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Just Another Boring Saturday

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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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Hogwarts Too Exposed Chapter Seven

Just Another Boring Saturday

Thursday, September 2, 2004

The day had gotten off to an earth-shattering start. Kim awoke to the realization that she had fallen asleep without closing her drapes or covering herself. She had visions of all of Slytherin house parading by her bed during the night and examining her as she slept naked. It was all Emily could do to suppress a laugh as she guaranteed Kim that was highly unlikely.

Kim handled being nude much better than she had the preceding night, possibly aided by the fact that the other girls for the most part seemed to ignore her and Emily's lack of clothing. The exception was Marta, whom it seemed would never tire of seeing the two girls in the all together.

The high point of the day's schedule was their first flying lesson. Obviously Emily and Kim approached the lesson with totally different mind-sets. Emily was eager to display her advanced abilities to Professor Weasley. Kim was simply scared stiff. Her experience with a broom was limited to two previous occasions. The first time she had swept the footpath after her stepfather finished cutting the grass. And the other time she had stuck the broom between her legs and ran around the yard pretending to be riding a galloping horse. She doubted that either incident would assist her much today.

For Emily, the day seemed to drag on; for Kim it seemed like three-thirty arrived way too quickly. The Slytherins hurried down the front steps onto the grounds to join the Gryffindors for their first lesson. It was a clear, breezy day as they marched across the sloping green lawns, the wind whipping at their robes and threatening to lift the girls' skirts. Emily reminded Kim to be careful when alighting the broom. Flying a broom in a skirt was tricky enough, what with the wind having the tendency to blow the skirt about. Being knickerless made the task even more challenging.

That was all Kim needed, something else to agonize about. They would be practicing on the flat lawn on the opposite side of the grounds to the forbidden forest. Kim took one look at the forest with its trees swaying darkly in the distance and quickened her pace.

The Gryffindors had arrived already and were standing gawking at the broomsticks lying on the ground in two neat lines.

"Finally," said Professor Weasley. "I thought perhaps this group of Slytherins were all experienced flyers and had decided to forgo this lesson. All right then, let's get started. Everyone stand by a broomstick. Hurry, we haven't got all day."

Draco stood by the window in his quarters watching the first years, but recollecting another group. It was hard to fathom that thirteen years had gone by since he was standing on the very spot that those youngsters now occupied.

"Have any of you had any flying experience?" Professor Weasley asked.

Emily slowly raised her hand as she looked to see who else had done so. She was surprised when only two others lifted up their hand. One was a rather cutie Gryffindor boy, the other was Denise.

"Although their intentions are admirable," Professor Weasley said. "I find that many parents who give their children training prior to them attending Hogwarts do more harm than good. It is much easier for me to teach proper flying skills than to correct bad habits. Will the three of you please pick up the brooms next to you and step forward."

All three of the students reluctantly picked up their brooms. They all had expected to be commended for already knowing how to fly. Instead it looked like they were about to be used in a demonstration of how not to do it.

"Now if you'll stand in a row facing the other students and lay your broom back on the ground. First I would like you to demonstrate to the remainder of the class the proper way to mount your broom. If you would please," the Professor instructed.

Denise and the Gryffindor boy quickly leaned over, picked up their brooms and mounted them. Emily instead stuck her right hand out over her broom and commanded, "Up!" Then she mounted the broom, gripping the handle the way she had been taught by Harry.

Professor Weasley's eyes scanned the three, observing their grips and how they were sitting on their brooms. "Class I have a question," the Professor said. "What are we?"

It seemed the Professor's tone of voice had intimidated the students. No one answered. Finally one timorous hand reached toward the sky.

"Yes. Miss Thatcher," Ron said. "You will find that I seldom bite heads off. I would much prefer to be given the wrong answer than have no one offer a response at all."

"Sir," Kim whispered. "We're witches and wizards."

"If you didn't hear her," Ron shouted. "She said we are witches and wizards, magical folk. Why, if you have the ability to command a broom to jump into your hand, would you bend over like a muggle and pick it up? When you teach someone, you start with the basics. Speaking of basics, you Sir are sitting improperly on your broom. Try flying like that and you will find yourself slipping off the end. You, Miss are gripping your broom totally wrong. Grip your broom incorrectly and you will find yourself hundreds of feet off the ground, with a broom no longer between your legs. I suggest the two of you rejoin your classmates and try to forget your previous training before it kills you."

Emily now found herself standing alone in front of the class, Denise glaring at her. The old phrase 'if looks could kill' was certainly appropriate.

"Miss Zacherley, suppose you show me if you can fly that thing," Professor Weasley suggested. "Nothing too fancy. Just kick off and take a short flight around the perimeter of the lawn. Keep you height relatively low."

As Emily kicked off from the ground, Denise gave Janice a nudged. "Damned showoff," Denise cursed as she picked up a small rock. "When she comes back let's she if she can control the broom unconscious."

"If the Professor sees you throw that, you'll get detention," Janice warned her.

"What's one night's detention compared to seeing that tart laying flat on the ground? Besides, I doubt the filthy werewolf has the backbone to give me detention. Maybe if I'm lucky the bitch will fall in such a way that she will give the class a nice show."

Emily made a short circuit of the immediate grass area. As she was about to land next to Professor Weasley, Denise threw the stone. Her aim was off and the rock headed for the Professor's head instead of Emily's. He saw it coming and reached to catch it, but before he could, Emily had flown in front of him and intercepted the missile.

Ron gazed at Emily, the expression on his face giving evidence as to how impressed he was. "Miss Zacherley, that was excellent; five points for Slytherin. Unfortunately, your classmate seems inclined to lose points for her house rather than win them. Miss Graves, ten points from Slytherin for throwing that rock."

Denise had a look on her face that seemed to say 'big deal'."

"And Miss Graves, you should consider yourself fortunate that this... I believe you put it, 'filthy werewolf', has outstanding hearing. Otherwise you would find yourself facing expulsion for aggression against a teacher. And I assure you that I have the backbone to give you detention. Report to Mister Filch at seven o'clock for the next week."

Denise said not a word. She had lost the house ten points and earned a full week detention. It was, in her mind, all Emily's fault.

"Now then, since Miss Zacherley has shown us how it's done," Professor Weasley said. "Everyone stick out your right hand over your broom and say 'Up!'"

"I'm glad I caught you by yourself," Jamie said to Hermione as she entered the family's quarters. "I wanted to give you that dress in case you choose to wear it Saturday night."

"What with everything that's happened this week, I nearly forgot about that," Hermione said with a grin. "You say it was actually worn by the movie star Sandra Bullock. I rather like her, very sweet and down to earth. Not like some of those muggle Hollywood types."

Hermione followed Jamie as the girl went to her closet. "She didn't actually wear this dress. It's a copy of a top she wore with pants, but lengthened so that it could be worn as a dress instead."

"Oh! It's pretty," Hermione exclaimed as Jamie took it out of the closet and held it in front of herself. "And it's only three or four inches above your knees. Are you turning conservative on us? I think I could wear this without a problem, but I don't understand why you think it will drive Harry crazy.

Jamie merely smiled. "Why don't we take it to your room so you can try it on, then perhaps you'll comprehend."

Jamie held the dress as Hermione slipped out of her robes and dress. "This is a first," Hermione noted. "You have your clothes on and I'm the one standing here starkers."

"Not by choice," Jamie said. "I'd much rather be naked, but I have to meet Alex in the library before dinner. I just wanted to give you the dress and see what you thought of it. Here! It just slips over your head. No buttons or zippers."

Hermione slipped the dress on and gazed at herself in the mirror. "It's stunning. I love it."

The dress was off-white with long sleeves. The top was trimmed with three braided cords. The cords crossed the right shoulder, but on the left side dropped exposing about five inches of arm. It was an off the shoulder look, but actually exposed little of the chest. The cords were above Hermione's nipples even on the left side. The skirt was opaque, falling at different lengths to give a tattered appearance; in some place it dropped below the knees and in others above. The top of the dress between the cords and the waist was transparent.

"It fits perfectly," Hermione said excitedly. "Of course it would. We have the same body shape. I just don't quite know what to wear under it. If you wear a slip or bra, the straps on the left shoulder will ruin the whole appearance of the dress. Even a camisole wouldn't look correct, I wonder how Miss Bullock wore it?"

Jamie looked at Hermione sheepishly. "There's a picture of her on the tag," Jamie said, holding her breath.

Hermione reached for the tag, looked at the picture and understood why Jamie thought Harry would love the dress. "She must have been rather chilly when this picture was taken," Hermione finally said awkwardly. "Her nipples look quite hard."

Evidently the designer intended for nothing to be worn under the sheer top.

"If we were back on vacation, I might venture to wear this," Hermione said sadly. "But I don't think Hogsmeade is quite ready for this dress."

"It's a shame," Jamie said as she shrugged her shoulders. "The dress is beautiful and you look marvelous in it. It would drive Harry crazy."

"That it would," Hermione agreed dejectedly.

Jamie looked at her watch and then said, "I have to be going. Alex will think I got lost. Are we still on for Saturday?"

"Yes!" Hermione said. "I'll show you the place I have in mind after breakfast and then we'll visit Madam Pomfrey."

Jamie looked uncomfortably at Hermione. She was not enthusiastic about sharing her plans with Madam Pomfrey, but Hermione had said it was a necessary precaution. As Jamie hurried off, Hermione stared glumly at herself in the mirror.

"If my opinion counts for anything, I think you look striking," the mirror announced.

"Of course your opinion matters," Hermione said. "I value your thoughts on an issue greatly. It's just that I could never wear this as it is."

"May I then suggest a shawl?" The mirror suggested. "It would cover the offending area, but you could easily remove it if you liked in order to taunt Mr. Potter."

"That's a wonderful suggestion," Hermione said, quite pleased. "I have a shawl that would match perfectly."

Hermione's smile faded as she stared into the mirror. She was undecided whether or not to speak.

"I sense that you have a more grave matter on your mind than that dress," the mirror observed.

"I'm worried about Emily," Hermione confessed. "I'd feel much better about her future if she were in Gryffindor."

"The young Miss Zacherley's future is conditional on more significant events than the house in which she resides. However, had she not ridden the Hogwarts Express, she would have without a doubt ended up in Gryffindor. Only once she boarded that train was she faced with choices."

Hermione was horror-stricken. "She didn't want to ride the train. I practically forced her to take it. It's my fault she's in Slytherin."

"It is not your fault," the mirror said intensely. "Humans make choices in life. Some of those choices have obvious consequences; others put events into play that are not so apparent. You can no more take blame for Emily ending up in Slytherin, than you can take credit for her saving Miss Thatcher's life.

"Emily saved Kim's life? When? How?" Hermione inquired, animatedly.

"Fifteen minutes ago, but not in a direct sense. Had it not been for Emily being in Slytherin and helping Kim through some bumpy times, she would have been taunted unmercifully by her dorm mates and attempted suicide once again. Only this time she would have succeeded."


"Kim is a very forlorn child. I learned this when she looked into me the other day. Outside of her mother, Kim has never had someone she could truly call a friend. Lately, Kim's mother has been too preoccupied with the abusive treatment she receives from her husband to be there for Kim. She is unaware that her husband has also become abusive to her daughter."

"He hasn't...?" The words stuck in Hermione's throat.

'No!" The mirror responded, guessing Hermione's question. "But it was just a matter of time, had she remained in that house. Although a person's future holds infinite possibilities, most of Kim's ended with an early death until Emily entered her life."

"Had I known that not taking the train would have resulted in Emily being in Gryffindor, I probably would have shopped in Hogsmeade and by doing so caused Kim death," Hermione said, the revelation horrifying her.

"That is why it is best that humans not know what the future domino effect of their actions will be. A person could go crazy worrying about the upshot of their every action."

Hermione nodded her head in agreement, recognizing that she could easily become paranoid in that sort of way.

"What do you think the special meeting is going to be about?" Kim asked Emily as they walked backed to the Slytherin common room.

"Probably to go over another ten or twenty rules that Filch has thought up," Emily answered. "If he had his way, we'd all be restricted to our dorms everyday. The man hates students with a fervor."

Becky and Marta had left the Great Hall at the same time and overheard Emily's comment. "I don't think it has anything do with Filch this time," Becky said. "I heard it was to discuss our initiation into Slytherin House."

"Initiation?! What initiation?" Emily practically shouted. "This isn't some muggle prep school or stupid college fraternity. Hogwarts doesn't have hazing or initiations."

"The other houses don't," Marta agreed, "but Slytherin is different. I heard the initiation is usually something of a sexual nature."

"Denise said that last year they picked one boy and one girl from the first years and they had to do "it" in front of the entire house," Becky said, looking extremely apprehensive. "I couldn't do anything like that."

"Do 'it'?" Kim questioned. "What is 'it'?"

"Have sexual intercourse," Emily explained to a flabbergasted Kim. "Personally I think Denise is full of it. They might propose we go through some sort of ceremony and it may even have sexual connotations, but we're only eleven. No one our age is going to have sex with a stranger in front of a group. I doubt if many of the boys are even capable of getting an erection."

Marta glanced at Becky. "She's right about the boys. They, for the most part, seem very juvenile. I doubt if most of them even know their penis has another use other than peeing."

"Who's in charge of this immature program?" Emily inquired of Marta and Becky.

"That sixth year cousin of Denise's, Dirk Bancroft."

"Dick Bancroft," Emily corrected as they reached the common room. "I should have known. He does his best to live up to his name."

Marta gave the password and they rushed in to join the balance of the first years, already waiting uneasily.

They were barely inside when Dick swaggered up to them." How nice of you four to decide to join us," he said smugly.

"We were informed to be here at seven," Emily said, defensively. "According to my watch we still have five minutes."

Bancroft ignored Emily and cleared his throat. "If everyone will quiet down, we'll get started now that all the first years are finally here."

For the next ten minutes Dick Bancroft rambled on about Slytherin House, its history and traditions and how the other houses hated Slytherin because it was immensely superior to them. Dick seemed to conveniently skip Slytherin's bad years, especially the Potter years. He ended by saying that the first years had to earn their right of passage into Slytherin House.

"Why should we have to go through an initiation when the other three houses don't?" Emily inquired. "It's also against Hogwart rules."

"Zacherley, you'd best learn your place and learn it fast," Bancroft said threateningly. "You're a first year. You listen and you learn. You can't listen when you're talking; so keep your trap shut."

All the first years were rather taken aback by Bancroft's harsh tone.

"Dick, she was simply asking a question and a reasonable one at that," Doris Burke, the Slytherin Quidditch captain, said.

"If she had been paying attention she would have heard me say that Slytherin is not like the other houses. Being a Slytherin is not a right given to you by a moth eaten hat. It is a privilege you must earn as has every first year that has come before you."

"Exactly what do you expect us to do to earn this 'privilege'?" Emily asked.

Dick's face turned red. "You could start by keeping that mouth of yours shut."

The first years all stared at Emily. Like her or not, they had to admire the backbone she was showing by going up against the Slytherin bully, Dick Bancroft.

"Saturday morning you will all meet here in the common room at nine o'clock. Don't be late!" He said loudly, staring at Emily. "Your names will be picked from a hat two at a time. One boy and one girl, and you will be given a challenge. You may accept the challenge or reject it. This will go on until one couple has successfully completed their challenge or we have run out of names.

"It is only necessary for one couple to complete their challenge for the entire class to pass the initiation, " Dick added.

Denise timidly raised her hand.

Dick smiled in her direction. "I'm delighted to see that at least one first year knows how to show reverence and ask a question appropriately. Yes, Denise."

"What ensues if none of the pairs pass a challenge?" Denise asked, not entirely sure she wanted to know the answer.

"Outstanding question Denise. In that eventuality we will hold an auction and you will each be sold into one month's slavery to the highest bidder," Dick answered as he looked toward Emily salivating.

Janice raised her hand.

"So good to see you're all learning," Dick said smugly.

"What exactly must a slave do?" she asked, worried.

"Anything they are told to do," Dick quickly replied.

"Anything within reason," Doris added. "You have the right to appeal any order if you feel it is out-of-line." She gave Dick a knowing glance. "Some of the owners have a tendency to get carried away."

"I have a question for Bancroft," Emily said without raising her hand. "I heard that many of the challenges are of a sexual nature. Is that because Salazar Slytherin was a dirty old man or because you're a pervert?"

"That's it!" Bancroft shouted. "It's time you were put in your place, bitch."

Emily was caught off guard and didn't see Dick reach for his wand. Fortunately, Kim had been expecting foul play from Bancroft and was holding her wand. The moment Bancroft moved, Kim jumped in front of Emily and shouted, "Repercitio!" just an instant before Dick shouted his own curse.

The shied lasted only a few seconds, but that was enough to reflect the curse and send it rebounding back to its originator. The whole room was astonished. Dick Bancroft the Slytherin tormenter was hanging inverted from the ceiling, his wand on the floor beneath him. The actuality that someone had bested Bancroft with his own curse was unbelievable. This fact that it was accomplished by a timid first year with only three days class training was mind-boggling.

"I owe you," Emily said as she gave Kim a hug.

"No you don't," Kim said with a smile. "Consider it partial payment of my debt to you. But we both owe your sister for teaching us that spell."

Doris Burke stood with her arms folded looking at Bancroft with a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

"Remove that damn smile from your face Burke and get me the hell down from here. And you Thatcher enjoy your little victory because that's just the first battle. You've made a poor choice of a friend in Slytherin and you'll pay. I'm going to the head of house and report that you attacked an upper classman."

"You actually are as stupid as you look, aren't you Dick?" Doris said. "Forget it! She bested you. Let it go. Finite Incantatum."

Unlike Jamie, perhaps on purpose, Doris didn't make sure anyone was available to break Dick's fall. His plunge from the ceiling was not graceful, but it was certainly agonizing. Dennis Crow ran to help his crony up.

"I don't care what Burke says, I going to Malfoy with this," Dick said as Dennis helped him to his feet.

"Don't Dick, you'll come out on the short end," Crow advised. "Whoever taught her that charm was smart. They wanted her to be able to protect herself, but not get in trouble for possibly starting a duel. Although quite effective, that was just a simple shielding charm."

"You're saying I should forget how she embarrassed me," Dick snarled.

"Not forget, just don't go to Malfoy. He'll have to let Granger and Snape do the investigation. The first thing they'll do is run a wand history. Her wand will show a simple protection charm and yours... do you really want them to see your wands history?"

"Damn! I hate it when you're right," Bancroft said in disgust. "Get the hell out of here, all of you," he shouted. "The show is over. First years, be here Saturday morning."

Saturday, September 4, 2004

Caitlin lay on her bed staring at the ceiling, bored to death. She had spent the previous night in her parents' quarters, hoping that Emily would fill Jamie and her in on everything that was happening in Slytherin House. Unfortunately Emily had been required to spend the evening in her dorm and Jamie had not arrived until quite late. Now it seemed everyone had something to do immediately after breakfast with the exception of her.

Emily was still in the Slytherin common room doing whatever it was that prevented her from spending the night with Jamie and Caitlin. Harry had joined Ron on the Quidditch Pitch to give instruction to any students who were interested in trying out for their house teams in a few weeks. And Jamie and Hermione had taken off on a secret mission on which she wasn't allowed to accompany them.

So, it was with great enthusiasm that Caitlin jumped off her bed to answer the knock at the door. She literally ran to the door and threw it wide open.

Matt was unnerved by the rapidity with which the door was opened and by the vision standing on the other side. No matter how often he saw her, the sight of Caitlin unclothed would always electrify him.

"Am I glad to see you!" Caitlin exclaimed, as she looked up and down the hall. "Are you alone?"

"Yeah! Randy is out practicing Quidditch. He hopes to try out for the house team."

"Do you always answer the door like that?" Matt asked, concern registering on his face. Did you even check to see who was knocking before you answered the door nude?"

"No," Caitlin answered ingenuously. "It didn't matter who was knocking. I still would have opened the door as I am. Come on in and I'll get us something to drink."

"Are you sure it's all right? You're alone and naked."

Caitlin hesitated. "Mum said I could have friends up here. We never specifically discussed boys. As for me being naked, you're used to that."

Caitlin led the way to the pantry as Matt held back slightly in order to admire the view. "Where is everybody?"

"Emily had something special she had to attend in Slytherin House. Dad's off at the Quidditch Pitch and although I'm not suppose to know about it, Mum and Jamie are making plans for Jamie and Alex to have sex."

Matt was completely caught off guard. "Your Mum is helping Jamie make plans? I can't believe.... Would you tell your Mum if you were going to...?"

"I'm not sure," Caitlin said. "I'd like to because I want the same guidance as she's giving Jamie, but it's poles apart. Hermione thinks of Jamie as her younger sister. She thinks of me as her little girl. I'm not quite sure how she'll take it when I'm ready to have sex. But that's at least three years in the future." Suddenly Caitlin started to squirm. "Matt I have an itch just below my left shoulder blade. Will you scratch it, please?"

"Sure," Matt said, eagerly, grateful for the opportunity to touch Caitlin.

"That feels good," Caitlin said, practically purring like a kitten. "I love having my back scratched. You wouldn't like to do that for the next hour or two, would you?"

Caitlin was kidding, but Matt leapt at the opening. "I'd love to scratch your back if you'll let me," Matt said enthusiastically.

"You're on," Caitlin said just as excitedly. "Grab your drink and we'll go to my bedroom."

"Your bedroom?" Matt repeated, dumbfounded.

"Well, we can't do it standing here in the middle of the pantry. It's not nearly as enjoyable standing and you'll tire out fast. You can sit at the head of my bed with your back against the wall and I can lie using your leg as a pillow. That way we'll both be comfortable."

Matt just hoped that all this comfort didn't cause him to have a reaction, something that seemed to happen now every time he thought of Caitlin. After Matt was settled at the head of Caitlin's bed, he laid one of her pillows across his legs. Caitlin put her head on the pillow and lay on her side facing away from Matt and assuming the fetal position. Matt felt like he was in heaven as he began scratching her back

For a while they talked, but then just listened to the wizard wireless as they both became lost in their individual thoughts. Caitlin's butt cheeks and tiny budding breasts were both within reach, but Matt knew better than to touch either. Instead he just scratched her back from her shoulders to her waist, dreaming what it would be like to touch her all over. Wondering what it would feel like to some day actually enter her.

Caitlin within minutes was thoroughly relaxed and at ease. It was good to be held by someone she could trust. She drifted off into a half sleep; unfortunately a condition that brought back memories of someone else who scratched her back. But that person was only pretending to care for her and they weren't satisfied just scratching her back. They wanted to caress her chest and then touch her below the waist. But when they did they were no longer gentle; they were hurting her. The more Caitlin begged and pleaded for them to stop the more brutal the woman became. Then the woman reached for that broomstick. If only her hands were free she'd put them around Hooch's neck and strangle the life out of her. She visualized herself doing just that, but then she felt the agony of the stick. Caitlin screamed, but not only in her dream. She screamed and jumped awake. Then she screamed again when she saw Matt lying on the bed cataleptic. His face was blue from affixation.

"I have three small containers," Dick Bancroft announced. "In the pink one are slips of paper with the names of all the first year girls. The blue box contains the names of all the boys. The last box has six different tasks. Once the participants have been selected the initiation challenge will be picked."

"I'm scared," Kim confided to Emily. "I know my name is going to be picked first. I never win good things, but this I'll win."

"If your name is picked, I'll ask to take your place," Emily said truthfully.

Kim squeezed Emily's hand. "I know you would, but that wouldn't be right. Somehow I'll do it; whatever it is."

"Only if it's something reasonable," Emily responded. "I'm not letting anyone our age be forced into some stupid sex act for Dick Bancroft's pleasure. Not even Denise."

Dick sat the three boxes on the table and concurrently picked a slip of paper out of both the boys' and girls' boxes. He looked at the names and then put them back in their respective boxes. "The representatives to undergo the challenge are Emily Zacherley and Tyler Bancroft," Dick announced. "Now I'll pick the challenge."

"Hold up a minute, Dick," Doris Burke said. "I'm totally against this whole initiation hogwash, but if the majority insists on doing it; at least it should be done fairly."

Suddenly Dick looked nervous. "Are you accusing me of cheating? If I were dishonest in the selection of names, do you think I would have picked my own brother?"

"No one accused you of being dishonest, but you could steer clear of any suspicion by handling things differently. First of all you should have left us see that all the names were in the hat and then let someone else select the names and show them to the group."

"Well, it's too late now. I already picked names and to reselect wouldn't be reasonable either." He thrust the two boxes at Doris. "You can check and see that all the names were in, but I'm not selecting them over."

Doris quickly searched through both boxes. "All the names are here, at this point we'll have to take your word for it as to who you picked," Doris said, not too happily.

Dick looked thankful. "May I continue then," he said in a self-aggrandizing way.

"After I check the other box to make certain that all six of the trials we discussed are in the box," Doris said, obviously not trusting Dick.

"Maybe you'd like to manage this next year," Dick declared.

"If I have my way, there will be no next year for this nonsense," Doris said as she read the six slips. "Dick, as an alternative to you picking the challenge, why don't we allow one of participants to select?"

The look on Dick's face made it abundantly clear that he wasn't happy with this proposal. "If that's what it takes to get on with it, so be it. Zacherley, you best do the selecting. I'm sure Doris thinks Tyler can read the papers through the box."

Doris frowned, but did prefer that Emily make the choice. She didn't trust Tyler anymore than his brother.

Bancroft handed the last box to Emily. "Pick out one slip of paper, read it, allow Tyler to read it, and then give it to me."

Emily picked out a slip of paper, read it and shook her head disgustedly before handing it to Tyler. Tyler read it and immediately blushed. He then handed the paper to his brother.

"Do you accept the challenge?" Dick asked.

"Before we say yes or no, I want to be clear on one thing," Emily said. "If we do this, then this whole stupid initiation thing is over. No one else has to do any challenges and no one has to serve slavery."

"That's the way Dick explained it last night," Doris said. "Is that correct, Dick?"

Dick stared at Emily in disbelief. He was sure that all six challenges would be rejected and that all twelve of the first years would end up in servitude for a month. "That's correct," Dick agreed. "If you and your partner complete the challenge in fifteen minutes, no additional names will be drawn, and the initiation will be over."

"Tyler, we can do this," Emily said. "Let's end this nonsense here and now."

Tyler didn't seem nearly as confident as Emily, but reluctantly nodded his head in agreement.

"The first couple has accepted their challenge," Dick announced in disbelief. "They have fifteen minutes to enter the broom closet, strip down to their underwear, and then return here wearing the other's clothes."

Kim's chin dropped to the ground as she stared at Emily. The other first year girls looked at each other in skepticism.

"Now how the hell does the tart plan to pull that off?" Denise whispered to Janice. "I'd never do that challenge and I wear a bra and knickers. How is she going to avoid him seeing her naked?"

"She won't go through with it," Janice answered. They'll both be sold into servitude and Dick will be picking two more names."

As the girls talked, Dick had led Emily and Tyler to the closet. "The sand in this hourglass takes exactly fifteen minute to run through. I will turn it over as soon as the closet door closes. You must be out here in the other's clothing before the sand runs out."

As soon as Emily and Tyler stepped inside the door was closed behind them.

Tyler looked at Emily nervously. "I guess we'll be sort of heroes if we pull this off? No one else will have to do a challenge and nobody will get servitude. We just can't think of it as being in our underwear. I guess we could pretend we're in our swimming costumes. Couldn't we?"

"Tyler, we can do this, but you have to promise that you won't freak out on me," Emily said, apprehensively. "What type of underwear do you wear, boxers or briefs?

"Boxers," Tyler answered, wondering why it mattered.

"I don't wear any," Emily said without hesitation or even the slightest blush.

Tyler just stared at Emily in disbelief. "If that's true why on earth did you agree to do this challenge? We can't exchange clothes. I'd be in my boxers, but you'd be totally nude."

"Tyler, I don't want to be anyone's servant for a month. I want to end this entire initiation garbage right now. Nudity is not a big deal to me. I can live with you seeing me naked in order to complete the dare. But we're wasting time. Are you going to get undressed?"

"Yeah, but..."

"No buts," Emily said determinedly. "Hurry, get out of your clothes."

They both took their robes off quickly and then as Tyler started unbuttoning his shirt, he glanced at Emily. She was already topless. He reluctantly looked away.

"Don't be embarrassed," Emily said as she dropped her skirt to the floor. "It won't bother me if you look, but please don't stop undressing. I don't want us to be beaten simply because we ran out of time."

Tyler slipped his shirt off, took a deep breath and then undid his pants and dropped them to the floor; not once taking his eyes off of Emily as she removed her shoes and knee high socks.

As he finished taking off his socks, Tyler commented, "You're actually quite pretty."

"You probably say that to every girl that strips in front of you," Emily said good-naturedly.

"No really, you're extremely pretty. I consider myself fortunate to have gotten to see you like this."

Emily laughed as she pointed to Tyler's boxers. "I know, your approval rating is sticking out. Hurry let's get dressed."

Tyler's face turned crimson. He had tried to act cool, but his penis had betrayed his excitement at seeing Emily in the buff. After putting things in place, he exchanged clothes with Emily and they both started to dress.

Emily giggled when Tyler was finished dressing. "You should wear a skirt more often," she said. "You have nice legs. But I do have one suggestion. Your boxers shouldn't be longer than your skirt."

"This skirt is short," Tyler complained. How can you wear it with nothing underneath? Aren't you afraid someone will see?"

"If they do, they do," Emily said, unemotionally. "You can see my face, or arms or legs all the time. I think it's silly that people make such a big deal out of breasts, vaginas and butt cheeks."

Tyler just shook his head. "You're amazing. I've never met a girl like you."

Emily gave Tyler a smile. "You're okay too Bancroft. Nothing like your brother."

Kim checked her watch for the one-hundredth time. They're not going to make it.

Just then, with thirty seconds to spare, the closet door opened and Emily and Tyler stepped out. Tyler received most of the attention dressed in Emily's skirt.

Dick Bancroft was totally disgusted. Emily had ruined his entire initiation program. He had personally counted on making a nice chunk of cash on the bidding for slaves. Emily was fast becoming as equally unpopular with Dick as her sister.

"Bancroft and Zacherley have changed garments in the required time," Dick announced. "The ceremony will be complete when they change back into their own articles of clothing in front of us."

Emily and Tyler looked at each other, aghast.

"I've never been on this floor before," Jamie said as she and Hermione reached the landing for the seventh floor.

"I doubt if many students have," Hermione responded. "This level is disused and has little of significance besides the Come and Go Room, or as some have dubbed it, the Room of Requirement."

Jamie gave Hermione an extremely confused look. "It's called the Come and Go Room because it isn't always here," Hermione explained. "Sometimes the door is there and other times it's just a blank wall. The door only appears if you have an actual need for the room."

"Will it appear today, since I essentially don't have a current need?" Jamie asked with unease.

"I'm not sure," Hermione answered. "We can only try."

They walked along the corridor until they came to a stretch of blank wall opposite an enormous tapestry depicting Barnabas the Barmy's foolish attempt to train trolls for the ballet. "This is the place' "Hermione said.

Jamie looked at the blank wall with disenchantment. "There's no room," She said, disappointment evident in her voice.

"There wouldn't be yet," Hermione commented. "We must walk past this bit of wall three times, concentrating hard on what we need."

And so they did, turning sharply at the window just beyond the blank stretch of wall and then again at the man-size vase on its other side.

Jamie concentrated hard, saying over and over again,/ I need a place we can be alone, a place that will make our first time together special, a place to make love./

As they paced back and forth, Hermione also thought intensely. We need a place where two people won't be disturbed while they get to know each other in the most intimate of ways. We need a very romantic place.

After finishing their third walk by, Jamie turned and then reached for and squeezed Hermione's hand. The blank wall now contained a highly polished door. They approached the door guardedly. Hermione reached out and grabbed the brass handle. As she opened the door, Jamie first noticed the glow of candlelight that illuminated the room romantically, but as she entered she was overwhelmed by the focal point of the room, an enormous round bed large enough to comfortably sleep twelve people.

Soft music was playing, but Jamie was unable to locate its source. About ten feet from the bed was a sunken bathtub large enough for six people filled with bubbly water, which upon touching, Jamie found to be the perfect temperature. There was even a sauna in the one corner. As if the bed wasn't large enough, the floor was covered in soft padded carpeting. There were no chairs, but instead there were abundant silk cushions on the floor.

The far wall contained a bookcase, which immediately drew Hermione's attention. The books seemed to all be about sex, but what surprised Hermione was that each volume she picked up seemed to be about women satisfying women. As she returned "The Tongue and How to Use It" to the shelf, Jamie called to her.

"Hermione, the room is wonderful, but I'm slightly confused," Jamie said. "The décor seems rather womanly and why would two young lovers want all these type of things?" Jamie was pointing to a bookcase stocked with every conceivable type of female sex toy.

Suddenly Hermione face turned scarlet red as she asked, "Exactly what type of room did you say you required?"

"I concentrated hard," Jamie said. I kept saying over and over again that, I need a place we can be alone, a place that will make our first time together special, a place to make love."

Hermione face was still red, but she suddenly burst into irrepressible laughter. Jamie stared impatiently at Hermione, not understanding what was so funny.

Finally when Hermione was able to gain control, she put her arm around Jamie. "When you and Alex come to use the room, I think you will find it the same in many ways, but also different. This room was designed for you and I."

"You and I?" Jamie said in shock.

"Yes. I think the room thought that we wanted to be together," Hermione laughed. "I'm sure some changes will be made when it's you and Alex making your needs known."

They both laughed as they continued to look about the room.

"Hermione, can I ask you a very delicate question?" Jamie inquired.

"You can ask," Hermione said with a smile. "Whether or not I'll answer depends on the question."

Jamie faltered as she worked up her nerve. Finally she said, "Have you ever been, or wanted to be with another woman?"

"Not unless you consider that awful incident with Madam Hooch being with a woman, and I certainly don't."

"No," answered Jamie. "I was referring to something you wanted to do."

"In that case the answer is a definite no. I've wondered what it would be like, but I couldn't picture myself ever being with anyone, male or female, other than Harry." Hermione looked deep into Jamie's eyes. "Now that I've answered your question, I have one for you. Why did you ask?"

Jamie squirmed as she wondered how she could avoid answering. Finally she decided that she didn't want to circumvent the question. She was going to be truthful with Hermione. "The other day when you kidded that I should either get out or join you in the shower, I wanted to join you."

"And now you're wondering about your sexuality? Don't. I've seen you look at Alex, and you've never looked at me like you do him. There's love and then there's love in capital letters. Your love for Alex is like mine for Harry. It's not just capital letters, but it's underlined and in bold print.

"You and I have a different kind of love and fortunately, being women, we can express it more openly. Harry and Ron have the same type of love, but the male persona prevents them from displaying it, which is a shame."

"You're taking about hugging and kissing?" Jamie asked; wanting to make sure she was on the same page as Hermione.

"Exactly. Imagine the comments if Harry and Ron hugged and kissed each other in public."

"They'd be labeled as gay," Jamie said.

"But you and I have hugged and kissed each other completely nude in public without anyone thinking a thing of it."

Jamie was still confused. "I understand what you're saying, but that doesn't explain my desire to jump in the shower with you."

"I think that was just an extension of the love you have for all of us. Caitlin, Emily and you had just gotten done showering all together and had a ball doing it. I think you just wanted to continue the fun and make me a part of it."

"That makes sense. Can I ask another question?" Jamie inquired.

"I feel like a genie being asked for another wish," Hermione said with a cackle. "Jamie, I think we're close enough that if you have a question, you can ask it without first being granted permission."

"What would you have done if I followed you into the shower?

Hermione smiled and shook her head. "I can't believe how much you girls have changed me. Last year at this time I would have screamed bloody murder, been totally embarrassed, and never spoken to you again. The other day, I would have laughed, pulled you into the shower and given you a hug."

Jamie glanced at the sunken tub and then at Hermione. "It's a shame to let that go to waste."

"Jamie Zacherley! Are you suggesting that I, a Hogwarts professor, should get in that tub naked with a student? You do realize Caitlin and Emily are going to have a fit if they find out they missed out on this."

"We can bring them along some other time. What do you say sister?"

Hermione never answered Jamie, at least not verbally. The pile of clothes that suddenly appeared next to her was answer enough.

Caitlin was beside herself with anguish Somehow her actions in the dream had resulted in Matt's present condition. But she couldn't think about that now. Saving Matt's life was her only concern. Quickly she straddled his limp body and placed her lips against his as Madam Pomfrey had shown her. For a Hyperempath, this was literally the kiss of life. Please Matt! Please don't die! I'll do anything! Anything you ask, but please don't die!

Caitlin maintained the kiss until finally she felt Matt moving beneath her. He was coming around, but there was an expression of fear on his face. Suddenly he tried to push her aside and get up.

"What happened?" He shouted nervously. "Did you do that to me? Did you try to kill me?" Once again he tried to get up. This time Caitlin literally threw herself on top of him and wrapped her arms around him.

"Matt, I'm sorry. I'm not sure what happened, but I'd never intentionally hurt you. You must know how I feel about you."

As Matt's senses returned to him, he calmed slightly and stopped struggling against Caitlin. Even if Caitlin was responsible for what just occurred, he realized it was not done on purpose. She'd never hurt him. He stopped struggling and instead wrapped his arms around the young girl. "Did you mean it when you said you'll do anything I asked if I didn't die?"

Caitlin broke Matt's hold on her and sat up on her haunches. "You heard me say that?" she questioned. "But Matt, I never said that aloud, I only thought it."

"But I heard you. I heard you as clear as I hear you now. Did you mean it?"

"Yes, I meant it," Caitlin said suddenly extremely panicky. She had practically killed Matt and without a doubt owed him anything he asked, but... the look on his face was like one she had never seen before./ We're only twelve. Could he actually be considering asking me to do that? How can I say no? He almost died because of me. /

Caitlin literally shivered. "Anything."

Matt pulled her back down against his chest and wrapped his arms around her.

"That went much better than I expected," Jamie said as she and Hermione departed the infirmary. "I expected her to give me a lecture, but she was actually quite nice and supportive."

Hermione smiled. "There are two Madam Pomfreys. When someone is hurt or sick you see the strict, nervous, order shouting Pomfrey. You just met the Pomfrey that most of the students never get to see, the loving, caring, giving-you-the-shirt-off-her-back Pomfrey. I never got to see that side of her until I became a Professor."

"I expected her to try to talk me out of it; tell me I was too young. Instead she was very helpful and compassionate."

"You are too young," Hermione said. "So was I. But when you're young and in love it's hard to be reasoned with. I'm glad you confided in me. And now that you've seen Pomfrey you can rest easy that there is no chance of a pregnancy."

"I'm glad I saw Madam Pomfrey, but if I hadn't, Alex and I would have still used some type of muggle protection," Jamie said confidently.

"And most likely ended up pregnant! Jamie, you're a witch. We may look just like muggles, but the same genes that give you your magical ability also make your body different from a muggle's in some ways. Most muggle birth control won't work on us; witches and wizards are extremely fertile. Even our cycle is different from a muggle woman's in that our periods only last three days and we can conceive the other twenty-eight."

"But with the potion I'm safe?"

"The potion she gave you is one hundred percent effective. Depending on how it is brewed the protection will last three, six or twelve months. You don't have to be concerned until next year at this time."

Jamie's eyes began to tear. "I don't know what I would have done without your help."

Hermione put her arm around Jamie and gave her a hug. "That's what big sisters are for. Do you have a special night planned?"

"No, but now that I'm prepared, I can relax and just let it happen."

As the reached the staff quarters, Hermione hesitated for a moment. "It's going to be hard to see them become women, but I hope Emily and Caitlin will come to me when they're ready to take that step."

"For their sake, I hope they do, too," Jamie said sincerely as she opened the door. "I can't wait to tell them both about our bath together. They're going to be so upset they missed out."

"Perhaps we can go back tomorrow and take them with. If we all coax him, maybe Harry will join us," Hermione said with a glimmer in her eye.

"That would be fun, but do you think you can convince him to do it?"

"I'm not sure, but I notice Harry has a hard time saying no to me." Hermione looked around the empty room. "I wonder what Caitlin's been up to in our absence."

"She probably in her room, lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling totally bored. Let's go check."

End of Chapter Seven.

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