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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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Hogwarts Too Exposed - A Slytherin Among Us Chapter Eight


From the blood of innocents four,
The Great Lord Slytherin's spirit shall pour.
Two of his own, seer and heir,
Two of his enemies, healer and heir,
Two drops of each not any more,

With their death by his hand,
To his body he will be returned,
To walk the earth a mortal man,
But when Slytherin and Evil are joined,
Not even the Covenant will bring the result down.

"But you're the senior member of staff. Plus you've also known her longer. I feel you should be the one to break the news."

"You don't understand. She has a tendency to kill people who bring her upsetting news. She's already given me one reprieve. There's such a thing as pushing your luck."

The door slammed as Emma Wrong entered the room. "And just what are you two squabbling about?" the Great One demanded.

"Nothing! Great One," Damien lied as he cowered in the corner.

"Madame Hooch. I'm pleased you decided to join our organization. How are you and Damien getting along?"

"Quite well," Hooch said honestly. "We share many mutual interests."

"Are you referring to your shared love of torture and mutilation or your mutual fascination with Hermione Granger?" The Great One said nastily.

"I assure you that the only feelings I hold for Granger are those of betrayal and hatred." Hooch said, snootily turning up her nose as if the mere discussion of the Hogwarts Professor offended her senses.

"If that be the case then you and Damien most certainly don't agree on everything. He is rather smitten with the Professor. If given the chance I'm sure he would love to test her arousal levels with his dip stick." The Great One crossed the room and took Damien's chin in her hand, lifting his head so she could look him directly in his eyes. "But Damien is a good soldier. If I ordered it, he would drive a stake through her groin to her chest without hesitation. Would you do that for me?" She turned to Madam Hooch.

"With pleasure, Great One," Hooch replied.

"And how do you feel about Potter and the Weasel? If I commanded would you strip the flesh from their writhing bodies?"

"I have neither love nor hate for either, but I have pledged my loyalty and life to you. You have but to ask and it will be done."

The Great One smiled. "I have enough hate for all of us. Soon when Salazar Slytherin joins us I will rule the world with you both as my lieutenants. The first item on our agenda will be the extremely slow and excruciating painful death of the Weasel and his annoying friends."

She turned to Damien. "How is the amassing of the centaurs progressing?"

Damien looked toward Hooch, his expression practically begging her to answer the question. She ignored him. "The search has been canceled, Great One," Damien said uneasily, sweat covering his brow.

"CANCELED! Under whose authority?" She shouted. The Great One was livid. She looked at Damien furiously. "I gave you back your life and this is how you show your appreciation. I should kill you here and now."

Damien dropped to his knees. "Please Great One, spare me. We have found a centaur that after some persuasion has agreed to help us."

The Great One calmed slightly. "In the future, Damien, I recommend you give me the good news first. You nearly didn't live long enough to tell me that you had a cooperative centaur. Tell me more," She continued sweetly to the shaking form at her feet.

Damien slowly got to his feet. "One of the largest herds of centaur live in the Forbidden Forest next to Hogwarts, therefore Madam Hooch and I decided to begin our roundup there. However, the forest is extremely dense and the centaurs exceedingly good at concealing themselves. After three weeks of searching we hadn't seen one centaur although we did come across some rather large spiders."

"As we were about ready to give up for the day, we stumbled upon a lone centaur. It was Firenze, the one that taught for a time at Hogwarts. He didn't put up much of a fight, not much spirit left in him. The other centaurs had relented and allowed him to return to the forest, but he was still banned from the herd. He was rather sad and depressed."

"Why the hell should I care how a mule feels?" The Great One shouted. "When did this happen? What have you learned? Why haven't you told me all this sooner?"

"That would be my doing," Madam Hooch said reluctantly. "We took him into custody four weeks ago, but I anticipated having better news before approaching you with the details."

"If the bastard won't cooperate kill him and hunt down another of his kind," the Great One said in fury.

"Oh! He decided to oblige," Damien said. "Madam Hooch found this ingenious muggle device called a nut cracker. Firenze decided he'd rather not discover if it worked on more than just walnuts."

"Then he has been working on the prophecy?" The Great one asked elatedly.

"Yes, Damien answered, "but he advises against taking any steps until we secure the entire prophecy,"

"I'm not looking for advice from a donkey; I'm looking for the names of the innocents. It could be years, maybe never before we find the balance of the prophecy. I want to act now while I'm young enough to enjoy being Queen of the world. What has it come up with thus far?"

"He feels innocent refers to youth and having never had sexual intercourse," Madam Hooch answered. "We're probably talking children under age thirteen. Combining two drops of blood from each will bring forth the spirit of Lord Slytherin."

"Then when his spirit kills the kids," Damien added excitedly, "he will return to human form and be able to assist you. Firenze isn't sure whether you are the Evil in the prophecy or not, but definitely once joined the Covenant will be no challenge to the power resulting."

"Stupid refuge from a glue factory. Of course, Evil refers to me. Who the hell else is ripping both the muggle and magical world apart with terrorism?" Emma looked at both Hooch and Damien with repugnance. "I didn't need a four-legged nag to tell me the information you've conveyed. I figured most of that out on my own. I want the names of the four brats."

"Firenze is still charting the stars and trying to attach names. He is sure that 'his own' and 'his enemies' refers to Slytherin and Gryffindor houses," Madam Hooch said, hoping the Great One would allow her to finish before screaming again. That would mean that the seer is either in or will be in Slytherin and the healer is or will be a Gryffindor."

The Great One face turned red with anger. "That means that heir refers to the heirs of Gryffindor and Slytherin. No one knows who the heir of Slytherin is although many people think its Draco Malfoy, but Potter is definitely the Heir of Gryffindor. I'll be damned if either of those two qualify as innocents."

"No, Great One," Damien said as he once again cringed in the corner. "We're obviously talking next generation." Both Hooch and Damien waited nervously for the angry outburst.

"Well now isn't that just fucking dandy," Emma said, her words scorching the room like a dragon's breath. "Are you telling me that I have to sit and wait tolerantly till Potter decides to knock up Granger? That could be years or never. They've already taken in half the street urchins in the wizarding world. And if Malfoy is the heir of Slytherin, he won't settle down with one woman until his prick is ready to shrivel up and drop off."

The Great One leaned her head against the wall. This was not good news. Finally she turned to her lieutenants, her face colorless. "Some things we can control and others we can not." Her voice actually sounded on the verge of tears. "The wise person knows the difference. I'll give orders to double our terror campaign. Meanwhile you two work with Firenze. I need the names of the seer and the healer. I also need to know whether or not Malfoy is the true heir of Slytherin. And make sure that the centaur doesn't escape. The memory charm that conceals our command center doesn't work on animals, I don't know if it would work on him or not. Firenze is our permanent guest until he has worn out his usefulness." A faint smile slowly curled across her face.

"What do you mean change back here in front of everyone?" Tyler protested. "That wasn't part of the challenge. I won't do it."

"In that case you have lost the challenge and I will pick two more names," Dick said triumphantly.

"No!" We'll do it," Emily said with conviction.

Denise and Janice looked at each other in disbelief. Maybe somehow in that closet she had gotten Tyler to be a gentleman and turn his back. But how did she intend to hide her lack of undergarments here in the middle of the common room?

Tyler looked at Emily questioningly. "You can't, not in front of everybody."

"Tyler, don't ever tell me what I can or can't do," Emily said resolutely as she started to unbutton her shirt. Then she faltered just a moment. "Before I do this I just want to say one thing. Dick, you are a lying, cheating, perverted bastard."

Emily was just ready to continue unbuttoning her shirt when Doris said, "Zacherley, you're right. He is a lying, cheating bastard. Keep your clothes on. Dick, you are not a god. The committee wrote the rules and you don't have the authority to change them. The initiation is over. All first years are now officially Slytherins."

Dick's was furious, he clenched his fists in anger, but he understood he had lost. He said nothing; just walked off in disgust.

The first years cheered the end of the initiation as Doris ushered Emily and Tyler back into the closet.

"She is the luckiest bitch alive," Denise said angrily as her and Janice stomped off.

"This is getting to be a habit," Tyler said as he and Emily undressed. "One that I most certainly enjoy."

Emily smiled as she finished taking off the boy's garments she was wearing and then stood naked waiting for him to get her knee-highs off. Tyler didn't look directly at Emily, but he did try to grab peeks when he thought she wasn't looking. "You're silly," Emily said a smile on her face. "You may look if you want. Honestly, it doesn't bother me."

Tyler gave Emily a bashful stare as Emily just shook her head in bewilderment. "Boys, you're all the same. I'll give you two minutes. Visually scrutinize me as close as you want, but then I want to get dressed and out of this closet."

Emily said two minutes and Tyler didn't take his eyes off her the entire time. "I was wrong," he said when the two minutes were up and Emily started to dress. You're not pretty. You're beautiful."

"Yeah, sure" said Emily, not buying the flattery. "Why were you so reluctant to change out there? I was the one that would end up on display and you knew I wouldn't consider it that big a deal."

"But I did," Tyler answered. "I'm the only guy in Slytherin house that has seen how terrific you look nude and I didn't want to share that vision with the balance of the house."

Emily did something extremely out of character; she blushed. "Are you sure you're Dick's brother? Maybe you were switched at birth because you're nothing like him."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Tyler said as he finished tying his sneakers. Then he took one last look at Emily in her short skirt. "I can't believe you don't wear knickers with that." Emily simply shot him a smile as she opened the door.

"It's about time," Kim said. "I think it took you longer to change this time than the first."

"It may have, we didn't rush quite as much," Emily said as Tyler left to join some of his mates.

"Okay," Kim whispered. "Now that he's gone tell me how you did it. How did you manage to change clothes without letting him see you naked?"

"I didn't," Emily responded.

"Mum, thank god your back!" Caitlin squealed as she ran into the room and flung her arms around Hermione. "It was awful."

"What happened Honey?" Hermione said with concern as she wrapped her arms around Caitlin to comfort her.

"It was Matt. He was here and..."

Before she could complete her sentence, Hermione interrupted, her anger filling her voice. "Matt was here! The two of you were alone? If he hurt you in any way..."

"No, Mum!" Caitlin shrieked. "It wasn't Matt. He would never hurt me. It was me; I almost killed him."

"You almost most killed him?" Hermione said in shock.

Jamie put her hand on Caitlin shoulder. "You'd never do something like that on purpose; you don't have a mean bone in your body. Calm down and tell us what happened."

They all seated themselves in the living area. Hermione sat on the couch next to Caitlin still holding the girl tightly to her. "Tell us exactly what happened," Hermione instructed, extremely alarmed.

"Matt arrived about ten minutes after you guys left," Caitlin said. "I was really bored so, of course, I was elated to see him. I had just offered him a drink when I got an itch on my back. You know the kind that drives you crazy, but you can't reach. I asked him to scratch it and he did."

Jamie gave Caitlin a knowing glance, "I'm sure you had to twist his arm."

Caitlin ignored Jamie and continued her story. "It felt great. You guys both know how I love having my back scratched. When I told Matt how much I enjoyed it, he offered to scratch it for me."

Hermione and Jamie exchanged quick looks, neither liking the direction this story seemed to be heading.

"We took our drinks and headed into the bedroom. I figured it would be more comfortable if we lay on the bed while he did my back."

Jamie squirmed in her chair as Hermione rolled her eyes. "Caitlin," Hermione said calmly, "Some things just aren't appropriate. I'm not sure I like the idea of you and Matt being alone in our quarters, especially with you being nude. But I certainly don't approve of the two of you lying together on your bed."

"Mum, we didn't go in there with the intentions of having sex. I'd trust Matt with my life," Caitlin protested.

"We'll talk more about this later," Hermione said, doubting any twelve-year-old boy could be trusted alone with a naked girl.

Jamie was having similar thoughts, but than realized how often she and Alex had been in comparable situations throughout the years and he had not once done anything inappropriate. Perhaps she and Hermione weren't giving Matt and Caitlin enough credit.

"We tried a lot of different positions. Matt couldn't seem to get comfortable. Finally we ended up lying on our sides facing each other. He gives terrific back scratches."

As Hermione listened, she came to the conclusion that when Caitlin's time came it would be extremely challenging for her to help Caitlin plan as she had Jamie. There was only four years difference in the girls' ages, but Hermione thought of Jamie as her sister; Caitlin was her little girl. What Caitlin was describing was completely innocent, but yet part of Hermione wanted to transfigure Matt into a toadstool.

"I started to think about you, Dad, Jamie, Emily and now Matt. How good it felt to be held by someone you completely trusted and have them touch you."

Jamie and Hermione once again exchanged glances; they were both experiencing mixed emotions as they heard the story. Each was picturing themselves in similar situations, Hermione with Harry and Jamie with Alex. They knew exactly what she meant and how she felt. It was truly a wonderful sensation. Then they'd be jerked back to reality. Caitlin and Matt are only twelve.

"And then, I don't know why, but I started to think of Madam Hooch; how she lied to me and how she hurt me both physically and mentally. I remembered that day as if it were actually happening all over. I remembered struggling, trying to get my hands free so I could wrap them around her neck and choke her, force her to let me go.

"Then I remembered the excruciating pain as she violated me with that broomstick. I screamed, but not just in my mind, I actually screamed. I wanted to hug Matt, I needed to be held by someone, but Matt had stopped scratching my back. He was lying on the bed completely still, is face contorted and blue. I thought he was dead," Caitlin said as she burst into tears.

Hermione hugged the young girl tightly as Jamie rushed to her side and knelt with her arms around Caitlin.

"It wasn't your fault Caitlin," Jamie said reassuringly. "Was he eating anything? Something probably stuck in his throat. There's no reason to connect your memories with what happened to Matt."

Hermione didn't comment on Jamie's remarks, but simply squeezed Caitlin tighter in her arms. "What did you do when you saw Matt in that condition?" Hermione asked with grave concern.

"I gave him the kiss like you and Madam Pomfrey taught me," Caitlin answered meekly. "At first I didn't think it was working. His lips felt cold, but I held him tightly and kept our lips joined. Finally he started to come around. Mum, I don't know what I would have done if he had died. It would have been my fault."

"Caitlin, for the last time it wasn't your fault," Jamie said emphatically, now holding Caitlin's hands in hers. "Matt's fortunate you are a Hyperempath and were able to save him."

Without forewarning Hermione jumped from the chair, tears pouring out of her eyes. Jamie held Caitlin as they both looked at Hermione with confusion. Hermione turned and gazed at them both, unable to suppress the tears.

"No, it wouldn't have been her fault if that innocent boy had died. It would have been mine. Mine for not telling you; not warning you." Hermione stuttered, completely distraught at what had nearly occurred. "But, but you're so young, I never envisioned that such a thing could happen not till you're much older."

Jamie's mouth dropped as Caitlin's eyes widened in horror. "Then I actually did almost kill Matt?" she asked, horrified with the revelation.

Hermione approached Caitlin and got on her knees in front of where the young girl was sitting. "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you."

Caitlin wiggled to the front of the chair and put her arms around Hermione neck. "Mum, it's not your fault." Caitlin looked at her Mum, an expression of trepidation and panic on her face. "Can I kill people in my sleep just by dreaming it?"

"No." Hermione answered, tears streaking down her cheeks. "But there are downsides to having Hyperempathic abilities and I should have explained them. I just...." Hermione tried to gain self-control.

Caitlin leaned forward and kissed her Mum. "I understand. For whatever reason, something is causing these "powers" I have to develop way faster then they should. Maybe it's time that we sat down over a butterbeer and you told me everything."

Hermione gave Caitlin a weak smile. "Sometimes you make me wonder which of us the grownup is and which is the child."

They made their way to the pantry and after getting drinks, gathered around the breakfast table.

As Caitlin took a sip of her butterbeer she said, "It feels strange to have the two of you sitting here clothed."

Jamie gave a little chuckle. "It feels weird to me too. I had only intended to pop in for a minute, until your revelation. I have to leave as soon as I'm convinced you're all right."

"At the moment you're the priority young lady," Hermione said as she squeezed Caitlin hand and tried to decide just how to start. "My Hyperempath ability first started to appear when I was sixteen; Madam Pomfrey tells me that is the normal age. From that I assumed your gift would reach its different stages five years earlier than normal. Today proves my assumption totally incorrect."

"It usually takes two years until your healing abilities reach full power. Yours already have and seem to greatly exceed those of most Hyperempaths. I knew that for a fact the night you healed my shoulder on the beach. Little is known about your telepathic abilities because they are extremely rare. It has been over two hundred years since there was a Hyperempath that could heal without touching the patient."

Caitlin and Jamie both listened intently as Hermione continued. "Our sense of feeling is far greater than normal magical people."

"Do you mean emotionally or physically?" Jamie inquired.

"Physically," Hermione answered. "This has good and bad points. We have to learn to separate ourselves from feelings of pain. A minor cut, whilst certainly not life threatening, feels ten times as painful to a Hyperempath as to most magical people. If unable to separate from her body a female Hyperempath would be driven crazy by the pain of childbirth."

"That's sounds awful Jamie," said cringing at the thought. "You say there is a good point?"

Hermione blushed as she always did when a discussion of sex took place. "Jamie, you will soon be having relations with Alex for the first time. When you peak, that is reach your ultimate feeling of pleasure, imagine it being tens times stronger. All the touches all the caresses, ten times better." Hermione turned a deep red. "Often it's necessary to separate from your body because of the overwhelming pleasure."

"Can you teach me how to do that; to separate?" Caitlin asked nervously.

"Yes, after what happened today I want you prepared. One never knows when you could have an accident and hurt yourself. As far as the other side of the coin, you won't have to worry about that for at least three more years, hopefully longer."

Hermione turned her head briefly and missed seeing Caitlin's face turn a brilliant red, but Jamie didn't. That blush had Jamie extremely concerned. She and Caitlin unquestionably needed to have a long talk.

Hermione took a deep breath before dropping the bomb. "Caitlin, a Hyperempath has the touch of life, if they turn to the dark side or experience extreme hate or anger, their touch can also hurt or kill. In your case, in time I believe you will have the ability to both heal and hurt with your thoughts, but only with a conscious thought."

"What about Matt? I most certainly didn't want to kill him," Caitlin asked, petrified that she could have such power over people. She had been euphoric when she first learned of her abilities, now she wished she could shed the gift as easily as she shed her clothes.

"Witches and Wizards have magical powers from birth, but only once we've had proper schooling do we know how to control them and correctly cast charms and spells. You have abilities that you don't know how to control. Your mind was remembering a horrible ordeal that you went through. To you it was as clear as if it were actually happening at the moment. You wanted to strangle the person who was touching you. Without realizing it, you allowed your power to lash out at the person currently touching you."

"Since Matt's no longer here, I take for granted he is okay?" Hermione asked. "Although it would still be a good idea for him to let Madam Pomfrey check him out."

"I'll tell him to go see her when we have lunch together," Caitlin said.

Hermione studied Caitlin concernedly. "Then everything is satisfactory between you two. Does he realize that it was your powers that assailed him?"

Caitlin suddenly had an extremely guilty look on her face. "He knows it was me and at first he was frightened and wanted to distance himself. But he eventually realized that I could never do anything like that to him on purpose. We're okay now."

Hermione dropped the subject at that, but Jamie didn't like the expression on Caitlin's face. The young girl was an extremely poor liar and even though Jamie didn't think Caitlin was lying about what took place she absolutely sensed that part of the story was being left untold.

"I still can't believe you actually did that," Kim said as her and Emily studied together in the dorm. Actually they had done more talking then studying. It was nearly time for dinner and Kim was still going on about the initiation that had taken place that morning.

"That's because you're not that familiar with me as yet," Emily said with a smirk. "After we've lived together a few months you'll believe it."

"But he's a boy, an extremely cutie boy. You actually stood there naked and allowed him to visually examine you?" Kim was astounded by Emily's brashness.

"He'd obviously never seen a naked girl before," Emily said unflappably "So I let him look. I will admit that I was surprised when he got down on his knees to get a closer perspective. For a few moments I actually thought he was going to touch me."

Kim eyes widen. "What would you have done if he had?" Kim asked, horror-stricken, at the thought.

Emily laughed. "I might have kicked him where he never would have forgotten it or I just might have just left him touch me and done absolutely nothing. It depended on the touch."

"I don't understand, a touch there is wrong, period," Kim asserted.

"Extend your hands out to me," Emily asked without elucidation.

Kim had utterly no idea what Emily was up to, but complied and extended both hands in front of her palms down. At first Kim just studied the right hand. Next she took her finger and rubbed each knuckle in turn. After she did that she grasped the tip of each of Kim's fingers between two of her own and moved them back and forth. She scratched one of Kim's finger nails with her own and then turned the hand over and after looking at it intently traced the life line with her finger.

As she reached for the other hand Kim started to ask her what she was doing, but Emily shushed her friend and started caressing the hand with her own. Ever so softly she moved her finger over the hand even caressing the wrist. Then she leaned over placed a few gentle kisses on the top of Kim's hand before starting to suck on her finger.

Kim pulled her hand away in repulsion. "What are you doing? She hollered with dismay.

"Why didn't you yell and jerk away when I touched your right hand?" Emily inquired.

"Because you seemed to be just examining it, but with my left... I felt like you were fondling me. Okay, Okay. I understand what you're trying to demonstrate. I agree that there is a big difference between touching someone in curiosity and fondling them. But there is also a big difference between touching someone's hand and touching someone down there."

"Only because you've been taught that way. I don't think any body parts are more important or sacred than others. To me it doesn't matter what part of me a person sees or touches, but more importantly how it's done."

Kim just kept shaking her head back and forth. "I hear you and I understand what you're saying, but I still think it's wrong to let people touch you certain places. Do all nudists think like you?"

Emily shook her head. "Positively not. My Mum used to call me her little extremist nudist. Most naturists lead two lives sort of like a fictional super hero. They're afraid to let friends and even family know they practice nudism. They dress to conform except when they visit a camp or when they are in the privacy of their own homes. If they get company, they'll rush to cover themselves in fear that someone will learn the truth and ridicule them."

"That certainly not you or your sisters," Kim said, giving Emily a big smile.

"Jamie and I weren't raised to be ashamed that we were nudists, but even my parents didn't publicize the fact. On the other hand, they didn't conceal it either. Anyone that was invited to our home was warned ahead of time that they would find us all naked. My Mum was quite stunning and brought many a smile to the face of deliverymen. But still, my parents caved to the fact that the general populous didn't accept nudism. Despite our protests, Jamie and I were forced to dress whenever we departed the house."

"The way you think is so alien to me," Kim said. She was trying to understand Emily's viewpoint but found it difficult. "Even if I could accept and understand the desire to be naked, I'll never understand how you can do it in front of fully clothed people."

"Because unlike most people, I don't associate the word naked with something dirty or immoral. I relate it with something pure and natural. Nudist aren't out to force their belief on the general populace, they just don't want textile attitudes forced on them."

"Are you actually serious when you say you'd never wear clothes if you weren't required?" You could actually walk into the Great Hall starkers and not be nervous or humiliated?"

Emily looked Kim straight in the eye. "I wish I could prove it to you tonight, but it would result in my causing others awkwardness and me more than likely being expelled. Way too often am I forced to sacrifice my beliefs in order to not be chastised or bring grief to others."

Kim marveled at Emily attitude. She had no desire to be a nudist and she'd rather die than appear nude in public. Kim doubted she'd ever even be completely comfortable with her semi-forced nudity in the dorm, but still she respected Emily for believing in something so strongly. "Have you actually ever gone naked in public; other than in a nudist environment?"

Emily smiled. "Why do you think Mum called me her little extremist nudist? I was always pushing the boundaries, seeing just how much I could get away with. I never felt I was doing anything wrong because my being nude certainly didn't hurt anyone."

"What did you do?" Kim asked eagerly.

"Mum was always yelling at me for going out-of-doors nude. Usually it was just to the curb to greet a visitor, but once...." Emily's face suddenly glowed as if you were about to tell her favorite story.

"I was watching the telly, when Mum asked me to run to the grocer and pick up a few things she need for dinner. It was a sunny late winter day, certainly not warm, but not extremely cold either. I slipped on my sneakers and then reached for my coat, not bothering to dress. As I was about to open the door, I had a breathtaking inspiration. I slipped off my sneakers, tossed my coat on a chair and stepped out the door, clutching the grocery money in my hand."

Kim's jaw dropped as she looked at Emily in amazement. "You actually went to the grocery nude. How far was it from your home?"

"About four blocks and the streets were rather chock-full of activity. It was fascinating to observe the reactions of people when they caught view of me. The men, obviously, were more supportive. One man yelled 'now that's a cute outfit, but aren't you rather chilly?' I wasn't. I loved the feel of the breeze on my body. Some of the women gave me pleasant smiles while others said rather crude things, but I didn't care; I was in heaven. Way too quickly I reached the grocery. One of our neighbors, a nice older muggle lady who knows we're nudist, was at the store. She just shook her head when she saw me and said' 'You do realize that your Mum is going to skin you when she finds out what you've done.' At the time I didn't care, I was in my glory."

"Wasn't the owner upset by your nudity," Kim asked. "Didn't he ask you to leave?"

"No. Actually, no one in fact paid me that much notice, which surprised me. But then, I was a young girl. I'm sure the reaction to a grown woman would have been a great deal different. I finished shopping and then paid for my purchases. I actually hated to leave the store because I knew my adventure would be over when I got home and I'd more than likely be punished. I took my time as I strolled home. Mum was waiting for me at the door an extremely relieved expression on her face. She had spotted my coat and sneakers near the door and realized what I'd done."

"Did you get punished?" Kim asked.

"Amazingly, no. Mum just hugged me extra long and told me how worried she had been. That's when she gave me the title, extremist nudist." Without warning, Emily burst into tears. "Mum and Dad were killed by a drunken muggle driver two days later."

Kim drew Emily close and gave her best friend a hug. "To lose one parent is awful, but to lose both at the same time, I don't think I could cope. I was only five when my Dad died so I really didn't understand what was happening. It was like one day he was there and the next just gone."

"I don't understand," Emily said as she tried to regain her composure. "At the robe shop you said your mum and dad differed about you coming to Hogwarts."

"Actually step-dad, he adopted me when Mum and he married. At first he was so nice but now sometimes...." Abruptly Kim changed the subject. "We best get dressed and head for dinner. I don't mind being nude nearly as much when it's just the two of us, but I'll never be like you. I wish there had been another way around my Powerpuff Girls' knickers problem."

"There may have been if you had put on your bathrobe, but once you streaked to the bathroom naked the other girls sort of jumped to conclusions."

"The domino effect," Kim said with a sigh. "I saw it hanging there, but thought it would be extremely bad manners to use someone else's robe, especially being naked. If only I had known it was mine. I'd be wearing clothes, even new knickers by now."

Emily laughed, "But think of all the embarrassment and humiliating experiences both past and future that you would have missed out on."

Kim thought for a moment and then reached out and clutched Emily's hand. "I dislike being nude, but given the choice between clothes and your friendship..." She hesitated briefly. "I'd spend the balance of my life starkers."

Emily gave Kim a hug, "That won't be necessary. Remember what was said on the train. "You don't have to be nude to be my friend." They hugged even tighter. "You sure you'll be okay alone here tonight if I spend the evening with my sisters."

"A few days ago, I would have said no, but after rebounding that curse back at Bancroft the other night people treat me differently. It's almost like they want to be my friend."

"Amazing," Emily said with a laugh. "Suddenly Slytherins have gotten excellent taste when it comes to choosing friends."

"Professor, you're going to wear a path in the carpeting if you continue to pace back and forth in front of me," the mirror said.

"I know," Hermione said in frustration. "What am I going to do about this dress?"

"Do? What is there to do? The dress is beautiful and the woman in it is gorgeous." The mirror replied.

"Obviously," you are a male mirror," Hermione said as she leaned on the dresser.

"I beg your pardon," the mirror said actually sounding as if insulted. "Mirrors are unisex. We favor neither the male nor the female point of view. The fact that I speak with a male voice is only ... well; it's intended to make me seem more imposing. But I am incapable of lying."

"But look at my breasts. In proper lighting you can see them as well as if I were topless and my nipples can easily be seen in even the worst lighting."

"I'm confused," the mirror responded. "I have been in existence now for nearly nine hundred year and served countless mistresses. You are one of the most beautiful women to have ever gazed into me, yet you seem ashamed of your attributes. Was not the purpose of that dress to expose your exquisiteness to Harry Potter in hope of sexually affecting him?"

"You, mirror, have a habit of over simplifying situations. Yes, I want to stimulate Harry. But in the process of rousing him I don't want to expose myself to all of Hogsmeade and be charged with lewdness."

"I can not envision anyone considering what I am currently reflecting as vulgar or profane, but should that be the case; isn't that why you are wearing the wrap?"

"Yes, but its warm this evening. I could be coerced into taking my shawl off at a most inopportune time."

"Hermione, we're going to be late for our reservation if we don't get a move on," Harry called from the other room. "Will you please stop trying to improve on perfection?"

Hermione took one last look in the mirror as she swathed the shawl around her back and tied it in the front. "You look wonderful Professor, I'm sure the evening will go splendidly," the mirror said as Hermione prepared to depart the room.

"That's easy for you to say," Hermione retorted prior to leaving. "You're not the one going out for the evening with your boobs on display."

Hermione never heard the mirror complain in response. "I told you that I'm unisex. I don't have boobs. The dresser has drawer knockers, but they're not mine, I'm only attached.

"Professor Granger you look exceeding lovely tonight", Harry said as Hermione entered the room and he gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Why thank you Professor Potter, she responded. "I'm looking forward to an amazing evening."

"I'll try my best." Harry said as he gave her a wink. "Are you sure you want to wear that shawl? It's not at all cool tonight and nary a breeze blowing."

"Rather safe than sorry," Hermione said, trembling with apprehension as she left the sanctuary of their quarters.

After they disembarked their carriage in front of the Hogsmeade Inn, Hermione glanced back at the creature harnessed to its front. "Remember when we couldn't see them?" she asked Harry.

"Yes," he responded as he took her hand. "That was certainty a more innocent time. Much has changed since we were first years; some good, some bad."

"And some wonderful," Hermione added as she squeezed his hand tightly. "I love you, Harry."

Hermione saw a tear develop in Harry's steely green eyes as he said, "I love you, Mione. My life only started the day I met you and it will end if I ever lose you."

"Harry, trust me. I'm not going anyplace without you."

Neither could refuse to give in to a squeeze and affectionate kiss prior to entering the restaurant. Once inside, the owner who still considered them celebrities promptly greeted them enthusiastically.

Their reservation was rather early; therefore the restaurant was still relatively vacant. The host, Alan was just about to escort them to what he considered his finest table when Hermione spotted it. There nestled in a quiet corner was a small table barely large enough for two. She tugged on Harry's sleeve and pointed to the table. Harry was about to wrinkle his nose, but when he saw the look in Hermione's brown eyes, he melted. It was unbelievable how she could manipulate him with those eyes. Alan must have said 'are you sure' fifty times before he finally seated them.

Harry reached to assist Hermione with her wrap before she sat down, but she was resolute about keeping it on. "I think we upset Alan by insisting on sitting back here," Harry said.

"I'm sure we did," Hermione responded. "He still considers us celebrities and as such likes to sit us in the middle of the restaurant in full view of all his clientele. I think he believes it helps business."

They were no sooner seated when the waiter stopped by the table and asked if they had any questions about the menu or needed any assistance in placing their order. After being assured they'd be fine, he went about his business.

"I so prefer magical restaurants over their muggle counterparts," Hermione commented.

"Why is that?" Harry asked. "I've had many appetizing meals in muggle restaurants."

"I'm referring more to the service than to the food itself," Hermione responded. "In a muggle eating-place you either get a server who completely ignores you or one that incessantly bothers you. If you need a top-off of your beverage in a magical restaurant you just tell the glass and it's refreshed."

"You're correct about muggle waiters. I think they hide in a corner watching, in anticipation of you taking a large bite of food. Then they come running to ask how everything is when your mouth is too full to answer. Speaking of drinks what would you like?"

"I think I'll just have water," Hermione said giving Harry a smile. "I'm conceiving tonight and I want a clear head so I can remember every moment."

"Talk about pressure," Harry said. "If I don't get you pregnant tonight will I be replaced?"

"If you recall," Hermione said, trying to suppress a laugh, "I was considering Neville as your substitute."

Harry gave Hermione a grin. "There was a time you would have made me jealous with such a comment, but now Neville seems to be quite content with his doctor friend and ..."

"And you know I'm a one man woman and you're that man," Hermione interrupted reassuringly.

"An extremely fortunate man," Harry said as he reached for and held Hermione's hand. "I love you Mrs. Potter."

"I love you Mr. Potter," Hermione said as she looked around the still reasonably empty restaurant. "Would you help me with my wrap?"

"Certainly my lady," Harry said, his napkin dropping to the floor as he rose to his feet.

Harry kissed Hermione's neck as he helped her off with the wrap. It was possibly his imagination, but she seemed to be trembling. He kissed her now bare shoulder and then went to retrieve his fallen napkin before sitting down.

Harry was about to ask Hermione what she was going to order for dinner, but as he took his seat he got his first clear view of the front of Hermione's dress. All other thoughts were completely erased from his mind. His eyes suddenly became too big for his face and his mouth hung open in astonishment.

"My god, Hermione," he said in absolute shock. "I'm able to see your breasts. That dress is transparent. You might just as well be topless."

A look of disappointment shrouded Hermione face. "You don't like it?" She said sadly. "You said you liked sexy clothes. I was hoping it would excite you."

"Excite me?! Hermione, you have no idea the torture you are putting me through at this very moment. The dress is beautiful and you're gorgeous in it, but this isn't Cap d'Adge. What if someone sees you?"

"Harry calm yourself down and help me back on with my wrap," Hermione said with a laugh. "This dress is for your eyes and your eyes only. That's why I wore the wrap and that's why I insisted on this particular table."

"Hermione, do you absolutely need my help?" Harry said nervously. "I'd rather not get up at this very moment."

"I think I can manage," Hermione said, a glint in her eye as she struggled to get the cape back on.

"Curse you, Hermione," Harry said crossly. "Now I've lost my appetite for food. The only thing I'm interested in eating right now is... Can you open your wrap just a second and give me another look."

"Harry do you realize how wonderful you just made me feel? During the last few months you've seen me naked more than you seen me clothed; yet you ask for another peek at me in a see through top.

"My Mum would never let me have dessert unless I finished my dinner. But considering the way I'm dressed, I'm certainly nothing like my Mum. What say we go up to our room and have dessert and let Alan deliver our dinner later?"

"Do you think he'll do that?" Harry asked.

"I don't know. We can ask. Tell him it's an emergency; that you have to make a deposit at the sperm bank in order to insure timely delivery of a baby."

Harry made several deposits that evening, one that would unquestionably bare interest.

"You must have been frightened to death when you saw Matt was comatose and barely breathing." Emily said as she and Caitlin reviewed the events of the day as they lay in bed.

Harry and Hermione were spending the night at the Hogsmeade Inn; therefore the girls currently had the quarters to themselves. Jamie had promised to join them, but had not as yet arrived.

"They haven't invented a word that properly describes how I felt," Caitlin said as she relived that moment in her mind. "Initially I thought he was dead and that I had killed him. I was beside myself with anguish, but fortunately had the presence of mind to straddle his limp body and give him the Hyperempathic kiss of life."

"Wow!" Emily said with amazement. "Remind me to stay on your good side. I knew your powers were strong, but never envisioned that there was a negative side to them."

"Neither did I," Caitlin said almost shaking. "If I hadn't screamed, Matt might be dead."

"Mercifully, he's not, but how did he react to everything that occurred?" Emily asked.

"At first he was rather knocked for six," Caitlin explained. He tried to thrust me aside and get up. I imagine he most wanted to put as much distance between him and me as he could. It was necessary for me to literally throw myself on top and wrap my arms around him to prevent him from running off."

Emily giggled. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be laughing, but considering that you were nude some of that activity is rather erotic."

Caitlin blushed deeply. "It gets worse," she said. "Matt finally calmed down when he realized that I would never hurt him intentionally. But then he asked me if I meant what I said."

"But you didn't say anything, did you?" Emily inquired.

"No, but my thoughts had linked with Matt and he was aware of what I was thinking as I gave him the kiss of life."

Emily's look turned to one of concern. "Exactly what were you thinking?"

Caitlin was bursting to tell someone. She took a breath and began. "I was thinking, please Matt! Please don't die! I'll do anything! Anything you ask, but please don't die!"

Emily's look turned from concern to worry. "You had said that you would do anything if he didn't die. And now that he was okay, he was asking if you meant it. Caitlin your word is gold, but anything takes in a lot of territory. He could have asked you to have sex."

Caitlin turned crimson as Emily's face turned white. "You didn't?" She said in disbelief. "You guys are only twelve. I wouldn't have expected Matt to ask that of you."

"He didn't precisely ask. Matt wrapped his arms around me and we rolled over, which put him on top of me. After that he kissed me. Not a peck on the check, but a genuine kiss. It was a long kiss and our tongues actually touched. Mum said today that Hyperempaths feel things more intensely than most people and she wasn't lying. It felt like my goose bumps had goose bumps."

Emily listened in disbelief. Had her 'sister' actual broken wizardry law and had sexual intercourse at age twelve?

"Then Matt sat up and looked at me. I mean actually looked at me. You would have thought he had never seen me naked before. I never felt so nude and susceptible and at the same time so cherished and desired. I didn't feel like a flat chested skinny little girl. The way he stared at me, and the look on his face made me feel loved and attractive.

"Matt started playing with my hair and then lightly kissing my face. He kissed me everywhere, my eyes, my ears, my nose, especially my mouth and cheeks. He said every part of me was beautiful. Then he started kissing my neck and then my shoulders and finally my...."

"Your breasts! My god you allowed him to kiss your breasts?" Emily said in disbelief.

"Initially he just kissed, but then he started to lick them with his tongue and finally gently sucked on them. Emily, my breasts are almost nonexistent so it must have been caused by my increased Hyperempath senses, but it drove me crazy. I actually started to get really moist down there." Caitlin used her eyes to indicate where she meant. "I in fact think my body was getting ready to have intercourse."

Emily was about to ask a question that's answer would disappoint her whether affirmative or negative. She found the story, to this point captivating, but she was honestly disappointed that Caitlin had let things progress so far. "Did the two of you actually go all the way?" Emily asked. "Did you shag?"

"No," Caitlin said, sounding rather disappointed to Emily. "Matt suddenly gave me a kiss and after hugging me tightly jumped off the bed. He said he cared for me too much to ruin both our lives and he practically ran from the room."

"I'm glad to hear that at least one of you had common sense enough to stop something that had already gone way too far," Jamie roared angrily.

"You were eavesdropping!" Caitlin shouted crossly. "I can't believe you, of all people, would ease drop on a private conversation."

"And I can't believe it was necessary for me to do so," Jamie retorted. "I thought the four of us shared a special relationship; a relationship that had no secrets; one where we didn't hide important information. I knew this morning that you weren't telling Hermione and I the entire story, but... after what she's done for you. I thought you loved her."

Emily was stunned. She had never seen her sister quite so angry. Although she felt sorry for Caitlin, Emily was exceedingly glad that she wasn't the focus of Jamie's venting.

"How dare you insinuate that I don't love Hermione? You know I'd die for her. She's the mother I never had. You have no right to suggest that I don't love her," Caitlin cried.

"Well, you certainly have one hell of a way of showing it. I'll be damned if I'd risk losing Harry and Hermione as parents just so I could have my tit sucked by a boy," Jamie said with veracity as she sat down on Emily's empty bed.

"What the hell has one got to do with the other?" Caitlin questioned, crossly.

Jamie was trying to calm herself, but thus far not succeeding. "You are aware that the international magical world's age for consensual sex is fifteen? Anything prior to that is considered rape. If both parties are under age, neither is sent to Azkaban, but rather both taken from their now declared unfit parents and placed in a juvenile detention center until they are fifteen. Do you realize how damn close you came to being kicked out of Hogwarts, and not being allowed to see Hermione or Harry for the next three years? And you wouldn't have seen Mister sensitive tongue either, the centers are not coed."

Caitlin and Emily both stared at Jamie in shock, neither previously aware of the consequences of underage sex. "But how would anyone know?" Caitlin asked, suddenly somewhat timorous.

"The same way they know when we are born. Your names would all of a sudden appear in the offenders' log. Within minutes enforcers would be dispatched. Often they arrive while the couple is still in the act. You'd be immediately taken into custody, no hugs, no good byes, no collecting of belongings. Hermione and Harry would receive an owl telling what occurred. There is no trial, no appeal and no exceptions. Your name appearing in the log proves you were guilty."

Caitlin sat stunned, tears streaming from her eyes. Did Matt know? Is that why he stopped? She couldn't believe how close she had come to ruining her life and hurting those who love her most. The tears were now an unceasing torrent. Then she felt bare skin against both her legs as Jamie and Emily nestled next to her and comforted her. Despite her stupidity they both still loved her.

"Jamie, I'm so ashamed and repentant.," Caitlin said. "Will you ever trust me again? How can I tell Mum?"

"We all make mistakes," Jamie said as she gave Caitlin a hug. "Under the circumstances, Emily or I might have done the same thing. It's over. As for Hermione, she'll understand. She loves you more than you can possibly realize. I think it might be a good idea, however, if you and Matt reframed from spending time alone, especially here in the quarters or when you're naked."

"I agree," Caitlin said trying to force a smile. "We have three long years ahead of us." Caitlin looked at Jamie, "I'm sorry I yelled at you. Are we still sisters?"

Jamie gave Caitlin a hug. "Of course, we are, Jamie replied. "Even the closest sisters have conflicts once in awhile. How about it Slytherin?"

Emily smiled and nodded her head.

"Now that we got that off our chests, what is stirring in Slytherin House?" Jamie asked Emily.

Emily smiled and shook her head. "Compared to Caitlin's Hyperempathic experience and the follow-up, life in Slytherin House is wearisome. Oh! Kim did glue Dick Bancroft to the ceiling with that curse you taught us and I stripped naked in front of his brother, but other than that nothing much has occurred of interest.


End of Chapter Eight

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