved his hand on my hip up to my face, tenderly brushing his thumb across my wet cheek as our ferocious kissing slowed, and turned more gentle as our tongues retreated and we remained in a lip lock, just savouring the feeling of being together again.
“I’m sorry I left… I’m so sorry… Please forgive me…” I whispered against his lips, needing to know that he wasn’t angry.
“I forgive you…” He whispered, continuing his tender kissing but I wasn’t done.
“I thought you hated me… If I’d have known… if I knew you were talking about Ray I swear –”
“Shh, it’s okay, you’re here now, just let me feel you.” He whispered and I calmed a little, he wasn’t angry, he understood - I moaned quietly into his mouth as he moved his other hand to join the first on my ass and pulled my hips against his, parting my lips with his own and meeting my tongue, slower this time, dancing rather than battling.
I wrapped my arms tight around him and pressed my body to his, the rain lashing down on us and causing our clothes to stick together, as well as to our bodies. The rain was freezing but I couldn’t feel the cold. My heart was beating so fast my blood was keeping my body warm, and Gee’s strong arms emitted his own body heat to mine. I had never felt so safe… so relieved in my entire laugh.
“Frankie!? What the hell are you doing!?” Steve finally seemed to have noticed that his partners son who was supposedly going to find a girlfriend was currently swapping saliva with an older boy… I couldn’t help but giggle against Gee’s lips, but I refused to pull away. Nothing could make me stop kissing him… I needed him…
“Frank – don’t you dare ignore me! Who is that!?” Steve roared and Gerard pulled away, much to my dismay and I gave a small whimper, causing him to smile and brush his thumb across my wet lips as he looked over at Steve who was stood beside his car.
“I’m Gerard Way bitch and in case you didn’t notice, you’re ruining the moment!” He shouted back and Steve’s face went red as he struggled to think of a reply.
“M – Mikeys brother? But you’re supposed to have been hit by a car!” He eventually cried, and Gerard raised an eyebrow as I bit my lip and giggled. He looked at me in confusion and I blushed.
“I… may have told a teensy white lie to get here…” I mumbled and he laughed quietly, cupping my face in his hands and resting his forehead against mine, kissing me tenderly for a second.
“Maybe we should go inside…” He whispered and I nodded, my head swimming from his kiss.
“O – Only if I can stay with you…” I whispered back. I don’t know what I expected him to do exactly – take me into the house and then dump me on a cactus or something, but I needed to be sure he was definitely going to stay with me once we got inside. Out here in the rain, it was clear he was only getting drenched for one thing. Maybe in the house, reality would hit and he would get mad at me, and then he wouldn’t want me to kiss him anymore…
“Frankie… I’ll staple you to my side if I have to, I wont leave you, and I hope you wont leave me either…” He whispered with a small giggle and I kissed him quickly.
“I wont… never again…” I swore, and he smiled, taking my hand before pulling me across the street, running through the rain and into the house where Mikey, Ray and Bob were stood watching.
Steve was left looking confused and shell shocked beside his car, staring as we shut the door behind us. He would go home soon, and tell my mom and then the shit would really hit the fan. But right now, all I cared about was Gerard, and making up for the few days we had lost.
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