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Dont dream it, be it

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Ger-Bears POV.

Frankie is so damn cute when he’s asleep. He’s curled up next to me right now, mewling softly as I stroke his hair. Seriously, the guy is a little angel. I can smell his sweet, warm scent and that alone is lulling me slightly. He’s just so... Gorgeous. Adorable. Perfect. I was washed back to reality as Sweeney Todd ended, Bob also dozing slightly on Rays shoulder. Man, if those two aren’t dating, then I’m Madonna.
‘So guys, which one now?’ Mikey asked, standing up to dig through the dvds again. ‘There’s still Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissorhands if we want to carry on the Johnny Depp theme.... Or Lord of the Rings if anyone prefers.... Or..’ he started looking along our shelf of gore films, smiling when he pulled out a box set. ‘Saw.’ He held it up and I saw Rays face turn a dramatic shade paler. He curled his knees up on the sofa and fixed his afro slightly, shrugging Bob off his shoulder and awake when he saw me looking.
‘Uhm... Saw?’ Mikey nodded. ‘But uhm... er... Bob, what d’you think?’ Bob saw what Mikey was holding and smiled, nodding.
‘Sure, I don’t m- owwww man what was that for?’ He looked at Ray, whos elbow was now in his stomach and glared. Ray pulled away sharply and blushed.
‘Erm, er, nothing... But um-’
‘Ray,’ I chipped in, stretching out my legs on the couch to lay Frankie between them, his head resting on my chest. ‘You’re not scared are you? We’ve been watching gore all night.... Don’t chicken out on us now....’ I smirked at him, receiving a harsh death glare back. Frankie stretched out his legs and rested one hand on my chest, mewling again. God that guy is too fucking cute.
‘I’m not scared, Way. Let’s watch it.’ He fired back, sticking his tongue out. ‘I was only going to ask who wanted popcorn.’ I did my famous ‘yeah right’ look, but bought his popcorn story, telling him to go make a big bowl.
‘Don’t worry, we won’t start it without you.’ I said, giggling. We all knew he was scared shitless, so what better than to sit him through all five in one night? You can tell we’re nice people. Whilst he was gone, Mikey pulled out his cellphone and started txting, presumably Alicia. Bob started dozing again, and I couldn’t help but notice he was still partially gold. Doofus, it’s been like a week. Ew. I subconsciously ran my hand through Frankie’s hair, tangling and untangling my fingers in his near black locks. He hummed into my chest, turning his head sideways a little to rub his face against my chest. I heard a tiny murmur of ‘Gee....’ and kissed his hand softly before moving it back to rest over my heart. I felt like he was keeping me safe almost.
I also felt his left hand make its way slowly round my back and rest between my lower back and the couch, moving in lazy circles as he slept soundly. Ray soon returned, putting the popcorn on the table next to me and helping himself to some before sitting down next to Bob.
‘Right, put it in Mikes,’ I said, sinking down in the couch a little and grabbing some popcorn. He did, dimming the lights too for ‘atmospheric purposes.’ More to freak Ray out to the max, but he didn’t need to know that. As the film started, I saw him shift closer to Bob as if for protection, even though his guard dog was asleep. Every time I glanced over at them, I saw Ray get closer and closer to Bob, when it came to the point where he was almost in his lap. Bob woke up, raising one eyebrow at Ray until he scooted quickly to the other end of the sofa, curling up in a mixture of embarrassment and fear from the movie.
I felt Frankie’s warm breath on my skin again, sending me back to the tranquil state I was earlier. His leg draped over one of mine, rubbing back and forth a little as he slept. I closed my own eyes slightly, resting my head in the side of the couch. I think Mikey must have noticed as the sound went down slightly, either that or Ray had control of the remote. I didn’t open my eyes, just listening to the film as Frankie continued to breathe down my neck. He was like a sleeping pill, with his coffee scented breath acting like a drug to me. I couldn’t stay awake much longer, and eventually let my body slump into the couch, the hand in Frankie’s hair dropping slightly to rest on the back of his neck. My other hand moved slightly as I shifted to cup his ass and I felt him move further up so his face was positioned directly in my neck. The quiet ‘Gee?’ I heard told me he was waking up, but I was too tired to reply, instead just ‘mmm’ing softly, pouting a little as I drifted into sleep. Feeling his face move from my neck, my hand moved down to his lower back, moving a little up his back so his shirt rode up slightly. I heard Mikey say something, but I couldn’t decode what it was. He was talking to Frankie though... Frankie...

Feenus rhymes with… yeah… POV! :D

“Eugh… you two better not start screwing on the couch, fabric is hard to disinfect ya’ know.” Mikeys words did nothing but confuse me as I yawned my way out of my pretty damn good sleep.
“You would know.” Ray snorted, Mikey giving him a death glare. I rubbed my eyes roughly with the palms of my hands before blinking a little as I looked around the room. It was still night and we were still watching movies, the lights had gone down though and Saw was playing. Ray was curled up in the corner of the sofa, hugging a pillow to his chest and Bob was snoring softly on the other end, spread eagled over the cushions.
“Fuck you Ray –” Mikey turned to look at me with a solemn expression. “Seriously though, don’t screw each – oh, he’s sleeping, that’s okay then. For a second I thought he was undressing you.” Mikey explained and I blushed, noticing for the first time that Gee’s hand was resting on my lower back, my shirt haven risen up some. Though I didn’t try to improve the situation, I was comfy.
“That’s just cos’ you’re a perve Mikey.” I joked.
“Amen.” Bob mumbled in his sleep and I giggled, wondering if he even knew he was contributing to our conversation. Mikey scowled to himself and stuffed some popcorn into his mouth instead.
When everyone’s attentions went back to the movie I turned to look at Gee. He looked so gorgeous when he was asleep, his lips were slightly parted and I wondered if he’d wake up if I kissed them. But then I didn’t want to scar Mikey for life so I left it… for now.
I felt so content in Gerard’s arms, and watching him sleep turned out to be more interesting than any movie I’d ever seen. He just looked so peaceful… and I couldn’t help but wonder what he was dreaming about. If maybe it was about me. I know I dream about him… and not in that way you dirty minded people… well, okay… maybe sometimes.
Although I had already slept I felt tired still, maybe it was just because Gee was sleeping, and I had a cute image of us curled up together fast asleep like kittens… But that’s just embarrassing. Just because I have a boyfriend doesn’t mean I have to act like a girl.
“Uhm… Frankie…” My name slipped past Gee’s lips in the ghost of a whisper and I nearly squealed, but that really wouldn’t help my ‘not – a – girl’ case, so I held it in. I wondered what he was dreaming about to make him say that… something adorable? Something… hot?
“My Fee…” He mumbled, cuddling me into him and resting his cheek against my shoulder in his sleep.
“Of come on, do you two really need to mumble about each other in your sleep? It’s ridiculous.” Mikey snapped, glaring over at me as if it was my fault. I blushed… realising I must have talked about Gee while I was asleep.
“Shut up Mikey. I can’t do anything about it.” I whined, not like I would have even if I could. He was just jealous anyways, it’s not my fault Alicia’s not here. Besides, our expressions of love should be seen as cute, not ridiculous.
“Well then either wake him up or go sleep in his room where I can’t hear him.” Mikey pouted. He looked tired; I guessed he got grumpy when he needed sleep. The movie night was his idea anyway. Though… I didn’t mind going into Gee’s room.
“How do I move him?” I asked. I didn’t want to wake him up just because Mikey was being a bitch, but I was too short and scrawny to lift him on my own.
“Get Ray to help.” Mikey said, being as helpful as ever. I looked over at Ray who was glaring at me. Did he seriously still hate me?
“Erm Ray… would you mind?” I asked, gesturing at Gee. He looked like he wanted to say no but then a loud scream blasted from the film and he immediately agreed.

Together we carried Gee down into the basement with ease. He whimpered a little in his sleep and pressed his face into my chest, his legs supported by Ray who was staring wistfully at his face. I tried to ignore him but it was difficult, why couldn’t he just like Bob or someone? At least he wasn’t drunk or had any liquid ready to throw over us this time.
“Thanks Ray.” I said politely after we had lowered Gee onto the bed, Ray treating him just as gently as I did. I don’t know why it made me feel so threatened.
“Yeah yeah.” He muttered casually, waving his hand to dismiss it. I expected for him to leave then but he didn’t, instead he just… sorta stood there. I guessed it was probably because he was scared of the film, and I hoped it wasn’t because he just wanted to watch over Gee. That was my job.
“Erm… do you need something Ray?” I asked, pulling off my shirt. I guessed he would leave in a second. He pursed his lips a little and shook his head.
“Have a good night.” He said in a tone which sounded like he didn’t want me to have a good night at all and then stormed up the stairs and out of the room without another word. I watched him go with a small scowl before shrugging it off and crawling into Gee’s bed.
After some struggling and untangling from Gerard’s arms numerous of times as he tried to hold onto me I managed to pull the blanket from underneath us and drape it over us, smiling proudly when I succeeded. I allowed myself to be pulled into his arms then and cuddled into his chest, tangling my legs round his and listening to his heart beat as he sighed in contentment.
“Frankie…” He whispered in his dreams and I pressed a tiny kiss to his chest.
“Gee.” I whispered back before allowing his heart to drum me to sleep.

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