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It's What Friends Are For

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A cafe. An invite. Bad news. A generous offer. A party. A dirty toilet visit.

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Okay this is the sixth time I have tried to post this chapter and every other time It hasn't let me so please can it this time. Thank you to all the people who rad my first chapter, it meant a lot that you reviewed and all that shit.

Gerard and I walked to a cafe not far away and took a seat. We sat in silence until the waitress came to take our orders
"I'll have a cappuccino, thanks" said Gerard
"Make that two" I said, she nodded and walked away
"So Steph, what was it you did before today?" Gerard asked
"I was a secretary for a company" I said sadly
"What did the company do?" he asked
"I... I don't actually know" I realized, laughing at myself, I had worked for them for four years and I didn't know what they did "What about you?"
"Im an Art School graduate who can't get a job" he sighed and thanked the waitress, who put down our coffee cups in front of us. We sipped at the hot liquid for a while before Gerard started talking again
"So what sort of stuff are you into?" he asked
"Oh, Music, Horror movies, long wals on the beach in the sunset, the usual" I said ad he laughed "what about you?" I asked
"Pretty much the same"
"What sort of music?" I asked, genuinely interested
"Misfits, Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, Black Flag, Morrissey, The Smits, shit like that, you?"
"Same!" I said, excited that we had something in common. He drained his cup and I followed suit
"You done?" he asked
"Yeah" I said, standing up. We walked to the counter and he payed insisting I don't pay a cent. We walked outside and he handed me my box
"Hey theres this thing at one of my friends houses tonight... You wanna come?" he asked before we turned to leave
"Sure" I said not particularly wanting to sit in the empty apartment alone that night. I took a peice of paper and a pen out of my box and wrote my adress on it then handed it to him
"Sweet, so I'll pick you up 'bout seven?" he asked
"Can't wait" I smiled before turning to go back to the apartment


I unlocked the door and looked at my watch, 12 o'clock I had seven hours to spare. I opened the door t reveal Troy shoving things into boxes
"What are you doing here?"I asked angrily
"More like what are you doing here?" he said
"Whats that supposed to mean?" I asked, cautiously
"Stephanie, this is my apartment and I want you out" he said stopping his shoving and standing to face me "I have to go I want you out by the day after tomorrow"
"What the fuck Troy?!? Where the fuck am I supposed to go?" I cried
"I don't know, it's not my problem" he moved over to the door and opened it
"I HATE YOU!!!" I yelled at him before he slammed the door shut behind himself. I went to the bedroom to find all y things sprawled across the bed and floor. I sat down on the bed nd cried for a while until I decided to start packing, I left some clothes out on the bed for that night then started shoving things into boxes. At about six all my stuff was in a box, I showered and got dressed into my Black skinnies, tight purple singlet, hoodie and black heels. After I put on my makeup and everything was done I went to wait in the living room. It was about five past when I heard a knock at the door and opened it to let Gerard in
"It's a nice place" he said, looking around the living room. I burst into tears again and he came over and put his arm around me, guiding me back to the couch
"Hey whats up?" he cooed softly
"Troy is kicking me out" I sobbed
"What?" Gerard sounded angry
"He knows full well that I have no living family and no friends" I said "And I can't afford a hotel or rent"
"Hey... I know it may be... A little soon or jut weird but..." he took a deap breath "My place is pretty big, you could stay there until you find your feet again" he offered
"Really?" I asked, stunned by his generous offer
"Yeah, really. It's what friends are for isn't it?" he asked
"Thank you, really, thank you" I repeated
"Don't mention it, there is no way your ending up on the streets" he miled then helped me up "Now we have a party to attend don't we?"
"Yeah we do" I smiled


It was crowded inside the house but soon enough Gerard found some people he knew
"Steph, these are my friends Bob, Ray, Frank and my bother Mikey" he yelled over the loud music
"Hey Im Steph" I introduced myself. Gerard moved over and began talking to the four guys there, soon Frank peeled out of the conversation t talk to me
"So your that chick he was talking about all afternoon?" He yelled
"He was talking about me?" I asked
"Yeah he seems really into you" Frank smiled, I excused my self to visit the bathroom. I found one not far away and did my business then emerged t face Gerard
"Thats where you are" He smiled
"Here I am" I said, laughing. We stood there looking at each other for a few minutes until he quickly crashed his lips against mine. I had no idea what was happening but I knew that I liked it. He pushed me into the bathroom and up against the wall. My head crashed against the tile and it was paining but he moved his hand to soften the hitting as we kissed vigorously. He moved his hand to the zipper of my hoodie and slowly pulled it down then pulled it off, discarding it on the floor, he then pulled away from he so he could take off his, and my, shirts. He kissed me again and moved his hands to my fly and tugged off me jeans, I kicked them off and my heels came with them. I then did the same with his pants, he then unclipped my bra and pulled off my panties and stood back to se my body. I pulled him back in to a kiss then snaked my fingers under the elastic of his boxers and pulled them down revealing his erected member. He took my let nipple in his mouth and his tongue began it's assault. I ran my cold finger from his tip to his base and he shivered. He moved both his hands to my bottom and thrusted deep inside me. Then with each pound squeezed gently with both hands that where still placed on my butt. He nibbled my neck and then moved his mouth close to my ear
"You like this baby?" he asked
"Yes! Yes!" I cried and he lifted me higher on the wall
"You like the feeling of my big dick in your wet pussy?"
"Oh fuck yes!"
"Talk to me baby" he whispered
"Oh Gerard! Cum for me Gee, make me scream!" I cried. With one more thrust I came to my peak and screamed in ecstasy. We both came together and I shivered as I felt his warmth fill me. He put me down and kissed me again
"Im sorry... I just -"
"You don't need to apologize Gerard" I said cutting him off. We slowly got dressed and just before he unlocked the door I put my wet panties in his hand
"Thats kinky" he said as I unlocked the door, he handed them to me but I shook my head
"Keep them" I smiled and left the room,leaving him standing in the doorway holding my panties. I laughed, I liked my room mate.

So thats it. I really hope this posts itherwise I will be so fuckin pissed off. Yeah it was long and dirty but I hope you iked it
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