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Crimson And Clover

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'...turned round to see the bathroom door slam shut. Great, way to fuck things up Gerard...' Ooh err...

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Geebum’s POV

‘Radio One one one one one one one one- Hey, it’s Zane, back again with some hot tunes from your favourite radio st-’ Oh shut the fuck up. I hate that damn alarm, remind me to take the batteries out more often. Every fucking morning its Zane with some ‘hot tunes.’ His tunes SUCK. Fucking pop music. No one listens to your crap, Zane! Low-lifed fucking cultureless twatting twat. My eyes were still shut and I groaned, wishing myself back to my wonderful dreams. Frankie came home. We made out in the rain. He... We shared a shower for Christs sake. Then, we curled up on my couch upstairs and fell asleep together at the sounds of bloodcurdling screams from the TV due to Mikey’s idea of a horror movie marathon. It was the best dream ever. It felt so damn real. But I know exactly where I am now. I’m downstairs, in the basement, in my bed, radio fucking one having just ripped my heart out and stamped on it like an old cigarette.
Well. There’s no chance I’m getting back to sleep now I’m pissed off. I cracked one eyelid open to stare up at the familiar black ceiling and sighed. Brilliant. It was a dream. Even though I was awake just then, I had my eyes shut, giving me the slightest hope that it could be real. Sitting up, I turned to my right to get out of bed and stopped dead still.
Frankie was there, fast asleep next to me.
I felt my mouth part slightly, playing into a smile. In that second, all memory of my fabulous night last night came flooding back to me, the cold lashing of the rain on my back as I tenderly kissed Frankie, the warm mist of the shower, his soft moans, his beautiful face when he was in utter ecstasy. The look on his face at the horror movies change when he looked into my eyes, his soft mewls of ‘Gee’ when he slept on my chest. My eyes getting heavier as I too drifted into sleep, it was no dream.
But how the hell did I end up down here? Because unless I have some random knack for sleep walking that I don’t know about, I’m clueless. I rubbed the back of my hair in confusion, again replaying what happened last night.
His hot breath sailing down my body as we kissed, our bare erections grinding together in the hot, steamy, cramped, wet-
Okay maybe not in the shower.
His gorgeous chocolate eyes, melting into my own as we gazed at each other during the movie, casually sharing popcorn and whispering sw-
Or then...
‘Gee?’ I was too tired to answer, instead just ‘mm’ing softly. Ah, about here I’m guessing. Mikey saying something... Still sleeping... Scream... I was washed out of my thoughts when Frankie groaned then opened his eyes slowly, rubbing them with the palms of his hands and yawning greatly.
‘Morning gorgeous,’ I whispered softly, putting a hand on his own and kissing it almost gentlemanly. He smiled, his left arm outstretching across my empty pillow to gesture for me to lay down next to him. I did so, letting him wrap his arms round me and cuddle back into me, obviously wanting to get some last minutes of sleep before his body rejected him and he was forced into the living world just as I was. Except he wasn’t being forced by a crappy radio presenter.
‘Hey...’ he growled softly, his eyes still shut.
‘How did we get down here babe?’ I asked, brushing a hand through his hair.
‘Mmmm...’ he hummed quietly, still half asleep. ‘Ray and I.... We carried you...’ His speech was a little muffled and uneven, but I think thats what he said. Ray and him carried me? Ray?! Ew. I really hope Ray got the foot end. Otherwize God knows what would have happened. Eww. I shook those thoughts away, breathing warm breath on his forehead gently. He mewled into my chest and sighed, smiling a little. Damn, could this guy be any cuter? I had to bite my lip at his petite semi-sleeping form in my arms, he was like a little baby. My baby.
After minutes of laying there in silence, Frankie finally opened his eyes and sat up, stretching. He turned to look at me and smiled, one hand on my cheek and tangling slightly in my hair. He traced his fingers over my parted lips so softly, he barely touched them.
‘You’re so beautiful...’ he whispered, laying back down next to me, his fingers still gently resting on my lips. I turned to him and smiled, kissing him gently on the cheek.
‘Not as beautiful as you, sugar, you’re such a little angel.’ I said back, letting him cup my face softly in the hand which was once on my lips. He kissed me tenderly, boy, I never get tired of that. His kissed are the same, but different each time, if that makes sense. Either way, they’re fucking amazing. I could make out with Frankie all day and never get t-
Okay, lover boy, stop with the soppy love stories and go shower. You reek.
‘Shower.’ I sat up, getting out of bed and heading to my little side bathroom, smiling at Frankie before closing the door. Inside, I stripped off my clothes, getting in and smiling when the water was already warm. Mikey must be up, he always flicks the hot water on. I washed quickly, sponging myself off and searching for some- Bollocks. No shower gel. Or shampoo. Damn. I’m gonna smell so... Normal. Ugh. I sighed, continuing to wash and clean myself before getting out the shower and wrapping a towel round my waist. I walked out into my room, seeing gorgeous Frankie sat on my bed. I leaned in and pecked the skin below his ear, whispering ‘Bathroom’s free,’ before going to my wardrobe.
‘Damn, I never am gonna get used to seeing you looking so...’ he drifted off into silence, I could tell he was still looking at me. What a perv. It’s a good thing I love him lots or I’d be fucking freaked.
‘As I told you last night, Frankie boy, you are a pervert.’ I said, still digging around for clothes. ‘But I love you, so it’s okay.’ I... Shit, I didn’t mean to say the last part! Damn my mouth and it’s constant word vomit. I heard a small gasp, fuck he heard, and turned round to see the bathroom door slam shut. Great, way to fuck things up Gerard.

Fee – tus POV
I stood with my back pressed to the bathroom door, biting my lower lip. Oh shit… He didn’t just say… what I think he said…did he?
’But I love you so its okay’
Oh shit… he really did say it. Okay… deep breaths. Deeep breaths. Stop being such a drama bitch Frankie, people say they love each other every day…
Oh fucky shit bollocky ball sack with a lime on top. I didn’t say it back!
Oh God, I just ran off and slammed the door shut… Oh lord, kill me now. Now he probably thinks I hate him and he probably only meant it in a friendly way. I mean, I tell Mikey I love him in the same sort of concept, he didn’t mean it as seriously as I assumed he did. And now I’ve made a fool of myself. Great…
Trust me to ruin the best night of my life.
Ah wait! Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t say it back. Because I would’ve have meant it and then he would’ve been like “woooah, Frankie this is too fast. I don’t want you clinging to me…”
Oh shit. He called me a pervert… I cant help it. He’s just so hot.
Aaagh, I’m going stir crazy here. I have to stop thinking. This is bad for my health.
Really really bad for my health…
I climbed into the shower in a daze. I wasn’t trying to think, but I couldn’t stop. I wondered if he was annoyed with me now. I hoped I didn’t offend him by rushing away like that. It’s just… His words shocked me, even though he clearly didn’t mean them like that.
Okay… I just… need to stop panicking, and apologise when I’m done showering. I’m sure I’m just being over dramatic. He knows I like him, I know he likes me, there’s nothing to worry about.
When I was done showering I wrapped a towel round my waist and wandered sheepishly out of the bathroom. My clothes were a bit dirty from the rain last night, so I guessed my ice breaker was gonna have to be a question.
“Erm Gee… could I borrow some clothes?” He was sat at his desk, drawing. His hair was still damp but in its usual strategic messy look, and it was making it hard to concentrate. Even worse when he turned to look at me with eyes outlined in smoky eyeliner.
“Sure, I think I have some old stuff that’ll fit you.” He said with a grin and I was relieved to find no tension evident, maybe he didn’t notice my freak out.
He got to his feet and I tried not to perv on him, I swear he wore those insanely tight jeans just to make it harder for me… no pun intended.
“Erm… these should fit…” Gee tossed a pair of faded blue jeans to me and I caught them easily, followed by a batman tee and some underwear he said he never wore before…for obvious reasons. I held up the pair of boxers and giggled, they were baby blue covered in a metallic gold fish.
“Should I ask?” He grimaced and blushed a little.
“Old christmas present… There the only pair I have that I haven’t worn.” He said apologetically and I giggled again. I personally liked them, I guess you just had to have the confidence to pull them off.
Gerard turned away to close his wardrobe and I pulled off my towel, turning my back to him and pulling on the fish boxers. Tapping my flat stomach once they were on and giggling, turning back to look at Gee who was watching me.
Oh Lord… I hope he didn’t see my pale ass.
“So… sexy?” I asked with a grin and he laughed, his face lighting up and melting my heart.
“Well… strangely, yes.” We laughed together and I finished getting changed into his clothes. The jeans had to be folded up a few times because I was so short but the shirt fit well.
“You can keep that if you want. It’s too small for me now, it shows my stomach when I wear it.” Gee said with a faint smirk and I squealed with joy before blushing with embarrassment. I loved batman, and this shirt was awesome. Gee laughed and I relaxed a little.
“I don’t see why showing your stomach would be a problem.” I said with a wink and Gerard rolled his eyes with an amused smile.
“We’re not all perverts Frankie.” He joked, ruffling my hair as he walked by. I grimaced and tried to flatten it down. I was never self conscious… but I felt the need to look the best I could when around Gee. A new thing for me, the other guys I had been with I couldn’t have cared less if they thought I looked good or not, but with Gee, I just prayed he found me as hot as I found him.
“So.” He picked up his i-Pod and turned to smile at me. “Any ideas for what you want to do today?” He asked and I bit my lip.
Throw you onto the bed and ravish you for the whole day.
“Erm… I don’t mind. What do you wanna do?”
“How about… the park. And then see where that leads us.” He grinned at me and I nodded readily.
That’s good too.
I nearly squealed again when he reached out and took my hand, leading me up the basement stairs, kissing my cheek.
“Breakfast first though I think.” He added and I nodded again.
Mmm… I know what I want for breakfast…
Man… I should really work on this perv thing.
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