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Eddie's teddy

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Sorry it took so long to get this up people, Ficwad was being an ass ¬¬

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Dum-diddly-Gee’s POV

I was still in the immense shock that Frankie was actually here, I hadn’t fully registered where I was going. Oh yeah. Inside. Cool. Frankie grinned as we walked in the house, the other three smiling warmly back at us both, though, I couldn’t help but wonder if the $20 bill in Ray’s pocket played some part in his ‘happiness.’ I ignored it, looking back at the still gobsmacked Steve and shut the door. Yeah, we’d probably need to think about what to tell his parents, I mean, it was easy with mine, they never came home, and when they did it was only for ‘an emergency chat.’ Emergency chat? What kind of heartless parents make fucking appointments for their kids to have shitty chats about ‘important’ stuff?! Emergency chat. The two words just don’t mix. Oh well, our parents don’t mix much with us and we’re still a ‘family,’ so... But, Frankie’s parents are probably different. They probably care about him. He can’t just go round tomorrow and say ‘oh yeah, mom? Steve? That guy I was making out with in the rain last night? It’s my boyfriend Gerard. Oh, the car? Yeah, funny story...’ Hahahahaha- No. We would have to think what to say.

But... Let’s think about that later. Tonight, is our night, and there’s no fucking way they’re getting involved. I didn’t realise I was frowning to myself until Frank kissed my cheek gently, bringing me back down to earth. Ray, Bob and Mikey were gone to the kitchen to get food for what I assumed was our movie marathon, leaving us both alone. I smiled into Franks beautiful eyes, putting one hand on his cheek.

‘I’m so pleased to see you,’ I said softly, now cupping his face, ‘I thought you were gone forever.’

‘I’m never gonna leave you Gee,’ he said, tiptoeing up to meet my lips with his, whispering ‘never,’ before closing the gap and sealing his lips to my own. I could never forget how soft they were, like silk. I worked mine slowly on his own, moving my hands to rest on the back of his neck and tangle a little in his hair. I pulled a gentle moan from his lips as my teeth sunk down a little, dragging on his bottom lip and sucking on his lip ring. I smiled, looking at his gorgeous face with semi closed lids. He really was beautiful. And this was the only time, besides school, that I’d properly seen him as Frank. Not ‘school boy Frank,’ or ‘Columbia drag queen Frank,’ but, just Frank. I never got to see properly what he was wearing as I was too caught up in the heat of things, so when I did break, I made sure to look. Wow.
He looked amazing.

He had on some dark denim skinny jeans with purpose rips in, combined with a baggy iron maiden tee, a bright yellow Eddie tearing through the shirt. Man I’d like to tear through his shirt...


Shut up, he’s mine to perv on. His eyes were smudged with black KOHL liner, defining them more and bringing out his chocolate sparkle, somehow even accenting his lip ring. He looked perfect. The baggy teeshirt was sticking to his skin from the rain and bringing out his gorgeous toned abs I longed to touch, fuck he was hot. I smiled, wrapping my arms round his neck. Suddenly-

‘Ooh! Idea!’ I raised one finger in the air, as if to magic up a lightbulb or something. He giggled and kissed the corner of my lips softly, holding the raised hand.

‘You’re so cute babe, what is it?’ I took his hand, walking upstairs with him to the first floor, and bathroom. I pointed to the shower, seeing him smile and turned it on, the warm mist of water soon coming out. I walked to Frankie, wrapping my arms round his neck. I know he wanted to take things slow, I just hoped this wasn’t too fast...

‘You okay about this? I know you wanted to take things slow... I could wait outside if y-’ I was cut off by his lips pressing to mine instantly.

‘Don’t tease, Gee, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.’ He moved his lips to my ear, caressing the skin with his tongue. ‘About you... And me... In that hot, steamy, cramped shower...’ He sucked on the lobe of my ear, his hot breath tickling my skin and making me groan quietly. Oh fuck... I unbuttoned my black collar shirt slowly, closing my eyes and tilting my head sideways to give him access to my neck now. He broke momentarily to take off his own shirt and exposing his many tattoos dancing over his absolutely gorgeous olive skin. I unbuttoned the last couple of buttons on my shirt, sliding it from my shoulders and dropping it to the floor, seeing his eyes widen a little as he looked at my chest. ‘So beautiful,’ he whispered, one hand moving to run down it as if it were solid gold or something.

‘As are you, angel,’ I said quietly, pulling him in for a passionate kiss, my hands running down his chest and over his belt buckle. In one quick flick, I had undone his belt and had pulled it from the loops, working on his buttons as he simultaneously stripped me. His hands roamed everywhere, touching any bare skin that was available. The only thing separating us was our boxers, and the very thought of that made me groan loudly into his mouth, my hands trailing down his back to lightly cup his pert little ass. I threaded one hand into his boxers, now cupping his bare ass and squeezing in almost rhythm to our kissing. My lips pressed and worked on his with such passion and intensity, I barely noticed his own hands stripping me of my boxers and himself of his before my bare cock rubbed against his own, making me moan hard and loud into his mouth. I walked forwards with him, the pair of us stepping into the hot shower, never breaking the kiss from each other and letting our erections grind hard on (no pun intended) each other. I bit down on Frankie’s bottom lip again, tangling one hand in his wet hair as the other rubbed up and down his ass and lower back, drawing moan after pleasurable moan from him. I fucking couldn’t believe this. It was a fucking dream come true. Well, nearly... Of course we all know what that dream was...
As does Mikey.

‘Oh Gee....’ Frankie moaned as I kissed the corner of his mouth, moving soft, gentle pecks to his neck and sucking on the skin. I bit playfully at his neck, sucking at the flesh and making sure to leave a large purple mark. Every beautiful sound emitted from his gorgeous pouted lips only turned me on more, my arms wrapping round his waist as I held him closer to me. I needed him, I needed his touch. I broke, looking at him in total bliss. He opened his eyes and looked at me, biting his lip and smiling. ‘You’re amazing...’ He sighed, resting his head on my chest. I smiled, kissing his forehead.

‘So are you sugar,’ I said quietly, kissing his lips tenderly and grabbing some shower stuff off the side, Apple Burst this time. I held him close again, rubbing the soap into his back, letting it soak and seep into his skin as we held each other. Frankie groaned ‘Gee....’ quietly into my chest and kissed it softly as the soap trickled down his body and over his ass, rolling down his legs and into the plughole. I rinsed the both of us off and turned off the shower, stepping out with him and wrapping a towel round my waist. He wrapped one round his own waist and I turned around, fixing my wet ‘post shag’ look hair, and ruffling it into dry ‘post shag’ look hair. I turned round and smiled; Frankie was stood almost stunned there.

‘Wow...’ He said softly, smiling into space. ‘I... I.. Wow...’ He laughed as he snapped out of his trace like state and looked at me, coming over and taking my hands. ‘That was-’

‘Wow?’ I filled for him, walking out the bathroom and down the stairs with him to my room. He nodded, hitting my arm playfully and falling back on my bed. ‘You’re pretty wow yourself babe,’ I said, giggling and throwing a pair of boxers at him. He put them on and lay on my bed on his front, watching me drop my towel and put on my boxers. I turned round. ‘You little pervert’ I said, going over and kissing him on the lips cheekily. ‘But I love it,’ I said and kissed him again, pulling away to grab two large t-shirts for us both. Once they were on, I got my big black duvet off my bed. ‘Now, movies?’

Foodle’s POV

Oh man… remind me again why I left? I can’t seem to remember… Nothing seems like a good enough reason for ever having denied myself the pleasure of being with Gee. Even if he didn’t like me like I thought, I could have just perved on him from a distance. I would have been content with that.
See. This is why you should never act on impulse. With every second we spent together I felt as if I had missed out on so much by moving away. I know it was only a couple of days of not seeing him, but it was a couple of days too much so blergh.
The feeling of seeing him again, and kissing him in the rain was just immense, and then he brought me inside and to the shower…
Let me just repeat that – the shower. And showers require you to get naked. Naked and wet. Oh yes. I have truly died and gone to heaven. O merciful Lord thou hath truly outdone thy self, such a marvellous beauty thou hath created for my eyes to behold, such splender –
Dude… I think I may have actually gone insane… I’m going all Shakespearean on my ass. See. This is what happens when you meet someone like Gee, your mind turns to mush and you start thinking like a dork.
But anyway, enough of my rambling – we shared a shower. And if I never see Gee wear clothes again for the rest of my life I will be the happiest man alive. Seriously… you cant imagine how amazing it was, feeling his naked body so close to mine, under the hot spray of the shower... wooh, I get shivers just thinking about it…
“You okay Frankie? You zoned out a little there.” Gerard waved a hand infront of my face and snapped me out of my thoughts. I blushed deeply and wiped the goofy smile off my face.
“Sorry.” I giggled. “I was just thinking…” Gerard grinned and took my hand, leading me to the living room as he moved his lips next to my ear.
“About me I hope.” He whispered seductively and I swear my spine tingled.
“Of course.” I replied, trying to sound as if I was joking with him and not being serious. But with Gee all common sense and ability to control my body and all its functions just goes right out the window. I think my IQ goes down by about 50 every time I’m around him. I’m seriously gonna have to learn to keep myself under control. Especially if we’re boyfriends now…
Umm… boyfriend… Drools…
Wait… what was I saying about control? Oh yeah… drools.
“Hey guys, we picked the movies!” Mikey cried as we entered the room. Gee smiled and I grinned, my grin faltering a little as I saw Ray sat with Bob on the sofa and giving me death glares. Bob shoved him and whispered ‘be nice’. Mikey however was oblivious, clearly proud with the evening he had planned.
“Okay, I was thinking 13 ghosts first, just to wet our lips so to speak – Gee, Frankie – don’t go getting any ideas. And then maybe Night of the living dead cos’ it’s a classic, then Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissor hands and Sleepy Hollow for a Johnny Depp threesome, then the Lord of the rings for a bit of variety!” Mikey grinned and held up each DVD in turn as he spoke their titles. Gerard stared at him as if he were insane.
“God Mikey, do you honestly think we’ll be able to stay awake that long?” He asked and Mikey nodded.
“Yeah, we have loads of red bull!” He grinned, as if this solved all our problems. I glanced at Gee and he rolled his eyes at his brother.
“Okay Mikey, what ever you say.”

Gerard and I snuggled together on the couch and stayed like that through out the movies, whispering sweet nothings to each other and nibbling on popcorn and Oreos. I was watching Gerard’s face more than I was watching the movies, and he kept glancing at me and smiling shyly. Kissing me every so often, holding me against his chest when parts of the films scared me, and stroking a hand subconsciously through my hair. Ray, Mikey and Bob made countless vomiting noises and threw popcorn at us but we were too lost in our little world to care. I was content to stay like this all night. For now, Steve and my mom didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. I had Gerard, and that was all I wanted.
Even so. By the third song in Sweeney Todd my eyes were drooping and no matter how many snuggel muffins I received from Gee I just couldn’t stay awake.
“You okay baby?” He asked as he glanced at me once again. I nodded and stifled a yawn, making him laugh quietly.
“Why don’t you go to sleep?” He suggested but I shook my head.
“No, I wanna stay with you.” I whined softly and he kissed my forehead.
“I’m not going anywhere, just rest your head on me and go to sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up, I promise.” He smiled sweetly at me and I couldn’t argue. I nodded sleepily and shyly rested my head on his chest, relaxing as he resumed his stroking of my hair, petting me like a kitten as I listened to his steady heart beat.
“Uhm… Night Gee…” I whispered, slipping into my dreams that were just as filled with Gee as my days hopefully would be.
“Night Frankie.” I heard him giggle, pressing a soft kiss to the top of my head before I slipped fully into unconsciousness, wrapping my arms around his waist to keep a hold on him through the night.
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