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Welcome To The New Administration

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More Party. Moving in. Gerard's Idea Of A Good Roommate.

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Here's chapter 3!! Thanks again to all the people who are reading this xx. Please R&R
Love You All

I returned to the party and stood with Mikey, frank, Bob and Ray
"Hey, Gerard went to find you. Did he?" asked frank
"Oh yeah, he did" I laughed but they didn't get the joke
"So what do you do?" asked Ray and I felt a pang of sadness
"Actually I was fired today, so no where at the moment" I said, trying to smile
"Oh thats too bad" said Mikey kindly "If you need help with anything we're all here"
"Oh thank you Mikey, but your brother has already done so much for me" I said, smiling, he was such a cute kid
"What did he do?" asked Frankie
"He didn't tell you?" I asked, surprised and they all shook their heads "Well my boyfriend, Troy, left me last night and I got fired then when I got home Troy asked me to leave cause he didn't wanna live with me anymore and when Gerard came to pick me up for this party I was really upset cause I have no living family and no friends that aren't present and since I lost my job I couldn't afford rent so Gerard offered for me to stay with him for a while" I explained and Frank coughed on the beer he was drinking
"Your moving in with us?" he asked,excitedly
"You live with Gerard?" I asked, surprised, he hadn't mentioned anyone else living with him
"Yeah!" he squealed, excitedly. I felt arms wrap around my middle and felt Gerard's hot breath in my hair
"Im back" he said, to the group and put his mouth to my ear and whispered "That was hot, Steph" I giggled and put my hands on his arms, that where still wrapped around my middle. Ray, Bob, Mikey and Frank kept looking at his arms then at us, then eachother. A few times one of them would open their mouthes to say something but close it soon after, their surprise entertained me
"So Gerard, I hear Steph is moving in with us" said Frank finally
"She sure is" Gerard said smoothly
"Why didn't you tell me? I mean Imm not saying I don't want Steph to live with us, it's just, I live there too Gerard, you could have told me" he seemed hurt, he then looked at Gerard's arms around my middle and looked even more hurt
"Hey it's okay. Im sorry Frankie, but it'll be fun, I promise" he said just as smoothly. I looked up at his face just in time to see him wink at Frank, I then looked at Frank and saw the hurt wash away from his face
"Hey Steph, Frank and I can take Bob's van and we can pick up some of the boxes from your house on our way home" stated Gerard "We should get going if we wanna do that though"
"Uh... We've only been here for an hour" I said, confused
"Yeah but we should get to Troy's place sooner rather than later if we wanna pick up some stuff for you" added Frank
"Uh... Okay... If that's what you wanna do Im cool" I said
"Yo Bobbert can we borrow your van?" asked gerard
"Well I see you've already made plans with it so yeah sure, if I can have your car for the night, cause Kat would get suspicious if I y'know didn't come home tonight" he laughed, I was assuming Kat was a girlfriend
"You can get a lift with me if you like, Bob. Alicia won't mind if Im a little late" said Mikey, pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose, like guys do in movies. He was so cute.
"Okay, lets go then" Gerard decided and let go of my middle and took the keys from Bob's outstretched hand
"Thanks man" said Gerard taking them from his hand. I followed Frank and Gerard towards the door when Mikey grabbed my arm
"Steph, promise me you'll be careful?" he asked, concern in his eyes
"What do you mean?" I asked, yet again confused
"Your moving in with two grown men you hardly know, just promise me you'll be careful" he said, sternly
"Yeah, I will. Thanks" I gave him a peck on the cheek and followed Gerard and Frank out the door. We walked to a big blue van and climbed in, Me in the back and Frank in the front with Gerard driving. They chatted to each other until we stopped outside the apartment block
"Here we are" said Gerard from the front
"Seriously, guys thnaks so much for this. It's really saved my life. Thank you" I said and Gerard looked back at me and smiled
"It's our pleasure, really" Frank said, getting out and opening the door for me
"Thanks" I smiled and he dipped his head. We walked up the stairs to the door and i unlocked it, cause i still had the key. The door swung open to reveal Troy and his whore making out on the couch
"What are you doing here bitch?" he asked, breaking apart and getting up
"We came to get some boxes for her" said frank, he and Gerard had moved in front of me folded their arms protectively
"Well hurry up" Troy spat and Frank and Gerard urned to me
"Tell us which ones you want" Gerard said
"There are fifteen of them, if Troy and I help we could get them all down stairs tonight" I suggested
"Well if it means you'll piss off I'll help" Troy said to my surprise. One by one we all loaded the boxes of my things into the van and not too long after we where done. I handed Troy my key and climbed into the van without a word to him. Gerard and Frank resumed their places in the front seat and Gerard put the key into the ignition brining the engine to life. We drove down the road and turned a corner
"Well... He was a dick" said frank, lightly. I laughed
"Yeah he really is" I said
"Did he treat you like that the whole way through your relationship?" asked Gerard, looking at me in the rearview mirror
"Yeah... But he was the only person I had. I grew up in Montana and I was a bit of an outcast so i had no friends to visit, my workplace was hostile, my family was dead so he was everyone I had" I said sadly
"Well you have the five of us now, and Alicia, Katlyn, Krista and I suppose Donna and Donald too... My mom and dad too" Frank said
"I feel rude for asking but... who are they?" I asked
"Alicia is Mikey's girl, Krista is Ray's, Katlyn is Bob's and Donna and Donald are my mom and dad" said Gerard as we pulled into a driveway
"Oh okay" I said, half to myself
"Welcome home, Steph" said Frank opening my door again and helping me over the boxes. I looked up at the two story house and smiled
"It's so nice, I really like it" I smiled and we began to unpack my boxes and they showed me to the spare room where I would be lodging. Once all the boxes where in the room we sat on the couch and took a breath. The guy's smiled at me and each other as we sat in the silence
"You want a coffee?" Gerard asked
"Yeah a coffee would be great" I said honestly and Gerard stood and went into the room I was assuming was the kitchen. Frank and I sat in silence until Frank excused himself and went to the kitchen also. I went and bent down to look at a shelf of dvd's to see what sort of movies they had when I heard them talking
"...And then, oh dude it was hot, she tugged off my pants and, she really wanted it" I heard Gerard say, I sat back and tried to listen closer
"And this was in the bathroom?" I heard Frank asked
"Yeah, dude it was so hot" Gerard sighed and Frank snorted
"As you keep saying" he laughed
"Oh and dude just before she unlocked the door she put her panties in my hand, it was so kinky" Gerard said
"Oh dude! She gave you her panties? Now that is hot" Frank said
"Here I still have them, you can take them if you want" Gerard said and my jaw dropped, he was giving Frank my panties?
"Oh thanks dude... I might... Uh" Frank started
"Haha yeah you can go to the bathroom" laughed Gerard. Frank was going to wank off to my panties. That was fucking gross. Gerard came out and I leant back over to examine the dvd rack again
"Hey, Steph come here" he said and I turned to see his outstretched hand for me to take. I took a deep breath and stood, taking his hand. He pulled me into a kiss and gently directed me into another room. As soon as his lips had pressed against mine I knew I couldn't resist them. He pushed me onto a bed in what I guessed was his bedroom and began removing my clothing as soon as we where completely naked I lay on top of him and moaned I sat up to straddle him but he pulled me back down so that I was lying ontop of him. He let out a moan and giggled, there was no thrusting, no touching, I just lay ontop of him and felt his boner digging into my leg. It was kind of nice until what I never expected happened. We had been lying there for about 5 minutes until I felt the feeling of something on my back. Frank lay naked on my back and took Gerard's buttocks in his hands from underneath me. He was still wet from his bathroom encounter with my panties and pushed my off Gerard then began to suck and lick at his erection. I sat there, naked and shocked at what I was witnessing. Frank was on all fours and removed his mouth from Gerard
"Hey babe, think you could blow me?" he sounded bored
"I don't understand" I stuttered
"Whats there not to understand kid?" asked Gerard "Just blow the guy" Franks mouth moved back down onto Gerard and he began to moan. I stood and grabbed Franks shirt and threw it on, it hung loosely off my small body then I ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I looked onto the floor where my panties where, covered in a thick white substance and I couldn't take it anymore. I leant over the toilet bowl and threw up then rinsed out my mouth and leant against the door, trying to block out Gerard and Franks screams from down the hall.
To my horror I realized that this is what Mikey had meant.

Ladies and Gentelmen there is my chapter. Yeah pretty dirty and it won't get any cleaner so if your uncomfortable I will understand if you don't want to read it
Thaks for reading it though it means alot
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