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He stared at me and I felt a change

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They just cant keep their hands off eachother ;]

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Geeble’s POV

Frankie and I finally emerged into the kitchen after I pulled him down on my lap on the stairs for a ‘quick kiss.’
Or two quick kisses.
Or three... Or-
I can’t help it. His kisses are... Addictive. I’m not joking; the dude is like a drug to me. And I’m happy being hooked on this one. Anyway. So, we eventually found ourselves in the kitchen, Frankie perching on the counter and watching me as I put two pieces of bread in the toaster. He looks so fucking adorable in my bat man tee, I’m so glad he’s wearing it now. And those jeans, they just scream ‘bite me.’ He looks just about the cutest thing on the planet, I could eat him up.
Okay, that was weird. Maybe I won’t eat him... Yet.
Another thing I’m fucking happy about is his attitude to... Earlier. I didn’t mean to fucking say that, I knew he’d freak out, I just knew it. But what did I do? Opened my stupid mouth, that’s what. Remind me not to do that so much...
Not you. Anyway. He’s obviously okay now, which is the main thing. It doesn’t change the way I feel though, even if he doesn’t love me back. The only problem I may have is keeping it under control, I mean, it just slipped out back there, that can not happen again unless I want to scare him off for good. But it’s getting hard to keep quiet. I mean, the guy is a fucking ANGEL. He’s so amazing. And the way he came back, just for me, that was utterly... Wow. Normally, my dates are gone early on the morning after. We’d have screwed of course, but there’d be no... Affection. Not real affection anyway. More of a Wham, Bam, Thank you er... Gerard, type thing. I suppose it’s never really affected me that much, I’ve got used to it I guess... But he really cared. He came back. That, I must say is something new. And let me tell you it feels fan-fucking-tastic. Just knowing that someone is that willing to do things like that for you just puts you on top of the motherfucking world. And feeling like that is hard to keep so casual. I think I’m going to tell him soon. Properly.
But for now, toast. I popped it up and buttered my slice, holding it up questionably to him.
‘Butter? Or...Peanut butter....’ I looked in the cupboard, ‘Or... Jam? Or... Chocolate spread...’ Ooh... chocolate spread, spread all over your-
Oh fuck off.
‘Mmm...’He jumped off the counter and came up behind me, wrapping his arms round my waist to look into the cupboard. I put my right arm round him and rested my head on his, enjoying the short moment with him until he finally picked the jar of chocolate spread. Hell yeah! I smiled and spread it on for him, handing him the toast and eating my own. ‘So,’ he said through a mouthful, ‘we off to the park after this?’ He smiled, a little chocolate on the corner of his mouth as he finished his toast. The little teaser. I smiled at him, finishing my slice and leaning in to slowly run my tongue across his bottom lip, catching the chocolate in the corners of his mouth. He blushed a little when I broke away, whimpering quietly. Awwh. I put the butter and spread away, taking his hands when he jumped off the counter again.
‘We sure are, sex pot, I’ll get my jacket.’ Jacket. Oh shit, what jacket. Christ. I walked down stairs with Frankie’s hand in mine, going to my wardrobe to decide. Hmm. Now... Should I play it safe and just go with a hoodie instead? No, definitely a jacket. God, I’m in a collar shirt for fucks sake, why the hell would I wear a hoodie?! Jeez, Frankie does not know how much he’s jumbling my mind here, I would never question myself this much. It’s just, every minute, I feel like I have to impress him, to prove myself, because he’s so damn amazing to me... Right. Back to jackets. Not that... Or that one... Or, ew. No. I’m surprised something like that is even legal to sell in shops. I eventually grabbed a random one, cheering mentally at my choice. Score. It was black and very fitted, in fact I hadn’t had it for that long. I slipped it on and turned round, seeing Frankie sat at my desk. What was he- Oh god... I thought I’d packed that away?! I blushed. ‘It’s just a scribble...’
‘Gee... Is this what you were drawing this morning?’ He turned to look at me, the drawing of himself on the page, smiling softly with shining pencilled eyes. I nodded humbly, oh great, he probably thinks I’m some weird paedophile dude who likes drawing his boyfriends in intricate detail.
His eyes returned to the drawing, going slightly wider as he obviously processed my nod, or thought ‘Holy crap. How much does he fucking look at me?!’
‘It’s just a scribble, nothing brilliant... I should put it away.. it’s-’
‘You don’t understand, it’s fantastic...’ He seemed zombyfied to the picture and I blushed again, he really liked it? ‘You’re fucking amazing at drawing babe.’ I smiled, Frankie standing up and taking my hand in his again. ‘Amazing at everything.’ He kissed me softly on the lips for a second and put the papers back on my desk, questioning with his eyes if I was ready. I nodded and walked back up stairs with him, only just noticing how quiet it was. Where was everyone? It was then when I looked by the front door to see a post-it stuck to it.
‘Heyy lover boys ;) thought you guys might like the morning alone ;) so I left the water on in case either of you wanted to... shower ;);)’ God, I was barely into this note and I was already on ripping point of it if I saw that damned winking smiley once more. He thinks he’s being cool, being all ‘trendy’ with his saucy emoticons when actually no Mikey, you are not cool. You are into Dungeons and Dragons and enjoy calculus work. You are a loser. ‘So anyway, have a good day today guys, I’m out with Ray, Bob and Alicia (and some of her ‘gal pals’) and won’t be back till this evening. I was thinking we could all do something together? But it depends on what you guys are... Up to... If you get my drift... ;) M xx.’ Ugh. I scrunched up the note and threw it in the trash, heading out the door with Frankie, still hand in hand.
I mean, who really cares that we’re in public, I love him, and I’m certainly not ashamed. I don’t know if he’s ever had a boy friend or not... By the way he was on the first night I’d say not, but that did change later on... And by the way he looks, I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute. But anyway, he seems cool with the whole hand holding thing so... I was snapped out my thoughts when he suddenly ‘Ooooh!’ed, like I did the night before.
‘If we’re going to the park, can we swing by Coby’s? I left... something there.’ Coby? Who? I decided to play along, I mean, who wants to be questioned by their own boyfriends, but seriously... Who?
‘Yeah sure, he live near here?’ Coby... Now I think of it, the name does ring a bell. ‘Oh wait, the Shaddix kid?’
‘Yeah that’s him, he’s just up here,’ Frank took me up a little side alley, leading to a street with a row of houses. ‘I’ll be back in a minute babe,’ he said, kissing me tenderly on the lips and pulling away teasingly to race across the road to one of the houses, blowing me a kiss before he knocked on the door. Oh god, thank you so much for sending me this little piece of heaven. What I’ve done to deserve him I’ve no idea, but I’m gonna lap up every minute of it like a cat with cream. Within a few minutes, he was waving off Coby and running back over with... A guitar case? Wow. I smiled, taking his hand again.
‘That’s something I didn’t know, how long you been playing?’ I asked as we exited the alley, the two of us continuing down the pavement until we hit the park railings.
‘Oh, it’s my life... I’ve been playing forever, but mom only digs the acoustic stuff, so they’re back at home, but Pansy lives with Coby and-’
‘Pansy?’ he blushed bright red, nodding and saying that was the name of his guitar. ‘That, is adorable. I can’t wait to see her.’ He smiled and we entered the park, seeing only a few moms in there chatting about... Whatever moms chat about, do I look like I tune in to that?
That’s a no...
We walked over to a spot shaded by a tree and I sat under it, feeling in my jacket pocket for a pair of shades. Always there, my loyal sunnies. I slid them on and sat cross legged, Frank letting go of my hand to sit next to me and open his guitar case. Damn, I wish I was musical. I mean, I love to sing, it’s my absolute dream to sing big one day, but I know I won’t get anywhere. Nope. I don’t sing for people, only if I get really into a song, and that’s rare when I’m around others. I... I’m just scared, I guess, that people will... Laugh, or say it’s stupid or whatever. I don’t want that. Something I love doing just being laughed at by every passing motherfucker. No.
He flicked open the silver latches on the case, opening it to reveal an old, battered white guitar with the word PANSY stuck on in big shiny stickers. It was beautiful. I smiled as he slipped the strap on, fishing in the case for a pick and strumming an open chord.
‘Wow..’ I said quietly, slumping a little against the tree. ‘Play for me?’ I smiled, desperately hoping he would.
‘Well, my mom only likes the acoustic stuff, so most of the songs I know are kinda slow like that... And I’m not that great and I haven’t played her in a real long time and yeah...’ He drifted off into silence, blushing at me.
‘I’m sure you’re amazing, and its fine babe, I just wanna hear your magic.’ I took his left hand in mine, kissing his cheek softly. ‘Please?’ I flicked on the ‘sad eyes’ and saw him bite his lip. They work every time with anyone, guaranteed.
‘Okay..’ He closed his eyes and started strumming and boy oh boy was it magical. The sounds that came out of his guitar, the pure music that he made, oh God. It made me melt against the tree, right there and then. I recognised some of the songs he played, God damn they were just gorgeous. Suddenly-
‘Is that misfits?’ I opened my eyes at him.
‘Yeah, if Lost in Space was ever made for the weak hearted.’ He giggled, carrying on playing.
‘It’s beautiful,’ I said softly, taking off my glasses to look at him playing better. He was so at one with the guitar, it was like he was born to play. I closed my eyes again, leaning my head back up the tree and enjoying him playing. ‘Am I following... All of the right leads? Or am I about to get lost in space? When my time comes, they’ll write my destiny, will you take this ride with me?’ I didn’t realise I’d even started singing along until he stopped playing near the end, staring at me wide-eyed when I opened my own to look at him. Oh shit.

Furrrrrrrranky (He’s grrrreat xD

For a moment I didn’t know what to say…
As if Gerard wasn’t insanely perfect enough – he could sing too? And I don’t mean your usual ‘ah your pretty good, better than some people’ singing, I mean your ‘holy shit what nightingale’s voice box have you swallowed lately?’ kind of singing.
Like… majorly amazing, not to mention down right sexy singing.
“Gee… I never knew you could sing.” I said quietly, still shocked. I mean… seriously. Why had he never told me before? If I had a voice like that I just wouldn’t bother talking, I’d just sing everything. But to my surprise, Gee simply blushed and looked down at the floor with a shrug.
“I can’t sing…well… ya’ know… I don’t sing… I mean… I don’t like singing infront of people.” He stuttered and I raised my eyebrows. Gerard being shy was the craziest thing I could ever imagine. He had no reason to be shy he was just… I don’t even think one word could sum him up. Perfect would be an understatement.
Woah… I’m seriously starting to sound completely lovesick…
Is that a bad thing?
“But Gee… your voice is amazing!” I cried, was this like the drawing thing? That drawing of me had been amazing too, and yet he had said it was just a scribble. Man... I wish my scribbles looked like that.
“Well…” Gerard’s blush increased and he played with the grass beneath his fingers for a small moment. Shrugging casually.
“My grandma always liked it.” He admitted and I smiled.
“I like it.” I said firmly. “You should sing more often Gee.” He looked up at me with a doubtful expression and bit his lip nervously. I could see he wanted to shake his head but I gave him my puppy dog eyes and he hesitated.
“Well… I’ll sing for you if you play your guitar for me… If… If you really like it that much…” He said slowly and I nodded instantly. I had no problem with playing my guitar infront of him, especially if it meant I would get to hear him sing again.
“Deal.” I agreed, leaning forward to catch his lips in a quick kiss. The intention was to kiss him quickly, just a peck, after all we were in a park with little kids and their mothers around. But… the second my lips touched his there was no way I was pulling back anytime soon.
I had kissed a lot of people in my life. Most of them just random guys I didn’t know the name of, some of them I barely knew what they looked like, just going by what I could feel and the glow of the neon signs above the bars we stood behind. But none of them, not even the really good ones, compared to Gee.
His lips were as soft as rose petals, with the same silky smoothness of them too. And the way he could kiss me… I swear, this guy has kissing down to a fine art. And when I pushed my tongue gently into his mouth he tasted of coffee and cigarettes, with the sweetness of sugar mingled in. It was taste I could live off.
So… in a nut shell, I was not pulling back. And neither was he. Resulting in us getting deeper and deeper into the kiss. For a moment I made sure we didn’t go too far, thinking of the people around, but then I sort of… forgot… and before I knew it, my guitar was behind me and I was straddling his lap, kissing him hungrily, dancing my tongue with his and feeling myself get more and more into it…
His hands were on my lower back, verging on my ass and my hands were in his hair, tangling through the coal locks as I pressed my lips harder against his. Wanting to taste him… to feel all of him… I had never wanted anybody so bad before in my life…
“Mommy – what are those boys doing?” The sound of the little girls voice cut right through my brain, and I didn’t need three guesses to be able to tell who and what she was talking about. We had about a quarter of a second to pull away before the mother turned and looked at us. But… when your kissing someone as delicious as Gee, that is completely impossible.
The mothers gasp followed the girls voice straight after and something sharp collided with the back of my head, causing me to yelp in surprise more than pain and pull away from Gee.
“Oww…” I rubbed the spot where the… I looked and frowned… purse, had hit me and looked over my shoulder at the furious woman storming over to us. She had curly ginger hair and it was bouncing from the force of her steps and my initial thought was -
“Excuse me!” She snapped as soon as she was beside us. “What on Earth do you think you are doing?” She demanded, scooping her purse up off the ground and giving us the scariest evils I had ever seen. Terrified, I clung to Gee, but he seemed totally unphased.
“Just enjoying a day at the park.” He answered casually and the woman’s face blazed with anger.
“I’m sure you can enjoy the park without kissing your err… your friend.” She snarled and Gerard shrugged, playing idly with my hair as I wondered why we weren’t apologising profusely and then running away.
“My boyfriend.” He corrected and the woman’s nostrils flared.
“Exactly. This is no place to be showing each other your affection, there are children around here. And I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t like it if you had to watch to people fondling one another in public.” She folded her arms across her chest and continued to glare at us as I opened my mouth to apologise, Gerard cutting across me.
“We’re sorry, we just got carried away.” He said smoothly, continuing to play with my hair. The woman seemed at a loss of what to say now, clearly she had been prepared to have a war of words, but not even she could resist an apology (even a crap one) from Gerard.
“Well… don’t let it happen again, because I won’t be so forgiving next time. If you feel the urge to molest each other then for gods sake do it in private.” She snapped before storming off. I breathed a quick sigh of relief before looking at Gerard in surprise who was smiling at me.
“What?” He asked innocently. I breathed out in a long gush of air and gawped out him.
“Fuck Gee, she looked about ready to slaughter us. How could you have stayed so calm? I thought she was going to hit us both.” I breathed and he giggled, cupping my face in his hands and pecking my lips quickly.
“Well… I think I would’ve been scared… but because I was with you, I just felt the need to defend us against her, I wasn’t gonna let her talk to you like that.” He smiled and blushed a little.
“I guess I just had a protective boyfriend moment.” He admitted and I smiled widely. Those words shouldn’t have sounded as sexy as they did… but because it was Gerard saying them they did…
“Gee… do you mind if we go back to the house now?” I asked quietly. If we couldn’t fondle in public, then I didn’t want to stay here any longer.
Fuck why is he so hot?
Wait… why am I complaining?
Pfft… I’m not complaining… Who could complain about Greek god extravaganza? Well… actually… Gee doesn’t really look like a Greek god… he’s not tanned and doesn’t have a beard….
Let me rephrase.
Who could complain about Transylvanian God extravaganza?
Yeah… that works better.
“Sure baby.” Gee’s voice snapped me out of my rambling thoughts and his soft smirk told me he knew exactly why I was suddenly eager to get back. I blushed, but then thought… fuck it. I’m only human after all, he can’t expect me to resist him when he’s just so… so…
I quickly forced myself to snap out of it and crawled off his lap, rushing to put Pansy back in her case. I would take her back to Cobys tomorrow…
Maybe I could just leave her at Gee’s. After all, he wanted me to play her for him, and besides, I would hopefully be round there a lot. I considered asking him, but the thought left my mind when he pulled me to my feet and laced his fingers with mine.
“Okay Sugar, we have roughly four hours before Mikey gets home.” He chuckled with a wink, and I grinned, pulling him out of the park.
“Then what are we waiting for?”

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