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His lust is so sincere

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Things start getting hot n' heavy...

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Drareg’s POV (read it backwards yo’)

‘Nothing at all, come on babe.’
I laughed, tugging at Franks hand and practically dragging him home, not that he needed dragging. He was just as excited to get home and I think we both knew why. Well, I certainly had my reasons... I just hoped they matched with his. Otherwise... shit. I shook myself out of my thoughts and ran across the road with him, racing into the house and dumping my jacket on the coat rail, his hand still in mine. Okay. Do I suggest downstairs? Or just put on a movie with him... Downstairs? Or movie? Oh cock it.
‘My room?’ I asked, leaning forward and kissing the skin just below his ear,nibbling the lobe a little before looking at him innocently. It was then when I saw him blush, then pale slightly.
‘Sure...’ He said, looking at the floor momentarily. Okay... I shrugged this off mentally and took his guitar case from him, bounding down stairs and putting it on my desk. ‘She’d look good in here, think she can stay?’ he asked, resuming his place on my bed where he normally sat. He looked so cute there, like he was made to go in this room.
‘Sure thing, only if you stay with her,’ I said, smiling at him.
‘Of course babe.’ I turned round and walked over to him, standing with my legs either side of his own. You know what, fuck it. I have to be honest. I really can’t keep it much longer. And by the look on his face, I’m sure he’ll ease in to my... suggestion. ‘Uhm.. Gerard?’ He gulped, and I moved a little closer so he was face to face with my crotch. I smirked, faking complete innocence.
‘I... Your... Uhm...’ I looked down without moving my head and saw him staring right at my crotch, I swear he was going to drool or something if I didn’t move soon. I shot down, straddling his lap and kneeling half on the bed, wrapping my arms round his neck.
‘Frankie...’ I started placing kisses on the base of his neck, moving up and down, barely touching the skin with my lips. Fuck it. I mean really, fuck it. Because honestly is the best policy... I mean at least he’ll know what I want, and if he’s not comfortable... then I’ll face the consequences like a man.
After a couple of months hard core crying.
‘Y-Yeah Gee?’ He asked, tilting his head to one side and exposing his beautiful flesh I was just waiting to feast on. I planted more soft, gentle kisses to the skin, each one gradually getting more passionate and tender until I was sucking hard on his neck, nipping and biting at the skin for all it was worth. I heard a soft moan escape his gorgeous parted lips and smiled, sucking hard again to recreate more of the divine sounds. I ran my tongue all over the wet, purple mark I had left, causing more choked, almost stuttered moans. ‘Oh G-God... Gee...’
‘Stay with me Frankie...’ I said into the skin, kissing up to his ear and breathing hot breath into it. I closed my eyes and nibbled at his ear as I did before, grazing it with my teeth and running my tongue up and down the side. ‘Please baby...’ I whispered seductively in his ear, my hands travelling down to his jeans and teasing his own bulging package into a full boner. He moaned what I thought was an ‘okay,’ but I wanted to know for sure. I wanted to know he’d do this with me. He’d stick by me, and not just leave like all the others do. Because, although Mikey does play me off to be some big whore who just fucks guys and girls twenty four seven (I still have no idea where he got that from...) This is a big thing for me. Because, I want this to work with Frankie, and if he’s not ready for it and I go too far, I’ve blown it. And for someone as amazing, sexy and downright perfect as him, I can’t afford to fuck this up. ‘What was that?’ I whispered into his ear again, kissing the lobe gently and running my hands up and down his inner thighs.
‘I.... Of c-course....’ He barely said back before relapsing into moans again as my hands started to get more vigorous with his jeans.
‘I mean... think of all the... Fun, we can have... Just you and me... together... no one else babe...’ I said again, my tongue flicking over his ear as I spoke. I felt his hands tangling in my hair and massaging my scalp, making my own erection grow some more if that was even possible. Okay, so hair is my weakness. Like Susan from Desperate Housewives’ (and obviously Frankie’s seeing as he’s now virtually a jello wreck here) ear thing, I dig the hair thing. Like... Really dig it. Seriously, you mess your hands deep in my hair and I’m all yours. ‘Mmm... That feels nice...’ I mumbled into his shoulder, resting my forehead on it and trying my best to keep control.
Come on Gerard. Be the dominant one here. Man up god dammit.
But it feels so nice... Mmmm Frankie...
Gerard, Christ’s sake.
‘F-fun?’ He asked, kissing my cheek softly and tilting my head up. Huh? Wha-
You just said ‘think of all the fun we can have together.’ Now, quick, think of a smooth way to say you want to fuck his brains out before you completely buckle you girl.
Shit. Okay. Oh fuck. Um. Oh crap. Christ. Cock. Balls. Oh cocknobbingballsfannytitwankingtwat and fuck.
‘Yeah... Frankie...’ I moved up to his ear again, oh tits, if this doesn’t work then I tried. Frankie will hate me and be creeped out forever probably that a nineteen year old senior just tried to take his seventeen year old self right there in his basement but oh well, I tried. ‘I wanna fuck you.’ There. Said it.
Oh smooth. Real sexy of you Gerard.
Oh piss off at least I was honest. He looked at me with wide eyes that seemed to have some sort of glaze over them. Oh god. He’s gonna punch me, or flick out a rape alarm or something. Oh god oh god oh god god god. He leaned close to me ear, whispering words that made me moan louder than anything he had done today.
‘Then, like I said before Gee... What are we waiting for?’ Immediatly, my lips were on his, kissing him passionately and hungrily, almost tearing them off his mouth. I wanted him so bad. I needed him so bad. And we had four, whole, hours. Boy oh boy would little Frankie be in for a treat.


I had not been prepared for the hungry way he started kissing me when I said that… I mean, hungry isn’t even the word – more like… more like starving! But hey, I can’t say I didn’t completely throw myself into it when the surprise wore off.
I mean come on… he is the sexiest guy in the world and he just said he wanted to fuck me… I mean whoa… just… whoa.
My lips moved with his in a frenzy of need and passion, and I tangled my hands deep into his hair, cos’ I get the feeling he likes that. Plus… at times like this, you just need something to hold onto.
The whole moment was speeding by in a rush yet every second was delicious and felt like a year of splendour, I could barely focus on where his hands were, they moved so fast and left a tingling feeling behind them, so that I couldn’t concentrate fully on where they actually were. I didn’t care. Just so long as his hands were on me it didn’t matter where.
I pushed my tongue into his mouth when his lips opened and his tongue met mine halfway, I wish I could describe what he tasted like but it wouldn’t do him justice… besides… my mind was too frazzled to pick out any particular flavour, it was just… good.
“Uhm…” I pressed my body tight against his, trying to deepen the kiss even more. Fuck… why hadn’t we done this sooner? I was completely intoxicated and even if I wanted to stop I wouldn’t be able to. I could feel his erection pressing into mine through our jeans and it was making my heart pound, my blood rushing round my body so fast my skin was seriously heating up. Fuck… no guy could compare. I was feeling better than I had with any one night stand and we hadn’t even taken our clothes off yet.
“Gee…” It was difficult to get a word in with such frenzied kissing, but I wasn’t prepared to pull away any time soon.
“Uuuhm?” His teeth clamped on my lip ring and he tugged playfully, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth and swirling his tongue around the cool metal ring. Oh god… he makes it so difficult to concentrate…
“Gee… I’ll… never leave… you…” I managed to mumble into his mouth between lip locks. I don’t know why I felt like I needed to say it… I just needed to. I didn’t want him to think I was going anywhere, cos’ I sure as hell wasn’t planning to. And I think I just needed to let myself hear it, to assure myself that he wasn’t going to be like the guys from the club. I really liked Gee, I wanted to be with him much longer than just one night. I wanted to be with him for a hell of a long time. I didn’t want to use him… not like all those other guys… he was… more than that. I cared about him, more than I wanted to admit. And even though I had told myself I would take it slow with Gee, just to really make what we had different to the club guys – I could see now it was already different enough. I didn’t have to deny either of us what we both wanted just to prove a point.
I mean seriously… we’re guys… we have needs.
I whined softly when he pulled away from the kiss and gave him my famous puppy dog eyes. I was not ready to stop kissing yet. Fuck, I was gonna kiss him until my lungs ran out of air and went dry and crispy. His lips were all mine and I was so ready to collect…
“Frankie… erm… thank you.” He smiled warmly at me, his finger tracing a line behind and beneath my ear… oh fuck… my ear is… so… my… weakness…
“F – for what?” I asked, keeping my fingers tangled in his hair, ready to pull him in for another heart stopping kiss at the next chance. His smile widened and he leaned closer to me, his lips so close…
“For everything…” He whispered, and then he pressed his lips to mine, not giving me chance to question what he meant. But the desire to do so flew out the window along with the last of my coherent thoughts. All I could think about now was our clothes and why we were still wearing them.
Deciding in roughly 2 seconds that there was no good reason I leant down on the bed, dragging Gee with me without breaking the kiss and began tugging at his shirt. I wanted him naked, I wanted to be naked, and I wanted him to touch me every where. I wanted to feel him, be felt by him, taste him and hold him and god dammit I wanted to completely and utterly ravish him. I don’t think anything in the world could make me stop now. My parents could walk in and start bumming in the middle of the floor and I wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow.
My haste was making my button undoing a little sloppy, so Gee chuckled lightly against my lips and helped me out. His fingers brushing against mine as he helped me undo his shirt. I gave in trying to help him and buried my hands in his hair once more, tugging gently. He moaned into my mouth and I felt my stomach swirl, oh god… that sounded so good… I tugged on his hair again, still softly, not wanting to hurt him and he all but ripped his shirt off, his hands instantly going to my shirt and tugging it impatiently over my head. The hasty action caused our crotches to rub suddenly and I tipped my head back with a gasp, ending in a moan as my cock pulsed with need. Oh God… ohgodohgodohgod…
“Fuuck… Gee…” I bucked my hips up, brushing our bulges together again and he gasped, his eyes meeting mine, the hazel orbs burning with lust and I felt my heart rate quicken. Oh sweet Jesus… This is too much… I’m gonna explode if we don’t do anything soon.
“God Frankie… you’re so hot…” He breathed, his lips latching to my ear and nibbling softly. His hands gripping my hips and he grinded down on top of me, causing my stomach to clench in pleasure before he repeated the action, grinding our erections together and causing my arousal to build and build. Fuck… if he didn’t stop I was gonna cum too soon.
“G – Gee…” I gasped, clutching his hair as his lips working against my ear. Oh God… how could it be that he knew exactly how to drive me crazy?
“G – Gee… s – slow down…” I whimpered and he instantly stopped, causing me to whimper again – in disappointment this time.
“I said slow down don’t stop.” I whined, screwing my eyes shut as the disappointment went straight down to my erection, throbbing painfully in the tight confines of my jeans. Gee giggled nervously and kissed my neck just below my ear.
“Sorry babe… I thought you were… nervous.” He sounded uncertain and I shook my head frantically. Nervous? Why would I be nervous?
“I – its not like I’m a virgin Gee…” I whined, oh God… just do something please. His surprised look caused my impatience to ebb a little… oh… he still thought…
“You thought I was virgin?” I asked, smirking a little. His eyes were glazed with lust but he also looked embarrassed.
“W – well… I wasn’t sure.” He admitted and I grinned, kissing his lips quickly.
“I guess I did sort of give that impression… I’m not Gee. But… you’re the most important person I’ve been with… I… I really care about you…” I blushed deeply and looked away. Wondering if he thought any less of me now… His hand was soft on my cheek as he turned my face back to look at him and he was smiling softly.
“That’s good… because… I really care about you too.” He said sweetly and I smiled. He didn’t mention anything about me not being a virgin which I was grateful for and I wrapped my arms tightly around him as he began kissing me again, softer this time, rocking his hips against mine slowly. I ran my fingers up his naked back and opened my legs so that he could rest between my thighs. He trailed his hands down my chest, brushing his thumbs over my nipples and causing me to gasp softly into his mouth. I felt him smirk against my lips and he pinched my nipples softly before rubbing the pain away. The whole sensation making me moan helplessly. I may have been with a lot of guys but never had my nipples earned any attention… it was really just pound and grind and then get the hell outta there. To put it bluntly. That was just how it had been, and I had never found a reason to dislike it… until now… and god dammit I’ve been seriously missing out…
“Um… you like that Frankie?” Gee whispered hotly in my ear and I panted a little as he trailed his hands down to my jeans and unpopped the button, tugging the zipper down as he flicked his tongue over my ear.
“Oh fuck… Gee… you have… no idea…” I whispered as he began dragging my jeans down my thighs. I wondered fleetingly if this was too soon, but then decided I really didn’t care. It was the right time to me and clearly Gee didn’t have any problems with it.
“I’m gonna make you feel so good Frankie…” He drawled seductively into my ear and I tipped my head back, clutching his hips tightly. Oh…sweet…Jesus…son…of…Mary…and…Joseph…
I am so going to hell.
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