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But Does Anyone Notice, There's A Corpse In This Bed?

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Sorry I suck at summaries but here I am trying. Stephanie is not having a very good day. But then she meets Gerard and thinks things for her are finally going up hill for her. Oh how wrong she was...

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This is my first real ff. I've posted some on Buzznet but this is my first real story. Okay now here we go. You have my sincerest apologies if this i shitty and if you can't understand because my spelling is so shocking. Please R&R

Stephanie sat on the couch next to Troy
"Why?" she sobbed
"Steph, Im sorry I... I just don't feel the same anymore"
"Why do you have to end it like this?"
"Because, Steph, baby, I found someone else... Someone who I can see building a life with me" he said smoothly, starting to stroke her arm "I am really sorry"
"Oh fuck off, Troy." she spat, getting up "You aren't fucking sorry! Your just sick of me and you want a 'Life' with someone who can 'care' better than me"
"Stephanie, that's not it"
"What is it then?" she asked. Before he could answer they heard a knock at the door. Troy slowly stood up and answered it, standing outside was a pretty girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, massive boobs and and a plastic smile on her face
"Troy honey when can we go?" she asked in a sweet voice
"Stacy please I told you not to come up here while I was with Steph" Troy whispered
"But she needs to accept that you love ME not HER" said the blonde
"Babe, please I'll be down in a minute" he said, pecking her on the cheek and shutting the door
"Thats the person you wanna start a life with?" cried Steph "There's nothing behind her eyes, Troy!!"
"Shut the fuck up Stephanie! We are over because I don't like you anymore, okay? I never liked you!! So keep your fucking opinion to yourself, bitch" he yelled, slamming the door behind him as he stormed out. Steph collapsed to the floor and broke down. She had loved Troy more than anything and he had left her for some blonde ditz. Fuck things where going down hill.
She sat there sobbing for a while until she decided to go to bed. She lay awake for ages, missing the feeling of his hot body beside her...


Her alarm sounded, waking her up. She groaned and rolled over to turn it off, then sat up and rubbed her eyes, she looked over to see Troy's side of the bed empty and sadly moved to the cupboard to select her clothes for the day. She hated her job, but it brought in good money and she really needed that. She stopped in the Starbucks at the end of her street to get a coffee on her way to the office building in the middle of Newark. She sat at her desk and opened her email to check her messages before she began work. The first one was from her boss

Dear Miss. Blackwood

It is my solemn duty to tell you that due to the present economic difficulties the company will no longer be able to support you and we must, sadly, let you go. We apologize for any trauma this has caused and we assure you that we will give you the next four months pay as compensation. You have 24 hours to clear your things from your desk and to officially leave the premises. We hope that you have no difficulty finding a new work place and wish you luck for the future

Yours truly,

Mr. Thomson

Stephanie read the email and exploded into fresh tears. She stood up and began putting her things in a box she found next to the printer. She left the building and began to walk home when someone pushed by her, causing her to drop the box and spill the complete contents across the side walk. Slowly she bent over and began putting things back in when she felt someone bend over next to her, she looked and saw a man with straight black hair falling a bit above is shoulders, he wore black shades and a leather jacket. He looked up and saw the tears poaring from her eyes
"Hey are you okay?" he asked putting the last pencil in the box and helping her to her feet
"Oh... Yeah, Im fine" she sobbed
"Are you sure about that?" he asked, picking up the box and placing it in her hands
"Not really" she said with a faint smile
"Hey... Do you have some free time?" he asked
"Well I just dot fired so yeah I got alot of free time"
"Oh shit, sorry. Do you wanna grab a coffee?" he asked "It might make you feel better"
"Yeah that'd be great" she said. He wiped a little bit of dirt from his hands on his pants then stuck it out for her to shake
"Im Gerard" he said smiling. She took his hand and shook it
"Stephanie, but I prefer Steph"
"Well then Steph, lets go" he said with a smile. He seemed really sweet, just the guy she was looking for and for the first time in what felt like forever she was happy.
But how long will it last?

There's the first chapter please R&R and all that Jazz. I hope it was okay and I hope you all liked it.
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